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  1. After discussing this topic with the Siege Commissioners, we have decided to remove Vidblainn from the WoE1 rotation. In exchange, Draft WoE will be made to rotate between the remaining 3 castles (including Vidblainn) every month.
  2. In the future, please include your suggestion in the title, vague titles for suggestions make things harder to keep track of. I've discussed this suggestion with the Siege Commissioners and we have decided to implement this change for our next maintenance.
  3. Nova

    FE Draft WoE

    As I've mentioned in the Draft WoE Discord, all WoE/BG suggestions had been put on hold until the commissioner system shaped up. Thankfully, I've managed to recruit a number of players now and we're going to begin discussing this and many other suggestions as a group soon.
  4. A number of changes that we'll be implementing in the coming days to keep improving the PvP Room: Dual clienting will be disabled. It causes far too many issues including farming your own characters, or giving easy kills with "hidden" characters. Players who disconnect inside the map will receive a -20 Point penalty to prevent "strategies" where a player goes in buffed up, kills everyone once and disconnects inside the map. The PvP Champion titles will be updated to: Golden Arena Champion, Silver Arena Champion, Bronze Arena Champion.
  5. I don't mind these at all if you guys like them. Can definitely see us going for them.
  6. BG Reduction has been in place since the system was implemented, and the ranking was reset today.
  7. I want to re-emphasize the added edit in my previous post when people are suggesting title changes: Keeping that in mind, I dislike all of the titles you just proposed Ouilyan, as they're just random "cool" titles. While we're still open to exploring alternative titles, I have to say that currently we do not plan on removing the Battlegrounds Reductions in the Ranked PvP room. Adding these damage reductions makes the map and ranking system more attractive to a wider audience, and players who wish to fight without these reductions are able to do so through @duel or the PvP Yoyo room. Another idea I could see us going for would be to add a non-ranked PvP room, and have that map not have the Battlegrounds reductions. Kills and deaths in this map would of course not affect a player's ranking in any way.
  8. I'm open to changing the titles to "better ones" but I strongly disagree that a title such as "Psycho Killer" is an improvement over the existing titles. Personally, I thought the ones we chose were really cool. They explicitly state what you did to deserve it to be able to show it off. A cooler sounding title would just lead to other people going "nice title but no idea what you did to earn it"
  9. Perfectly fine with the quest-check being removed from the entrance, let's just make sure the quest is still able to be played through.
  10. Moved to discussion as how people mentioned, there's no need to suggest official content.
  11. Changed Status to Invalid Bug These songs were only customized to apply guild wide for Battlegrounds and Draft WoE.
  12. I don't see how this is the case at all. The big difference between Battlegrounds and PvP is not the reductions, it is the structured team environment and objectives. While I can see there being some arguments for getting rid of the reductions (though I'm personally not a big fan), claiming that this makes it the same as Battlegrounds is just outright wrong.
  13. At the request of a player, I've decided to do a short write-up regarding the brand new PvP Ranking System. I'd like to add that right now, the system has been disabled due to a bug where player's ranking points are sometimes being reset to 0 upon logging out. We've fixed this bug, but require a maintenance to apply the fix. Note that this is version 1 of the system and we're open to improving the system further. Details: Each kill adds 5 PvP Rank points. Each death removes 10 PvP Rank points. Players may use the @pvprank command to check the rankings from anywhere. The Ranked PvP Room follows the following BG Behaviors: 28% Reduction in auto-attack (Melee and Ranged) damage inflicted. 46% Reduction in skill damage (Physical, Magic and Misc). 20% Flee Reduction. The top 3 players at the end of each month will each obtain a special Achievement, Title and Costume Headgear. These rewards will be able to be used until the next ranking period ends. (1 month) Top 3 Prizes: 1st place: Golden PvP Helmet, Title: Gold PvP Champion 2nd place: Silver PvP Helmet, Title: Silver PvP Champion 3rd place: Bronze PvP Helmet, Title: Bronze PvP Champion I repeat, at this moment, earning and losing points on ranking has been disabled due to a bug. We'll be attempting to bring the system back as soon as possible.
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