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  1. Hi all, We recently had our January mini-event (a sort of Casino Dice Royale) We got 9 lucky winners in the event (3rd, 2nd, and 1st). Prizes ranged from NVPs, BSBs, Pet eggs and a costume! 1st round: Moonie, Acularis, and Tooe; 2nd round: Ken, Ragnar, and Neikia; 3rd round: Ragnar, Peko, and Play Life Thanks for your participation team - I'll see you guys later for the main January event and plans are being made for next month. Thanks to the Admins for their input and donations to the event! Cheers, Lemon Paeroa
  2. Hi there, We just had our first guild event! Guildies met-up at Lutie Church and had a few fun rounds of the 'Poison Bottle' challenge (message me if you want the instructions). The January Guild Event is still being planned (I think we're going to a maze looking for a VMA/FWM combo) but the gist of the December event are below: Thanks to @serato for sponsoring the first event and the Admins for their support. - Winners of the normal rounds (1NPV): Usada @adriann @Royal (Royal Guile) KFC @Play Life @StupidKid @Pingu @anin @Banter @Chimken - Winner of the Championship round (2NPV)
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