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  1. I don't believe there's any chance the 4AM vote will catch up to the Midnight one, so effective next maintenance, all of the instances whose cooldowns reset at 4AM will begin to reset at 00:00 (Midnight).
  2. For the time being, just instances that already use this system.
  3. Hi guys! Quick discussion! Daily rewards have always reset at 00:00, and when we began introducing the system where certain instances reset at a certain hour, they were made to be reset at 4:00. After a quick discussion within the staff, we've decided that it would be a much cleaner system if both of these resets occurred at the exact same hour. So we're here with a poll, would you rather daily rewards and instance cooldowns reset at 00:00, or 04:00 (Server Time)? We invite all of our players and even our GMs to please vote in this poll!
  4. Changed Status to Fixed for Next Maintenance
  5. Changed Status to Fixed for Next Maintenance
  6. While I'm open to giving players the ability to entirely turn off these features for their own characters, I am not open to giving them rewards for it. Giving rewards in these sorts of systems places undue pressure onto pre-existing players, pushing them to have to remake characters. For that reason, I'll be rejecting this suggestion. If knowing that this would give no rewards, you'd still like for us to implement a self-storage blocker, and a self-warper blocker, that's something I can definitely do for you.
  7. Done for next maintenace. (They've been fully unbound)
  8. Changed Status to Fixed
  9. Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Nova

    Patch Notes

    In our previous patch, we had added an aftercast delay to Gate of Hell. In this patch (actually, a week ago now when we crashed), that delay was decreased slightly.
  11. Nova

    Patch Notes

    Illusion of Frozen Implemented the Illusion of Frozen dungeon. The Illusion Enchanter is now available. She can be found in Prontera at 91/115. For more information, check out the wiki page here. Illusion of Frozen Equipment Illusion Huuma Fluttering Snow [2] Snowstorm occurs when used. Atk + 30 per 3 refine rate. Increases long ranged physical damage by 3% per refine rate. Matk + 50. [+ Illusion Apple of Archer] Variable cast time reduced by 15%. If Illusion Apple of Archer and Illusion Huuma Fluttering Snow upgrade levels are +7 or higher, increases Swirling Petal damage by 25%. If the combined upgrade levels are +18 or higher, further increase Swirling Petal damage by 25%; If the combined upgrade levels are +22 or higher, reduces the cooldown of Swirling Petal by 1 second. Class: Huuma Attack: 250 Weight: 150 Weapon Level: 4 Required Level: 120 Jobs: Kagerou/Oboro Illusion Combo Battle Glove [2] The magic words engraved on these gloves can grant incredible power to the Monk that wears them. Increases Sky Blow and Dragon Combo damage by 10%. Additionally increases Sky Blow and Dragon Combo damage by 5% per 2 refine rate. Increases Tiger Cannon damage by 5% per 3 refine rate. [+ Illusion Muffler] ATK + 40. If Illusion Combo Battle Glove and Illusion Muffler upgrade levels are +7 or higher, increase Tiger Cannon damage by 20%. If the combined upgrade levels are +18 or higher, Flash Combo skill cooldown reduced by 1 second. If the combined upgrade levels are +22 or higher, further increase Tiger Cannon damage by 15%. Class: Knukle Attack: 250 Weight: 50 Weapon Level: 4 Required Level: 120 Jobs: Sura Illusion Sacred Mission [1] A symbolic shield, rumored to have been given from God to his messenger. Int + 2, Vit + 3. Mdef + 3. Cannot be destroyed. Increase Earth Drive damage by 7% per refine rate. Class: Shield Defense: 190 Weight: 160 Required Level: 120 Jobs: Royal Guard Illusion Survivor's Manteau [1] A manteau which protects its wearer from the elements. VIT + 15 [+ Survivor's Rod [1]] Max HP + 1000, MATK - 50 Increases MATK by 20 per upgrade level of the Survivor Rod. Reduce skill delay by 3% per upgrade level of the Survivor Rod. Increases neutral resistance by 1% per 2 upgrade level of the Illusion Survivor's Manteau. (The neutral resistance and the MATK bonuses only apply up to refine 10 only.) [+ Illusion Wizardry Staff] Increases Crimson Rock damage by 10%. If Illusion Wizardry Staff and Illusion Survivor's Manteau upgrade levels are +7 or higher, increases Hell Inferno damage by 40%. If the combined upgrade levels are +18 or higher, increases Wind and Shadow property magic damage by 10%. If the combined upgrade levels are +22 or higher, increases Fire property magic damage by 10%. Class: Garment Defense: 30 Weight: 55 Required Level: 130 Jobs: Mage Class, Soul Linker Illusion Cap [1] A brimless hat that offers very little in the way of fashion, but does provide decent defense. Atk + 1%. Atk + 2 per refine rate. Class: Headgear Defense: 15 Location: Upper Weight: 40 Required Level: 120 Jobs: Swordman Class, Archer Class, Merchant Class, Thief Class Features Updated the Main Office's background music. Each floor will now have a different song. Added the @partyleader command. Added the @leaveparty/@partyleave command. Updated our GM Event rewards. Introduced the Event Ticket Exchanger into the Main Office's 3rd floor, the Style Boutique. Event Ticket Exchanger can trade 1 Event Ticket for 1 Gold Coin, or 10 Event Tickets for either one Alice Event Box or one Clock Baron Event Box. Upon opening an Event Box, you will obtain a random valuable item. In addition to the items showcased in each Event Box's description, these items range from useful consumables to enriched ores. Below is a full list of consumables that may be obtained from the boxes: Event Box Blessing Scroll Increase Agi Scroll Assumptio Scroll Token of Siegfried Kafra Card Big Def Potion Big MDef Potion Guyak Pudding Convex Mirror Medium Life Potion Regeneration Potion Old Card Compendium Kafra Card Box Bubblegum (event) HE Battle Manual Big Def Potion Box (10) Big MDef Potion Box (10) Gold Coins 50 Gold Coins 150 Gold Coins 300 Gold Coins 500 Medium Life Potion Box (10) Regeneration Potion Box (10) HD Brad HD Carn Enriched Ori Enriched Elu Bubble Gum Bloody Branch Almighty Alternate Outfit Mystery Hat Box Mystical Card Album Heroes' Course Implemented the Half-Moon in the Daytime instance with the Pope of Arunafeltz. A guide can be found here. Description Freya's Necklace A necklace modeled after Freya's goddess. Judging by its weight, it is made out of pure gold. Class: Accessory Weight: 20 Required Level: 80 Jobs: Every Job Dream Fragment A piece of dream that you obtained from someone else. Staring at it for a prolonged period of time makes you feel drowsy. Weight: 0 Ragged Doll An old ragged doll with long hair and rosy cheeks. It is well maintained and seems to have been treasured. Weight: 0 Drooping Pope A doll made after the Pope of Arunafeltz. This special edition is wearing a casual attire. Drooping Lumin A doll made after Lumin, the twin brother of the Pope of Arunafeltz. Freya's Necklace Enchants (1 Enchant per necklace) Goddess of Justice A ATK + 20, HIT + 2, MHP + 300. Goddess of Justice S ATK + 40, HIT + 4, MHP + 600. Goddess of Mercy A MATK + 20, Heal + 4%, MSP + 20 Goddess of Mercy S MATK + 40, Heal + 8%, MSP + 40 Goddess of Insight A Bow weapon damage + 5%, CRI + 5. Goddess of Insight S Bow weapon damage + 10%, CRI + 10. Skills Slightly dialed back the After-cast Delay that was added to Gate of Hell. Fixed Wind Blade to not have After-cast Delay. Items Added the Spring Hat Box II into the Nova Shop for 2,500 NP. Added the Blowing Scattered Sakura into the Nova Shop for 7,500 NP. Spring Hat Box returned to the Nova Shop for 4,000 NP. Spring Pack returned to the Nova Shop for 6,000 NP. War of Emperium Telma can now sell up to 500 items at a time. Telma's Mega Potion, Mega Potion Box and BG Light Blue Potion boxes are no longer named. War of Emperium 2 has now been disabled.
  12. We can increase it to 500, but we're not going to go all the way to 1,000. Higher numbers just mean more chances of things going wrong both from a player's side and the server's side.
  13. Locked by request of topic creator.
  14. Changed Status to Invalid Bug The Training Dummy is on an unwalkable cell, so it's inevitable that some skills will fail on it. I suggest using Training Dummies in other areas for actual testing.
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