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    Patch Notes #158

    thought it was some weird ass korean math for shadow spell, apparently was a bug. sadge. back to shadow spell being a useless spec. 4th jobs when.....?
  2. Loving the SC attention for PVM still kinda sad shadow spell +50matk is kek while every other class gets tons of damage boost Excited for these masquerade changes. Hopefully it will translate outside of MH. As I see it, SC's dont have a lot of self buffs, but work around debuffs. But can't even use it to some monsters/MVP's coz they are just disabled, while other classes enjoy their buffs without penalties.
  3. hi! I am contemplating to play a bit more with RO. I used to play in other servers, but new here in NovaRO. Basically have a new account. Would be lovely to find other players and potential guild/team for fun. I miss this game <3
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