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  1. Seems like a lot of people agree with this stance. Would you mind splitting it into its own suggestion thread? I'd like to see how people feel about it.
  2. Client restriction, not something we'll be exploring.
  3. Making such a change would mean re-writing the enchanting process and is not something we will be doing at this time. I'll look into trying to cut out some dialogue.
  4. I don't hate it, should be simple enough to do. Done for next maint!
  5. Not something we will be doing.
  6. Thank you for your suggestion. Having read through some of the comments, I can see that a number of people feel the rewards from the War of Emperium are on the low-end, and thus we will begin conversations with the Siege Commissioners as to how to improve rewards for WoE as a whole. We have decided to not go for this specific suggestion though and feel that just adding BSB as a reward to every member of the winning guild is not the way to go. To people quoting my stance from previous post, I'd go as far as to expand it further: As a rule, we are currently not accepting suggestions in regards to adding BSBs as rewards to any content. Future suggestions regarding BSBs will be rejected promptly. Note that this does not mean we are entirely closed off to the concept of adding them as a reward anywhere at all, we're just not taking suggestions for it at this time.
  7. I'd love to do this but Tokei's in charge of the BG Queue script! I'll try bugging him into doing this.
  8. We're already working out a system to prevent players from making this type of mistake in the future. Expect to see it on our next maintenance.
  9. Not something we can do sadly. Client restriction.
  10. Previously rejected due to technical limitations.
  11. Sadly this is not something we can do. Costume versions are technically just "signed" items and there's no way we can make them occupy less slots.
  12. Sadly this is something that is restricted by the client and we cannot do.
  13. We will not be removing this animation from Monster Hunting. While I understand that when looking at it from a maximum farm/hour viewpoint can make these things frustrating, these are game elements and if you strip enough of them, we get to a scenario where we argue "MH1 mobs are joke, just make an NPC that you click and get the rewards from it."
  14. We will not be selling Acid Demonstration or Glistening Bottles.
  15. Sorry but this is not something we will be doing.
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