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  1. Changed Status to Fixed
  2. Does the animation still occur if you have instant cast?
  3. Changed Status to Fixed
  4. Changed Status to Fixed
  5. It's very likely you shared your password with one or more people during the time that you were playing, and that they emptied your account out.
  6. Duplicate of As said there, some changes will happen soon.
  7. Remember that the SB is technically death, which means if you're actively attacking and die, there's a moment when you're rude attacking the MvP. I wouldn't really call it a bug, but it does seem inconveniencing.
  8. Hey there @Lumpsinthenight! Welcome to our server. I'm sure you'll get addicted once more!
  9. What @fxfreitas said.
  10. Welcome to the server @Deym! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  11. until

    Sadly it's too early for me, but I hope you all have tons of fun!
  12. Hi.

    Welcome to our server @Severa!
  13. Ihsan's Doram Race

    The race is on! More details to be posted soon. First place wins a Phreeoni Card supplied by Ihsan's fanbase. Catch the stream on his Twitch Channel if you don't plan on participating!