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  1. ty for playing w/ cat, not sure if you remember pendu the doram but I remember our bios5 groups, they were the best best of luck to your future endeavors see you next time!
  2. you necroed a 5 yr old post lol what is this
  3. I think poison forged spear is still the go-to keep in mind wind cutter works differently depending on what weapon you have equipped. As far as I know 2h swords have always been the most desirable due to their armor pierce (I think they have 100% armor ignore, but haven't messed around w/ my RK for awhile). Hope this helps, you may want to check out the swordsman discord as well since there will probably be much more knowledgeable RKs in that chat that can help you out.
  4. Play what you'll enjoy playing, all classes are needed for certain things. RK pry the easiest starting character, needs no gear to do big dmg. Getting rich? Get to where you can do the weeklies, they are a nice source of passive income from BSB. Other than that, everything is worth money, my suggestions are: 1. Farm cooking materials 2. Farm whatever's selling on marketplace, I like to scour the marketplace for obscure stuff sometimes 3. MH2 expeditions mining/foraging 4. log in every day and get the calendar rewards Find something you enjoy, track your ROI/hr spent and hopefully you can get a return that you'll feel somewhat good about. The money grind is about the journey u know? Anyway that's my advice, most people will tell you to go grind geffenia until you want to kill yourself, then grind geffenia for 300 more hours, then you have enough money to purchase 1 item. Spend at least 20 hours per day in geffenia. If you don't see succubus in your dreams, are you even playing RO?
  5. We don't choose the RO life, the RO life chose us might be finally time to start that book sage
  6. this is what i currently wear, hope it helps. Haven't tanked in bios5 for about 2 months but this gear will still do fine for the content.
  7. I agree with this for the most part, but I do think there's an alternative method to the mid game grind, find niche roles you can fill and enjoy, while dumping your money into your main class. By hyperfocusing some characters in to one specific thing you can 'cheat' and use cheaper options than what things would normally cost for an all purpose role. Some examples: Bios5 needs tank/AB/SR/bard/wandy - all expected to not have much of a gear set, shining defense scroll and some starter stuff will do just fine MH2 needs healer role and often a bard - I frequently do this on a doram healer w/ ~30m in gear players are willing to pay for sean quest and monster subj leech, some of those are fairly easy to 1 shot w/ the right classes (bio4 for example) Getting daily rewards everyday and completing the weekly is a huge passive income that's gated by real life time instead of game time I think the mid game grind is hard only if you are impatient and want to rush it. If you take your time, level some stuff w/ particular goals in mind, in ~8 weeks you will have plenty of zeny for a geared DPS that can do end game content. You'll also have a good infrastructure of support chars and a better understanding of what the end game content actually looks like, since you've been supporting for it. I've been thinking about making more cost effective guides, but when I started clearing weeklies I didn't have a very good dps character, only niche roles that could target each thing specifically, and I'd look for groups for the hard stuff like seans/monster subj. In my particular breakdown: tank doram - bios5 (both farm and weekly) https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/13257-budget-bios5-tank-cat/ doram healer/spiral pierce RK - MH2 https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/13167-nuances-of-aftercast-delay/ RK - seans/monster sub LFG for instance on whatever And all my money I would spend on my star emp, who can now do end game content no problems. Would probably be even better if I spent it on RK, but one day SE will rise again... Anyway this is all just my own personal experience, thought I would share. The mid game was not too hard for me, and I spent a total of about 5 hours in geffenia. I made a mechanic to do the refining weekly and grinded some incubus/succubus w/ knuckleboost. Then I got turned upside down about 4 times and said 'whelp, that's enough of this godforsaken place.' There is variety if you hunt for it, it's just hard to explain this to new players and if you are not concerned about having any fun at all while you play, geffenia is probably faster than what I outlined above. Oh, and on the topic of the gears, I don't know that more armors really solve the problem, we currently have decent midgame options w/ the 17.1 gears. The main problem is the best stuff in the game is always going to have the highest demand, and be hard to get because everything in renewal needs to be turbo refined to be useful. I would like to see more gems like Wickebine's black cat ears that have a strong effect w/o being refined to the teeth. That would be proper midgame if it gives effect at +4 and +7, maybe turn the lava leathers into something like this. Most of the cost is in refining the gear, so why would you waste your refine cost on non-BIS?
  8. One other thing I wanted to point out because it may not be obvious, 100% crit is dependent on your targets luk, so LOGH as an example requires higher crit rates to consistently crit most mobs: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Legacy_of_Glast_Heim That's why I'm heavily recommending crit gear to start, and you can tone it back/swap for higher damage gear based on the content you're trying to do/luk of your target. MH2 is still an exception since it specifically wants you to have double the crit you normally would need (honestly IB RK is gonna have a rough time in MH2 right now - probably best to SW if that's your goal). But in my opinion, it's good to push crit sky high, then tone it back as you get more crit elsewhere (the big dmg increases like +11 auto armor wave breaks are going to be super expensive anyway).
  9. seyren cards are best yea, the seyren memory is of course a powerful buff, but really not worth the price until you've obtained some of the other stuff (for example strong/bears might does more for you than the seyren memory, and costs about 1/3rd as much). I would try to get the volar w/o the enchant and eventually enchant it or buy/roll one that is enchanted. You do kind of want to get it to +11 tho to get full value out of the seyren cards, +9 is sort of wimpy. looking at current market value for volar ~400k, getting one of those to +11 is going to run you about 160 mill, that's not too bad. Use that until you have 600 mill to blow on an enchant, but things I would work on before even considering the seyren enchant: 1. strong/bears 2. bios5 hat (acute is huge and cheaper than memory) 3. full RK shadow gear (you may already have this) 4. mid/lower headgear (probably blood sucker or fafnir mask) basically the enchant is strong and good, but it's cost prohibitive enough that I don't think it has very good power returns per zeny (if that makes sense). https://ro-calc.herokuapp.com/ - refine calculator if you're curious, i find this super useful
  10. I'd say the manteau is pretty solid. First thing I would work on is the crit, your hypocrisy edge is big enough that getting to 100% crit is more important than the right weapon, but eventually you should make a volar. You do not need a claw sword or lindyhop, that hypo edge will perform about as well. I think the best way to get max crit is going to be luk soutane luk/crit/crit enchants, these are pretty reasonably priced right now: 130,000,000z+9Luk Blessing, CRI+10, CRI+10 I actually don't like your current armor very much because the acd doesn't do anything for you. use buche de noel and Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich for 14 more crit get 2 more refines on the ribbon, instead of sarah's earring maybe a royal guard ring would serve you well in that slot. KSSI/strong eventually, but just swapping the temporals over to luk is a good move. anyway this is what I would do and it's merely an opinion, but hopefully this gives you some ideas on what to think about. I also dunno what your income looks like but if it were me I think that's the cheapest option forward to a decent IB hit.
  11. volar is the best, lindy hop/claw sword are ok budget options. claw is more for WC if I'm not mistaken, the ACD from it doesn't really help IB. Idk what lindy hop costs nowadays but if you can get one cheap it was BIS before edda. Personally I would just invest in the volar tho, the reduction on IB is big. luk temporals are best, SoL + Flash is ok, it's nowhere nearly as strong as bear + strong. Whatever you can afford but like I said if I knew your gear I could probably give you a better idea of the first slots I would work on.
  12. MH2 is the only place the halved crit rate applies. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Leinarth's_Rune_Knight_Class_Guide this is a pretty good guide, u can ask folks in swordsman discord but it basically just comes down to: 1. crit 100% of the time for the content you're trying to do 2. stack big crit dmg % and ATK modifiers for random good starter suggestions, i think soutane is pretty obtainable, luk or STR is best strong/bears might combo is good 17.2 gear is good, 17.1 gear is also good bios5 hat is king, i think black ribbon is sort of fine too? it's also hard to help you with no idea of what your current gear is, there are probably pieces that will do fine in IB RK but other pieces that will do poorly. If I knew your gear I could offer more specific suggestions. As it sits, a good weapon is most important, then your main stat gears (armor/garm/head/leg) then accessories, then shadow stuffs. just buy some stuff and sell it if it sucks, you are an RK so you're already OP
  13. I guess you don't like my way of trying to appeal to people, it's ok I won't force you to come on a mining expedition w/ me
  14. Hi everyone, I've had an idea that I've been mulling over for awhile that I think would be a fun community event, especially if you like mining/fishing/foraging in MH2. Wanted to post this topic to see if I can get 4 others that would be interested in giving it a shot. Do you like gambling? Do you like competition? Of course you do, you're playing RO after all... The rules: Each player buys in with 1 of each ingot (Aquastone, Flamestone, Dragonstone). All players start with no ore in inventory, I don't think there's a way to check this so honor system here, we're trying to have fun together so don't cheat! Expedition map starts, it's a hunt to collect the most ore! No rules, stonerings are fair game for anyone to steal all consumables fine to use, gather as much as you can in the 50 minute timer. Afterwards all ore is tallied: tier 1 ores - 1 point tier 2 ores - 2 points tier 3 ores - 3 points Loot is distributed as follows: 1st prize - all tier 3 ores collected 2nd prize - 1 of each ingot & all tier 2 ores collected 3rd prize - 2 of each ingot & all tier 1 ores collected 4th prize - 2 of each ingot 5th prize - well... at least you made some memories Why is this fun? After wandering around MH2 for the 20th hour not paying much attention I feel like I have a pretty optimal route, but I want to put that to the test, surely there are others out there that have the perfect route that can put me to shame. I want to see it. Also fighting for your life to keep what you mine is more exciting than passively obtaining rocks. I'm not set in stone on the rewards, also for the first iteration I want to focus on mining, but fishing competitions or foraging maybe in the future (or mixed into this). I like mining because it's the most skill based to hit a critical ore gather or whatever it's called.
  15. Hi Mihun, Welcome! Some places that may help you, also I have good luck with searches such as '<TOPIC> novaRO' in google. Most instances/farm locations are fairly well documented. Since you're AB you should have no trouble leveling in gramps (@go eden to find groups recruiting). https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Leveling_Guide https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Introduction_to_NovaRO Good luck out there, idk much about priest but plenty of friendly folks to help you on this server.
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