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  1. A friend had put it in a funny way that I had no choice but to laugh and say "wow, he's completely right." He said that by not making things like costume stones tradeable, the server is essentially removing the "mmo" in "mmorpg." While NTF/TTH/MH still encourage party play despite the materials and gear being account-bound, the same cannot be said about costume stones. Costume stones are basically solo farming to use for only ur char. There is basically 0 player interaction except when someone tries to ks ur mob while farming. As a result, this aspect of the game is essentially a regular solo player game where it is no difference from playing another solo rpg game or playing on test server with no other players. Another point that I want to bring up is a simple question... what makes RO such a fun and beautiful game for us? Is it mindlessly grinding cards/instances/zeny? Is it looking pretty in town? Is it reaching a min max late game build? Is it playing the market? Is it going through the lore and questing? The correct answer is.... there is no wrong answer. It is a fun and beautiful game because we can play how we want. Whether we choose to farm zeny at gefenia for hours, create 20 characters to run multiple instances, only focus on costumes and chill in town, or even buy NPV with real money due to lack of time, we have the freedom to do all of that. Some people enjoy mindlessly grinding zeny and buying all of their gear to not worry about refining, enchanting, and drop rate RNG. Some people are the opposite and love the thrill of gambling with RNG. Some people are a mix of both. If that's the case, why should custom content force a specific playstyle which in this case is ONLY mindless grinding and gambling with RNG when the reason we play this game is the freedom of choice? Personally, the drop rates and time it takes to farm these are a bit of an issue but the bigger issue in my opinion is that content like this ostracizes the people that don't fall under the player category of "I like to farm mindlessly for hours." That's why there is a clear divide in opinion amongst the players and that's what I think should be the main focus if any changes are to be done to this system.
  2. kancell

    Patch Notes #173

    First off, glad to see the juperium enchant costs go down so thank you for going through with this after the suggestion that was raised. However, don't want to be a party pooper but is it intentional to make it this difficult to obtain outdated items that mostly benefit meme builds and non-meta classes? Let's say you already have a lvl 2 enchant which is not too difficult. That means on average u need 5000 juperium to succeed from 2 to 3 (250 per safe attempt at 5% success rate). With a fully geared RK which is probably one of the best farming classes in the game, you can pull off a little over 200 juperium. So essentially, you need to farm 25 hours just to obtain a lvl 3 enchant. On the other hand, let's say you hate farming and want to buy your way through from lvl 2 to 3. That means this would be the breakdown depending on price of juperium: 250k each= 1,250,000,000 zeny total 200k each= 1,000,000,000 zeny total 150k each= 750,000,000 zeny total Yeah.... not much more to say on that... Keep in mind, the buying strat is only possible if there are people actually farming the mats and adding to the market but an extremely late game class farming 200 would make around 50m an hour at juperium's highest price. Not many RKs and other farming classes would farm there when they could farm elsewhere for more zeny so there isn't much of a reason for the market to suddenly start flourishing after the patch. So overall, I think this is a step in the right direction but the target audience for racing caps are clearly the diehard players willing to sacrifice hours or the players that have almost 1b in disposable zeny. I do apologize if this came across a bit aggressive but I do want to see these hats be more accessible so a larger number of people can actually enjoy the hat instead. P.S. I really like the fact that this is being added to monster subjugation but it feels like more of a forced bandaid to the root problem which is still the high cost of enchanting coupled with the low chance of success.
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