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  1. Nova

    New Content Teaser

    The exploration team attempted to enter the energy core of Glast Heim. Rumors said there were brand-new resources to be found inside the core. A section with strange energy flow was detected inside of it. The team quickly tried to lock down the area, but it was already too late. They have awakened the core guardian. Join them in finding a way out! Coming to NovaRO this Saturday the 24th! (Some time after 1PM)
  2. Happy birthday buddy!

    1. Lyndiss


      hahahhaha <3 te amoooo broo haha sorry, hasta ahorita lo lei, casi 1 mes despues u_u

  3. Nova

    Patch Notes #160

    Features Introducing new GM Event - Specimen Recovery. Follow Newoz and friends as they explore a newly discovered laboratory. Capture escaped specimen and avoid hazardous traps scattered within the laboratory. Race your friends to capture rare specimens for bonus points. Specimen scorings: Specimen r3-[M14] - 5 points Specimen k.1.N[4P] - 20 points Specimen 1R-[ux].uL - 45 points Specimen r0-T[k.3H] - 75 points Specimen [531]-I.M - 75 points Specimen v[40-N] - 300 points Trap types: Speed Trap: Randomly increases or decreases your walk speed. Fire Trap: Knocks you over and drops your best tool on the ground. Bubble Trap: Roots you in place. Stun Trap: Stuns you briefly. Capture devices: 5kRP-n MK.I - The standard capturing device. Regular capture rate and regular area of effect. 5kRP-n MK.II - An optimized capturing device. Enhanced capture rate and regular area of effect. 5kRP-n MK.I+ - A capture device for faster specimens. Regular capture rate and enhanced area of effect. 5kRP-n MK.ULTRA - The ultimate capture device. Guaranteed capture rate and regular area of effect. Others: Supply Box: Replenishes some of your tools at random. Warp Portal: Warps you to a random spot on the map. Added a 're-order menu' option for the Warper. Added a new command: @guildexp Developer's Note: This command will show both your total Guild Exp value, as well as your personal contribution. Fixed an issue with crit amounts being wrongly displayed on @battlestats. Fixed the spacing on named Wedding Rings. Automatic Legs from 17.2 can now receive multiple unique Legendary enchants. Loki's Paths Fenrir Path's players will no longer be able to buff Hel's Path players. Monster Hunting Epiclesis no longer has any fixed cast-time. Fixed an issue with the class-specific status bonuses not correctly applying. This also fixes Warlocks not getting the correct bonus from Comet. Allowed Sorcerers to use HP Conversion at full SP. Fixed the after cast delay for Cloaking Exceed (i.e. it has been removed). Items Fixed Modification Orb (Drain Soul) to correctly drain 1% SP instead of 2%. Fixed Holy Stick to no longer give 15% Matk. Skills Fixed Tiger Cannon going through walls. Fixed Gravitational Field autocasting spells. Fixed Needle of Paralyze cast times. Arrow Vulcan animation should not prevent you from walking anymore. War of Emperium and Battlegrounds Dark Priest Card will now only work with auto attacks. Fixed an issue with Draft WoE's participation achievement. Fixed an issue with the potion counts for joining BG. Fixed Slug Shot and Shattering Storm fixed cast time on WoE. Bypass Def and Mdef enchants from sources other than PKS will now work correctly on Siege areas. Players in King of Emperium will now be affected by Proximity Resistances. Developer's Note: You will obtain 4% damage reduction per person, capping at 8 players. (32%) Siege Commissioners Damage changes: Increased the damage of Picky Peck by 35% on all Siege game modes. Decreased the damage of Ignition Break by 25% on BG. Decreased the damage of Storm Blast by 25% on BG. Siege Commissioners Picky Peck will now always doublecast on all Siege game modes. Siege Commissioners Kihop will always apply its full effect regardless of party size in BG.
  4. Nova

    Patch Notes #159

    Features Made a lot of improvements to the website. You should notice pages loading faster. We've re-added Leaderboards on our website. There are 5 different leaderboards: Achievement, Historical MVP kills, 2021 MVP kills, Death, Guild. Achievement: sorted from the highest rank to the lowest rank. You may check your current achievement rank by Alt+X in game. The character displayed on this page is the character in the first slot on the Character Select page. HIstorical MVP kills: Lifetime MVP kills by each character. Each MVP also has its sub-page. Instance MVPs are not included. 2021 MVP kills: MVP kills from this year. Each MVP also has its sub-page. Instance MVPs are not included. Death ladder: Lifetime death count achieved by each character. Each job class also has its sub-page. Guild ladder : Top guilds ranked by current castle owned, followed by castle owned this year, followed by total exp. Added a new command: @playtime Developer's Note: Allows you to check how many hours the current character has been played for. Added a new command: @deaths Developer's Note: Allows you to check how many times the current character has died. Keep in mind this will not work for Super Novices, as their death count is reset every time they use the Healer. You can now save your last warp location as a permanent Favorite Warp in the Warper. Developer's Note: The Favorite Warp option is located at the bottom of the Warper menu. Dicastes is now considered a town. Loki's Paths Added Leaderboards for all 3 modes: Hel, Sleipnir, Fenrir. Characters are ranked by base level, followed by account achievement level. Each job class also has its sub-page. Renamed the #hardcore channel into #loki to represent all 3 modes. Added a new channel for trading within Hel: #heltrade Added an Eden Warper to Rogue's Forest. Community Suggestion Added a Last Town warp to the Warper. Monster Hunting The ground-based effect for Nysori notes has changed. Developer's Note: We had mistakenly used the same effect for both the player indicator and the ground notes. This has been fixed and the ground notes are much closer to the ground now. Comet now correctly gives the class-based damage increase for Warlocks. Developer's Note: Previously, Warlocks were only receiving 2% like everyone else, instead of the correct amount. Community Suggestion Bombring Counters are displayed in the chat window when they are collected. Items Fixed Magic Essence enchants to give 4% instead of 5% per level. Staff of Miracle now properly increases ghost property magical attack instead of neutral. Fixed Iron Nail to increase Rampage Blast damage by 10% instead of 5%. Sothis Shield has been added to the Item Crusher. War of Emperium and Battlegrounds Added the possibility of buying loadout slots from Sothis, the BG buffer. Every player starts with a single free slot. Cost is 5,000 Nova Points and 5,000 Valor Badges per loadout slot, up to a maximum of 5. Every damage increase/decrease for Siege will now correctly work against targets other than players. Some examples are Barricades, the Guardian, Homunculus and the dummy on the Training Chamber. Siege Commissioners Temporarily increased the base HP of Rebel and Soul Reaper by 25% in all Siege game modes. Developer's Note: This bonus will be removed once these classes' HP amounts are updated with their official values, even if the official numbers represent a lower HP increase than 25%. Siege Commissioners Moved Nightmare Amon Ra Card from Tier 2 to Tier 1. Siege Commissioners Removed DEF from Algiz Runestone. Siege Commissioners Decreased the damage of Metallic Sound by 25% in Battlegrounds. Siege Commissioners Increased the damage of Flaming Petals, Freezing Spear and Wind Blade by 50% in all Siege game modes. Siege Commissioners 16th Night will now provide 100% MDEF Pierce for its duration in all Siege game modes. Developer's Note: Keeping a close eye on this one. Do expect further changes if it turns out to be over the top. Siege Commissioners Reduced the Fixed Cast Time of Shattering Storm to 0.7 seconds. Siege Commissioners Reduced the Fixed Cast Time of Slug Shot to 0.7 seconds. Community Suggestion Added Doram Kafras to many BG modes.
  5. Disagree with the sentiment! There's no lesson learned, it was pretty obvious they'd get an upgrade too, just, later. The nice news is it's less later than before.
  6. We're glad your experience was such a positive one, it makes me happy to know that we've succeeded in our goal to make a server where players can have wonderful experiences, and create friendships that can last a lifetime. We wish you the best of luck out there, and if things change and you get more free time, NovaRO will still be here!
  7. Nova

    Patch Notes #158

    We don't do April Fool's at NovaRO. We keep it honest!
  8. Nova

    Patch Notes #158

    Features Updated client data. If you are having issues logging on, download and extract the zip below in your NovaRO folder: https://novaragnarok.com/download/clients/NovaRO_2020.zip We've implemented a PIN-system for increased account security. You'll be able to delete characters within a 5-minute window instead of the usual 24 hours while you have the PIN system active. Creating, modifying or removing a PIN will require e-mail confirmation. Sharing your PIN is highly discouraged, and you are fully responsible for the actions of whoever has access to your account or device. Community Suggestion Selim can now merge a set of Halloween foods into Gluttony's Feast and 6 alcohols into a 30-minute version. Community Suggestion The Mission Board Eraser now has options for deleting each of the level ranges past 100. Fixed a client crash that would happen during the 'Play with Baby Cats' quest. Further improved the accuracy of @ws. Fixed a bug in the 'Whereabouts of the Gardeners' quest. Increased the size and added a ghost effect to the MVP Tomb. Charleston Crisis now resets at midnight. We have added a new 4th job hairstyle to the stylist. (10 new hairstyles per gender) Female Hairstyles: Male Hairstyles: Loki's Path Introducing Loki's Path, formerly known as Hardcore mode. Hel's Path: The old Hardcore mode as we knew it. You have a single life, limited commands and cannot trade with anyone outside the Hel's path. New: Hel players are now able to trade between themselves. You'll still not be able to vend. Developer's Note: On our next maintenance we will have a separate in-game #trade channel for Hel players to utilize. Extra note: We apologize for all players who wanted their Hel characters to stay in a non-trade mode. As we mentioned previously, the old Hardcore mode was in a version 1 state and we found some exploits that made it unfeasible to consider account transfers. You're still able to consciously not trade in Hel, or opt for restarting anew in one of the new modes explained below. New: Players are now allowed to have more than one character per account. Sleipnir's Path: Otherwise known as Solo Self Found, Sleipnir's Path allows players to die and respawn normally, but totally removes the ability to party or trade with anyone by any means. You'll also be limited by the same commands available to Hel's Path players. You can have more than one character per account, but you won't have access to account storages, the bank or any other account progression tools which directly influences your character's power. Fenrir's Path: If you miss the good old Hardcore days and think everyone else has it easy, Fenrir's Path is tailored for you. You'll have all the party and trade restrictions as players on Sleipnir's Path, but without the benefit of being able to respawn. Once you die, you're done for. Developer's Notes: When designing the various limitations of the three modes, we aimed to hit as many niches as best we could. Lots of players showed interest in having the classic Hardcore single life, but being able to trade, and many others expressed liking the old system with limited trading; which is the main reason why we've decided to go for the three modes Hel, Sleipnir and Fenrir. Another interesting aspect that came during development is the idea behind having Daily and Weekly rewards being separate from your main, standard account. This is something we explored deeply, but ultimately decided against due to two reasons: We wanted to keep the possibility of rolling over to standard if players decided to do so. As long as this possibility exists, we cannot allow bypassing of account restrictions due to possible abuse cases. These modes should be an optional extra challenge for the player that decides to partake in them. Having extra rewards or bypassing restrictions would make Loki's Path more of a mandatory way of playing, rather than an extra optional challenge, which goes against the main idea behind these modes. As such, while you can, in the future, expect 'rewards' for these modes, we'll not be making concessions with regular game behaviors, such as removing account restrictions or reducing party requirements (such as with MH). You can create your account and select your path here: https://www.novaragnarok.com/?module=account&action=loki We also have a new dedicated section on the forums for everything Loki's Paths, you can access it here: https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/forum/130-lokis-path/ We also added a new discord channel group for Loki's Path, and the old hardcore channel has been converted to the "Hel" channel. Each path has it's own discord channel (You will need to have the hardcore role to view these channels). Implemented death announcements for all Hardcore characters. Developer's Note: You can toggle this feature on the Login Settings NPC. Regular players will also be able to see the announcements, but they will be disabled by default. Re-enabled the #hardcore channel. Most events or quests that would outright kill you, such as the Slot Machine or the Umbala Death Jump will not kill, but leave you seriously injured. Developer's Note: Please take care. HC-mode players will now be able to open System RODEX messages, such as those from Mom or Valerie. Fixed a bug where you would be teleported back to Prontera after relogging with a Hardcore character. Community Suggestion You'll now be able to pick items from the ground in instances such as OGH and Infinite Space. Monster Hunting Comet will now correctly increase damage. Scar of Tarou is now correctly enabled inside Monster Hunting maps. Added Accessibility options for Monster Hunting content. Options can be changed at the Eggcessibility Hen on the Wyvern (at the long dinning table). All options are account-wide and apply only for yourself. There are no restrictions on partying with people who have different accessibility options. Current options allow for changing the color of the notes used for Nysori's Siren Song mechanic. You may also choose between three map "skins" for the Savage Coast. The first is the normal map. The second changes out the beach sand texture for a darker texture. The third is commonly referred to as "gray map" (which now requires no additional downloads and can be changed to in game). Further accessibility-friendly changes have been made: Notes for the Siren Song mechanic are also differentiated by shape. One note is a semiquaver and another is a beamed semiquaver. The note effects have been dramatically changed from the previous effects and are not simply recolors. The global lighting on the Savage Coast map was far too bright, inhibiting many people from seeing effects with high transparency. The lighting has been toned down (this was patched out a while ago) and should make seeing effects easier on the map, especially against certain textures. Developer's Note: We're happy to expand upon and add more accessibility options as we move forward. If you have any suggestions yourself or feel something is lacking, reach out to us on the Suggestions section here on the forums. We are always happy to hear and implement them, if feasible. Items Added - Blossoming Buddies Pack II to the Novashop for 2,500NP. Common: - Andre Egg - Deniro Egg - Piere Egg - Vitata Egg - Permeter Egg - Les Egg - Bloody Butterfly Egg Uncommon: - Parasite Egg - Dryad Egg - Hardrock Mammoth Egg - Hydrolancer Egg - Tendrillion Egg Rare: - Turtle General Egg - Maya Egg - Detarderus Egg Added - Spring Curls Egg to the Novashop for 3,500NP. - Sandy Spring Curls - Milky Spring Curls - Grassy Spring Curls - Navy Spring Curls - Rosy Spring Curls - Fiery Spring Curls - Corny Spring Curls - Nutty Spring Curls The following hats can now be recolored at Miles in the main office. - Rose Sidehat - Western Rose - Leaf Umbrella - Spring Coat - Easter Basket [M]/[L] The following eggs can now be recycled at Miles - Halloween Egg - Halloween Egg II Fixed Sword Stick ASPD bonus. Fixed Spell Flow Shadow Robe to decrease SP consumption, not increase. Fixed Temporal Gem to no longer give the Neutral Property random option enchant. Fixed the proc chance for Immaterial Sword, Mental Destroyer, Dark Priest Card and Refined Immaterial Sword. Fixed Moonlight Egg's effect. Skills Fixed Warm Wind not properly endowing attacks. Fixed Bloodsucker not applying its effect after changing maps. Fixed Gentle Touch - Cure to remove Hallucination. Fixed the MATK bonus for Auto Shadow Spell. Fixed the behavior of Royal Guard's Reflect Damage. Fixed Concentration effect. War of Emperium and Battlegrounds Live balance changes (applied on March 19): Reduced Comet damage by 25%. Increased Arm Cannon damage by 25%. Community Suggestion Added a new, bigger Triple Inferno map for player counts equal or above 5v5v5. Added Concentrated Golden Syrup as an alternative participation requirement for BG. Removed Panacea's cooldown in Siege game modes. Siege Commissioners Implemented a Banana Bomb item for WoE. Developer's Note: This follows the old Item Sling skill numbers. Duration of the sit effect is 3 seconds, with a 1-second cooldown, usable by Genetics only. Siege Commissioners Reduced the cooldown of Gate of Hell. Siege Commissioners Cecil's Memory change has been reverted. It now reduces the cooldown of Unlimited. Siege Commissioners The Barricade Device will now spawn instantly after the castle Emperium breaks. Siege Commissioners Implemented a BG Buffer. To start, talk to Sothis in the Hall of Valor (189,202). She'll allow you to receive, at the start of every BG round, a set of pre-selected buffs of your choosing and give you Sothis Shield. Each buff is assigned a point value. You have a limit of 100 points in total and can select any number of buffs, as long as they're within the 100 points threshold. Inside a BG round, you can use Sothis Shield to reapply all the buffs selected previously. Siege Commissioners Implemented a BG Secret Consumable Shop. After 25 BG wins in a single week, the Sketchy Dealer Anna allow you to buy multiple items from her secret stash. All items cost Valor Badges, are Account Bound and Rental for one week (aside from Yggdrasil Seeds and Berries). Item list: - Mega Orlean's Course - 5000 Valor Badges (max 1/week) - 30m Regeneration Potion - 500 Valor Badges (max 4/week) - 30m Guyak Pudding - 1000 Valor Badges (max 4/week) - 30m Big Defense Potion - 500 Valor Badges (max 4/week) - 30m Big Magic Defense Potion - 500 Valor Badges (max 4/week) - Yggdrasil Berry - 50 Valor Badges (max 30/week) - Yggdrasil Seed - 30 Valor Badges (max 50/week) The 9am BG Happy Hour slot will no longer allow the use of MVP cards. Developer's Note: Since the introduction of the tiering system, the MVP enabled BG HH slot has consistently showed the worst participation numbers. We'll be taking a closer look into participation in this specific slot in order to gauge if the reason for its unpopularity is the time of the slot itself or the fact that MVP cards were enabled. Guilds with no emblem will no longer be allowed in WoE in order to prevent abuse. Players will no longer be able to cast Hide under the effects of their own Sight or Ruwach. Developer's Note: Once again, our players have proven to be at the top of their creativity by finding new unintended ways to bypass animation delays. We'll also be updating our Siege rulings to reflect this change and hopefully address any future similar cases. If you are unsure if something or some interaction breaks the new rule, please ask a member of the staff beforehand.
  9. Nova

    Resolution on Hosting Problems

    It is most certainly true, we've kept a very close eye on things. You should check your own connection to the server. Note, we're not saying every player is going to have a perfect connection, there's a variety of variables that could be causing your issues, but the observed issues we had with our host are now resolved.
  10. Changed the date of the announcement so that it doesn't show up in the front page and scare people, considering we're past this rough patch. This was originally posted on March 13th, 2021.
  11. Hello everyone! I just wanted to give you guys an update on the situation with our host, OVH. Two weeks ago, we experienced drastic packet loss and lag spikes over the course of 3 days. (You can read more about it here) Due to the issue having occurred around the weekend, OVH's support response time was quite delayed, and they kept "fixing" the issue only for it to come back. We became very disappointed with the support that we received from the OVH during this incident, which led to @Norm and I to explore hosting alternatives very thoroughly only to find that few services could even come close to what we could obtain from OVH. Ultimately, we have decided to continue using them as our hosting provider. The primary factor that led to this decision is the unmatched DDoS protection that they offer us at no additional cost due to their massive infrastructure. We're a big server, and that makes us a big target, making strong DDoS protection vital for our stability. That said, we are establishing new protocols in order to prevent anything like this from happening again. We have ordered an additional dedicated server, located in a separate datacenter so that if similar incident were to occur, we would be able to quickly and efficiently migrate to said machine while we wait for OVH to solve the underlying problem. We've also purchased OVH's "Premium Support", which should get us quicker responses in regards to any incidents we may experience. Thankfully, by now the issue has been entirely resolved and we have been stable for the past week. We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you in-game!
  12. Nova

    Patch Notes #157

    We're not going to give away our work to other servers. Stop being so rude and stop thinking only of yourself. This isn't a calculator, it's a game. Play the game and figure out the changes.
  13. Nova

    Hardcore Mode

    We consciously blocked this and do not want players to be able to storage their goodies when they die. I'm still debating whether storage will survive a character deletion in the future.
  14. Nova

    Hardcore Mode

    It should, I haven't personally tested it. If you see that it does not count as a death, please create a bug ticket and I will fix it.
  15. Nova

    Hardcore Mode

    Nope, there are no protections against lag. It is but one of the variables in staying alive.
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