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  1. Miss u so much, Chasm-sama <3 ♥
  2. Lyndiss

    Patch Notes (crash) #149

    I approved this, with Clah, Krusty and Ju Ez. ♥
  3. Hi ppl My name is Leon, im from Mexico(Mexicali at 15 min of Calexico CA US) , 27 years , gamer since was kid, i REALLY love Fire Emblem Games haha xD, i played RO , but about 10 years ago, on another server (Atlantis), was fun my early game but i dunno.. i just played for a couple of months and quit But recently a friend invited me to NovaRO, his name is Gernoz and .. omg this game is a JEWEL, i mean.. everything on the game is very nice, very clean, nice sprites, good quality, good content, dammm ! haha ♥ I really hope to have a very nice time here, make a new friend
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