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  1. Just to update here. The Christmas event is almost ending, but now... 




    My dreamed "Archer" Angeling Outfit is finally complete with my cute baby son feat that Aura



     *__* thnx so much, NovaRo❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. My Farm Record trying to get Arch Angeling Aura. Yeah, I played Nova Frenzy Games until 9 5 0 Green Santa Gifts ea , but... still can't receive my cute aura I don't know what else to do, it was 100 unities per day along one week /sob/sobscreenNovaRO233.thumb.jpg.a2122aa48750f5190ba91e36d6b49e7a.jpg





  3. :wub:I agree

    Maybe the veterans don't care about it, because for them, all seasons and Commemorative Periods is already used. But, I really need to agree with you. This server is so receptive with beginners players.

    /riceThese Mini-Games, these quests, theres always many alternative forms to enjoy the periods. Also I loved Halloween events, Christmass its being my frist time on NovaRO too, and of course, I m enjoying so much again.

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  4. Edit update - 12/04/2020 - Item Finally Bought
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    1040470836_6Semttulogs.jpg.be6055f9aeb1c678db05d632236cfe3c.jpg                              1388.gif.7c4f5fe87156207250fc6cc195585c57.gif1519362497_Semttulogs.jpg.34c875ff218dac310aefab2b429ef6ef.jpg
    :momswt: I was waiting for him and Winter Season spacer.pngFrosty Pet Egg , since I started in server on April/2020. Anyone? I ll go crazy while looking and refreshing market e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y tiping his ID

  5. No problem.
    I suggested both as evolutions, just to be a way to turn obtain as our pets. Their appearence and visuals are cool, but don't match with one of 4 year's season like Yakuza and Blood Butterfly.

    Thanx sooo much, staff for answear me directly. /thx

  6. Hi!
    I would like to suggest evolutions for Molten Phyla and Reef Guard, also 2 monsters to be new rewards from Summer Egg and Spring Egg:th_e16:
    Molten_phylla_sm.gif.58dbae623e18bb0b1c96cd40e6ef1baa.gif           kasa.gif.9183b584db3061e3fc889a07c4a9444e.gif


    Reef_guard_sm.gif.3751ffa325d049b45925da9294afb299.gif         1993.gif.6df549776d3e8799c09014b2215a5d61.gif


    They are one of rewards in 32449.png.2b3b08506c36cf92d4a617a9e3a281ed.png Savage Pack Egg. But, I prefer, when pet can be evolve, we were at least less sad that we didn't get the best reward. >_< 

    I don't know about ingredient and their amount, I think this could be defined by Staff or even we, players Community in this topic, if you guys agree the idea, of course. The intention is create to Kasa and Naga something similar that happens in Ninetail to Cat'O for example, or other evolution requirements anyway, like this:


    And, as I said about Summer and Spring period, Bloody Butterfly could be added in  32882.png.683285a119ce89573bfcc7fa9d3db2cb.png Blossiming Buddies Pet Egg and Mobster Yakuza could be add in that gacha 33022.png.d1ad024525e9c89478dd77e0ee2f94c3.png Splish Splash Pet Egg on Summer. :huh:

    1408.gif.bf85eb21d08f17aa84c39e4c09dc2b30.gif   1313.gif.67154f8d3a1722318401103be352cfc2.gif 


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