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  1. Creamy

    Patch Notes #148

    The weekly suddenly turned from a fun checklist intertwined with the normal stuff you normally do into a chore/second job. Initially happy to find out the map hunting was reduced from 5 to 3- but its actually 3 maps once a day for 3 days?? The item hunt thing is horrible because of the reduced drop rates as more players are in the party. My group of friends play the game in groups, usually 4-7 and this plus that everyone has different map requirements made it feel soooooo bad. The weekly subjugation was already the quest we'd break into 2-3 nights because of how much of a slog it can be doing it but- now there's TWO boring slogs to do? 4 daily log ins for 1 BSB made gear catch up more bearable for my casual friends. I dunno, this iteration of weeklies feels so slow and dragging. There's so much other content we want to do and we're forced to do these other things that honestly take waaay too much time. Most of us cant spend most of the day playing. And the precious 3-4 hours a night we can feels so wasted despite the end prize of BSBs being so good. : /
  2. Creamy

    Healing Role Update #142

    The removal of item combo is a bit hit to Doram stats. I guess you took it away so Doram cant have lv9 heal but thats also MaxHP +25%, MaxSP +15% Healing +30% gone. Dorams cant use the AB only items with the +Healing either : /
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