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  1. Hey! Welcome to NovaRO. Sadly we've been having some difficulties with our payment processors. I advise you to try again later.
  2. I skimmed this, interestingly enough we have some stuff in the works to directly address inflation, we'll share more details when we can. That said, I don't believe the first suggestion is a very good solution. The second one is similar to something we're already exploring.
  3. Nova

    Patch Notes #187.5 (No Reboot)

    The Raffle NPC is in Prontera, look for her around the utility NPCs in the middle of the town. Not yet, but soon!
  4. Nova

    Patch Notes #187.5 (No Reboot)

    Every player who finished their weeklies the previous week is automatically signed up. 10 winners are picked at random on Tuesday.
  5. I believe it is more than clear enough, with it literally mentioning the title of the weekly quest in various places within the quest.
  6. Nova

    Patch Notes #187.5 (No Reboot)

    Refining on these pieces of equipment is working just fine, you just had bad luck. I never doubted this, but regardless we sent some testers and further confirmed it. Humans are famously bad at interpreting percentages, 10% is not that low a chance.
  7. Nova

    Patch Notes #187.5 (No Reboot)

    No? What makes you think that?
  8. Halloween Added a [EVT] Trick or Treat Basket recycle system to Sally (hallohub,211,214). You'll be able to recycle 2 of any [EVT] costume hats into a [EVT] '22 Trick or Treat Basket. Added Wandering Spirits and Creepy Critters to all 17.2 dungeons and Ancient Juperos field maps. Features New Feature Added New Daily Calendars. (Tabby Coin is a new currency that will soon be obtainable through Automated Events, and Battle Coffer has 750 Valor Badges and 250 Siege Tokens inside of it) New Feature Added Tombola's Weekly Raffle. (from Oct. 11th) Every Tuesday, 10 random names are drawn. Winners will obtain the following items: 1st place: 10 Refinement Packs 2nd place: 7 Refinement Packs 3rd place: 5 Refinement Packs 4th~10th place: 2 Refinement Packs Players will be automatically entered in the raffle when they complete the 'Complete ALL' Weekly Quest. New Feature Added a recycle system to Temporal Boots. The recycle can be done by talking to Hugin's Butler (glast_01,209,273) and bringing a fully enchanted Temporal Boots. You'll receive the following catalysts back, at random: 2~8 Temporal Crystal 50~200 Contaminated Magic 50~200 Coagulated Spell All headgears from Bio 5 (Old series) and Glast Heim: Challenge Mode (Circlet series) are now fully unbound. Added Zaedronath Egg to Betty Blanca (main_office,287,274). Added Zaedronath and Angnar as Monster Templates. The Advanced Purified Enchantment options for Ronan [ Knight's Shield ] NPC has had it's Gold Coin requirements removed. The new costs are as follows: Option 1: 1 Gold Angel Idol and 15,000,000 Zeny Option 2: 2 Gold Angel Idol and 1,000,000 Zeny Monster Hunting Added Zaedronath items to the Hunter Chest. (from Oct. 6th) Added Zaedronath Shadow Orb to the Currency Wallet. (from Oct. 6th) Zaedronath now announces who got a Silver Gem or Shattered Silver Gem. Changes to Mining level 3: A 'Great Success' now no longer drops Tier 1 materials (Aetherite, Obsidian or Mithril). Amounts of items gained while mining have slightly increased. Changes to Gather-rings: The chance to spawn from their appropriate resource from interacting has now been normalized regardless of your gathering level. These chances used to scale according to your gathering level. The amount of items dropped from a gather-ing is now dependent on your gathering level. At level three, all the amounts have been increased. Stonering: No longer drops Tier 1 materials (Aetherite, Obsidian or Mithril). Sproutring: No longer drops Medicinal Herb, Blue Mushroom, Citron, Might Seed or Adamant Seeds. Aquaring: No longer drops Small Fish (Small Octopus, Charmed Carp, Swordfish, Tough Fish, Baby Squid, Strong Mackarel). Now additionally drops Slimy Eel. Zone 10 no longer spawns Death Cap, Brown Bear or Ogre. Increased the amount of mobs spawned during Expeditions. Enabled a handful of items as duplicate IDs for already enabled items and a handful of non-MH boxes such as class catalysts and HD ore boxes. New Feature Lisbeth in the back of The Wyvern has a new function called "Bone Sculpting" Using Primal Monster Energy, it is now possible to craft: Primal Monster Bone Bone Fragment Primal Skull Additionally, her tag has changed from [ Shadow Orb ] to [ Monster Energy ] Bug Fix Fixed Zaedronath's Typhoon mechanic to properly activate. Bug Fix Fixed the location of some Gathering nodes. Items Bug Fix A number of SGs that could not be refined can now be properly refined. Bug Fix Fixed Illusion Bazerald's level requirement. Bug Fix Fixed Arrow Shadow Boots' and Tornado Shadow Greaves SP cost reduction bonus. Bug Fix Fixed Magic Paradise Ring's Cast Time reduction bonuses.
  9. They're disabled. A single exception does not change the default action we take for this.
  10. It is most certainly there. It spawns randomly.
  11. Nova

    Patch Notes #186

    When we have news regarding any update, you'll see them on their own forum announcement.
  12. Nova

    Patch Notes #186

    Yes. The option was already free on map entry but it wasn't working too well, so we set it into the Shield for free so that it may work better.
  13. Nova

    Patch Notes #186

    Previously Implemented (August 2nd) New Feature Implemented Hotkey Profiles. Hotkey Profiles allow you to exchange between extra Hotkey setups using @hotkey, similar to how Alt+F works. To buy a Hotkey Profile slot, talk Iruga, Build Manager, located at the Main Office (main_office,216,124). Client A new beta client (2021-11) is now available. You can swap into it by right-clicking your patcher and selecting Beta Client 2021-11 under the Client option. Notable features include an Unequip All equipments button on the inventory, improved consistency and support for 4th jobs. Note that this client will become the base client and will be required once 4th jobs get implemented. Features New Feature Implemented ET Insta-polish. This allows you to instantly refine any non-shield item from the Endeavor Token shop that is +4 to +7 up to +10 at random. As with the items that this applies to, it is sold by Belethor, Master of Coin, at the Main Office (main_office,91,301). New Feature Implemented the Arcanist's Tome. The Arcanist's Tome is a custom skill that allows you to store and then use buff scrolls without the need to carry them around in your inventory. The Tome accepts Blessing Scrolls, Agi Up Scrolls, Assumptio Scroll, Angelus Scroll, Angeling Scroll and Arc Angeling Scroll. To obtain the Arcanist's Tome, talk to Jaukk at the Main Office (main_office,82,271). Jaukk can also craft all scrolls that the tome accepts. The following consumables will now have exclusive status effect icons: (Please note that this WILL BREAK and not work properly with custom GRFs.) Rune Strawberry Cake Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich Abrasive Weekly Quest changes: Instance Expedition individual quests now grant 4 Endeavor Tokens per instance (previously 2). Instance Expedition final completion now grants 1 Blacksmith's Blessing. (previously 5 Endeavor Tokens) Complete All now grants 7 Blacksmith's Blessing. (previously 8) The total amount of rewards remains unchanged. (Save for the extra Endeavor Token from Instance Expedition) Added Intermediate Eden Weapon Chest to the Academy Supplies shop for 1 Paradise Coin. The chest contains appropriate second-class, level 45 weapons for your specific class. Removed Toren, Weapons Expert and similar NPCs legacy functionality for old Eden equipment. It is recommended that players that were used to doing these quests to get early game equipment follow the Eden Academy questline instead. Script bound items can now be sold to NPCs. Implemented a recycle system for Temporal Boots. Community Suggestion You can now purchase duplicate achievement hats and pets from Betty Blanca at the Main Office (main_office,286,274), for 50 Gold Coins. Note that you must have the original achievement reward in your inventory to buy a duplicate. Community Suggestion Reimplemented a way for pets to automatically spew noises out of their mouths. You can re-enable this incredible feature by using @autopettalk. Community Suggestion Lowered the price of Heroic Rosary and Angelic Mask from 1750 to 875 Gold Coins. Community Suggestion Newly obtained Cooldown Quests will now be automatically hidden on obtainment. Community Suggestion Your /ex list will no longer be sent to you on login. You can still check it by using the command /ex. Bug Fix Fixed a bug where Emme was confused and would not let you proceed with her questline. Bug Fix Fixed a bug where some names couldn't be removed from the /ex list with /in. Bug Fix Fixed an old issue where the Monthly Hunts board could sometimes not grant you the proper experience reward from completing a hunt. Monster Hunting The shocking discovery of new monsters on the Savage Coast has finally broken the long, unperturbed peace of the island. Like their predecessors, they reshape the landscapes as they see fit; they are changing the environment for purposes unknown... The Mountainous biomes of The Savage Coast have been altered. Implemented Leaderboard for all MH hunts. This board is located next to the High Rank Agent. Items Bug Fix Fixed a bug with Shadow Chaser Onyx [G] and Stalker Onyx [L] combo increasing SP consumption instead of decreasing. Bug Fix Paradise Summoner Foxtails are now able to be equipped by Summoners. Bug Fix Fixed Gunslinger Scroll, Uniform Repair Kit and Magic Cat Hand being consumed twice upon usage. Bug Fix Fixed the variable cast time reduction of Caster Shadow Brooch. Bug Fix Fixed Illusion Excalibur not giving the neutral property magical damage bonus. Bug Fix Fixed Advanced Paradise Robe giving the wrong after-cast delay bonus. Bug Fix Fixed Illusion Morpheus's Hood's combo giving the wrong magical bonus effect. Bug Fix Fixed Imp Hat to its official version. Skills Bug Fix Fixed the SP cost for Phantasmic Arrow. Siege and PvP WoE2 now allows the usage of BG consumables and its rewards have been lowered appropriately. Super Novices, Soul Reapers and Star Emperors no longer receive soul link on round start in Battlegrounds. Instead, Soul Link for these classes is now available through Sothis Shield, at the cost of 0 points.
  14. Nova

    Patch Notes #185

    Please create a bug report.
  15. Nova

    Patch Notes #184

    Weeklies in NovaRO are not targeted towards new players. New players aren't even able to obtain them, there is a level requirement before you even get the option to grab them.
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