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    Patch Notes #190

    This can be seen the other way around. Doing it that way you could say that all the people making an item after the nerf, because it would be a nerf, are at disadvantages. This could also be seen as a : Make the strong/rich stronger/richer. Because usually the stronger player or richer player are the first ones to make item/content. And in this case, the other player would be at disadvantage even more, and the gap wider. There is sadly no easy answer, and we are trying to do our best to satisfy every type of player. We understand the frustration, and hopefully it won't happen again. But I am sure this change is for the best, and had to be out as soon as we could.
  2. Alcor

    Patch Notes #176.5

    The costume enchant system exist in kRo, but as far as I remember, it is available on cash shop box only in kRo. So our system for obtaining them have been customized. But the enchant themselves are official.
  3. Alcor

    Card Update Patch Notes #174

    Because xmas was already working before this update !
  4. Hello, Thanks for the feedback, but you should open a bug report regarding this. So we don't loose it in the middle of these comments.
  5. I wish you a great birthday !

  6. Alcor

    Patch Notes #153

    You can access the New 2020 client by Right Clicking on the Patcher > Client > Default Client (2020-07).
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