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  1. I'll be sending this report to invalid, please make a new, separate report about the Ice Pick effect by itself.
  2. Character View on Website

    We've just added the Alternate Sura outfit to the character generator, and we've also updated all of the character palettes, so colors should now be more accurate!
  3. jRO Released Sura alt. Outfit

    Nova has had them since yesterday my dude. Check my sig.
  4. Charts for Market Watch

    I like it!
  5. Make Can Hat recyclable

    Yes, I put a worthless item into the Festival on purpose as garbage. It's flavor for the event, not all items have to be useful or worthwhile.
  6. Make Can Hat recyclable

    Rejecting due to the fact that there could be a lot of these floating around and they're tradeable as you mentioned.
  7. Swap Costume Hotkey

    Not possible.
  8. Emergency Mado Gear

    I could see myself adding a BG only version quite easily. But what I don't love about the 1-item option outside of BG is the removal of the Weight factor.
  9. Kafra Storage

    Not happening!
  10. Is this confirmed to be an issue with the interaction though? That is to say, are we certain EDP is working correctly by itself. And are we certain Ice Pick is working correctly by itself. I'd like for those to be proven first.
  11. RCX support

    I have no problems against most of the features RCX gives. Contact me through Discord, I'd love to hear some details, and maybe we can even sponsor it.
  12. Sadly, no can do. This is a client limitation.
  13. Changed Status to Invalid Bug
  14. Seems like a one-off case. Without the ability to reproduce this issue, we cannot confirm or attempt to fix it. Sending to invalid because of it.