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  1. New summer updates guys! Enjoy  /no1 

    1. Asterios


      Has it only been one day?? Feels like a week already

  2. Nova

    Summer Patch Notes II

    Which part of the patch brought about the love?!
  3. Nova

    Summer Patch Notes II

    Summer Festival Summer Egg headgears can now be recycled through Miles the Milliner. The Buried Treasure Event now only allows each player to obtain one Treasure per event. Fixed a bug where Poring Stacker was not rewarding winners with Pouring Keys. Players are now able to exchange 75 Rainbow Gemstones to one Golden Pearl. New Achievements have been added to the Summer Festival. New hats have been added to the Festival Painter. (Note: the new rare colors will not affect the King Midas title, and will instead have their own separate achievement.) The Grotto Guard will now let you know how many Treasure Chests you have opened. The Frying Dutchman is now open to the public, you can find Captain Mack on board who offers a variety of daily quests. If you manage to assist Captain Mack with at least 4 of his special requests on the same day, he will reward you with Summer Ticket. You can only earn one Summer Ticket per day (per account). You can then bring Summer Tickets to Sous Chef to exchange them for headgears you won't find anywhere else! A new rare drop has been added to the Grotto Treasure Chests. Features Miles the Milliner can now recolor 3 new hats. Renown Detective's Cap Wind Milestone Maestro Song's Hat A Kafra has been added to the Eden Group's first floor. A new vending map has been implemented! (And all vendors who were up were migrated to this new map) You will no longer get stuck if a progress bar breaks by being attacked. Fixed the HP/SP calculation in @battlestats. The Training Chamber's Dummy DEF and MDEF can now be set to 500 and 1000. The Guild Recruitment NPC now takes Guild Language as a field. Calf weapons have made their way into NovaRO! Calf Anaconda [2] Calf Deathadder [2] Calf Diamondback [2] Calf Kingcobra [2] Calf Python [2] Metal Stick [3] Items White Imprison, Marsh of Abyss and Stasis no longer work on GTB. The drop rates for Dustfire, Burning Rose and Avenger have been increased from 1% to 5%. Glorious Destruction Staff can now be worn by Soul Linkers. Eden Group Mark can no longer be used in PvP maps. Increased Red Lantern's drop rates for Alcohol, Detrimindexta and Karvodailnirol to match kRO. Royal Jelly Box is no longer bound. You can now enchant the following items in Malangdo: Elaborate Yellow Foxtail Replica Magic Yellow Foxtail Staff Instances The following instances will now have their cooldowns reset at 4:00 AM: Geffen Magic Tournament Ghost Palace Monsters Fixed the mob spawns in Lasagna's introduction area. Updated the mob skills for Spider Chariot. War of Emperium Limited the number of skills cast per second in the War of Emperium to prevent an issue where players with high ASPD were able to cast skills at a rate faster than should be possible. Siege Reductions have been increased: Auto-attacks are now reduced by 28% up from 20%. Skills are now reduced by 46% up from 40%. Battlegrounds The Battlegrounds Happy Hour time slot at 12:00 has been moved to 13:00 for the duration of the Summer Festival. Limited the number of skills cast per second in Battlegrounds to prevent an issue where players with high ASPD were able to cast skills at a rate faster than should be possible. Battleground Reductions have been increased: Auto-attacks are now reduced by 28% up from 20%. Skills are now reduced by 46% up from 40%.
  4. Oh forgot to reply here, this is going in next maintenance.
  5. I'm not writing off changing times, I'm only writing off attempting to fix this problem solely by specifically reverting the changes that were made, which is literally the title of this suggestion. Please stop making assumptions. If you have more specific, different suggestions, please make a separate thread. This suggestion has been rejected.
  6. Reverting the MvP card change alone will be considered when thinking of new changes, my reply was only to say we won't just revert it to how it was.
  7. Actually, WoE2 rewards are nearly equal to those of WoE1. The only difference at this point is the Siege Token amount, and there is but a small difference there. I don't think that just reverting the changes altogether would be a wise decision, WoE2 had little to no activity before these changes took place, and reverting it to how it was before would only allow it to continue so. Instead, I would be very interested to perhaps instead consider a new set of changes. But first, a number of changes to BG and WoE are coming in our next patch, and I'd like to see how those will play out before we start messing with WoE2 further. On that note, while we are certainly open to attempting new experiments to WoE2 for the sake of increasing its activity, we will not be going back to the previous scenario, where it was equally as inactive.
  8. We'll be exploring this issue. Sadly, the MH Treasure Chest solution doesn't work here due to the amount of items, and the fact that players can have more than just one. Despite this, we now have some ideas on how we could solve the issue of too many items in your inventory. Once we play around with some of these ideas, we'll post back here!
  9. Nova

    Kafra in eden first floor

    Fifth time's the charm, we'll be adding this on our next maintenance.
  10. I dislike the idea of forcing players to bring a specific class for an event. While creating future bosses, we certainly wish to promote skill and class diversity, but I think that restricting events to only one class is a bad idea.
  11. Nova

    Mechanic Mado Items for skills

    Not something we'll be implementing.
  12. Nova

    New Save Point

    Please keep suggestions to one per thread. As there is a duplicate suggestion regarding the first part of this thread, I've removed it from here. I like the new save spot idea.
  13. Nova

    NPC Trade-in Quest Rewards?

    Definitely not something that we would implement. Try selling these currencies if you do not want the equipment from the content.