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  1. Illustrate: Ghastly Pet Egg II Pets The Theme: Ghastly Pet Egg II Pets This is an Illustration Contest the purpose of which is to grant a new, unique look to all 15 Ghastly Pet Egg II pets. You can find the full list of these pets below. Artists of all skill levels are welcome to try their hand at illustrating and maybe see their work in-game! Hello, lovely players! Don't you love seeing cute images when feeding your pet? Yet, with customized pets now a reality and more and more pet possibilities being added, there are more and more empty images showing up. As big pet enthusiasts, we think this is a tragedy! Every pet in this pack would like to celebrate Halloween and their greatest wish is to have their selfies taken. Please help us in this venture to capture their true, uniquely quirky essence! A clarification here that what we are looking for are not images of eggs, but the cute pop-up images that you would normally see when taking care of your pet. At the moment, the image below is shown in place of the missing art. There are many more pets than this with missing images but in this contest we're focusing only on the pets in the Ghastly Pet Egg II pack. The size of each submitted piece must be exactly 90 x 134 pixels. To participate, you are to choose one or more pets off the list, read the rules and begin illustrating! List of Pets: Familiar Flame Skull Bathory Banshee Hell Poodle Evil Druid Wraith Ghostring Deviling Necromancer Chimera Retribution Baphomet Atroce Kimi Celine Rules: You may illustrate each pet once. This means you can submit up to 15 entries, provided they are grouped under the same post. Submit your image(s) in 90 x 134 pixels format. If your illustration is larger, please make sure to crop and scale it down to this size. Include your in-game character name together with your submission post. If you omit your name, we will not be able to send you your rewards. You can change, swap out or edit your entry at any time while the contest is running. If you wish to submit your entry anonymously, you can do so via this link. Write "Ghastly Pet Egg II Pets" as the message title. Do not forget to include your in-game name in this case as well. The pet must be clearly visible in the image. You may however include other small elements akin to the official pet illustrations. You are encouraged to take inspiration from in-game and the Pet System wiki page. Submit high-quality entries only. While humor is allowed and we welcome artists from all skill levels to participate, we also want pieces with effort put into them. Any troll and meme entries will be interpreted as low quality and immediately disqualified. No plagiarism is allowed. If we find or are informed of someone submitting plagiarized artwork they will be disqualified. Depending on the number of entries, a maximum of 2 illustrations will be chosen from the same artist. This contest will run from Monday, October 28th until Monday, November 18th. This means you have 3 weeks to submit your entries. We reserve the rights to adjust and clarify the rules of this contest as we deem necessary. How to submit: Once you are done with your artwork, write a new message in this topic. Add the image as an attachment by clicking "Drag files here to attach or choose files...", then click on the image you have attached to embed it into the post. Remember to include your in-game name as well as the pet name(s) you have illustrated. This is so we can send you the in-game rewards via RODEX. You can add more entries while this contest is running by editing your original post. This can be done via clicking on the small "Edit" button located right underneath your comment. Rewards: Artists of Chosen Images: 5,000 Nova Points 1 Ghastly Pet Egg II pack OR the Pet Egg you have illustrated. The satisfaction of seeing pet art drawn by you as a permanent implementation in-game! Participation Reward: 50 Event Tickets Anyone who is disqualified from the contest for any reason forfeits their right to participation rewards and cannot re-enter. We wish everyone good luck and hope you have fun! If you have additional questions or inquiries about this event, you are welcome to post them directly into this thread.
  2. Yes, you are most welcome to submit more than two, all the way up to 15 illustrations total (one of each mob).
  3. And here a little notice to everyone! The participation rewards was incorrectly advertised to be 50 Gold Coins, and has now been corrected to 50 Event Tickets per participant. Those of you not interested in the tickets will still able to convert them into the exact amount of Gold Coins (GC) you would be awarded. This is possible to do via the Event Manager located on the Style Boutique floor of the Main Office, so you need not worry about any loss of rewards.
  4. Lovely work @Randomced859 and @Idkun ! If you see this message though, please consider adding pet names in your posts as to make the final sorting (a lot) easier for us. I've edited the topic to make this bit a little more visible.
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    Celebrate the 5th Anniversary! Hello lovely players! Today is the day that NovaRO turns five! We hope that you're as excited and happy as we are! In celebration of our anniversary, all accounts that log in during the next seven days are eligible for an exclusive item pack containing three items and a title! Redeem the pack after receiving your Daily Rewards of the day. All accounts that log in between the 24th and 31st of October are eligible for the following items: [5th Anniversary] Title Bad Monkey Aura Bad Monkey Egg Cellphone (30 days) All of the rewards listed here are account-bound. We hope to keep going strong for at least another five years -- hopefully more!
  7. Aw, that is too bad fxfreitas! I'd encourage you to apply regardless but you do need some free-time for yourself as well. Maybe in the future..!
  8. NovaRO Staff Application Over the years, we at NovaRO have formed a small but solid team of staff members in order to help you with various in-game matters and assist you on the forums. We are always working to improve our players' game experience to be the best it can be. With this same goal in mind we are once again looking to expand our GM family. The application is open to all interested players that fulfill our age requirement. Prior experience is not necessary (we will teach you everything you'll need to know) but robust knowledge of the game -- or at least enthusiasm for learning as much as possible about it -- is. Available Positions: Support Game Master At present our primary focus centers on finding people to answer questions in both of our #support channels. As a Support Game Master, it would be ideal if you also were willing to engage with the development team and aid us with testing official and custom content. While this is the only position we currently seek to fill, if you have other talents that you think would be great boons to our server, don't be afraid to apply for positions that we do not specify. Remember your tasks are unlikely to be limited to only one, so it would be of great benefit if you are naturally interested in donning many different hats. For example, quest writing and event hosting are things every GM is able to do on the side if they wish. Be sure to read the rest of this post thoroughly, and post any questions you have in this thread before you begin filling in your answers. RULES & REQUIREMENTS Age: 19+. You will have to be at least of age 19 in order for your application to be considered. All applications must be filled out in their entirety. Do not leave any fields empty. While we understand that some questions may seem difficult or tedious to answer, we ask that you fill each field to the best of your ability. Please aspire to use full sentences, proper punctuation and capitalization and avoid abbreviations. Applications must be filled out in English. While most of our staff members are multi-lingual, the server's primary language remains English. Your English does not have to be perfect but we consider that your application reflects your fluency in this language. Any applications filled out improperly will not be considered. As we process a large number of applications, it would be a huge task to contact each individual player regarding errors or omissions. Please double-check your application before you send it to us. Please do not send multiple applications, or ask about the current application status. You will be notified of our final decision once we are ready to do so. Recruitment is a lenghty process and we will reply to everyone in due time. Do not post applications in this thread. They will be deleted, and you will be immediately disqualified. Just don't do it, folks..! This would only indicate you have not paid attention to our requirements. HOW TO APPLY Copy and paste the application found in the spoiler tag of this post, along with your answers into a message via THIS LINK. You can remove the comments in small font without any worry. The actual answer length is completely up to your discretion; your replies may be elaborate, consice, or something in-between. Please BOLD your answers to make your application easier for us to read. You can do this easily by highlighting your answer, then pressing Ctrl + B. Use the appropriate title for your message. The format should be [Position you are applying for] Application - [Player Name]. Examples: Event GM Application - Nova Scripting Application - Tokei We wish you all the best of luck and are looking forward to reading your applications!
  9. Hello, rinranren, and welcome back to the world of RO! I'd naturally like to wish you welcome to the server as well and hope you'll enjoy your stay with us. If there's something you're unsure of, feel free to turn to #support channels and to us as needed. Do check our Discord also, for people and chats and everything, and our Wiki for many useful guides (depending on what you're looking for). See you in game sometime! Wishing you many happy adventures as a priestie.
  10. There are some significant differences between Classic and Renewal, as the latter served as a revamp of the whole system, but of course, underneath it is still the same game. If you have a moment, I much recommend giving this guide a read, as it explains quite succintly the basics of what you can expect. The wiki in general is a very useful resource. Don't be afraid to ask us your questions over Discord or in-game, and of course, to make use of the #support channels. All the best of luck to you, and I hope to see you around!
  11. Hello, Kestrel_JP! First off, how lovely that you've returned to the RO scene! As for your questions, I hope you'll allow me to chime in with a couple of things. Is it Classic or Renewal Ragnarok Online server that you are interested in at present? Your description left me with an impression that it may be the former you are looking for, while we're only able to offer a Renewal experience. Provided that is no cause of concern, we sadly do not offer character or item transfers from other servers, so, indeed, starting with us would mean you having to start from scratch. To the very best of my knowledge this shouldn't be too difficult or time consuming to do, but I hope some of our players can respond to your query and give you better feedback on that. The server is fully free to play but we do have a donation system if you ever wanted to support what we do.
  12. Hello! No worries, qveni1471, we tend to have a decent population around the clock. And of course, warm welcomes from me as well, I hope you'll enjoy your stay with us. ^^
  13. Hello, mushca! I cannot yet say which of the NPCs will be implemented (limited or regular roster), but this savepoint will soon be made available.
  14. Part 2: Lux: I actually submitted this question, so I’d like – [laughter] Tokei: I don’t have time Nova: For anyone out of the loop, there is 1 editor for Ragnarok Online, and It crashes if you look at it the wrong way. And sometimes it crashes when you’re saving. So even if you’re trying to be careful and saving a lot, the saving itself can crash you. So. Hector: What about aste’s question, huh, tokei? Nova: No! We’re doing official question, if you want extra questions that aren’t in the list, they go after. Let’s go Miles—Oh did anyone else want to have a reply to that? Favorite part about working on NovaRO. I wanna hear from some of our GMs. Not developers. Tokei: Wow. I see how it is Nova: Most of the developers answered! And we gave a very similar answer, it’s like— Millefey: Sconie! Sconie. What’s your favorite? Scout: Uhh, well. I like to welcome the newbies and help them because the developers are a lot busier than we are, so I kinda like doing that. Nova: Wonderful! Millefey: yeah it is. Nova: Absolutely great. Millefey: I think – Nova: Anyone else wanna answer? Oh Miles, go for it Millefey: Um, I don’t really know what to say about this one, um I just, I don’t know I just really like it, it’s so much fun. Personally I found it really fun, like more fun than I anticipated, maybe, in the beginning. It’s just, great, it’s like uh Sconie? I love when something I do something that makes someone else’s day like, brighter. Scout: So trueee! Millefey: I want to play, like, help someone Nova: No wonder you guys annoy us with the support tickets so much [laughter] Scout: sorry! Nova: No it’s fine Millefey: So yeah that’s me. Anyone else? Panic: I like to do things, and I do them here. Nova: he likes to do things Tokei: Panic likes to say “no” a lot Millefey: He hasn’t done that for a while, has he? Tokei: No! It’s sad Panic: It became popular. So I had to stop. I was a very devout hipster. Nova: He used to do “no” before it was a popular. Let’s move on then. Millefey: Okay. And so, we have someone called Goron inquiring “what do we do?” So what do you do as a GM. Nova: Oh, like our respective roles. I almost feel like that question can be answered with a handy link of the staff page! Millefey: Wooo! Nova: I mean it basically says it better than we could. Tokei: I don’t know, I didn’t write mine Millefey: Come on tokei, what do you do? Jack: everyone else wrote theirs, so Tokei: I dunno Nova: Now Tokei’s gonna answer the question, go for it tokei Tokei: No no no Millefey: The secrets! Tokei: Nonono its fine. Dust: Wait who wrote tokeis’ then? Tokei: I afk Jack: All of us Nova: We groupthink. But no but yeah unironically, I think the staff page really nails down what we do really well, much better than we’ll actually remember. So I just skip over and send that person the link. PM him. Millefey: There’s also a lot of small things that we don’t necessarily mention that people don’t think about Nova: Such as? Millefey: Well like, all the different sections? Naturally. All the reports, and the custom quests and lore, and yeah. Our Sunday meets that we normally have on Sundays, where we argue a lot Nova: Yeah, we have game master meetings every Sunday. Actually right now would be one of them, and we opted out of it to be able to do this AMA. But I mean there’s a bunch of stuff, like writing lore for new quests, writing new quests, creating ingredient lists, deciding when content should come in, deciding how to deal with player issues, dealing with support tickets, recovering items for people who sold them to the NPC— Panic: Suggestion roundups Nova: Reading suggestions constantly, trying to implement suggestions, coming up with new systems that might improve the game in different ways, uh, talking with the WoE people—[laughs] Just a lot of stuff, there’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff that goes on for every single one of us. Tokei: And then you ask me to do everything. Nova: oh please. Millefey: poor tokei Nova: And then you disappear for a week Tokei: every time I join a meeting itls like “Oh tokei I added a task for you” Nova: That’s right Hector: Meanwhile everybody was doing their own tasks Millefey: You’re so good! Tokei: But it’s fair Millefey: but you’re so good. Nova: We very heavily rely on tokei for the complex ideas and script modifications, so Panic: Hey sometimes I fix Tokei’s bugs, sometimes Tokei: That’s fair Panic: sometimes I fix things for tokei Tokei: Sometimes I break things for you Nova: Yeap. Tokei: remember that massive patch issue? Panic: [laughs] good times Nova: That’s another— Tokei: IT was a mistake Nova: Panic and Tokei are in charge of the patching and because it uses a single file in the web server of the website, sometimes they can, if they’re not redownloading and editing, they can overwrite their patches and juts cause major issues, versioning is hard. Version control. Tokei: yeahhh that bug, Aimer. That’s a good one. I don’t think people remember it Millefey: Wait can we? Nova: Can we what? Millefey: Which one Panic: We do have git, yes, but the patcher does not run on git Nova: we use git primarily for the server side of things, for scripts and NPCs and source, but we’ve only recently been starting using git for the client side of stuff as well. But even at this Panic: the Patcher is http Nova: yeah and in addition to that the actual patching that goes to the client. We can use git as a source but it’s not actually using git. Uhm. But yeah. Let’s do next question. Millefey: Okay let’s do the next question. It kinda ties to this one, and it’s Puros who asks, “how many hours per week do you guys dedicate to this server” Panic: A lot. That’s really hard to come up with a number because, I mean, right now it’s more than usual because we are at crunch for MH and whatnot, right? Jack: just in meetings and working together? Probably at least like 20-25-30? Nova: And that’s like, forced interaction Panic: and I’m Jack: Just getting together to work on issues that need Panic: And nova and I have been doing work together all week, hector’s been jumping in as well. Nova: like this last week, well, last 2-3 weeks, every other day we’ll get on at 11 am, and stay on until 5 pm, off and on. Panic: the easiest way to explain it is that it’s definitely a lifestyle change where its like, we have to somewhat be available at all times Nova: Expanding on that a little further, for tokei and me, it’s even more annoying because if anything major happens, let’s go to the simple example of a map crash, we literally have to drop everything we’re doing, rush over to our computers, and deal with whatever that major issue might be. And I’ve had times where like, Tokei’s asleep and I’m away from home and I have to drive 30 minutes and like speed home to get the server back up. Jack: That was a very big issue in the early days, where it happened a lot more due to our inexperience and all of us were basically on-call 24/7. Panic: There was a dark week in the server’s past where the server was down for a week because it went down as soon as Nova went on vacation. Nova: Oh don’t remind me about that, that was— Panic: It was actually like, actually went down – not a week, probably like 3-4 days, but it was, that was probably the darkest time in the server’s history. Nova: And I mean we were a tiny server back then Panic: Yeah we were small, we had like 30 players Nova: Like sub 100 people Panic: so it wasn’t that big of a deal Jack: sorry to those 30 people Nova: To summarize, it really, it’s really dependant on the person, per person basis but right now we’re in mh development crunch, trying to release monster hunting 2, uh, especially the developers have been putting in a lot of overtime, and I could safely say, 5 out of 7 days a week im spending more than 10 hours a day working on the server. And that’s only counting actively being on my computer working, that’s not to say we also all have discord on our phones 24/7, and if we get a ping we instantly look at it. That’s why it’s so annoying to get pings over trivial stuff. Like if someone pings me and they’re like “hey nova, are you sure the poring drop card is dropping at the right rate?” I’ll get a little upset because its like, really? You just interrupted my free time to ask me about something you could’ve asked anyone about? Millefey: Well that happens… that happens sometimes. What about the, I dunno, ask regular GMs, like how much, ‘cause not everyone’s working on MH2 as intense, such high intensity Nova: Yeah Panic: Well a normal Gm, I mean they’re all players too, so they’re humans, they’re not required to be here as much as the developers are. Jack: I just want to reiterate that the developers are not human. Panic: Yeah we are not. We are robots. Millefey: Bots. Jack: We’re aliens. Panic: I’m an anime girl actually. Uwu Millefey: uwu Naisu Nova: [burps] excuse me Millefey: Sconie, do you want to add something? Scout: Uhmm, I guess I could 4 hours, since my school is on summer break, but once my school starts again, I dunno maybe 2 hours Nova: Is that a day? Panic: yes it’s a day Scout: Yeah, yeah Nova: 4 times 7 is… a lot Panic: That’s a lot of math Scout: Well only because it’s summer Nova: We also know how to add Scout: Only because it’s summer break, my students are on vacation and so am I, so yeah. Millefey: For me, it really adds up. Nova: Do we still have a lot of questions, Miles? How are we doing. Millefey: Let’s see. We’ve been here for… almost an hour, right? Nova: yeah Millefey: We’ve still got quite a few. But the next one! Let’s take the next one, everyone Nova: yeah Panic: yes Nova: let’s go Millefey: As GMs, what was the most embarassing in-game moment. Panic: HE HAAA, hit us with it dast wait we need Dust, dust needs to answer this one Nova: ooh, I have a good one. Hold on, I’ll go first. This one’s really embarrassing, and I almost think like, I shouldn't share it but i’m going to. Back in the day, we didn’t have a proper renaming system. We would rename characters with offensive names, but the name would just be freed up for another person to take. So when really bad names would come up, I would set characters in my account to that name. I had one such character that was called Hitler. And I did a maintenance announcement with the Hitler character. So you saw a Game Master that said like “Hitler: We’re gonna do a maint” something like that. That was probably my cringiest like -aw shit. Millefey: Oh that is, that’s great. Dust: Mine… mine isn’t actually that bad Panic: hit is with it dast Dust: Okay so when I was a Trial, um, I didn’t have ban powers. But someone was like “oh there’s a bot in whatever, go catch them” and whatever. So I jailed them and everything and they didn’t respond. So I was like “this is definitely a bot” so I typed like @fullban, and whatever the thing is. But you know when you type a command and it doesn’t work, and it shows up in chat. So yeah. It showed up in chat. And at this point, the guy botting like, came back to his computer or something, and he’s like “I think the command is @ban2” Like…. Thanks. It didn’t work either Nova: But the guy was giving her advice on how to ban him properly. Panic: I can’t say that I have many embarrassing moments, I guess the most embarrassing one is actually just recently where I blew up the whole website. Nova: Oh no, I remember that, that was something Panic: I copy and pasted too fast, and broke the php files. Nova: I’ll give him a little, I’ll go into it deeper. The market on our market uses a lot of really big php files that have like our entire database, but turned into text form and because im not a very organized person, I just have a lot of different arrows with a lot of different information in one single file, and then monkey copy pasted one of the arrays and overwrote all of them and the entire website got nuked for like a good few hours until like Panic: it was only like 2 hours Nova: Well Tokei loaded a website back up and extracted the backup because we don’t do regular website backup stuff Panic: Well we do now Nova: Yeah we do no Panic: Well I do now, actually Nova: and that was, yeah that was also embarrassing Panic: Well it just goes to show that any task, well it’s a task that I've been doing for a while, it’s just mindlessly copy and paste it, you can just break everything. Nova: Does anyone else wanna Jack: I don’t know if it’s as much embarrassing as it is frustrating, but the whole infamous individual situation. There was a very toxic guild that we were dealing with in the beginning days of the server, and, on some random day, someone sent me a whisper asking if I was GM Chilly who was a GM on a server we played a very long time ago, CookieRO, and I thought it was someone I knew so I jokingly said “yeah, im chilly” and it became a very big issue, they were constantly like “oh this is Chilly, just cookie 2.0, this is GM Chilly” and they made a RMS thread and posted my full real name on RMS. Nova: Yeah, I dunno why people like doing that. Like any time there’s RMS drama they’ll call us by our real names as if it’s our Kryptonite. Yeah. Hector: Manuel Nova: Yeah my name is Manuel, and for some reason people think calling me by my name removes my power or something. Panic: My favorite is Panama calls you “manny boy” “manuel boy” like yes you are. Nova: that was you right, tokei? Yeah i remember. Oh my god, do you want to tell it Tokei? Tokei: No, go for it Nova: So, there was a day where, on the server, we were hanging out, Tokei’s very inexperienced as a GM at this point, so Tokei knows a lot about programming, but NovaRO was the first server he’s ever GMed on. So one day he was testing some stuff or playing around-- Tokei: No no, endless cellar, there were some rewards at the end and we didn’t want players to come back in so we just use @doom that, but players kept coming back in, so I wanted to kill them Nova: @doommap kills every player in the map that you’re in. @doom kills every player in the server. Tokei: I was just going to do what Nova did, kill them Nova: And tokei killed every player in the server. Jack: He has a lot of very useful commands like that. Nova: Probably-- Tokei: I was gonna-- Nova: probably one of the most horrifying things is that Tokei and I have the ability to use a @recallall command, which would recall all the vendors and players online to a single cell, and frankly I’m highly surprised that we haven’t done that yet. Tokei: It’s one of my shortcuts Nova: I feel like we use it so much on the test server-- Carmin: Do it now Panic: That’s why I’ve never Jack: -- go to a previous backup Nova: Yeah. That was pretty wack. I’d probably just kick everyone if I did it by accident. We should take that command away from us right now, Tokei. Tokei: It’s pretty useful on the test server Nova: Yeah, make it works so it doesn’t work live. Go do that right now. Please. It’s gonna happen Jack: see this is what Tokei’s talking about, where every time he joins voice there’s more tasks for him Tokei: yeah Millefey: That’s he why he doesn’t like talking Panic: Instead of new tasks he’s getting new questions Nova: You don’t have a test server, Hans. You don’t have a test server. We have a test server, and it’s private for GMs only. Tokei: I have my own test server Nova: yeah Tokei: Which is better Jack: We all have test servers Millefey: Are there any more-- Nova: no Millefey: --embarrassing-- Nova: that’s it. Does anyone add an embarrassing story Millefey: -- stories Jack: There could be Nova’s drunk fire rain event. Nova: Oh that wasn’t embarrassing that was fun. Back in the day I used to run events and my events just consisted of killing all the players and I asked everyone to get in the PvP room an i killed them using fire rain using fire rain, which is a really fun skill, and I told them the reward was having fun playing with me. People weren’t happy about it. Panic: We should specify that the test server, as Dust said, GMs are not allowed to test stuff personally and if they’re caught doing it they’re immediately let go. Nova: Correct. The test server is exclusively for development purposes, not for testing of builds. Tokei: Nova, do you remember that time where we had a script that banned players on login and there was a mistake in it, so every time someone logged in, they would get banned. Nova: I remember that. It was offensive Tokei: We banned so many players by accident because it was after a maintenance Nova: yeah Tokei: it was like “ban? W-what happened?” ugh. Then we had to unban everyone, it was such a nightmare. Panic: alright, what do we got for next question. Millefey: Wait wait, I have mine Panic: Oh right. Yes, go. Millefey: So there’s always those moments where you accidentally press one of the GM shortcuts on your legit and it’s always in some super-crowded place, like Pront, but um that has happened to me a lot. But i think the most embarrassing one was where i had to @jail someone, it was my very first time jailing, and it was supposed to be 5 minutes. But I ended up jailing the guy for 5 months because I messed it up. Nova: I remember that Millefey: It was so horrible! I’m so happy to say that error has since been rectified Nova: Yeah Millefey: But at the time was like “woahhh” I felt so bad about that one Tokei: Well, he’s still in there. He’s waiting Nova: He’s still in jail Millefey: NO Nova: waiting for his sentence to end Scout: Oh my gosh Millefey: That poor person, I know I know I feel about it still. How about you Sconie Dust: Wait I have another one Millefey: Or Dust Nova: Go dusty Dust: It was actually a time on #main where someone asked “does @storage work to open your storage?” and I was on my GM account, and I typed “@storage does not work on this server” and it opened my storage Nova: @storage works if you’re a GM. Alright. No one else? No one else. Let’s move on. Oh I think one more that I’ll add for everyone. Very common occurrence, for the people who have legits will type, we dual client the GM and the legit and we’ll send the GM command on the legit and it’s like ahhhh crap. My identity. Panic: I’ve done that before but like I don’t play. Nova: Like literally everybody Tokei: That happens a lot Panic:It’s happened to me… and I don’t play, so. Like the one time I decided to log in Tokei: we should disable the commands if you’re a player Nova: You probably should, Tokei. You probably should. Go do that now! [laughter] Millefey: Save us, Tokei. Nova: Okay Tokei: I mean, I want to use the -- Panic: NEXT Nova: ...next question! Millefey: Okay. My next question is like, the more IRL one, do you have any other jobs aside from being a GM? Nova: I do not. My entire livelihood is working on NovaRO, and as I’ve told many people, I attribute a large part of our success as a server to the fact that I was able to devote myself fully to it and really give it all of my attention, right? As opposed to many people who make servers who do it as a side gig, or do it as a side-project and just don’t give it the attention it deserves. Millefey: Dedication, yes? Right, right. What about you, Sconie? Scout: Um, I’m a preschool teacher. Nova: So many teachers Panic: Teaching the wee little babs Jack: I didn’t know that Scout: Yes, I’m a preschool teacher, and I teach one and a half year olds, and also tutor first-graders Panic: Ah good, maybe you can get me to stop eating paste. It’s just so delicious I can’t stop Scout: alright. Paste is good, it’s okay. Panic: Oh. Fired. [laughter] Nova: It’s okay! We’re going to have to report you to the police Panic: We’re gonna report you to the school district Scout: Only if it’s not toxic. Children do eat paste. Nova: She reads the ingredients and shes like “oh this one’s fine [???] Bonito” Scout: That’s true Millefey: Oh no. Okay so Svarog’s also a teacher. How many, 2 teachers? 3 Teachers? Nova: Anyone else wanna chime in? Carmin: I work in a soap factory. Nova: Soap factory, that’s what the screenshot was, right? Carmin: Yeah Nova: Right on. Got a, what is it, fight club going on? Carmin: Hm? Sorry? Nova: Fight Club? Make explosives from soap? Panic: Yeah? NovaRO Soap, coming to you soon. Xd lmao Carmin: You actually don’t want to know. Seriously. You don’t. Nova: Let’s go. I don’t think there’s any more Millefey: Let’s see what we can take next… alright maybe now we should touch on the development questions that we received Nova: Let’s do it Millefey: This is in particular to you Nova, though. Nova: Mhm Millefey: So there’s been many questions centering on, wondering about the direction we’re going in, so nova, what is your long term goal in NovaRO? Nova: We’ve made some really big statements regarding this stuff, Um, I think it was primarily during the bio5 release where we really shared how we were planning on going with our direction. A lot of people make fun of us because we used to say, we used to advertise and really claim that we were sticking to kRO, balancing and being as close to official as possible. This is something that we’re no longer married to, and moving forward we decided the best course of action for the server is to thrive and really be really fun for our players was to get away from that model. Um, a big thing that I’d wanna share with you guys is that a lot of people give us flak for advertising as 25/25/10, and then saying “well you’re not balancing the latest content to true 25/25/10” and what I have to say to those people is the problem is that when the server was created, kRO was balancing their rates to a certain level, right? And as our server has been up since 2014, the level of generosity from mobs, experience, and drops from kRO has exponentially increased. My quickest way to explain this is, compared to 2014, kRO is now releasing content at a x10 drop rate, multiplier, you could say. Because of that, it doesn’t make sense for us to match that and then add our x10 on top of it. And if we were to do that, our concept as a server would change from being a low to mid rate, to basically becoming a super high rate. It’s really I feel like it’s something really easy to understand if you just take a moment to think about it, but most people who criticize us for that for that isn’t really thinking about it, and they’re just going for the low-hanging fruit, like, “haha gottem, they advertised 25 but it’s not really 25!” So with that, I’d say our direction is to keep striving to really deliver quality, polished content, that will have our players fun, generally trying to be more generous than kRO, but we are not going to blindly follow every decision they make, because I feel like following some of those decisions may make the server inferior, and just make it less fun and make it not work. And to finish that statement, we can look at War of Emperium and Battlegrounds. It is clear to us that kRO is not balancing content with any PvP content in mind, and we’ve made statements to say “we’re gonna go full custom, we’re gonna change a bunch of stuff for WoE and BG” Why? Because if we don’t, it’s just gonna break, because kRO just keeps making classes stronger and stronger and it just, it just doesn’t work. Like at a certain point, if everyone’s oneshotting each other, you can’t have fun pvp content. I hope that answers, more or less, but and again, to summarize, we’re gonna keep doing what we’re doing, which is try to deliver quality content where people can have fun playing through, and that is fair, and as many of you guys have seen, more and more we keep implementing ways to reduce the amount of , reduce how much bad RNG can screw players over. Um, by introducing more expensive safe options that don’t break your equipment, etc. And we see this a lot in enchantment systems. I rambled a little bit, i'm sorry it’s just a really big concept question. Millefey: No it really is a big one. Do you still see yourself running the server in like 3 or 5 years from now Nova: Yes, I do not see myself closing down NovaRO any time soon. We’re having a lot of fun. Monster hunting 2, as we’ve promised many times, is coming very soon and we’re very proud of it, it’s coming together very nicely, and im juts very excited for people to play it. And once that’s out, it’s a strong base for us to develop more and more content. Jack: Oh Lux. I appreciate you. Lux: ??? Nova: Lux and Hector have been working on MH2 much longer than any of us have, uh, so he doesn’t enjoy the project as much anymore. Tokei’s just a whiny little baby, so his complaint is invalid. Lux: I’m having [???] flashbacks right now. Nova: yeah Millefey: Tokei, it’s going to be soon Hector: the good old times. Tokei: To me personally, I just want MH2 to be out so we can get back on what I like Lux: You are preaching to the choir right now Tokei: I mean, you know, it’s Nova: You know what would help for that, Tokei? If you got more involved in helping us work. Wink wink! Tokei: I try! I try Nova: try a little harder [laughter] Panic: there's a question there for hector Millefey: Yeah there is. Panic: Let’s do that one Millefey: Let’s take it! It’s from DevilMayCry, who writes “If you had an opportunity to make a custom pet, what would you do?” Well actually… Hector: I already-- Panic: CAW Hector: do that Panic: CAW Hector: yeah, there’s that. It’s in the works, so to say. But I already-- Panic: Get those crows out Nova: He’s already made pets Hector: most if not all of the pets that are implemented in the server Nova: custom pets Lux: I have a question-- Panic: I’ll have you know (much quieter) i made them Lux: was your crow fetish started by the joke of the crow i put on a map that one time or was it from previous times. Panic: I’m gonna tell you yes Hector: It’s like, it's like, festered from nothing Panic: I guess for anybody not in the loop, Hector and i have a tendency to take really stupid things and turn them into a meme on the inner circle and the crow is just the one going the longest Hector: the more it grows, the more out of hand it got, and we’re just here. Lux: so an addiction. Hector: and the better I got at using brow, the better I could hide and place the crows, so the funnier they got. Jack: there’s some good ones in the MH maps. Panic: yes, look forward to a lot of crows in the MH maps, friends Jack: see if you can find them all. Tokei: There’s 1 that’s pretty easy to find Panic: for every 1 that’s easy to find, there’s 30 that aren’t Millefey: There’s another Crow one. And this one’s from Berry. So What inspired you guys to do the Crow Bro easter egg? Hector: Uh-- Dust: Actually Nova DMed me and was like “make a short and easy quest for the main office” and then hector was like “make it as long as you can”, so, uh Hector: Yeah I really wanted to see the meme in my brand new map that, if nobody knew but i spent like, I dunno, 2-3 months working on the main office, everyone was complaining to me on the team to get it done, but it just took that much time, so I wanted to make something, i wanted dust here to make something really special for the uh map. Nova: It was basically the hidden zones were created first by hector, and then the quest was made surrounding it to use the hidden spots in the main office Panic: The crows will never end… The crows are infinite. Hector: It’s only up from here. Like the better I get at brow, the better I can hide ‘em Dust: I said something about that quest once. On my other account. And they were like-- Someone said, someone told me “only crow bros would understand this” and im like, how do i tell him that i wrote the quest, uh Nova: Let’s go next question Millefey: Okay, okay next one is still, i mean, more about the server and gameside. What programing language do you guys use on the website and ingame? Nova: website is php and sql, the game is C and rAthena scripting. rAthena scripting is kinda, in my opinion, similar to php, uhm. You get used to it. Jack: what’s it called. Sorry i've been day drinking. Specifically for this Nova: To be ready. A social lubricant. Go ahead miles Millefey: Oh, next one, okay. Next one is for Tokei. Tokei, what was the hardest thing until now to code and fix? Nova: Oh okay, so this one was a hard question and Tokei couldn’t come up with a real answer, so I’m gonna kinda answer it for him. Tokei: yessss Nova: actually coding and fixing things for tokei isn’t difficult. The difficult thing is that Tokei doesn’t like to work on things that he doesn’t particularly enjoy. So the hardest part, the hardest thing that I have, the hardest thing Tokei has worked on is things he really doesn’t want to work on. For example, things related to War of Emperium. Or battlegrounds customizations. It just takes a really long time to convince him to take the task on. But once he’s on it, there’s no real difficulty to doing it, it’s just sitting down and doing it. My best example of that was the Homuncubank NPC. Tokei really didn’t like the concept of the Homuncubank, and everyone else on the team really liked it and the suggestion was quite popular, so I got tired of waiting for tokei to get around to it because he wasn’t doing it because he didn’t want to make it, and eventually got another developer to make Homunucbank. So in that sense I would say Homuncubank was the hardest thing to code because Tokei didn’t want to code it. Tokei: In all fairness I forgot about it Nova: I mean I reminded you quite a few times Tokei: But it’s like ugh. And then I forgot. Nova: Yeah Tokei: the next day. Panic: But we’ll say the uhh, I guess if they wanted a more tangible thing for something that was hard to code, not hard, but something that took a while for us to come together and do, was the grotto, and summer festival Nova: Yeah actually, the Grotto and the summer festival was quite intricate Panic: There’s a lot of intricate systems there Nova: But it wasn’t difficult. I guess to better answer the question i would say the scripting side of things isn’t difficult, it’s just time-consuming. THe difficult part is to figure out how we want to design the systems and balancing them out, and really just having the ideas and making them work, right? Panic: Yeah it’s all about taking a really robust, good idea and then you have to translate it to a confinement of Ragnarok Online. Because there are things Nova: Always, always while keeping in mind how are players are going to attempt to break/abuse this. And try to place as many protections preemptively in place. And a quick example, you think about the Homuncubank. Uh, the fact that we had to add a cooldown so people aren’t abusing it in WoE, and like, swapping Homunculus left and right, and the fact that it’s an NPC rather than a @ command, so you can’t do it in a field map, et cetera et cetera. Panic: yeah this is one of those questions where we could go on all day and list a bunch of things Nova: yeah. NEXT! Millefey: That be good that be good. Um… yeah. You guys have so much experience with developing, and coding, and stuff. Have you ever thought of going to the next level and making your own game? Nova: Played with the idea in my mind but I feel me personally I’m still too much in love with this project. I know that starting a new different project, a different game would mean distracting myself from this project Jack: It’s a lot of dedication to make a game Nova: Yeah Jack: And we’re already putting so much effort into this project Nova: Into this one, yeah Jack: It would mean sacrificing things to make a new game Nova: Exactly. And most of us aren’t willing to do that at this point, like I wouldn’t abandon NovaRO to work on another project. Millefey: Gotcha! Up next is Elaine, I hope I'm pronouncing your name correctly, Elaine is curious about how, probably because of the European Proxy, but a number of players of numbers of Asia, will we ever have a Southeast Asia Proxy Server? Nova: We currently do not have any plans to add any additional proxy server thingies. If I remember correctly, and tokei is the expert, the European Proxy in itself isn’t that great of a boon. Like the difference it makes isn’t so major that it makes it not worth it to explore implementing more Jack: It’s essentially equivalent to if you just use a VPN yourself Nova: get on a VPN. Yeah Jack: In fact it’s less flexible, because you don’t have the option of trying out different connections to see if one is better than the other, it’s just the one. If you’re having connection issues, a VPN is probably going to be your best solution. Panic: I think a lot of people with VPNs make the mistake of you get VPN, everybody’s first instinct is to pick a node close to where the server was located. It’s not what you want to do, that’ll just make your connection take the same route to get there. You wanna pick a node that is close to where you live, that’ll have a better chance of forcing the connection to take a faster route to the server. Jack: Yeah like if you’re in Southeast Asia, maybe pick Korea or Japan as your VPN node, and that might give you a better route to the US than if you, than your, the one directly from your ISP. Nova: So short answer, no. Use a VPN if you have bad connection Millefey: Try that, people! Panic: next one Millefey: Next one! This is a bit different, we actually almost done with the questions so Nova: Nice [cheering] Nova: Once we’re done, if people are up for it, like we can open up the floor to take some questions within the channel but let’s finish the ones we actually got Millefey: So next one is from BearGT. Who has noticed our kinda sorta new avatars and writes “I see that most of the staff’s avatars on discord are made by Ninjishiru. I’m curious, did each staff commission him or her, or was it a gift by Nova? Nova: I’ve built a very strong relationship with Froth and Ninji, our artists. They’ve done a lot of our art by now for the website. And I commissioned all of those GM avatars from them, so I guess you could call it a gift to the GMs. Millefey: Yeah, I’m happy for my avatar it’s so cute! Yeah it’s been very nice. Nova: It’s like a forced gift, it's like “Here’s your gift, now you have to put it on” Panic: I’m gonna go ahead and drop the Twitter circle of our artists in here Jack: Keep in mind it’s very cute Nova: They’re excellent artist Panic: They are top notch and they’re great people to work with Nova: definitely. And they also made our new MH2 Logo which, aw it’s so good. It’s just so good. Panic: yes. Froth does all of our male designs, and Ninji does all of the female designs Nova: lemme show the logo. Again. We have our other artist, which is Kaue, who did the background, but look at that logo. Oh god. Jack: He’s the artist that does our backgrounds Nova: Alright, next question Miles. Millefey: That was a good one. Okay, this is the last one.This is the last one Nova: Yayyy Millefey: And it is from Cinderfire. Nova: Cinderfayah Millefey: who asks, what methods are you using to gather these awesome team members, because hey, they awesome Panic: Honeypotting [laughter] Nova: Honeypotting Jack: trap them Nova: really, trial and error. We always go-- a very common misconception that most people have is that we pick the GMs from a) friends or b) people with a lot of experience. Both of those are wrong. We pick people who seem to have great personalities and show potential for just getting along with people. If you can get along with people, you’re qualified to be a regular game master. Panic: Yeah-- Jack: as long as you’re willing to--to like put in the time and fit in we can show you how to do the tasks Nova: Exactly, take constructive criticism, show up, and don’t be rude and we’ll help shape you into an excellent game master. And to our game masters’ credit, we’re very hands off as administrators and we don’t really like, we don’t loom over them and tell them what to do and how to do it, generally. So it just tends to be like the great ones stick around for a very long time and the bad ones disappear so quickly you don’t even notice them. Panic: It’s a lot of trial and error, there’s no, there’s no right or wrong way to do it, like anybody’s who’s played with us for any amount of time has noticed we go through a lot of GMs in the process, but they’re players and some people, the GMs at some point have to question which side they love more, right? Like the ones that want to be more of a player are gonna hang up the GM role and get more focused on that, those that can focus on both are gonna do both Jack: and I think that we’re very lucky in that a lot of our recruiting has gone very well in that like, almost, there’ve almost been nobody we’ve needed to-- Nova: Actually remove from the team, yeah. Jack: Maybe 1 or 2, but the majority of them, like if someone doesn’t fit in, they, it’s kinda mutual and they kinda “well this isn’t really for me so we’re gonna stop” and like “we wish you the best, sorry” Nova: One other thing I’d add is that the real answer to the question is just like, what Monkey said, trial and error and remembering that we’ve been around for 5 years and so it looks like we picked all the winners but that’s only because the ones-- we’re survivor biased Jack: Survivor bias, yeah Nova: Exactly Panic: Yeah, I would, though, my humble, incorrect, always correct opinion, our current staff team is the best we’ve had. Nova: Agreed Panic: Not anything against our past GMs, but this is the strongest-- Nova: This is something we’ve told our game masters in private recently, but we’re quite happy right now with our game master team. It hasn’t changed since the last time we said it, Dusty, like the team has not changed in any way shape size or form, since the first and last time we said it. So it’s still true. Panic: GM DAST Nova: and even to take it a step further, the teambuilding that we’ve been doing and the fact that we’ve been in voice more like, I think a lot of people just from being in the room I felt, right before we started the AMA, I think, like smiling to myself like thinking “hey look at that, the game masters are in the voice chat, and they’re like chatting as friends” unlike, back in the past, right? At the start of the server, it was basically I was friends with every game master, but none of the game masters would talk to each other, and I think we’ve come a very long way since Panic: To touch on what OXD just said, GM legit reveal when, GMs are free to reveal their legits if they want. Some choose to keep it private because it’s normal for people to keep their pleasure and their business separate Nova: The other thing I-- the other thing about the legit thing is that we tried it once where our game master was publicly also a player and a lot of, I like to call them low-effort thinkers, went instantly into saying the person was cheating and using Gm powers to cheat, and it just so happened the player was a high profile MVP hunter. Um, the players reporting him was claiming he was using @kill on monsters to get MVP kills, except you can’t do that. Like, that literally doesn’t work that way. Jack: If you kill a monster, it goes to whoever does the most damage. Nova: And so, yeah you can’t just @nuke monsters. So at that point we decided to put a little bit of effort to keep the identities a little secret, because low-effort thinkers, if they see a GM and a player, you’re just gonna, some people are gonna jump to dumb, baseless accusations, and we’d rather just not deal with that. Millefey: Okay! Jack: I’ve got a little point to make about, um, why our current team is so good, in my opinion is, at the very start of the server, like 2014-2015, a lot of it was just like, really just like me and nova just like “oh there’s all these really trivial tasks, let’s just do them all ourselves, ‘cause it’s weird to bother other people to do them” and then we got a lot more comfortable just asking somebody like “hey can you take care of this” and then that really opened up the communication a lot just to, “hey i trust you to do this” you know? Just do this simple task and then a lot of people, a lot more working together to Nova: to create the content instead of having to do it all solo. Umm, I think with that as miles said we’re out of the pre-submitted questions, um, I’m willing to stick around a little longer and do open forum, and just answer questions that are being asked in chat for a little bit longer. Panic: Yeah sure, if we’re gonna take questions I’m gonna amp up the slowmode so we can actually read them as they come up Nova: Good idea, go for it Panic: stop tying if you have any questions. That way you don’t get caught, i’m gonna put it at a 30 second. Slow mode. Nova: is that a real question? I’ll just start with Bees. The class roles are primarily so you can chat in the particular channels, and have people reply to you about that class. It’s not so much about the role itself, the role is just so that a person who isn’t interested doesn’t have to see all of those channels. So you’re kinda looking at it the opposite way, right? Nova: Do GMs have stories to them? Mine does. When we were first opening the server, we couldn’t come up with a name and-- [laughter] Nova: and we were having a really hard time coming up with a server name, and I remembered that one of our friends always chose really cheese, like edgy usernames. When we first met him, his name was Eclipse, and at another point he was using the name Crimson. And I was like “oooh, idea! Let’s look at what Tristan -- that was his name-- Let’s look at what Tristan’s in-game name is right now” So i checked his skype username and his current handle was Nova and i was like “dude, Nova? NovaRO? That’s great, that works.” So I became GM Nova and we made it NovaRO Jack: stole his identity Nova: Yeah. Oh, stolen identity movies make so much money in the box office [weird baby noices] Jack: Stolen Identity 3 Millefey: I didn’t know that! Nova: Yeah Jack: Love that story Panic: What is your favorite GM event game? Scout: Reverse hide and seeeeeek Carmin: Likewise Millfey: human darts! Panic: I think I like Panic Scatter because it’s got my name in it and it’s braindead easy for it to run. Jack: My favorite is actually the castle assault thing. Nova: The castle invasion that we haven’t run in over a year? Panic: Actually I just brought that up to Nova the other day that jRO basically did a version of Castle Invasion Jack: Oh no Nova: Um, Sake asked what our opinion on magic classes is, uhh… Shadow gear is coming! That answers that question I think. I know a lot of people with uh, Min as their champion, whined about not having magic defense pierce, and as we’ve confirmed already in our monster hunter development blogs, magic defense pierce is coming with the shadow gear that is coming with mosnter hunter. Jack: and Sage is my 3rd favorite class, so… so you’re not dead last. Nova: Ooh that’s a good question, aste. Funnily enough, it varies heavily, uh, RMS drama can be very negatively impacted. The worst part is when if we disagree with each other regarding things about it, we’ll have major arguements about the RMS drama, I think the worst parts about is that I’m a very big emotionally sensitive person. I, to me, NovaRO is my baby, it’s my project, it’s my livelyhood, it ‘s my everthing right? When people try to harm my project with baseless lies, I get really, I just take it really personally, I get really upset. And that’s probably what, the reason it impacts the team as much as it does is that it impacts me very heavily. Um. It’s just you put so much work and so much time and so much effort and love and care into a project to give something to people, and then you see people trying to tear that down with lies. Jack: It’s hard to be genuine when you’re dealing with people that are being dishonest. Panic: Yeah I think that question leads into just, I think RMS is in such a weird state right now, because its lack of actual moderation and care for that site, so a lot just goes wrong there. Nova: And I think we, to fully answer the second part about it, we do talk about it, we discuss it, but very recently we’ve taken strides to let it impact us less. And we’ve outright said to each other “alright no more talking about that” because we all realize at a certain point, it becomes a waste of time. Jack: We just tend to, we present facts if we think it needs to be addressed. Like reply to threads with facts, our sides of stories, and leave it at that. People who are smart will realize, you know, the truth. Nova: To drive it one step further, the last thing I’ll say about why it bums me out is that it’s scary to think that people who don’t know any better might believe those lies and that’s why it’s so, it becomes such a big thing for me, right? Because I want to make sure people don’t get the wrong idea, and they don’t start a stupid rumor that is coming from a complete lie. And that’s what makes it so hard to ignore. Panic: With that said, I’m just gonna go ahead and drop a RMS link there in chat. [laughter] Nova: wink wink Hector: I want to get into what comes after MH2. I don’t know if we stated this like openly to a lot of people, but the idea of MH, as you guys saw with some of the blogs, showing like the new abilities and stuff. This first iteration is like the foundation Nova: the base Panic: Once this is done, it’ll be fully modular and we can add more to it Hector: We’re gonna add new monsters, like easily Panic: While we’re on the topic of MH2, I see someone asking how inclusive MH2, if early game players will have room. Unfortunately-- well not unfortunately but, MH2 from a design point, at its core has been our solution to challenging endgame content Nova: To Ragnarok Online’s lack of endgame content Panic: Now we, it’s not to say that players won’t be able to participate in it, again, it will be something geared towards endgame players because we feel that the veterans that have done all the PvE content and have all the things they want don’t have anything to use those things on. Nova: There’s very little challenging content currently in NovaRO, and Monster Hunter 2, from a design point of view, from the start, was created to fill that void basically, right? We have taken some steps to create a level, create some aspects so lower-geared players and lower power leveled characters will be able to be involved, but at the very high end of it, it is going to be quite difficult. Panic: There is a entry level, like there is an entrance, like people will be able to obtain stuff to help early on Hector: The difficulty scales, basically Panic: Yes, the difficulty will go on Nova: So let’s see Hector: Forgot to mention. You will be able to do stuff like the new mining and the foraging Nova: Foraging stuff and whatnot. So to how inclusive it is, it’s gonna be inclusive if you’re max level and have some basic gear. That’s gonna be a requirement. If you’re not even 175, you can’t even join in. Like you’re going to be locked out. So early game player, no room for it, you have to get some experience I’d say Panic: Which is normal because Monster Hunter, yeah it’s gonna be 175+ Nova: but, but to that, I will also add. It’s a permanent addition to the server. This is not an event, so you’ll have all the time in the world to get ready for it, prepare, and participate in it Panic: Uh, the first MH will kinda, it’ll always be there. It was our very, not, i was not actually involved in the first MH but it was the very first custom project that I believe Nova and Hector did, along with Jack. It’ll be there, you’ll need the shadow gear base and that’s about it. It’ll just always be there for other players to be able to obtain. Jack: Obvious it has issues, I mean the fact that it was our first project, but Nova: We basically reached concensus and said we’re not gonna touch it because it has those issues and people have been using it with those issues for so long that it would be unfair for new players to do things to it at this point Hector: Yeah if anything, the only change planned is already happened and that was the happy hour Nova: The removal of the happy hour as an event to 2, 4, 7 Panic: Because it was just baked in Nova: and… happy hour. Hector: Yeah Nova: Gathering missions Kruro, they’re not necessarily missions but they will be, all players will be able to participate Panic: Where were you when we answered that one? Nova: Oh, sorry Panic: Where were you at? Nova: I’m going from top to bottom. We ran out questions, wooo! Will the other EXP sets, I don’t know what that, I don’t know what that is. Hector: As far as other kRO official content, gear, we will, we have a common stance of, we plan on releasing as much gear as possible, but that we try to stay away from adding it to, like, the Nova Shop or gold coin shop. Jack: Basically anything that has content attached to it is, you know, like like, uh, illusion dungeons will definitely be added at some point, as soon as we get to it, but things like that were just put into the kRO Kafra shop or something, it’s more difficult to say when, but we’ll definitely consider it. Nova: We have lists of them, and we’re keeping them in mind, but we can’t promise them. As for, how do we pick new hats, we go through the hat suggestion thread, mostly. Uh-- Panic: We. Nova: Hat suggestion thread is very, and we check the new updates that kRO and jRO updates, and when they add new cool hats, we’ll, we consider putting those in. Panic: Yeah I scrape the GRFs every week and basically add all the new stuff they add to our GRF and then we put them where we think they’re Nova: They fit Panic: They fit! I mean Jack: Well there’s a question for Monkey. Panic: How often do my recolors… How often do Panic Hat Recolors disappoint you guys? All the time. Nova: All the time. Top to bottom! The next one would be new pets pattern? No, no patterns for new pets, if, like there’s no new pattern, there’s no patterns for any of our development, we kinda do, we do what we want, when we want Panic: Why is the Black Eremes Scarf not actually black but brown? Ask Gravity Nova: Ask kRO Panic: Because that’s an official color. Nova: Original hat, and it was officially called black. Again [???], no calander for big updates. We do not offer release dates or estimates for almost anything, because then players just get, like, like it adds pressure, unneeded pressure to us, and then players will hold us to it and then there’s outside factors that affect it, so the only date that we’ve ever released right now is this Monster Hunter update, but please do not ask “when” questions regarding new content as we don’t know. Panic: I will take a look at doing an Eremes, if i were to do a Eremes black, I would just do a new one, because I, there are people who like the brown color. The problem with black, Black just does not look good in RO, like 9 times out of 10, it just looks pretty bad. Jack: Just the art style and the shading style on most of the items. Panic: Yeah, like you’ll notice with certain recolors that were originally black, the color gets all weird Nova: RenRaven, uh, pets do talk, it’s an official feature, we removed it because it was quite obnoxious and it fills up the chatbox and it adds very little. Do you ever plan to add hats that are exclusive to overseas package on iRO and kRO? Currently we do not. Those hats are balanced to jRO as we’ve said before, and they’re quite ridiculous when put into our context, so there’s no plans for those at this time. Panic: The melee pet egg. It was basically, it started off as my idea. And it evolved to everybody pitching in for it. Nova: 69, as lux said, we have no methodology, our methodology is “do what we want, when we can, with me pressuring people” it’s a very loose style of working, but it works for us. I think we all appreciate to some degree the lack of structure and being able to work on what we want to work on, rather than me setting roles and saying “we have to do this” but the one major exception being Monster Hunter 2, we obviously have to work on with priority because we’ve promised the deadline. Hector: I step in and tell people “do this” Nova: yeah…. Skimming, skimming. You already answered melee, blahblahblah, Shotgun coding, spray and pray! I’m just like Lux, I, half my comment names are called “yolo” and it’s like “I hope this works” “I wonder if it’ll work” recompile, restart, hey! It didn’t work, try again. Jack: I’m very much the opposite where I obsessively look over the very little documentation that exists and ask lots of questions then-- Panic: again the ancient hero boot question, goes back to the other question Nova: We already answered that question, If it’s from the kafra shop, we have it in mind and we’re gonna try, but there’s no promises and there’s no deadline. Hector: and I wanna say, im fairly confident that we have all those items documented already, we have them in mind Panic: We’re aware they exist. Hector: Yeah Nova: and we’re trying to implement them, but we don’t wanna-- Jack: We need to come up with some kind of content to add them, because it feels very dirty to throw them all in the cash shop. Like that’s not good game design. Nova: Yeah Panic: Lava. Nova: Basically one of our core design principals when making NovaRO was to make it significantly less pay to win than the other existing servers available, namely the official servers right? So we really don’t want to fall into the trap of implementing powerful gear through the nova shop constantly. Jack: ooh, I like OXD’s question. If you were to assign each of the 7 dwarves to each of the GMs, who would it be? Nova: Monkey’s Grumpy Panic: Woah Nova: RIchie’s Sleepy Jack: Yeah okay Richie is Sleepy Lux: No wait Richie’s like Poopy [laughter] Nova: POOPY dwarf Jack: Okay let’s look at, 7 dwarves, Hector: I haven’t gotten this one, dude Jack: Look at this, 7 dwarves wiki Panic: The pet system is something we’re looking more into, it was something we’re going to be doing more with in the future, it’s just, the melee pet egg came, and then we put what we were working on for that system aside to get MH out. Once we get MH out, I will pester Tokei more, and we’ll work on the pet system that we were gonna work on, and I think you guys will enjoy it, obviously I can't leak it. Hector: Yeah we had some good ideas floating around that’s on hold for MH actually having a very close deadline, and it being such a big project, everything has been put on hold, basically. Nova: Scooting back, more titles to content, same thing they just said, in the future, probably. Lava enchants, no new news. Ah, as we stated in our release statement, the reason the lava gear didn’t enchants is because we didn’t have enough information to implement them. That has not changed, so they still don’t have plans to be implemented at this point. Youtube channel and streaming. I wish, we don’t have anyone who wants to do that sort of thing, I’ve always thought that if we had a player who wanted to volunteer, who could do quality content, I’d be all for giving them the credentials and running it, but it would have to be someone who could be trusted and was dedicated. Do we open source? Very rarely. Tokei sometimes shares some of the most critical fixes with rAthena, but we’re just too focused on our own projects to be spending time sharing stuff with others. We feel that spending time making more stuff open source takes away from what we can give you guys. Uh, crusnik, that’s too specific. No, we have not planned to unbind that at all, yet. I see there’s a related suggestion, but we’re not there yet. Panic: Regarding MH, how hard was it to implement new mechanics into a 20 year old piece of love and hope? [Lux laughing]I’ll let you get that one, Lux Lux: It was awful, I hated every step of it. No, it wasn’t actually that bad, I have to say. But our design style is very iterative, so there would be changes being made, and it would be changed a couple days later. Panic: Very biased, but I think you guys will enjoy a lot of the mechanics Lux and Tokei and everybody did a really good job on basically taking us saying “take this and make it do that and do some cool stuff like that” and made it a reality. I think you guys will enjoy it. Jack: As Lux said, it’s very iterative, like we’ll come up with an idea, and then we’ll realize that idea isn’t quite realistic in the context of RO, and we’ll have to rework it to make it feel good, and fun in RO. But I think we come up, we managed to compromise, and make something interesting Lux: All of the mechanics we have, you should be able to recognize them from more modern MMOs, but they do have an RO spin to them. Panic: yes, we very much do take things from other MMOs and apply them to RO, as some of you, a long time ago, when I released the woetracks, I very much took that from Guild Wars 2, and their tracks for their competitive content, and a lot of you said that instantly. Nova: Yeah, I feel, there’s a quote about like how uh, what was it? Like the best art coming from artists ripping each other off and building on it? Panic: basically Nova: There’s a quote that says it properly, but that taking ideas from pre-existing games and trying to improve them or apply them retroactively into RO is a big part of our design philosophy. Jack: A lot of them are just patterns, and especially the context of boss mechanics. Panic: Babies will never be able to adopt. We’ve tried. We’ve tried. Nova: the baby system and the adoption system is just nasty and it’s very limited and it’s not something we want to spend that much time on at the same time. I’m 28. Panic: I’m also 28. Jack: I will be 29 this year, I think. I’m the 2nd-oldest in the team? Carmin: I am 29. Jack: yeah. Hector: 23 Jack: Maybe Tokei might be older than me? But I think Nova: I think you’re about the same age. Oh shut up Tokei you’re not 17. Jack: Tokei’s a 17 year old girl Panic: Yeah Tokei’s a 17 year old anime girl, uwu Hector: 16, female, and cali Jack: Richie is, like 5? Mentally. 5 this year? 6 next year. Hector: yeah Lux: to be fair to him, his reading age is 7, so. Nova: dang. Jack: Yes, Mochi is 8. Mochi is a classmate of Richie’s Millefey: Cathy. Nova: They’re both schooled by Scout Scout: I actually tutor. Panic: When are we going to fully ban OXD? Only in my dreams Nova: Yeah go for it, it’s question time Panic: Yes, ask questions. Nova: I have not read, I do not know what the Forest Adventure is. 4 beers in. I only had a Panic: Besides coders, how is the dev team composed? We’re a rag-tag crew. Nova: What do you mean, I don’t quite understand that question, the dev team compose question. Panic: Like Miles is basically, like Miles is on the team but she’s not a developer, she’s a, she handles-- Jack: Everyone except for Lux just does a little bit of everything, whatever needs to be done, you know? LIke maybe, like some some editing, some text, or working on testing, or player support, or all kinds of things, just whatever needs to be done Panic: I like to compare us to the uh Millefey: We have descriptions, we have descriptions Panic: We’re like the team from Armageddon the movie, we’re a bunch of drillers that got sent up in space to take down an asteroid, just a ragtag bunch of drillers. Nova: Uh advertisement? We don’t do a lot. I do native advertisement in Reddit by replying to people who ask about things where I can, we reply to RMS things to show the signatures, we pay for an advertisement spot in Ratemyserver, but really our biggest source of traffic is, ratemyserver is a very popular website within ragnarok online players, so when we ask you guys for reviews, it’s so we can get that publicity from Jack: being on the front page Nova: Exactly. Jack: Seeing the reviews on the sidebar are really the biggest source of traffic Nova: and then that sense, that is our biggest, our biggest effort towards advertising is asking you guys to do reviews and to refresh them once a month so that we can get that trafffic from RMS*
  15. @BonMechanic Good news! I've received permission to add those so the NPCs are on their merry way. Thank you for the suggestion. @Yunna Saving in Eden is sadly not something we plan on doing so that one I'll have to decline.
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