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  1. Flinp

    Patch Notes #153

    Maybe the next patch, Will be about Valentine's content. So anxious *-*
  2. Finally an estimated last day to enjoy Christmas event rs It was being the most addicted content in my daily gameplay span widgetspan widget
  3. Happy 2 0 2 1 year with Another SO PRIDE gift farm record rs , dudes I LOVED Frenzy Games from christmas, gogo I LOVE THIS SERVER *-*
  4. Flinp

    Christmas Patch Notes #150

    I would like to know when is the last day, that we can acess the Frenzy Games.
  5. Flinp

    Christmas Patch Notes #150

    Please, until which day will be active the Frenzy Games from Christmas Event? I was looking for event period everywhere like (mm/dd) - (mm/dd)
  6. My Farm Record trying to get Arch Angeling Aura. Yeah, I played Nova Frenzy Games until 9 5 0 Green Santa Gifts ea , but... still can't receive my cute aura I don't know what else to do, it was 100 unities per day along one week
  7. I agree Maybe the veterans don't care about it, because for them, all seasons and Commemorative Periods is already used. But, I really need to agree with you. This server is so receptive with beginners players. These Mini-Games, these quests, theres always many alternative forms to enjoy the periods. Also I loved Halloween events, Christmass its being my frist time on NovaRO too, and of course, I m enjoying so much again.
  8. Flinp

    Patch Notes (crash) #149

    I am so addicted in NovaRO pets, and already got 3 of these new instance partners * -* waiting archangeling
  9. Welcome, timothy! Archbishops in Adoramus build are soooo funny and easy to play too. I love it But, to start you ll need a class more ofensive and "farmer" to make Zenny for your headgears, for it I recommend Guilhotine Cross with Rideword Hat and Thanatos Katar, you just hav to spining spining and spining like a Beyblade rs using Rolling Cutter skill on farm time
  10. Well, when I realized that I wasn't seeing other players with alternative colors, I already imagined that. It's all right. It already reassures me that the Staff is aware of the item.
  11. You guys knows, how can I recolor or who is the NPC to change it in this Headgear? I saw alternative colors like ifrit, gold and more on market results list: but there is not in game, the Item Name in Mille's List options.
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