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  1. Features The Christmas Event is back! You can check more information about it on our wiki. 1-week Bombring Assault Tournament Participate in the most bombastic tournament ever! Compete to be at the top of the leaderboard and gain massive rewards. You'll have up to two Solo Queue Happy Hours (3:00-4:00, 9:00-10:00, 15:00-16:00, 21:00-22:00 server time) a day to attain the most points (Match wins) as possible. Please note you can only get rank points during Happy Hours. Every Tuesday the leaderboard will be reset, and the previous week's top 10 will be rewarded as follows: 1st place - 50,000 Nova Points 2nd place - 30,000 Nova Points 3rd place - 25,000 Nova Points 4th place - 20,000 Nova Points 5th place - 15,000 Nova Points 6~10th places - 10,000 Nova Points The Bombring Assault Tournament will run from this Patch Notes going live until the 6th of December at 11:59PM - PST, Server Time. Added Sally to Prontera. Sally will give you two Christmas Weekly quests that reward you with Secret Santa Boxes. These weekly quests are unrelated to standard weekly quests and do not need to be completed to obtain Blacksmith's Blessings. Added Elena to the Main Office. Developer's Note: If you're a new player or a returning player, Elena can show you around the first floor of the Main Office to remind or explain which functions each NPC can perform. We'll be working to expand the Main Office tour to all floors eventually. Improved the detection for loot obtainment whenever a boss dies on your screen. Developer's Note: You still need to be on the screen to receive quest progression and loot. Fixed the experience amounts of Ancient Juperos mobs being much higher than we intended. Items Lowered the reset cost of Sin and Brilliant Light accessories from 100 Fragments of a single type to 75 Fragments of a single type. Developer's Note: As the change is quite sizeable, we'll be refunding people who had used this function previously. Fixed the proc chances for Soul Linker and Star Guardian's Racing Cap. Added all cooking-related items from Summer and Halloween to the Event Storage. All previous Christmas Nova Shop items have returned for the month of December. All Christmas Event Eggs have returned to the Event Egg shop. - Candy Ring [M] has been added to - Red Secret Santa Gift - Snowflake Ring [M] added to - Green Secret Santa Gift - Ice Ring [M] and - Christmas Scarf added to - Golden Secret Santa Gift Added the - Christmas Bounty to the Nova Shop for 2,500 Nova Points. Common: - Snow Blush [L] - Raspberry Mousse Hat - New Year Hairpin - Iceicle Sidetail - Snow Sidetail Wig - Yule Antlers Uncommon: - Twinkling Star - Monkey Fur Hat - Sweet Chef - Whale Cap - Blessed Veil - Snow Bunny - Falling Snow [M] (Can be previewed at the hat effect genie on the third floor of the main office) Rare: - Snow Powder (Can be previewed at the hat effect genie on the third floor of the main office) - Filir Backpack - Triple Ice Cream Smile Can now recolor the following Christmas Hats - Knit Cap Of Water - Sapphire Crown - New Year Hairpin - Yule Antlers - Snow Bunny - Whale Cap - Triple Ice Cream Siege and PvP Siege Commissioners Replaced Vidblainn for Cyr in the Draft WoE castle rotation. Siege Commissioners Decreased the damage nerf of Aimed Bolt from -60% to -50% on War of Emperium. Siege Commissioners Decreased the fixed cast time of Chain Lightning from 1 second to 0.7 seconds on War of Emperium.
  2. After discussing the points brought up in this thread with my GM team, we have decided that the Ban Appeal System will not extend to bans related to cheating in PvP. We feel that this Ban Appeal system is incompatible with the other changes we have in mind as far as how we will be handling that type of ban. As I previously said, we had not thought about the PvP community when designing this system and for that we apologize. No, selling art for zeny is perfectly acceptable, but we maintain the discretion to review such transactions and judge them individually. To further my point, this isn't art.
  3. As I mentioned in Discord: It's understandable that a number of people are upset about the number and selection of Shadow Gear implemented with this content. We did take a long time to start introducing these pieces of equipment into the server So it's only natural that there is some degree of disappointment. Our prediction was that we could have introduced every single piece of shadow gear and some people would still feel it was not enough. So we opted for the route that we felt would have the most positive impact on the server. Which is, a path that allows us to implement new custom content on a regular basis, with a variety of new equipment. This addresses two major issues that people have been pointing out to us. One, lack of equipment that is considered "old" in kRO And two, lack of challenging content. And we figured, why fix one alone badly when we can address both in a more interesting way. While we understand that it's disappointing to not get every single piece of Shadow Gear you were lusting after, rest assured that we are working hard on delivering MORE Shadow Gear to our players on a much more regular basis. As the patch notes themselves mention: While I like the way this instance came out, I don't feel it is so amazing to justify adding hundreds of Shadow Gear to it alone. Truth be told, I feel the amount of Shadow Gear added to the instance is already above what the content justifies, and was inflated to account for people's expecations. I remind everybody that the original reason why Shadow Gear had not been implemented was to avoid making it available through Cash Shop gacha boxes, which would make the game pay to win. That means we must find other ways to implement them, which previously was exclusively MH, but will now be supplemented by custom instances of this sort and other pieces of custom content that don't take as much development time or resources as MH does.
  4. Yes, the system is retroactive in the sense that players banned in the past are allowed to appeal. Do note that permanent ban for ban evasion has been the standard since day 1 though, and this system is not changing that. But you're saying "questions" and I only see one question. I hope I answered your questions, if I did not, I invite you to ask them directly once more.
  5. Many bans don't result in permanent bans, your post seems to assume they do. This appeal system is exclusively for those types of permanent account and hardware bans. Additionally, the great majority of permanent hardware bans (I would guess 95%+) result in a person creating a support ticket, in which the person is clearly told they are permanently banned and not allowed to play NovaRO anymore. The few that don't tend to come from a place where they know exactly what they did and the consequences of those actions. Very open to having this be the case, though I'd like to discuss it with the staff team and the PvP community before making that decision. I do agree that PvP cheat offenses are unique and different, and as you can see by the original thread, we are very open to treating different types of bans in different ways (look at the RMT exception). Lastly, I want to further clarify that the ability to make an appeal will not result in an automatic success. We will review the cases individually and carefully consider whether we feel each applicant deserves a second chance or not. Final edit, I hope. Note that this is an experimental system we will be trying out. We're optimistic, but if we find that the people we give chances to are not reformed more often than not, and the system becomes more of an issue than a boon, we would reconsider this move and potentially scrap the system.
  6. I would agree that it is a bad system if you assume everybody who appeals will be successful, and that won't be the case. Further still, I'm even less concerned about the impact this will have on PvP due to it getting its own different system with PvP bans. I would be extremely open to discussing details regarding the crossover with PvP bans with commissioners. I'd go as far as to say that we did not have the PvP community in mind when designing this appeal system.
  7. Hello everyone! We have recently revisited our protocol on ban evasion. While ban evasion remains a rule and anyone caught evading an existing ban (regardless of duration) will receive a new permanent hardware ban, we have decided to grant all players an opportunity to appeal for a second chance. The appeal should follow these guidelines: If you were banned for Real Money Trading, you will not be granted an opportunity for an appeal. For all other bans, you may submit an appeal on the forums after 6 months have passed from your initial ban date. The appeal should include details on your previous ban to the best of your knowledge, as well as a reason for wanting to return to NovaRO. The appeal will be judged by the entire staff team and a decision will be made regarding the outcome of the appeal. Appeals are handled on a case-by-case basis. Referencing other appeals in your case will not make your appeal stronger. If your appeal is approved, your existing hardware ban will be removed. You may play on NovaRO again under a fresh account. If your appeal is rejected, your existing bans will remain in place. You may resubmit an appeal after another 6 months. In all scenarios, your banned accounts will remain permanently banned. All characters and items on these accounts will not be recovered. Anyone caught ban-evading will be ineligible for an appeal. Each player may only have one approved appeal. Future bans from a second-chance player will be ineligible for appeals. If you created a support ticket at the time of discovering your ban, please include a link to it inside your appeal thread. Appeals are to be created under the Ban Inquiry category of the Support Portal: https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/support/ban-inquiries/ Make sure to include [Appeal] in the title, as well as your banned username. The idea for this system first came to us as we feel that the current stance on permanent bans creates a scenario where players are allured and rewarded for trying to go around their permanent bans through whatever means necessary. While this may not be very common, we feel it is unfair that players who accept their bans gracefully and ask for a second chance are automatically rejected, yet players who show contempt towards the rules and go around their bans have a possibility to play again, until they are caught and banned once more. We hope that through this appeal system, a number of players who have made mistakes can be reformed and get a second chance at playing clean. That said, we will continue to track down ban evaders and re-apply their bans as soon as they are discovered.
  8. Welcome to the server @kuay! Hope you and your friends enjoy your stay.
  9. Nova

    Halloween Patch Notes #167

    This is likely an unintended bug brought about by changes related to fourth jobs. Please create a bug report about the matter and we'll investigate it as soon as possible.
  10. Nova

    Introducing Nova Labs

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the Nova Labs announcement! Today we're going to be taking a look at what Nova Labs is, why are we doing it and how can you be part of it and help us design and test unreleased content. All details contained in this post are subject to change, and we're more than open to hear any feedback about this new system. What is Nova Labs? Nova Labs is a unique public test server, available for all current and future NovaRO players. This server will be used to test future content, changes and systems coming to our live server, in order to ensure they are stable, bug free and balanced. With the eventual release of 4th Jobs, custom instances and more on the horizon came the main idea behind Nova Labs: being able to give players a sneak peek and try new content hands-on, without the necessity of scheduling test sessions or have players/dedicated Testers show up at an arbitrary time. With the launch of Nova Labs, we'll be retiring the current Testers program and further applications. We appreciate every application we've got and thank every Tester for their efforts and participation. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) I'm interested! Can I participate? How? We intend to make the Nova Labs server available for all players on release. You'll be able to log in with the same credentials used by your live server account, and will have access to a copy of your characters. For more information, check the Accessing Nova Labs section of this dev blog at the end. Will I be able to transfer my progress from Nova Labs to the live server? No. Your progress, levels gained or items obtained will not, in any way, be reflected into the live server. There will be no way of copying Nova Labs progress to the live servers. Will the progress on Nova Labs be wiped (deleted)? Yes. Any type of progress made in Nova Labs may be wiped or reverted at any time without notice. We'll be making regular backups from the live server to the test server. Is it possible to request support for Nova Labs? Due to the nature of a testing server, the Staff team will not assist in game-related issues. This includes but is not limited to accidental purchases, deletions or refining/enchant attempts or quest progression issues. If you're finding troubles to log in, reach out to the #technical-support channel in our official Discord. Please note that Nova Labs may be less stable and more prone to crashes, restarts, hotfixes, emergency maintenances and outages compared to the main server. Can I buy Nova Points for Nova Labs? No. Any type of purchase of Nova Points is disabled. Potential future item additions to the Nova Shop, which require testing, will be obtained through an alternative method in the test server. What Rules apply to Nova Labs? By having a NovaRO account and participating in Nova Labs, you're agreeing to NovaRO's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, as well as all Server Rules. Punishment derived from actions on Nova Labs will carry over to live server accounts. What content will be available in Nova Labs? Contents on the test server may vary heavily from the live servers, and can be disabled or enabled at any moment with no prior notice. Keep in mind that anything that makes its way into Nova Labs is not in any way an indication of the release schedule for the live servers. The focus of our testing on launch will be 4th Jobs, but the configuration of the server will most definitely be adjusted as we move forward to better fit the active projects that are being tested. What are the main differences from the Live server? The main differences are as follows: A leveler NPC for EXP and levels. Job Changer will have 4th Jobs enabled. A special Nurse will be able to recover AP. War of Emperium is disabled. Battlegrounds are disabled. Vending is disabled. Monster Hunter is disabled. Can I use the test server for other purposes, such as gear testing? No. Nova Labs was designed with the intention of providing grounds for testing of specific content and not personal tests. While you'll be free to explore any content as you see fit, we'll not be providing external gears, equipment or free services which are unrelated to what's currently being focus tested. How can I provide feedback? You can provide feedback through any general means, be it by sending a message to one of our Staff members or on the #labs-feedback channel in our official Discord server. How can I report a bug? Due to the nature of a test server, bugs are expected to happen. You're extremely encouraged to report any bugs you find immediately. You can do so through our Forums Bug Tracker, under the Nova Labs section. Accessing Nova Labs To access Nova Labs, you must have a NovaRO account. Please note that your live account must be in a good standing in order to access the test server, and your access may be restricted or disabled at any moment with no prior notice. Access is provided directly through the regular NovaRO Patcher, and is as simple as launching the main game. Patch your game fully before trying to access Nova Labs and remove any custom .grf files you have active. Once the game opens, select Nova Labs. You can then log in with the same credentials used on the live server. You'll be greeted by a backup copy of your character and items from the live servers. Regular backups will be made in order to keep characters up-to-date with their live state. And you're set! Please report any bugs you find immediately and/or provide feedback through the means explicated on the FAQ section above. We thank you immensely for your time and effort and appreciate any feedback that comes our way. Happy testing! This test sever is available to all players effective immediately.
  11. Should probably do something new for screenshots... but...
  12. Nova

    GHCM Cards

    We have discussed this topic at length and have decided to go for option C. C. Allow the dropped cards to remain and make the two mobs continue to drop the cards. The mobs will once more drop these cards inside the instance, and the cards that were bound will be made unbound. We will also be lowering the prices of the cards in the shop. Mutated Khalitzburg Card decreased 70 Spell cost to 30. Mutated White Knight Card decreased 50 Spell cost to 20. These changes have been made effective immediately.
  13. Nova

    GHCM Cards

    Yes, if we decided to go the route of removing the cards, any players that purchased them from other players would have their trades reversed. I'd possibly even consider some alternative method of "compensation". But that's a possibly, so no one get hung up on that please. I don't even know what that would be at this moment.
  14. Hey guys! Just wanted to share an update on a situation that's been developing inside of Glast Heim Challenge Mode. Sadly, we had a bug affecting the instance the previous few weeks where drops below 1% were not being distributed properly to players. In this most recent maintenance, we fixed that issue. When we fixed that issue though, a new potential issue reared its head. Apparently, we had set for Mutated White Knight Cards and Mutated Khalitzburg Cards to be dropped from mobs inside of the instance. As of this moment, we're not entirely certain whether this is official or not, but when reviewing the information, it seems pointless for these cards to be sold through an NPC if they also dropped in the instance. Roughly 28 of these cards dropped from the moment the maintenance happened to this morning when this information came to light. At that moment, we changed the mobs to not drop the cards, and we bound the existing cards so that if we chose to go the route of taking them away, there would be less trades to revert. At this moment, we are unsure whether we should: A. Eliminate the dropped cards and retain the current behavior of mobs not dropping them. B. Allow the dropped cards to remain and retain the current behavior of mobs not dropping them. C. Allow the dropped cards to remain and make the two mobs continue to drop the cards. We plan on further investigating what the official behavior is, and debating the merits of the different options. Whatever option we decide to go for, the cards will be unbound when we finalize our decision. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and are open to suggestions and hearing arguments for the different potential solutions.
  15. Nova

    Patch Notes #165

    Summer Festival Fixed an issue with the Aladdin Lamp announcement. Fixed an issue with Festival Feather Cap missing a sprite. Disabled the ability to chat while in a Poolside Panic game. Features Refactored the Eden map. Added full names and functions to most Main Office NPCs. Added a way to check current pity and completion progression for Glast Heim: Challenge Mode. Talk to OSC0006. Reduced the cooldown of Magician's Bell (17.2) from 20 to 5 minutes. Monster Hunter Applied a fix to Sentinel so that Tanks will now correctly remain on the top of the Hate log while the skill's effect is active. Developer's Note: In other words, it should no longer bounce between the Tank and other players. Items - Inari Ears has been added to the Nova Shop for 5,000 Nova Points. - Inari Mask has been added to the Nova Shop for 5,000 Nova Points. - Inari Tail has been added to the Nova Shop for 7,500 Nova Points. - Ifrit Aura has been added to the Nova Shop for 7,500 Nova Points. (This item can be previewed with the hat effect genie) - End of Summer Egg has returned to the Nova Shop. The following hats can now be recolored with Miles in the Main Office: - Blazing Yin and Yang [L] - Blazing Yin and Yang [M] - Poring Knapsack - Capooring Hat - Glutton Capoo [M] - Glutton Capoo [L] - Guardian's Glory [L] - Guardian's Glory [M] - Capoo Bag All Summer Nova Shop items will remain available via the "Limited Time" section until early September. Fixed an issue with Estal reducing the cooldown of Spore Explosion more than intended. Skills Fixed an issue with Anti Magic Manteau description and effect. Siege and PvP The Great Hunt event is taking place this Saturday (August 7th). Check all the changes for this month on the announcement: Increased the HP of Rebel and Soul Reaper by 25% (150% total) on Siege game modes. Reduced the fixed cast time of Aimed Bolt from 1 second to 0.7 seconds on War of Emperium. Enabled Temporal Circlets for most classes in Siege game modes. Ranger, Rune Knight, Warlock, Wanderer/Minstrel and Sura will remain disabled for the foreseeable future. Players that have died more than 100 times in a single War of Emperium will now be unable to re-enter the castle. The defining criteria for receiving WoE Track points has been updated. Developer's Note: This is a harsher restriction aimed at guilds that do not participate in WoE, but rather opt to either AFK in corners or only camp the entrance of the castle. If you and your guild and are actively participating in WoE, this change will have no effect. For the most competitive guilds, it means you now have the possibility of earning up to 4 WoE Track points if you manage to get the last Emperium hold. We'll not be sharing more information about this criteria. Added 6 new Relic WoE Reward Tracks - Enforcer Relic - Saint Relic - Machinist Relic - Bio-Technician Relic - Shade Relic - Trickster Relic Community Suggestion Added a new WoE Supply Track:
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