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Unimplemented Item Submission:

This form was created as a way for players to submit the IDs of items that have not yet been implemented in NovaRO. Please provide the item ID and a short description of how it is obtained officially.

Note that this is NOT a guarantee that the item(s) will be implemented.



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  1. Battlegrounds - Add Renewal Consumables

    We've discussed this at length and will be implementing +20 and +10 foods to Telma's BG shop. The rest of the items suggested in this thread are pending further discussion.
  2. Emperium hp should scale with defense level

    Changed Status to Invalid Bug Our emperium already increases its HP based on the DEF of the castle. Do note that this bug report being marked as invalid does not mean we are entirely opposed to reviewing the Emperium HP values, but that must be made separately as a suggestion on the forums if it is something you wish to pursue.
  3. Considering this map has no other real use, I don't see the reason to implement this suggestion.
  4. Changed Status to Confirmed We found a bug in our most recent patch to this skill and have since fixed it. A little more testing will be required on some interactions of the skill, but we are definitely closer to bringing this fix into the server. Apologies for the delay!
  5. Mob Attack and Magic Attack

    You assume there will be no playtesting, that could not be further from what was detailed in the first post. It is impossible for us to test every single mob (and each of their skills) individually. The best way to quickly solve issues is through player playtesting. Your second paragraph is not only irrelevant to your first paragraph, but to the conversation itself as well.
  6. Mob Attack and Magic Attack

    While I understand the aversion to change, our mission is very clear: To emulate official Ragnarok Online mechanics to the best of our abilities while giving players as many quality of life changes as possible. NovaRO will continue to evolve and change as new information is acquired. As long as drastic bugs continue to be discovered, drastic changes will continue to be implemented. Hopefully one day we can achieve perfect emulation, and implement no further changes!
  7. Mob Attack and Magic Attack

    Please read the initial post before making exaggerated posts. We are fully aware that we balanced our custom mobs using the old formula, and that is why we are rolling in this patch in stages. I have no idea where half of your post comes from. For those of you who did not get the message: Any custom mob skills will be carefully revised so that they do not become overbearing after this change is applied. There may be some cases were MH mob skills for example could be over tweaked post-change, and we would of course quickly fix said issues. This is not us upping the magic attack of mobs for no reason, it is just another attempt to more closely emulate official servers. We cannot promise that the first version of this change will be perfect, but what we can promise is that we will work tirelessly to make sure there are no super broken custom mob skills nuking every player instantly.
  8. How would you guys feel about the reduced status effect duration from BG being applied into the PvP Tournament? This would lead to Full Strip no longer being a disable for the entire duration of each match.
  9. While I don't hate the idea, despite the concept seeming simple enough, the amount of effort required to make this new feature is substantial. Currently, our development team is tied up working on other features, and the benefits gained from such a feature to a player would be marginal compared to a player effectively using the "Buy to Storage" option. While I agree that buy shops are much easier to navigate, we would need to create a new type of shop that gives signed items. And in addition to that, the NPC would lose the "Buy to storage" option. For these reasons and more, we'll be rejecting this suggestion. For the time being, we recommend players buy their BG supplies in bulk straight to their storages. For the sake of being able to buy larger amounts in bulk, we'll be increasing the maximum buy amount from 100 to 200 and removing some unnecessary dialogue.
  10. White Cat

    Sorry, but editing the positioning of these items is pretty time-intensive and would most likely end up not looking great, in addition to the fact that we do not currently have a spriter. For these reasons, I will be rejecting this suggestion.
  11. Tweaking Slot Machine rewards is pretty annoying, and these are just cash shop items. Don't think we'll be implementing this suggestion.
  12. Some more hair....?

    Tokei has now finished fixing up said sprites. We ended up replacing a few of them. They should be in on our next maintenance.
  13. Stylist NPC in every town.

    Definitely not going to add a stylist to every single town, but I am fine adding one to the first 5 towns. (not including Prontera) Moving to implemented.
  14. New town spawns

    In addition to that, while I get the appeal of wanting a "private" save point for your guild, it's impossible to make this happen without some sort of whacky instance system. There are still some hidden save spots that we've created and are currently unused, and while we're open to expanding save points, as Panic has said, we've been constantly adding more over time. Creating town hubs is time-intensive.