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  1. As in title, selling or willing to trade a +16 Imperial Spear [1] with two Expert Archer 4 enchants. Leave any offers here or message me in game on Sir Ben.
  2. Hi guys, I've played NovaRO from a while back but took a couple year break. Recently my friend and I have returned and plan to stick around for a while, with all the new updates since we've been gone it's been a painful grind to catch up our gears and get back into the game again haha. We've been looking to potentially team up with some players who want to join our small group (mainly 2 of us but we have a couple of other friends who drop by from time to time) to join in our daily grinds of instances and farming and whatever other shenanigans we get up to. I've recently changed to an RK main and my friend mains a Ranger so any support mains are truly welcome! (We duo most instances but life would be easier with some more help <3) Oh and because timezones can be an issue... just letting you guys know I am from Sydney, Australia (GMT +10) and my friend is in Korea (GMT +8). We're both Korean as well so if there are any Korean players on the server you are definitely welcome to join us! (근데 우리가 한국말은 잘못해서 영어가 더 편합니다~ 저 호주에서 태어났어요~ㅋㅋ) We can be found at El Dicastes (@go 30) anytime we are on so find us there or leave a message on this post! Thanks for reading!
  3. Thanks for the response, Mintchi. I've seen your recruitment page and have definitely taken note of your guild. I like that you're a fairly new guild so that makes it a lot less intimidating to join. I'll let you know once I've decided anything! Would be great if you told me which guild that was! Haha.
  4. Hi guys, my name's Ben. I've been on this server for about 2 months now and I think it's time for me to join a guild. I'm looking for a place where me, along with a few of my friends that started here with me can join up and become core members with. We have learned renewal together and are still learning now. We realized that we need to have a much larger group for the more challenging instances, so here I am. I main my Royal Guard but I also invested a lot of time into my Geneticist and am currently a ranker on the server. The only downside is that I am playing from Australia so the timezones may not match with a lot of the players here, but I hope that won't deter you from taking me or my friends on. Leave a reply here or try and find me in-game! I'm usually at @go 30 (El Dicastes).
  5. Awesome! I'll send you some PMs in-game when I'm on, hopefully I'll catch you online! (I'm playing from Australia so my timezone dosn't seem to match with majority of players :P)
  6. Hey guys, looking to buy a whole lot of unrefined Imperial Spears or someone willing to supply. Buying them for 2.5m each or 10 for 30m. Leave a comment with your in game name!
  7. Hey everyone, it's been a couple of weeks since I've joined and I've finally got to the stage where I want to brew all my potions and foods for myself and hopefully join the coveted list of rankers! For this task I am in need of endless supplies of Witched Starsand and pretty much ALL food materials. I'd like to buy in bulk preferably (in 100's or 1000's). Please leave your offers for your goods or services. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello to everyone here at Nova, I'm Ben. I hail from the land down under (Straya obviously), though I'm actually Korean but I'm still aussie I swear. I'm a 23 year old gamer just planning my future whilst actually just playing video games all the time. (Please help) I've been a longtime RO player ever since OceaniaRO with @Dreadbeard something like 10 years ago. We've been playing on/off a lot of different servers over the years and played a lot of different games together for a while, he finally convinced me to play Ragnarok again so here we are. We wanted to play renewal since we played iRO for a while but with all the QoL changes that a private server provides. So just before we begin our hopefully longtime stay here at Nova, just wanted to drop in, say Hi, have an excuse to make a signature again, (havn't done that in years) and I hope to see you all in game soon! Watch out for us! We're a dynamic duo @Dreadbeard and I.
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