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  1. Nova

    Patch Notes

    Features Added the Adventurer's Handbook to the list of new character items. This book gives you a quick run-down of the commands you can use in NovaRO. The book is not bound, and if you drop it, you'll be able to obtain a new one from an NPC at a later date. Characters made before the implementation of the book can also get one for free from the NPC mentioned above. You can pull up the contents of the book by using @commands / @help. Eden Mission Board Eraser now also deletes the high level Gathering Quests. Added additional Marriage NPCs to Hugel, Lutie and Veins. Added a Main Office warp to the Warper. The practice room for the Tournament will now have the same ruleset as the regular map. The Login Settings NPC can now set autoloot amounts lower than 1. You will no longer be able to delete a character by using the account's birthday setting. You will no longer see which channel or options you've chosen every time you log on. Changing into Tuxedo, Wedding Dress and other costume items will no longer remove hairstyles above 60. Implemented the Dimension Wanderer, who is located outside of the Ghost Palace entrance: He will replace the King outside, you can buy the Thanatos weapons and armors from him instead. You can buy the Knight Sakray Card for 10,000 Gray Shards. You can now enchant Thanatos weapons! Melee Thanatos Weapons: Magic Thanatos Weapons: Ranged Thanatos Weapons: Skills Acid Demonstration's formula was updated to more accurately reflect official values. Arm's Cannon will now only take Cannonball Element into account. (Endows will no longer affect it) The Crystallization status effect icon timer will no longer go into negative numbers. Shield Spell Level 2 MDEF-based buff duration is now properly being calculated. Fallen Empire's delay was reduced to more accurately reflect official values. (Should affect combo behavior) Spirit of Sea now properly removes Tuna Belly's cooldown by 5 seconds. Dieter's Magma Flow now properly shows a casting animation, and is now interruptable. Sara's Painkiller now has a casting animation. Monsters Fixed Ifodes' Millenium Shield. Fay Kavanian is now a Mini-Boss. Several boss mobs have had their Magic Attack updated. For the full list, please check out this post: Items The Mad Bunny Shield now has the following effects outside of PvP/BG/WoE: Reflects 10% of the received short-ranged damage back to the attacker. Adds a 10% chance of casting Level 8 Magic Mirror (2 second duration) on the user when receiving magical attacks. Added the following cards: Charge Basilik Card Jungle Mandragora Card Fruit Pom Spider Card Big Eggring Card Knight Sakray Card Duneyrr Card now gives 10 Perfect Dodge instead of 20. Sropho Card's Crystallization effect is no longer reduced by stats. In preparation for future shadow gear, we have made a few changes to the shadow sets from Monster Hunting. Shadow Shields and Pendants are no longer craftable. Shadow Shields and Shadow Pendants will be removed from the game. Shadow Earring will be renamed to Shadow Ring The total stat value of the sets will not change, the stats of the Shield and Pendant will be redistributed to other items in the set. (A complete Fierce Shadow Set will still give 5 STR and 5 ATK) The total cost to craft a set will also remain the same, the costs of the Shield and Pendant will be redistributed to other items in the set. Instances Bangungot Hospital cooldown decreased from 7 days to 3 days and 20 hours. Bakonawa Lake cooldown decreased from 7 days to 3 days and 20 hours. Faceworm's Nest: The position of the Larva Nests have been updated to match with kRO. War of Emperium & Battlegrounds WoE1 Castle will no longer rotate, and is now being hard-set to Cyr (with 3 entrances). Draft WoE will no longer require Barricade/Stone repair items for repairing. Draft WoE Captains will now receive 500 Valor Badges and a box with 2-day rental Large Baphomet Horns. GX Poison duration in BG has been decreased from 60 seconds to 20 seconds (All status effects now last 20 seconds in BG). Teams will now spawn in their base for Triple Inferno, and be warped into the battlefield 10 seconds after the match starts.
  2. Nova

    Shield Spell lvl2 Mdef Issue

    Changed Status to Fixed for Next Maintenance
  3. Nova

    Firing/Ice Bound Trap Element ignore clarification

    Changed Status to Invalid Bug A new, more accurate and succinct bug report will be made regarding Zino's findings.
  4. Changed Status to Fixed for Next Maintenance
  5. Nova

    Arm Cannon Elemental Priority

    Changed Status to Fixed for Next Maintenance
  6. Nova

    Magma Flow not working

    Changed Status to Fixed for Next Maintenance
  7. Nova

    Dieter's Magma Flow

    Changed Status to Fixed for Next Maintenance
  8. Nova

    Dieter's Magma Flow

    Too maaaany things in one repoooort. We'll be fixing the ones we can make sense of, and please make new reports about the other functionalities.
  9. Nova

    No ping delay on equipment swapping.

    Won't be doing what? If you're referring to adopting a new client, you're incorrect. We are definitely looking into new clients in the near future. Also, I don't quite understand the initial suggestion itself. By definition, there cannot be such a thing as "no ping" anything. Your initial packet to the server will always have ping. Please try to be clearer with the wording in suggestions. Do you mean to ask for "equipment set" swapping? Instead of individual pieces?
  10. Nova

    2-Man Party Queue in Battlegrounds

    The simplest counter-argument to the people worried about 2-man parties is that it's just as likely the other team will have a well-coordinated 2-man party as well. (Substitute 2 with 3 at will, we'll weigh the pros and cons between 2 and 3 and let you guys know if there's any updates)
  11. Nova

    2-Man Party Queue in Battlegrounds

    Sounds like a neat concept, we'll try to explore the idea!
  12. Changed Status to Invalid Bug Dragon's Breath is not a melee physical attack, that means this should never proc from it.
  13. Nova

    Signature Generator

    Changed Status to Fixed
  14. Nova

    Mob Attack and Magic Attack

    Added some additional monsters (and MvPs) to the list. We'll continue to add mobs in batches until we get through the whole list. Doing it a little at a time so that if there's busted spells, it doesn't affect the entire server.
  15. For the next maintenance, the Mad Bunny will regain its reflect effects outside of PvP/BG/WoE.