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  1. Welcome to NovaRo ! Don't hesitate if you have any questions to ask on the discord, the community is very helpful!
  2. Hello Vael! Welcome here ! I hope you will enjoy your stay with us 1) You can use multiple accounts. Particular content don't allow it (such as MH instances) but when it's forbiden, it will prevent you from using it. In any case, having a second account for vending is perfectly fine ! (on this matter, know that once you set up your shop, you can use the @at command. It will allow you to not keep the client open but your shop will stay online). 3-4) Shadow Gears are special gear that you actually wear in the costume slot. But they are not really costumes with stats, we don't have this kind of things. Check the different combo !
  3. Chise

    Patch Notes #163

    But Costume Muffler can't be enchanted with Djinny while this one can !
  4. Chise

    Picnic Art Contest

    Yes you have until the end of the 5th June (Saturday is included). So 5th at 11:59 PM (server time) would be the exact deadline!
  5. Hello! "Introductions and Goodbyes" is not the right place to ask questions about the game so I moved your post. You can use fly wing items to teleport randomly on another part of the map. If you would need more specific help, don't hesitate to ask on the Nova discord.
  6. Hello! I hope you are having fun with us ! Don't hesitate to check the guild-recruitment channel on discord to see if any would fit your gaming style.
  7. I wish you the best with everything that will come for you!
  8. Hello FatRuneKnight! Welcome again on NovaRo ! I hope you will continue to have fun with us.
  9. Hello VoidChosen ! Welcome on NovaRo ! I hope you will have fun on the server. If you have any questions, the wiki contains a lot of infomation on the server and you can reach to our very active community on discord.
  10. With a little delay I am officially doing my post here I am really happy to have joined the team! I hope to see you all in events, as our little pets are always short on food ... fun ! Don't hesitate to contact me when I am around and I will try my best to help. I wish you all a lot of fun on NovaRo!
  11. Hello Little Diggy, Welcome on NovaRo! I have seen that you already asked some questions on the discord, don't hesitate to check the wiki (here) or ask the community ! Have fun on the server!
  12. Hello Leontothymos! Since you are new on NovaRo, I'd suggest you this guide: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Introduction_to_NovaRO Regarding guild recruiting, you can find offers from recruiting guilds on the server discord or in the War of Emperium section of the forum. Have fun on the server!
  13. Hello Grub! First of all, I wish you a good recovery! Since you are new on Renewal and on NovaRo, I'd suggest you these two guides: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Introduction_to_Renewal https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Introduction_to_NovaRO Have fun on the server!
  14. Hi Shugo! I hope you will have fun on NovaRo! For guild recruitment, you can look in this forum in the War of Emperium section > Guild recruitment or at the channel #guild-recruitment on the discord to have an overview of recruiting guilds that could fit your expectations.
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