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  1. You have to realize that splitting up the BG population using an ELO system would kill the BG activity. On a good day, BG goes up to 24v24, on a bad day, it can be as low as 8v8. A system like the one you're saying you want would result in a new group of people being forced out of BG.
  2. Nova

    Invite player to party

    Not something we can do. That would be a pretty involved client edit.
  3. Nova

    Sarah & Fenrir suggestions

    Nobody in particular, whoever decides to participate in the content. As it stands, regardless of whether the gear is Best in Slot or not, the Shards from the instance continue to be bought and sold in the market. GMT is a solo instance and there are cases of players who play non-solo classes exclusively (Think AB players). One could argue these people could just buy the GMT materials, but there are also players who would rather grind out their own gear than purchase it using zeny. Looking at changes and content exclusively through one's own eyes is a common pitfall a lot of people fall into. Alternative to the proposal posted yesterday, I personally could also see us making the cooldown change alone (We would of course have to discuss this between the staff), but that change alone doesn't really address the fact that the instance reward system discourages people from entering this instance as a party.
  4. Definitely for this, I'll try to get it in soon.
  5. Nova

    Sarah & Fenrir suggestions

    Better gear being available doesn't mean we can't go back and improve a system for non-BiS gear. Not everything we do is targeted at end-game players.
  6. Nova

    Solo Party Endless Tower / Cellar

    Personally don't mind this change.
  7. Nova

    BG Conquest Surrender

    Not only would this be very complicated to implement, I fear it would be abused to skip Conquest and get rewards quickly.
  8. Nova

    Sarah & Fenrir suggestions

    I'm not sure what events what you're referring to, but I can assure you these changes are not happening due to any "recent events". These changes are happening because we're finally at a point where we do not have a massive backlog of bug reports and have gotten some time to deal with older suggestions and revisit past decisions. As we've explained many times in the past, time is one of our most limited resources, and we are but a small team of developers, which is why a lot of these suggestions stuck around in the suggestions forums, and not the rejected pile. It wasn't that we didn't want to implement them or disagreed with them entirely, we just hadn't had time to properly discuss them, weigh the pros and cons and come up with solutions to the perceived problems. Our vision and stance on party play has not changed. You only have to look to Bio 5 and Charleston to see us editing official content in ways that promote party play. On the contrary, due to the constant pressure players apply to implement "new content", the Sarah and Fenrir instance (along with some others during that time period) was rushed to the players to appease their desire for new content, and this was happening at a time where some vocal players were also constantly complaining about any deviation from official implementation. These factors led us to a period of time where we implemented instances without editing the reward structure, regardless of how these rewards may have punished party play or not. Thankfully, we've moved on from those days and have adapted better strategies to deal with these types of issues, and we're much more open to customizing content for the benefit of our players and our community, much to the displeasure of those vocal players.
  9. Nova

    Some custom pet suggestions!

    We're most definitely looking to expand the amount of custom pets we have, but we are currently not looking to implement custom sprites to make them into pets. I'll be rejecting this suggestion, but you can most likely expect to see new pets on the server in the very near future.
  10. Nova

    Hair Style Suggestion

    I'll move this to pending in the hopes that you finish it up and send us the file! :]
  11. Nova

    Heart Hunters in Base 2

    This is not a change we'll be making at this time.
  12. Nova

    Improve Recruit's Set

    We're open to revising the Recruit's set, though we will still likely make some additional changes to these items.
  13. Please do not suggest official content under suggestions. We'll be implementing this in due time.
  14. Instead, we'll be blocking vending entirely in the map for the time being. In the future, Tokei may find himself creating an organized section for vending.
  15. Nova

    Imperial Feather/Ring

    At this time, we do not plan on implementing OCP items.