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  1. 2017 Halloween Event Feedback

    I'll be taking the time to fully re-read this thread at a later time, but we fully intend on bringing back the Tower of Trickery at a later time. We wanted to focus our efforts this year into the Trickster's Realm along with the Trickster King, which meant not having time to properly review the Tower of Trickery. For this reason, we decided to leave it disabled this year in order to fully upgrade it for a future Halloween Event.
  2. Master of Coins

    Gold Coin generation for players was increased by 25% in addition to the bonuses in the Calendar, plus all pre-existing PoLs were converted into Gold Coins. Some items did indeed go up in price slightly despite these boosts in Gold Coin generation, but other items also went down in price. Besides that, I do not see a suggestion here. Moving to Discussion forum.
  3. Patch Notes

    Both have been fixed for our next maintenance.
  4. Kafra Cards and Token of Siegfrieds are now sold by the Master of Coin inside the Main Office.
  5. Patch Notes

    Features The Halloween Event has ended. The Proof of Loyalty shop and the Gold Coin Vending Machine have merged! Check out the new store inside our Main Office, next to the Daily Rewards NPC. Gold Coins from Daily Rewards have been increased by 25%. (From 15 ~ 25 to 20 ~ 30) The Gold Coin to Cash Point conversion rate has been changed to 15 Gold Coins for 100 Cash Points. All existing Proof of Loyalty have been converted into Gold Coins at a 2:1 ratio. Automated the Monster Races event. (Runs at 00:00 and 10:00) Daily Reward Calendar: All Proof of Loyalties have been replaced by Yggdrasil Berries. All Gold Coin prizes have been increased by 5. Skills Ignition Break no longer randomly breaks your shields. Renovatio can now be copied by Shadow Chaser's Reproduce. Shield Chain is now considered to be a melee attack instead of ranged. Illusion Doping range decreased from 7 to 1. Castling Cooldown changed to 1 second. Monsters Updated Faithful Manager's item drops. Implemented Moscovia, Faceworm, and Sarah's Memory cards. Moscovia Cards Faceworm Nest Cards Sarah's Memory Cards Items Added Infinite Giant Fly Wing to the Cash Shop. (1,000 CP, 2 hour duration)
  6. Not something we can add to the refine interface.
  7. deserted island slacker

    Changed Status to Fixed
  8. Old Yangsang

    Changed Status to Fixed
  9. Character Cards

    I'll check it out shortly. The new wings now show up properly in the Character Generator.
  10. Demonic Ashes

    There has been a fairly widespread misconception about the purpose of the wings, and for that we apologize. The wings are an additional and optional, rare cosmetic item in a seasonal event. Not everyone needs, nor will they get them. We're sorry some of you didn't enjoy the event, and we regret not having properly communicated the concept of these wings. To celebrate the last day of the Halloween Event, we've gone ahead and increased the Trickster King reward limit from 4 to 10 for November 14th.
  11. +10 foods

    Won't be doing this.
  12. Vending Machine

    We'll be decreasing the prices in the shop for Heroic Backpack, Enhanced Variants, and Immune Shields on our next maintenance.
  13. Changed Status to Invalid Bug
  14. Updated Weight Penality

    I believe we'll only be able to 'fix' these issues by changing to a newer client.