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  1. No brainier. 2h BG would be lit. Pros: People that come in late because of RL can actually get some decent games out of HH. Pvp/Woe players that can only attend one HH a day due to work can have more than 1h of fun in the server. New BG achievements will drive people to BG -> More BG with more people :pepehigh: Cons: More BG Badges floating around -> More +10 or higher KvM weaps (is this even a con?)
  2. 4 Mechanics on the front page - but emp exploding is the only time they are good I would say let's wait for the sophro nerf and see how it goes. I believe once we are not crystallized on emp forever SD won't be as much of an issue.
  3. Why make BG bad for suras for a week if the people who suggested it won't even be there to play it.. Also bragi is not all minstrell has and excellion didn't kill oboro (despite of what the "top 3" solo player is saying).
  4. So you are going to keep quoting people and pointing to your same post? we've seen it, you made your point - now move on.. We keep discussing against the same two people.. its 10 vs 2 at this point.. If no new arguments are going to be made by either side only repetition might as well close the discussion.
  5. I am tired of hearing the same "Again, this is the only server I know where Snap is still allowed on BG" line.. I don't think we can have a sensible discussion about BG when Pvmers keep writing essays about the same thing. My opinion on topic: I agree that BG should be a reflection of WOE, no custom changes - If you can do in WOE you can do in BG, if you can't too bad. Snap (and other ASPD based skills) needs fixing but here isn't the place for it, however, removing it from BG is not the answer.
  6. Yes, cyr is huge and as you can see the stats reflect that. If we are keeping this castle we would need lower speed potion prices - at least down to 10k if not lower.
  7. This is the future. No one wants multiple genes just for the homu.
  8. I don’t think they need a set, but if it is going to get one it is to be robe
  9. Honestly, if you don't know why, you probably shouldn't be contributing to this topic imo
  10. Pretty much this. Any option taking snap away, will most likely fk up the class. Reverting to the point before it wad OP doesn't seem like a bad idea, we shouldn't mess up our balance because gravity got it wrong on Kro. FYI GoH is not even on it's final form, after all changes are through it will be even more OP..
  11. Ranged reduction should really be allowed to reduce GOH, I know that the official GOH is not but - but that is the point of being a private server, we can fix what gravity didn't (similar to cats) At the current state, suras have very good mobility and the ability to one shot (or 2-3 shot but on braggi might as well be 1) people on full reduction gear, that is insane. To add to this, we just made +30 foods available on bg, which dis proportionally help suras more than other more defensive classes.
  12. I agree, it would be good if everyone had access to +20 foods inside bg without spending zeny. So bg would be a self-sustained game mode.
  13. Conquest itself is actually fine as it is. The rewards are a bit unbalanced because it can sometimes take a long time to finish. Like other threads where this has been discussed I counter-suggest that we increase the rewards on conquest based on time spent. But leave the actual game mode alone, as it is fun and balanced as it is. Sometimes you have a strong defence team that just spawn camps, and sometimes you have an attacking team that reaches emp before you can even use the right flag to stop them. However, most times you have balanced and interesting gameplay.
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