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  1. i will just say for the 2 spam options, your goal is the following: 1. complete the instance as fast as you can 2. complete the instance as many times as you can per day this may involve making more RKs and moving the gear from character to character rudus farming is something i also should have mentioned, never tried it but is an option. anyway it's all up to you! this is the fun of novaRO in my opinion - the market dictates all these options are reasonable paths to success. There are several others (anything worth zeny - i have a number of farm
  2. most my enjoyment comes from picking a challenge you want to be able to do, gear around that challenge, and overcome it. I play RK and went from DB (back when that was a real build) to WC, and now I'm working my way into IB/sonic wave which is endgame for RK. I wrote a topic about RK in MH2 using spiral pierce as your damage. Fu windsword has a good WC guide which is really just the best thing you can do until high end gears. I do think going AA RK is sort of jumping the gun, AA is strongest when you are end game of end game best in slot everything, even w/ a billion zeny in gea
  3. I think it's great - the HP sponge feel unfortunately is just a side affect when people do 2million damage per second - mobs have to stay alive long enough to actually attack you/cast a spell. I'm not sure what else they could do really, if you tune up the mob damage it would feel like bios5 where it occasionally just 1 shots squishies. In my opinion MH is the place to showcase that you can effectively do mechanics, trash mobs in instances almost never do anything other than attack and cast a non-threatening spell. In summary I thought LOGH felt very much like it fits
  4. yea crimson mace (holy) should be really cheap, the others are obtained in an instance that probably isn't run much anymore - but the drops are still buyable through zeny. Almost everything in this game is obtainable through zeny, so you really can't go wrong w/ zeny farming. I don't think you need to go my gears specifically it's an old character and there's a lot of better stuff available now - here's are my recommendations listed in terms of importance: 1. weapon w/ holy element - not sure if you know the elemental table, but using the correct element against the monster y
  5. gramps, you need levels - gramps and the eden quests you can do is the best use of ur time. sleepers die really easy and can give you some zeny to start getting some better gear to hit harder. Arm cannon should do alright for you with just eden gear though.
  6. I can help you with immediate goals, i do not know end game blacksmith very well. What you want to do initially though is get up enough damage to 1 shot incubus/succubus in geffenia - this will open up an amazing zeny farm for you (we teleport around and just kill incubus and succubus with knuckle boost or axe boomerang). my personal opinion is knuckleboost is cheaper - this is my character for reference. He has about 5 million in gear (not even wearing a hat). The main items are a HOLY crimson mace (refine doesn't really matter) and the two accessories to boost knuck
  7. I play w/ Gx in MH - other classes have an easier time RK/warlock/sniper but Gx can hit it hard too. You guys also get top single target damage on all other content in the game so it's a trade off i guess. They are also always balancing MH - so it's unlikely you will be "low DPS" forever, I think there's a topic about Gx specifically in the MH2 suggestion thread. As of right now the current 'easiest DPS' meta is RK/Gx, so you'll do just fine in end game content. I would play what you enjoy tbh - meta is going to shift as new stuff gets added, that's just RO life.
  8. race/size/element resist is most important until you get enough of it (I would say at least 60% total), guard's cap would be an excellent item for doram tank. Max HP is also important, I basically just look for the best HP/reduction stats I can find on any given piece. I think going full HP no resist your tuna party would get ripped off in seconds, and full resist I don't know that your tuna party would last long enough to make it to the next tuna party. acd does nothing since all our skills are CD based.
  9. I've never considered running less than 2 AB, that's an interesting point about the buff spam being less. Maybe I should have called that perfect pug group - It's usually the composition I see most random groups going for. I definitely agree being sorcless is worse than having a sorc - but sometimes there just aren't sorc available. I find it's the most difficult job to fill. I more meant that as if you've been waiting 20 min for a sorc, consider running w/o one, it can still work pretty well w/ big dps and a RG to negate dmg. Appreciate the additional notes about DPS/support o
  10. Hi everyone, penduPOWERKID here General tips for beginners: I wanted to give a guide to the folks that are wanting to try bios5 for the first time, what to expect, what is expected of you, what a good party should look like. Too often I see people new to it that get yelled at for sucking - and that just makes people not want to try anymore or think they aren't geared enough. Though being able to hit it decently hard is important (max pain gets us if you cant), there is also a lot of positioning/awareness tips that can help you. Hopefully some will find this informative and hel
  11. Sad to see u go friend, but hopefully you may be back I took a year break from july 2019 to july 2020 so it's possible, best of luck to you!!!
  12. i see ur main class is doram, check out the guide i just posted most fun i've ever had on a doram
  13. Hi everyone, penduPOWERKID here and I'd like to tell you about a build I've been having a lot of fun with in tomb of the fallen. Tank cats are surprisingly fast tanks with lope + halter, and with enough HARD DEF/resist to bring swaths of mobs to your DPS friends. Under stoop you can even survive a max pain slap (sometimes). Required gear: Raydric Card + Ice titan card set +7 immune shield - maybe valk shield is better here i've never tested it. 2x cute grass necklace Elegant doram set WK + KK set in weapon/shield DEF scroll yo
  14. As follow up to this, this is the build i ended up with for MH2, maybe it can help others. I would say my damage is not great, but it's certainly sufficient, in groups doing garro farm I definitely contribute, and i can push about 2mill dps w/o shadow gear, 3 million dps with (armor penetration is big, +10 stats) The consumables I use, i recommend everyone does this so you're making up for your lack of gear: STR/AGI/DEX/LUK tonic = cheap and for monsterhunter why wouldn't u? Dex 10 food = remove variable cast int 20 food = remove variable cast - cheap RK runes
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