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  1. This is the first private server and experience of Ragnarok Online that I joined back in 2019. So you can assume that I'm a total newbie, I will allow it *smirk*. I played for a couple of months and decided to take a break. Mainly due to not knowing what the hell I'm doing or simply got tired of the guild members whom are "in-game" yet "afk." What a bunch of cool kids, aha. We can't blame the endgamers, I supposed. *cries* I tried looking for an adventure within the mmorpg genre like this game has offered, but sadly, none were as great as this. I just hope trying the game again will make me stumble upon a guild or group of people who can genuinely make me happy and feel less lonely. While the game is downloading, I will lurk in the forums and wiki to relearn the things I have forgotten. Please do comment if you have any tips or anything that can help me progress smoother. Or if there's a guild that is newbie friendly who devote themselves into helping new players such as myself, please do contact me here on the forums. I'd like to learn and help pass down your teachings to others too. Have a wonderful day, Int.
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