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  1. Adding animation to celermine juice

    There's a status icon displaying it being on/off. :[
  2. Town Achievements

    What character is this happening on? (Need a name) @Tyldoer
  3. Done for next maintenance.
  4. End of Month Sale - Coming Soon!

    Hey guys! We've got another Cash Point sale coming up. Starting on Friday, May 26 and ending on Sunday the 28th at Midnight, we will be holding a sale in which all of your Cash Point purchases earn an additional 15% Cash Points. Don't miss out!
  5. Too many bugs in the old forum theme to keep it until it gets updated. Sorry guys! I'll swap it back on when I have some fixes for it. (Should be less than a month)

    1. Verdana


      Ill stand it if you rec some sheep noices for me

  6. Exclusive Palettes

    That's the palette itself. It's two colors per class, and it shows how your gender looks in all classes wearing that exclusive pal.
  7. It's something I'll be looking into soon, seems to have affected a number of people.
  8. Character Cards

    That is a good question! I'll be looking into it soon.
  9. Pink Pajamas Hat awkward behavior.

    Changed Status to Invalid Bug
  10. Pink Pajamas Hat awkward behavior.

    With the screenshots being as they are, there's no way to detect if buffs are being turned off/on. As it increases MATK by a %, it makes sense the increase would be variable.
  11. im bug

    Changed Status to Invalid Bug
  12. Changed Status to Invalid Bug Unless a valid source showing that the skill should not have any fixed cast time, this is being marked as invalid.
  13. Bowling bash

    Changed Status to Invalid Bug
  14. https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/5062-shortened-performer-songs-download-link/