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  1. Bloodyaga

    Patch Notes #154

    Hello, can you explain the 2018 client part? I downloaded the files from the download page 3 months ago, which contain the NovaRoFull1014.exe thing and I logged in with that. It still works and I can still log in but do I need to download a new one or something?
  2. I did gramps 175+ already. But i dont know what else to do. I want to mh for bsb but i dont know where or how to start. Here are my equips and stats Rideword hat (dark pinguicula) Spirit whisper Gangster scarf +5 calfdiamondback (abyssmal knight) +11 giant snake skin (+7dex,+6agi,special vit) +4temporal boots of dex Teleport bracelet Sheriff's left badge Str 90 Agi 120 Vit 24 Int 21 Dex 130 Luk 60 Im not sure what to do bow so im just doing airships and ghost palace. I cant even finish jitter
  3. A riding skill for rebellions?
  4. Yeah, but will that stack with double attack?
  5. Im new and i was going through the forums for rebels, and i just want to ask where you got your weapon? I saw someone also mention a calf kingcobra. How do i get those?
  6. Can't they just add a riding skill like they do for the knight. I know it will take a lot of reworking for the rebellion but ithink it will give us an edge over other transcendant classes
  7. Im a noob, i have been playing for just a week but i love the rebel. I run with a PVM build using the round trip. I am jusy curious how you want your rebel to end up. Do you want it as a farmer? Or as and MVP or maybe PVP specialist? If it the MVP/PVP specialist then i too would like to know if fire dance build is good for that.
  8. Im thinking of putting an injustice car in my rebel but based on how the animation is and after reading some reviews on injustice being on other classes (minstrel, wandere, etc). I ended up thinking about why dont we put a sidewinder card in there for double attack would that proc with the Rebel's chain action. I might need to try it but i have to farm a bit. For the sidewinder card. Oh well, risk it to get the biscuit.
  9. I'm really new to Nova. I have just been playing for a week. I just want to ask that after I vend and use @at, does my merch stay onlinr even if i turn my computer off or disconnect the internet?
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