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  1. Ben Recycle Suggestion Thread

    Hard no on accessories though. Updated people's posts, we'll take a look at your latest post soon Kaizer! Thanks for the effort.
  2. Eventually we'll try to tackle an even newer client, but the last one we tried that supported the gear swap wasn't very stable at all. We definitely intend on trying again sooner or later, but I'll be sending this to the rejected pile as we don't need suggestions to upgrade clients.
  3. Done for next maintenance, though you won't be able to double check what team you bid on, now the NPC will leave a line on your chatbox that you can go back and check.
  4. Add items to Item Crusher

    I don't think crushing is the best option here, but let me think about it as you're not the only one with extras.
  5. Can't be done due to client restrictions, sorry!
  6. Draft WoE - FE Castles

    A new call to war is here! All adventurers are invited to take up their arms and fight in some of the most iconic castles in Ragnarok Online's 15 year history! For the next six weeks, Draft War of Emperium will take place in the most popular War of Emperium FE castles, voted on by the playerbase! The schedule is below: January 14 - Prontera 3 (Fahdrigh) January 21 - Payon 3 (Holy Shadow) January 28 - Payon 4 (Sacred Altar) February 4 - Geffen 4 (Bergel) February 11 - Al de Baran 2 (Hohenschwangau) And lastly, on February 18, the last day of the event, Draft will take place in the most popular WoE FE castle - Payon 5 (Bamboo Grove Hill) Don't miss your chance to experience a different type of WoE and gain Valor Badges and Siege Tokens! Whether you're a newbie or a veteran, in Draft WoE you'll have the chance to fight alongside players of all skill levels and improve your skills, and thanks to the Battlegrounds consumables, you can participate without spending a single zeny! In addition to this, for a limited time, Team Captains will receive 5 Warlord's Treasures and 400 Valor Badges. For more information, check out our Wiki page: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Draft_War_of_Emperium. To participate, join the Draft Discord here: https://discord.gg/z8gqddC
  7. Done for next maintenance, I'll have to add the value to the website later.
  8. Airship Combo - Increase Movement Speed?

    Yes it is. Not sure if it stacks with agi up though.
  9. Monster Hunter save point

    We used to give exclusive powerful buffs inside the MH area which we wanted to remove on exit, and that's why we changed savepoint, but we've not had this feature for a while now, so there's no harm in removing the force save point. Implemented for next maintenance.
  10. Three Word Story

    [ Holy mother of necro ] that happen to
  11. Merged Mandie's post to the previous suggestion and deleted bumps.
  12. Definite no to both questions. I've tested this before in the past. The RC_Player tag was applied carefully to avoid this sort of behavior.
  13. I believe I got the whole pack of items which means the Red Potion might be grouped with it. We'll check on the next maint.
  14. Triple Inferno has Emergency Call enabled

    Changed Status to Fixed for Next Maintenance