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  1. Nova

    Daylight Savings Time

    Today, November 3rd, the server's time shifted back one hour. If you live in a country that went out of Daylight Savings Time today, such as the US yesterday, regular event timings won't change for you. However, if your country is not shifting times right now, you will notice that the server time is 1 hour earlier than it used to be and events will start one hour later than you are used to. In addition to this, next week, WoE1 and Draft WoE will be moving 1 hour backward so that the time changes don't affect our international players. If you are in the US or another country that is going out of DST, WoE 1 and Draft WoE will be an hour earlier than you are used to. You may also just check with the WoE Information NPC in every town.
  2. The monthly PvP tournament is temporarily on a pause while we work on restructuring the tournament to make it more exciting, both for the participants and for the spectators. We will be working closely with the commissioners to discuss class balance, team composition and overall diversity of the tournament in the upcoming weeks. This restructuring is expected to take 1-2 months.
  3. Nova

    Cawful Patch Notes

    This change was made a few maintenances ago but was never properly documented, so you may not notice a difference.
  4. Nova

    Cawful Patch Notes

    We're looking into this now.
  5. Nova

    Halloween Patch Notes

    Halloween Event The Halloween Event has once again begun! Creepy Critters are being spotted all throughout Rune-Midgard and legions of monsters are invading the cities of the world! Defeat them to obtain rewards, including many exclusive headgears. Rumors pass from soul to soul about the one responsible for all of this, the mysterious Trickster King. What terrors will the Trickster King and his army of the dead unleash upon Rune-Midgard? Only time will tell. Creepy Critters will spawn in most field and dungeon maps. Kill them for Pumpkins and exchange them to the Coffin in Prontera for Halloween Coins. You can also earn Halloween Coins by participating in the town invasions. You can then exchange your Halloween Coins to Loki for either headgears or one of his boxes. Defeat the Trickster King in order to obtain Little Devil Wings and Great Devil Wings. Continue to defeat him for Chromatic Stones which you can bring to Selim in Prontera for Devil Wing recolors. With so many recolor tasks, Selim has been going around Prontera recruiting new test subjects to help her fulfill her creepy food orders for her loyal clients, the Deadly Sins. And last but not least the Tower of Trickery makes its return! The Halloween Event will end on November 7th at 11:59PM [Server Time - PST] Halloween Event 2019 The event is divided into multiple sections with a wide range of challenges and unique mechanics for all to enjoy! For more information, check our wiki page! Trickster Realm: Visit another world, where you can farm Halloween Coins and Spirit Shards. Town Invasion: Obtain Halloween Coins from monster drops. Mysterious Coffin: Collect Organic Agriculture Pumpkins and Halloween Coins to complete the quest and be rewarded with costumes! Tower of Trickery: Go through series of mini-games and collect Halloween Coins. You also get a chance at getting unique headgears from completing it! Trickster King: This fight is for the brave and consist of a real challenge! Fighting the King will require a strong team and Spirit Shards from each participating player. Cooking with Selim: Help Selim cook up spooky meals to satiate the hunger of the Hungry Hungry Sins and earn Phantom Favors. Currencies: Spirit Shards: Used to enter the hard Trickster King's Keep (they are obtained from the Twisted Realm). Halloween Coins: Used to purchase several items and hats from Loki. Organic Agriculture Pumpkins: Can be given to the pumpkin-devouring Mysterious Coffin. Selim's Paints: Used to recolor various Halloween-themed hats. Each section of the event has its own unique headgears and costumes attached to it, while Halloween Coins (obtained by participating in any Halloween content) can be exchanged for a shared list of goodies. All the NPCs can be found in Prontera, near @navi prontera 143 171. Loki will exchange your Halloween Coins into items and headgears. Demon Hunter Hector will craft Little Devil Wings and Great Devil Wings, as well as prepare you for the Trickster King's fight! Selim can recolor the wings you obtain through Hector, if you so desire. Mysterious Coffin is a small quest that gives you headgears. Tricky Ghosts generate the Tower of Trickery instance. Cooking With Selim You can find the visiting Selim and her Bad Monkey hanging around on the street of Prontera (prontera, 162, 171). Selim's coloring tasks are eating up her time so she won't say no if someone was to help her handle the food orders this year. Her most loyal clients, the Deadly Sins are particularly hungry, because scaring people all the time is draining, and there is a lot of bloodcurling cooking to be done. Every day you will obtain a list of three meals, one main course and two side dishes, so roll up your sleeves, lest Bad Monkey be forced to do the work for you. Additionally you are to collect Spiritual Seasonings from the parallel world to aid digestion of material particles. The finished meals can be brought to spoil any Deadly Sin on your choosing. Through the process of being devoured, they become human and Doram-friendly, and you get a little something for yourself. Return back to Selim to get your Phantom Favor. You may also repeat the cooking process as many times as you like. Trickster Realm In any dungeon of field map, you may find a Wandering Spirit which you need to kill. They will remain on the field as an NPC and talking to him will lead you to the Trickster Realm. The Trickster Realm is a small room with various monsters, whose difficulty scales depending on your character's level. These all drop Halloween Coins on death and there's a 5 minutes time limit to clearing the room. You can freely re-enter after death but so can anyone else who sees the NPC, regardless of their affiliation with you. When you reach level 175, the Wandering Spirit will open the Twisted Realm instead of the regular Trickster Realm. You'll find harder monsters inside as well as a chance of meeting a mob that drops a Spirit Shard. You can lower the difficulty of the Trickster Realm by speaking with Loki and selecting Escape the Twisted Realm. Please note that while this will make the mobs easier, it will also decrease your rewards and make you unable to farm Spirit Shards. You can revert this setting anytime by speaking with Loki once more. Twisted Mobs will drop Cookie's Bats which are used to evolve the Skellion Pet. Town Invasion Every now and then, a town will be invaded! The invasion progresses in the following way: You will get a 2-minute warning. Mobs will appear throughout the indicated map and drop Halloween Coins. There will also be multiple Wandering Spirits spawning. Another wave of monsters will spawn after a few minutes. After 5 minutes, the Tricker's King will appear. Killing him will reward you with Halloween Coins if you are within its range. The MVPer has a chance to get a Costume Witch's Hat. You have 20 minutes to kill this MVP. Mysterious Coffin The Mysterious Coffin will exchange 25 Organic Agriculture Pumpkins for 50 Halloween Coins. To begin this quest... Speak with the Mysterious Coffin in Prontera, near the bottom left of the fountain. You will be asked to bring 30 Organic Agriculture Pumpkins and be rewarded with a Costume Executioner Hood. You can now exchange 25 Organic Agriculture Pumpkins for 50 Halloween Coins as many times as you want. Tower of Trickery The Tower of Trickery can be found in Prontera by talking to Tricky Ghost (prontera,162,185) and requires a party of 2-4 players. You have to complete several minigames within 15 minutes. For each game completed, you're given 3 Halloween Coins. You are also given 120 Halloween Coins as a reward for finishing the whole tower. The top three fastest parties to clear the tower are placed in the leaderboard and will receive exclusive rewards after the event is over. The same party cannot win more than once however, so if all the top 3 runs have been made by the same group, the 4th and 5th parties will rewarded instead. Before starting a game in the Tower of Trickery, you will always be given a choice between the left or right portal. Each one has a different game, so if your party struggles with a specific one, consider simply skipping it. Here's a list of all the minigames and some tricks to help you go through them more easily. Twisted Trickster King Freed from his slumber, the Twisted Trickster King has once again made his return! Without any power restraints, the regular Trickster King fight is no longer available. Adventurers reported hearing strange sounds when entering the Twisted Realm, some which would remind them of a caw. Any adventurer who defeats the Twisted Trickster King for the first time ever will obtain the following rewards : King's Crown Achievement containing the following title: Revenant Regular Drops: Vampire Familiar - 100% drop rate Banshee Master - 20% drop rate Brown Ribbon Scarf - 2% drop rate Black Eremes Scarf - 2% drop rate 5 Cursed Ruby - 100% drop rate Script Based Drops (Individually rolled): Chromatic Stone - 90% drop rate Great Chromatic Stone - 60% drop rate Much like last year's Halloween Event, players will be able to craft Little Devil Wings and Great Devil Wings using exclusive drops: King's Essence and King's Stone. Crafting a Little Devil Wings now only costs 6 King's Stones down from 18 Crafting a Great Devil Wings now only costs 10 King's Stones down from 30 The 3 kill requirement for obtaining King's Stone and King's Essence was reduced to 1. This reward still has a limit of one per day, per account. Refer to Demon Hunter Hector in Prontera for more information. 2019 Halloween Additions Selim has rummaged through her vast closet and picked out a new costume this year. Selim's Recolors 5 new hats have been added to Selim's arsenal of recolor-able hats. - Vampire Capelet - Whimsical Tophat - Gothic Skull Ribbon - Monochrome Ribbon Hat - Princess Ribbon Crown Phantom Favor Shop Additions 1 new set box and 2 pairs of wings added to the Phantom Favor Shop. Nifl Bloom Set (Account Bound) 14 Phantom Favors Imp Wings (Account Bound) 7 Phantom Favors Gargoyle Wings (Account Bound) 7 Phantom Favors Loki's Shop Similar to last year Loki will receive 2 shipments of items to his shop, the first shipment comes today with today's maintenance. The final shipment will arrive on October 17th. Below is the first shipment. Loki's Box and King's Treasure These two items have been discontinued and have been replaced with the new and improved - Jack-o-Lantern Bag - Trick or Treat Basket Players who still have these boxes from last year can still open them and receive the old set of items. Achievements A new list of achievements have been added for completing this year's Halloween events: Spice Up The Afterlife Matinee Head Chef Sous Chef Hungry Hungry Sins Vengeful Hunger Disinclined Hunger Longing Hunger Haughty Hunger Excessive Hunger Resentful Hunger Monster Hunting Expeditions and 1-Star hunts will no longer dispel Poring or Megaton Bomb Counters. Increased the damage done by Fester stacks. Poisonous Spit now applies two Fester stacks. Hunter's Potion and Mega Hunter's Potions statuses now are dispelled when taking any sort of damage. Cure and Detoxify now both have a 20 second Cooldown. Removing a stack of Fester with Cure or Detoxify now keeps the duration of the status, rather than refreshing it. Added a secondary visual effect to Fester if a hunter has 4 or more stacks. Made Divinity's movement speed bonus only work during combat with a Great monster. Lowered the duration of Divinity to 6 seconds. Sproutrings now drop a higher quantity of items. Spirit Spheres ( Sura spheres, Rebellion Coins, Soul Reaper Souls ) are no longer dispelled between instances. Rune Knight Rune Effects are no longer dispelled for Rune Knights. The Magic Intoxication debuff from Comet has been disabled. Satchel Gathering levels are now Account-wide. You will need to go to the airship with the character with your highest Satchel Gathering levels for the change to apply. Features Gramps has been rotated. The following characters that meet all the conditions below have been pruned: Base level below 99. Has not been used in more than 6 months. Added size resistances to @battlestats. Added the ability to evolve Scatleton into Skellion Changed the hunting quests so that the kill count goes to the player (and its party) who has dealt the most damage. Removed all restrictions for chatrooms inside WoE. Fixed an issue in the Cor instance that made the portal inaccessible. Fixed Morning menus when choosing Cancel. You can no longer get stuck in the Devil Tower instance for the hunting part of the quest. Geffen Magic Tournament now has the proper consumable rewards. Community Suggestion Added the arrow type equipped when equipping the arrow type. Community Suggestion Added @hidecart command. Community Suggestion Added an option for enabling Siege settings on the Training Chamber. Changed the MVP slave maximum range to screen size. Entering a map will now always put the guild member positions on the minimap. Fixed an issue with the Item Signer NPC. Fixed hide animation for the Sign Quest at the dancing part. Added a cooldown to all gathering Eden board missions from 1~99. Implemented Sura and Warlock skill updates: Class Updates Sura Ride in Lightning Changed the number of hits depending on the skill level (up to 5). Changed damage formula. Changed bonus damage condition from equipping wind element weapon to equipping a knuckle-type weapon instead. Gentle Touch - Energy Gain Changed prerequisite skill to Gentle Touch - Cure level 1. Changed skill logic to self skill. Can be used with Gentle Touch - Cure and Gentle Touch - Revitalize. Increases Raging Thrust, Chain Crush Combo and Glacier Fist damage by 50% while under the skill buff. Changed the skill cooldown to 1 second for all skill levels. Gentle Touch - Cure Changed prerequisite skill to Gentle Touch - Silence level 1. Reduced sphere consumption from 2 to 1. Gentle Touch - Change Changed prerequisite skill to Gentle Touch - Energy Gain level 3. Changed skill logic to self skill. Reduced sphere consumption from 2 to 1. Increases attack by 8 per skill level. Increases percentage attack by 1% per skill level. Removed MaxHP and Mdef reduction debuffs. Increases Rampage Blast and Knuckle Arrow damage by 30% while under the skill buff. Cooldown is 1 second regardless skill level. Gentle Touch - Revitalize Changed prerequisite skill to Gentle Touch - Energy Gain level 3. Changed skill logic to self skill. Reduced sphere consumption from 2 to 1. Changed SoftDef bonus to HardDef instead. HardDef is 20 per skill level. Increases Tiger Cannon and Gate of Hell damage by 30% while under the skill buff. Changed the skill cooldown to 1 second for all skill levels. Earth Shaker Changed prerequisite skill to Dragon Combo level 3. Removed sphere consumption requirements. Removed stun effect. Monsters attacked by this skill will take more damage from Rampage Blast for 5 seconds. Changed damage formula. Changed damage factor from Int to Str. Rampage Blaster Reduced sphere consumption from all to 5. Changed damage formula. Can only be used while under Fury state. Reduced SP consumption from 150 to 100. Sky Net Blow Removed bonus damage when using after Dragon Combo. Removed knock-back effect. Increased SP consumption. Gate of Hell Changed prerequisite skill to Rampage Blaster level 1 and Tiger Cannon level 5. Cast range will be 7 regardless skill level, becoming long ranged damage type on every level. Reduced sphere consumption from 5 to 2. Changed SP consumption from percentage to 100. Tiger Cannon No longer consumes HP/SP as percentage but the bonus damage from HP/SP still remains. Increased SP consumption. No longer drains SP from target. Knuckle Arrow Changed prerequisite skill to Lightning Walk level 1. Increased damage formula on boss monsters. Fallen Empire Changed prerequisite skill to Dragon Combo level 3. Crescent Elbow Changed prerequisite skill to Windmill level 1. Cursed Circle Changed prerequisite skill to Blade Stop level 2. Rising Dragon Changed prerequisite skill to Power Implantation level 1. Gentle Touch - Silence Removed Power Implantation as prerequisite skill. Flash Combo Changed prerequisite skill to Dragon Combo level 3, Fallen Empire level 3, Tiger Cannon level 5 and Sky Blow level 1. Warlock Reading Spellbook Changed skill logic to passive skill. Enables player to use the new Spellbooks. Old Spellbooks will become dummy items. The new Spellbooks are obtained from Lea just as before. They are now useable items that will be used to memorize the skills. There are 10 spells available: Lord of Vermilion Meteor Storm Storm Gust Drain Life Jack Frost Earth Strain Crimson Rock Chain Lightning Comet Tetra Vortex Release Level 1: release the memorized skill. Level 2: release the elemental ball on the target. Changed damage formula for Release and the Summon Elemental Balls. Summon Fire Ball / Summon Water Ball / Summon Ball Lightning / Summon Stone Level 1: Summons 1 elemental ball, just like before. Level 2: Summons 5 elemental balls and replaces any previously summoned balls. Soul Expansion Changed damage formula. Earth Strain Changed damage formula. Reduced cooldown from 10 seconds to 7 seconds. Reduced after cast delay from 1 second to 0.5 second. Removed equipment divesting effect. Frost Misty Changed skill logic to ground target skill. Reduced the Area of Effect. Inflicts new status effect "Frost" on the target. A target under the Frost effect will take more damage from Jack Frost for 10 seconds. Changed damage formula. Jack Frost Changed skill logic to target skill. Reduced the Area of Effect. The skill will deal more damage on targets under the Frost status (instead of the Freezing status). Changed damage formula. Removed Frozen status effect. Added 4 seconds cooldown. Crimson Rock Reduced after cast delay from 2 seconds to 0.5 second. Changed damage formula. Removed Stun status effect. Hell Inferno Added an Area of Effect up to 5x5 at level 5. Changed damage formula. Added 3 seconds cooldown. Reduced after cast delay to 0.5 second. Incrased SP consumption. Removed Burning status effect. Comet Removed partner benefits. Removed Red Gemstone requirements. Reduced SP consumption. Changed fixed cast time to 2 seconds for all skill levels. Reduced variable cast time from 14 seconds to 10 seconds at level 5. Reduced cooldown from 60 seconds to 20 seconds. Reduced after cast delay from 2 seconds to 1.5 second. Removed Burning status effect. Removed knock-back effect. Inflicts new status effect "Magical Intoxication" on the target for 20 seconds. A target under this effect will take 50% more damage from all properties. Reduced number of hits from 20 to 10. Reduced Area of Effect. Removed distance damage variation from the center of the skill. Changed damage formula. Mystical Amplification Increased damage amplification bonus. Increased SP consumption. Items Added the - Halloween Event Egg to the Event Ticket Exchanger in the Main office. Added the - Costume Party Egg to the Nova Shop for 2,500 Nova Points. Added the - Ghastly Pet Egg II to the Nova Shop for 2,500 Nova Points. All previous Halloween NP packages are available again in the limited time section of the Nova shop for their respective prices. Added the - Character Slot Voucher to the Nova Shop for 7,500 Nova Points. Reduced price of Ornate Scarves and Eremes Scarf to 6.5k Nova Points. Blue Ornate and White Ornate have been removed from the Nova Shop and will return during their respective holiday events. (Summer and Christmas) Added the - Purple Ornate Scarf to the Nova Shop for 6,500 Nova Points. Added the - Autumn Foliage to the Nova Shop for 7,500 Nova Points. Item Compendiums from the Daily Rewards Calendar now weigh 0. The End of Summer pack will be leaving the Nova shop at the end of October. Increased the armor break chance of the Charleston 3 card from 7% to 50% chance. Fenrir Card no longer reduces the cast time of Mystical Amplification. The following cards will now correctly apply their effects only if equipped with their required specific weapons: Heart Hunter Card Bellare Card Greater Bellare Card Mutant Plaga Card Mutant Dolor Card Fixed Illusion Puente Robe + Illusion Long Mace combo effect. Fixed suffix for Fay Kavanian Card. Fixed Circuit Board-OS's ASPD bonus. Modification Module (Overpower) now works with misc attacks. Fixed the Illusion Enchants for Resonance Stone of Dawn. Improved the item description for Black Wing. Fixed the hunting quests behavior to go for the MVP player. Fixed Circuit Board-OS's size bonus. Skills Increased SP consumption for Imposito Manus. Increased SP consumption for Suffragium. Increased SP consumption for Meteor Assault. Fixed the animation for Swirling Petal. You can no longer use Highness Heal without having Heal learned first. Revamped and fixed all the HP/SP regen skill/status bonuses. Removed the hard-coded after-cast delay for Lightning Strike of Destruction. Fixed the magic attack calculation for Elementals. Fixed Cast Ninja Spell not properly giving the damage bonus. Pneuma will now be completely removed if at least one cell is is removed. Fixed Tetra Vortex not consuming summoned stones when failing to hit the target. Casting Invisibility after Feint Bomb will no longer remove Invisibility. Hell's Plant damage now gets reflected, even if it misses its target. Using Freezing Spear on Watery Evasion will now correctly add 2% skill ratio per level of Freezing Spear. So at level 10, it will add 20% damage (for a total of 90% skill ratio). Disabled Kaizel in the PvP arena. Arms Cannon now treats hard defense as soft defense. Fixed Thorny Trap so that the tick damage will no longer trigger the casting animation on the caster. Fixed Spirit of Super Novice behavior to more closely reflect their official behavior. Shadow Trampling should unhide Shadow Chasers with Invisibility. Shadow Form can be used after Shadow Trampling. Masquerade Weakness will now always apply Strip Weapon and Strip Shield status on the target (even if the target does not wear these items). You can now use Clearance/Dispell to remove the Strip Weapon and Strip Shield effects of Masquerade Weakness (does not apply to Full Strip). Deep Sleep and Crystalize are no longer blocked by Stone Curse/Freeze/Stun/Sleep/Burning. White Imprison will once more deal 400~2000 damage if the target is the same as the caster. Updated Reproduce and Plagiarism to more closely reflect their official behavior. War of Emperium and Battlegrounds Siege Commissioners Battlegrounds: Asura Strike will no longer deal double damage when the caster has 5 or more spirit spheres. Siege Commissioners Battlegrounds: Miracle will no longer happen while in Battlegrounds. Siege Commissioners War of Emperium + Battlegrounds: Hatred's effectiveness has been reduced by half. Siege Commissioners War of Emperium + Battlegrounds: Comet's damage remains what it was prior to this patch. Siege Commissioners War of Emperium + Battlegrounds: Crimson Rock's damage remains what it was prior to this patch. Siege Commissioners War of Emperium + Battlegrounds: Mystical Amplification's damage increase remains what it was prior to this patch. Siege Commissioners War of Emperium + Battlegrounds: Jack Frost's damage remains what it was prior to this patch. Siege Commissioners War of Emperium + Battlegrounds: Soul Expansion's damage remains what it was prior to this patch. Siege Commissioners War of Emperium + Battlegrounds: Comet's "Magic Intoxication" effect will not be applied. Siege Commissioners War of Emperium + Battlegrounds: Gentle Touch Revitalize will not increase Gate of Hell and Tiger Cannon damage. Siege Commissioners War of Emperium + Battlegrounds: Gate of Hell will continue to use 5 spirit spheres. Siege Commissioners War of Emperium: Andlangr has been modified to have three entrances. Siege Commissioners War of Emperium: Mindbreaker has been disabled. Siege Commissioners War of Emperium: Castle Defense Timer is now posted every 10 minutes as well as every time the Emperium breaks. Siege Commissioners War of Emperium: Barricades now only take 10% of damage inflicted. Siege Commissioners War of Emperium: Barricades now get reduced healing from Warmer (10%). Taking both of these changes into account, Warmer will be healing Barricade HP at the same rate as it was before.
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  7. Thread has ran its course, don't see much reason to let it keep going. Locked.
  8. We'll be rejecting this suggestion for the time being, but we'll keep the issue in mind and attempt to come up with better solutions to the perceived problem.
  9. Agreeing to this suggestion. The Dante NPC is a mishmash of two official enchanting NPCs, and funnily enough only the AAW side of things actually had the cast bar on it, seems kind of weird to have it on one item and not the other, and when choosing between adding a cast bar and removing one, I opted to remove one. Done for next maintenance.
  10. We can't make the game export a txt file.
  11. This is a client side restriction.
  12. Not something we will be doing. People will be invited to return to MH2 once new monsters have been implemented, as they will come with new rewards.
  13. No. We're not planning on changing the weekly quests in any way for some time.
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