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The Siege Token Battleground cap has been increased to 1,500 temporarily due to the disabling of the Arena of the Abyss.


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  1. Autofollow through skills not cancelling.

    Changed Status to Invalid Bug
  2. Autofollow through skills not cancelling.

    This was tested and shown to work exactly the same in NovaRO and in kRO. After casting a skill on an enemy player, you will autofollow the player eternally, unless you input a walk command elsewhere, or the character walks off-screen.
  3. Character Cards

    Will look into it soon!
  4. Autofollow through skills not cancelling.

    NovaRO, cast skill, click floor, stop. NovaRO, cast skill, click floor, walk. NovaRO, cast on Tokei, follow, cast on Kegan, follow NovaRO, cast on Tokei, follow, cast on Kegan, follow NovaRO, cast on Tokei, follow, cast on Kegan, follow, cast Our kRO results showed the exact same behavior. Don't see any instance of continuing to follow the initial target in either server. kRO cast skill then walk away.
  5. Hello ~!

    Good decision! I'm glad you both saw the light. Renewal made some mob/map changes, it doesn't take too much getting used to. One of the ones that makes me the most sad is the removal of the High Orcs map west of Orc Village.
  6. Rock Ridge Quests Problems

    Can you tell us the exact dialogue that the NPCs give you at the place where you are stuck in the quest?
  7. Is the discrimination valid?

    I see no racism by [GM] Kegan whatsoever. Prontera and #main are English only zones, and this is very clearly stated in the rules. You seem to have some misguided idea that you can ignore the rules just because you disagree with how they're worded. Many of our staff speak other languages, and Spanish happens to be my first language; despite this, the rule is in place in order to promote a more united community, so that all players in the most populated areas of the game (Prontera and #main) may interact with one another with no fear of language barriers. You very clearly antagonized a GM who was trying to inform you what you were doing was against the rules, and decided to make a ruckus. Nobody is discriminating against you, you're just breaking the rules and expecting to get away with it. You did get one part right though, You leave.
  8. Change Vigilante skill bonus

    Sorry friend but we do not edit official gear effects to make sense. One of the downsides of just following kRO, but doing this would open the door to getting a million more requests of the sort.
  9. NovaRO File Size

    You most likely are running an Anti Virus program and it is attempting to scan the entire file before allowing it to run (Could even be Windows Defender) Disable such things and try again.
  10. [Crystal Synthesis] Modified Opera Mask missing

    Changed Status to Invalid Bug
  11. Manual Toggle for Day/Night mode

    Currently it's applied on the maps, not on players. Too much of a pain for too little return. Have definitely wanted to expand the Day/Night cycle though.
  12. 44KHz audio

    Wasn't aware actually! I love the idea but this is outside what I generally do, I'll try to get Tokei to look at this soon.
  13. Changes to PvP Tournament Rewards

    I like the scaling title idea, and I also got a new idea from what you mentioned of the RWC Dragon hats. Maybe a new Golden Trophy item could do the trick better? I'm not a fan of one-upping the aura because regular to red is a single upgrade. Specific ideas such as a list of progressive titles would definitely help here. Though I'm thinking it having a number would likely be a hard requirement, as random players would never know "Ravager" means you won 10 tournaments.
  14. Next patch, all arcade machines will have their range increased by one cell around them. (Except for Plushie Claw which had already been increased)
  15. Already in the works.