The War of Emperium castle has been rotated from Horn to Andlangr!


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  1. Changed Status to Invalid Bug Visual error, might get fixed later.
  2. Changed Status to Fixed Just patch now. The @refresh thing will be fixed on our next maintenance.
  3. Changed Status to Fixed Just patch now.
  4. Changed Status to Fixed Just patch now.
  5. Fixed the item name for next maintenance as well!
  6. Changed Status to Fixed
  7. Changed Status to Confirmed
  8. Welcome to NovaRO Simba!
  9. No. Such a thing would negatively impact the player potion economy, there's already ways to obtain PVM potions.
  10. Features We've re-enabled taming from abracadabra, but you can no longer use it on evolved pets. Added new pet evolutions: The autofeed feature will now persist through login. The following pets have been unlocked: Teddy Bear (added Small Needle Kit drop) Gremlin (added Unprocessed Parts drop) Mummy (added Elexir Bandages drop) Nine Tail (added Sap Liquid drop) The Wise Old Woman's de-carding prices have been raised. Dye Maker Java Dullihan can now make multiple Dyestuffs at a time. @battleinfo will now display the element of Silvervine Stem Spear used. You can no longer gain experience on autotrade vendors. Implemented the @bgcontrol command to stop storage/rentals/mado mounts from happening when you don't want them to in Battlegrounds. Amatsu Ore exchange NPC can now do multiple batches at a time. Achievements have been temporarily disabled until the next maintenance. Implemented brand new Rebellion animations and sounds. Skills Mechanics wearing a Mado Suit can now use Weapon Refine. Monsters Pourings have been added to mal_dun01. Items Platinum Shield reflects at 40% chance instead of 15%. Updated Muscular Endurance enchant's behavior to +200 vit rather than +1000 def. OGH enchants can now all proc again even if the bonus is already running. The Def + 15 enchant now gives +15 def rather than mdef. Changed all Stat Food weights to 1. Added a 30 second delay to these foods so people don't accidentally consume extras. Added a 60 second delay to +10 Cash Foods as well as +20 Mega Foods so people don't accidentally consume extras. Mora coins are now tradeable. Battlegrounds @duel has been disabled inside BG maps. Negative effects caused by Area of Effect skills (e.g. Frost Joker) will no longer affect the opposite team in the Battlegrounds rest room for one of the Arunafeltz castles. If this happens on other maps, please let us know. War of Emperium The castle has been rotated from Horn to Andlangr.
  11. While we might look into this in the long-term, it's not a high priority currently. The limit is set to prevent abuse from players that would exploit such a system, and until such a time where we can prevent such things, it won't be changing.
  12. Hey there @Lucabelle! Welcome to NovaRO. Glad you decided to return to the wonderful world of Ragnarok Online. *-*
  13. In this server it does, and you can easily confirm it by unequipping your katar.
  14. For things where you want to use less than an hour you can just use the separate packs, the hour mega food was specifically designed with WoE in mind, as it's the one content that always lasts a full hour.
  15. Stop being lazy. Problem solved.