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  1. Finally fixed, we're also adding some additional text to some NPCs to make this clearer.
  2. Did you patch? Looking into this further.
  3. Nova

    Patch Notes #185

    Please create a bug report.
  4. Nova

    Patch Notes #184

    Weeklies in NovaRO are not targeted towards new players. New players aren't even able to obtain them, there is a level requirement before you even get the option to grab them.
  5. Nova

    Patch Notes #184

    To your first point, we also feel Monster Subjugation 2 isn't the most inspired add, but we did feel that it was a good enough upgrade to justify replacing the Monster Hunter weekly. Hopefully with time we can think of a better alternative and replace Monster Subjugation 2, I know I personally am open to that. As per your second point, I feel as long as a weekly quest doesn't go over the already-existing time separation that is there from the Daily Reward weekly, which asks you to log in for 4 different days, it's a non-issue. I would agree it's a negative change if it required you to do an activity for more than 4 days. Lastly, towards point 3, I have mixed feelings. The idea behind Weekly Quests and a bulk BSB reward at the end is there to prevent people from abusing the system by trying to bypass the one-per-person-per-week restriction. Lately, with how easy the MH quests had become to finish, we were seeing more and more cases of people abusing the system and finishing JUST the MH quests to get BSBs and run them again. This is something that, if left unchecked, could continue to expand and create a very big issue. Because of that, for the time being, we moved towards condensing the BSBs to the Complete All weekly. In the long-term, if and when we come up with further, better alternatives for weekly quests, we may reconsider spreading some of those BSBs.
  6. Nova

    Patch Notes #184

    Features Added Leaderboards for the following instances: Nightmare Toy Factory Thanatos Tower Thanatos Tower [Hard] Faceworm's Nest [Hard] Ancient Laboratory New Feature Community Suggestion Added a new command @countmonster Developer's Note: As the name implies, the command lets you create a counter for any monster. New Feature Implemented Elemental Codex to Ju, Master of Elements (main_office,209,215) Developer's Note: The Elemental Codex is a "Utility belt-esque" item. When bought, it will add a skill to your Misc. skill tab, which can store and hold elemental converters. Eden Academy can now be accessed through @go 56. Old Izlude can now be accessed through @go 57. The command /ex will now also block messages sent to public chat. Nutritionist Changes: Added 30m Guyak conversion. Added 60m Regen, Rejuv, Mega Rejuv, Potion of Energy, Mega Energy, Big DEF, Big MDEF, +12 Foods conversion. Added a new function to the Novaphone: Play random song on map change. Weekly Quests changes: Revamped the list of instances on Instance Completion weekly quest. Removed the following Weekly Quests: Garronath/Nysori Hunt (Reward: 1 BSB) Savage Cost Hunt (Reward: 1 BSB) Added a new Weekly Quest: Instance Expedition (Nelloz can be found in Eden, next to Maggie Arth and Veteran Sean) Unlike Instance Completion, this quest requires you to talk to X and complete a set instance, unique to you. This can be completed only once per day. Finishing the task 3 times in the week completes the weekly quest. Reward: 2 Endeavor Tokens per instance completed + 5 Endeavor Tokens at the final turn-in. (totaling 11 Endeavor Tokens) Added a new Weekly Quest: Monster Subjugation 2 Much like Monster Subjugation, you'll be tasked with eliminating a certain quantity of two different mobs. This list does not overlap with the first quest. Reward: 10 Endeavor Tokens. The "Complete All" Weekly Quest will now reward 8 Blacksmith Blessings (previously 6). Developer's Note: Overall, the amount of BSBs was kept the same, while granting 21 extra Endeavor Tokens compared to before. Bug Fix Kafras will now repair, free of charge, the hat obtained through Hollenghren's lesson in Eden Academy. Bug Fix Fixed a plethora of small bugs within the Eden Academy. Bug Fix Fixed a bug where the Refinement Weekly Quest could give credit on failure. Bug Fix Increased the chance to proc the combo bonus for Illusion Sprint Shoes and Illusion Sprint Glove. Monster Hunting Implemented Achievements for Angnar hunts. Using @load inside the Savage Coast will now send you to The Wyvern instead of your usual save point. A failed hunt will now send all members of the party back to The Wyvern. Bug Fix Necrosis will no longer be removed when affected by a plant. Items Bug Fix Fixed a plethora of "Paradise" items not being equippable or granting weird bonuses.
  7. Yes we've taken some steps to reduce the chance of it happening. That said, there can be no guarantees and there's always the chance it can happen again.
  8. Nova

    Illusion Patch Notes #182

    Yes, they can be used multiple times and they can result in a lower refine level. They already do for the new enchant items. If you believe this is not the case, please create a bug report and include an example.
  9. Nova

    Illusion Patch Notes #182

    Illusion Dungeons Implemented two new enchant items: Dusk Dissonance Stone and Dawn Dissonance Stone. These items can bestow 4 enchants to Illusion level 4 weapons instead of the usual 2. You'll be able to obtain either of these items from the Illusion Enchanter (prontera,88,113), at the following exchange rates: 50 Twilight Illusion Stones 10 Resonance Stone of Dusk (Physical) or Dawn (Magical) All Illusion Dungeon mobs will now drop Twilight Illusion Stones at corrected drop rates (vary from dungeon to dungeon). Developer's Note: The drop rates for these items were balanced as such that no dungeon is inherently better or worse for farming this item. Most Illusion mobs on Illusion Dungeons will now drop Illusion Equipment, pertaining to their dungeons, at a 0.1% chance. Different mobs will drop different pieces. All Illusion MVPs now drop: A random piece of Illusion Equipment, pertaining to their dungeons, at a 20% chance. A Special Refinement Box, pertaining to their dungeons, at a 10% chance. These Special Refine boxes can increase the refine rate of any Illusion piece of that dungeon from +4 or higher to +9~+12 randomly. A Dusk Dissonance Stone and a Dawn Dissonance Stone at 100% chance. Illusion weapons that drop as a result of the aforementioned changes will drop pre-enchanted with 4 enchants. Completing a Daily Quest Reset from Osmundi will now grant a Refine Box of one of the dungeons of the Tier being reset. As an example, completing a "Tier 1 reset", which includes Illusion of Moonlight and Illusion of Frozen will allow you to choose a Refine Box pertaining to one of these same dungeons. Refine boxes can increase the refine rate of any Illusion equipment, pertaining to their dungeon, from +4 or higher to +7~+10 randomly. Features New Feature Added the ability for players to "Swap Gear" their costumes. New Feature Implemented the Shadow Gear Upgrader Klein to the Main Office 4th floor (main_office,272,293) Klein allows you to improve a small list of Shadow Gears: Spell Flow Shadow Book -> Spell Flow Shadow Shield II Reload Shadow Armor -> Reload Shadow Armor II Hasty Shadow Boots -> Hasty Shadow Shoes II Soul Shadow Glove -> Enhanced Soul Shadow Weapon Force Shadow Gauntlet -> Enhanced Force Shadow Weapon Spiritual Shadow Gauntlet -> Spiritual Shadow Weapon II Bearer's Shadow Pendant -> Bearer's Shadow Pendant II Malicious Shadow Mail -> Malicious Shadow Mail II Caster Shadow Robe -> Caster Shadow Robe II Gemstone Shadow Brooch -> Gemstone Shadow Earring II Added Ancient Hero Super Novice weapons and their Patent Modification Cubes to Republic Armorer (jup_cave,194,216). Dimethylene Alprazine (main_office,108,273) now sells Light Yellow Potions at 400z each. The command @mi will now monster LUK when searching for Monster Hunter-specific mobs. Bug Fix Fixed an issue where Giant Fly Wing was recalling party members outside the map. Community Suggestion Expanded Master Cook Ramses (moc_para01,285,73) to allow players to bulk cook +7 to +10 foods. Community Suggestion Added a wide variety of gear to be able to be compressed by the Joe Boxer (main_office,88,295). Community Suggestion Added a 5-second delay to some consumables to prevent accidental double usages. Community Suggestion Added Faceworm Shadow Orb, Juperos Shadow Orb, Shard of Earth to the Currency Wallet. Items Bug Fix Fixed a bug where some costume garments were giving their item bonuses. Decreased the Weight of all Light Potions to 0.1. The Nova Shop has been updated for Summer. Community Suggestion The following hats can now be compressed with Miles: Munak Hat Bongun Hat Assassin Skull Mask Community Suggestion Added the ability to recolor these compressed hats: Mystic Hoodie (Selim) Zealotus Mask (Selim) Megaman Helmet (Miles) Zero Helmet (Miles) Skills Bug Fix Scaled down part of the server side protection for Dragon Breath and Dragon Breath - Water. Developer's Note: Effectively this means the skills' behavior will be more consistent with what you'd expect officially. Siege and PvP Shadow Gears added in this patch are disabled in Siege game modes until further announcement. Bug Fix Fixed an issue where buffs would be incorrectly removed on WoE 2. Increased the weekly item limit from BG Secret Shop: Mega Orleans Course (Bound) from 1 to 2. Regeneration Potion, Guyak Pudding, Big Defense Potion and Big Magic Defense Potion from 4 to 6. Yggdrasil Berry and Yggdrasil Seed from 30 to 50. Draft WoE no longer has the barricade rebuild minigame. It was replaced with a 20s progress bar (interruptible). Added extra portals to WoE2 castles. Reworked Great Hunt stock system, more details on the Great Hunt announcement for this month.
  10. Example.

  11. Nova

    Patch Note #181

    It does not.
  12. Nova

    Patch Note #181

    Features New Feature Implemented the Quest Skip Shop (Main Office Basement, Gym, left of the elevator) This shop sells Storybooks that allow players to skip certain quests. In order to use this function you must have finished the quest previously with a different character. You will be able to see which contents the quest skip unlocks in the individual storybook's item descriptions. These Storybooks will only affect a SINGLE character. Removed Halter Lead's re-use cooldown. Edited a handful of maps to remove dead cells outside of the map. Fixed assorted cell walk issues on a number of maps. Added a copy of the BG Master Cook to the Eden Kitchen. Added Crimson Weapons to the Joe Boxer NPC. Made Onyxes and items with Onyxes no longer sellable to NPCs. All Onyxes can now be crushed by the Item Crusher. Community Suggestion Added extra shortcuts for @go eden. Community Suggestion Added BGM to Event maps. Community Suggestion Implemented the @pitycount command which displays pity information for Enchantment Stones every time you defeat a monster. Bug Fix Fixed an issue where signed Shadow Gear granted no bonuses. Bug Fix Fixed an issue with @go 55 not working properly. Bug Fix Fixed Maxwell missing a safe enchantment option for Racing Caps. Bug Fix Aurunn (Shadow Orb seller) is back in the Prontera and Payon refine shops. Items Changed the resource image and name of Paradise Coin to Eden Coin. Honor Tokens are no longer bound. Community Suggestion Added these items to Miles' Compress a Hat list: Dark Bacilium Frost Giant's Skull Skills Scaled down part of the server side protection for Dragon Breath and Dragon Breath - Water. Developer's Note: Effectively this means the skills' behavior will be more consistent with what you'd expect officially. This change will take effect on our next maintenance as we forgot to leave the original behavior in place for PvP. Bug Fix Fixed the cooldown of Metallic Sound to 2.5 seconds. Bug Fix Reduced Megaton Bomb's cast time from 4 seconds to .5 seconds. Bug Fix Increased Megaton Bomb's duration from 20 seconds to 30 seconds. Siege and PvP Activated WoE 2. Bug Fix Fixed the check for MVP cards in all Siege game modes.
  13. Nova

    Patch Notes #180

    Ah sorry I was mistaken, the @go 55 will only work after our next maintenance. Apologies.
  14. Nova

    Patch Notes #180

    Should be fixed now.
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