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  1. The page has now been updated to include skills casted, interrupted, amounts healed by HP as well as SP potions, and some niche stats such as Devotion Damage.
  2. Changed Status to Fixed
  3. Fixed for next maintenance.
  4. It's definitely working as intended. The amount of damage being randomized at the end is the weapon refine bonus, which is not affected by Recognized Spell. Feel free to test the skill using a +0 Weapon.
  5. Nope! I haven't. That's pretty much like saying "I'll never make as much money as a doctor makes, so I might as well quit my job." Just because your class isn't top tier at the moment doesn't mean it will always be that way. There's plenty of great builds that have yet to be discovered, and gears that have yet to be implemented. Not to mention, RC isn't even the top DPS GX build. And recently people have been moving away from Pyro due to the element override.
  6. Not only is it unrelated to the initial suggestion, but we will not be placing a limit on how many clients a player can run.
  7. As was mentioned by @jet, while I understand the complication, not only is this not an easy change to make, but it would completely nullify an entire skill. Dozens of players would use it not due to motion sickness, but for a competitive edge. His suggestion to avoid such maps seems the most prudent. It's mostly Geffenia which makes it happen all the time right? I've also farmed in the past with the status effect on perpetually and it wasn't nearly as confusing as having it go on and off. Apologies, but this will be rejected.
  8. Too many complications due to how late into the server's lifetime we'd be adding it. People who want to get in the forums can easily sign up! And those who don't want to, won't. It's definitely one of those ideas I really wanted to implement due to the neat factor, but I've decided it's not quite worth it.
  9. Changed Status to Invalid Bug iRO custom. Official script has no such EXP reward.
  10. Glad you solved it.
  11. We've got some ideas in mind for our leveling progression, but "make gramps harder for X classes easier for Y" is not something that can be done as is. We can't just make classes succeed less in certain types of content. Because of that, this suggestion will be sent to the rejection pile.
  12. Cure Free already exists I believe, the rest were never implemented AFAIK. We won't be custom implementing these items so I'll be sending this to rejected, but if someone finds a source of these actually being craftable we can look into it.
  13. I've increased the attachment limit for regular members and have added the ability to self-delete attachments from the "My Attachments" page.
  14. Changed Status to Invalid Bug
  15. Changed Status to Invalid Bug Intended behavior.