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  1. You can have free variable cast with dex*2 + int = 530 and with sacrament + temporal dex boots you get -50% fixed cast time and -0.5 seg fixed cast time.
  2. Renewal is diferent to pre renewal in many thing. The Cast is so diferent you need more dex and int to cast faster also we have fixed cast time only reduced by some gear so i recomend to level use turn undead or @go eden and do gramps with party, Priest class always are welcome in partys. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/index.php?title=Leveling_Guide&redirect=no#Gramps
  3. Oshi


    Time to return to ro. :3
  4. You can marry without Marriage Covenant you only need Wedding Dress (woman), Tuxedo (man) and 2 Diamond Ring. Also you can get marry with same sex character.
  5. Oshi

    Patch Notes #76

    Excellent patch ;3 i working right now but i wanna see new buffalo card in action x.x and the elemental auras look very nice.
  6. I joined because I wanted to play 3 jobs in renewal besides I came to play with friends who invited me. I usually spend my day working but I always give myself time to play a little. I have played for 3 years and I continue doing it because it is a server with a good community and an excellent administration that continues updating the game.
  7. i dont think we get this update in may. If this is implement in april in kro as it is a major update (New class, Quest for the class, sprites, formulas, ab rework) probably we should wait like 3-4 months at least.
  8. Hi, i can play with you un sundays =]
  9. 1.- Crit build but is expensive for beginers i will recomend fist lvl up to 175 and built around Dragon breath to level up/farm 2.- As inicial gear i will recomend HP increase gear and when you become LK get a death guidance (+20Perfect dodge + parry) to level up in gramps. 3.- You can farm with rk but i thin is faster and easy with ranger or rebellion. 4.- when you get money you should try to get some items than increase you critical damage (Temporal luk boots, luk glove, GSS with agi or HBP+7or +9, Lindy hop, abusive robe +7 o more with agi enchants, etc.) and change your build to 193 aspd focused in critical damage using runes to increase that damage.
  10. The reward don't have to be the same but it will be nice if increase the loser reward to 50-60% of the winner reward instead of the actual 30%.
  11. And Spirit King's Ring [1] ;v
  12. Will the people who already made theirs get a refund?
  13. I can´t find any of this weapons in divine pride data. Are these costume? Because NovaRo is bases in Kro so i think these will never be implemented.
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