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  1. Millefey

    NovaRO Staff Application

    Hello, vldrk! We do have our hands full with projects (and not least with applications right now), so the chances of us taking on any more anytime soon are quite slim. You are of course still very welcome to pitch yours -- I'd be interested in hearing about it. Send me a message with conscise details of your inquiry, and I'll forward it wherever it needs to go if I'm not able to give you an answer.
  2. Millefey

    NovaRO Staff Application

    Hello, Greystache! Glad to hear you're excited about the prospect. The positions listed are there to just get potential applicants brainstorming really, as every single one is what you make of it. For example, you might start as one role and in time, become another. This is probably made easier by the fact that we don't have routines in the conventional sense. That is not to say GMs don't have routines at all, but rather that it depends on each individual, on their focus, and the amount of time they have. By itself, the list of tasks that someone in a GM position might do is very long and includes everything you could envision us do, from spellchecking to testing. But that doesn't mean all of our GMs participate in this way. One member may only be running events and nothing else, for example -- yet do so with high consistency. Another might take on answering support tickets as their niche thing, and so on. We only ask that you interact with the team and are reasonably active (so sudden, extended MIAs are best avoided). Roughly divided, a Game Master has a Game Master account/avatar. Everyone else works in the background, including Helpers. We... haven't had anyone in this position for a very long time. Partly because it simply wasn't explicitly listed, and partly because of the inherent limitations it comes with. Admittedly, when I first arrived here, it did give me a way to dip my toes in but before long I too asked for a GM account due to inability to concretely help players, run events, and make official replies. That said, it might still be suitable to a person who wants to stay strictly in the background and tinker with things that need doing (say, writing a hat quest) and to bombard the rest of us with reminders when we inevitably forget to follow up with something. But, it's also important to mention that no matter which position we talk about, proactivity and initiative are a must. Sitting idly and expecting to be given tasks would be a way to guarantee a rather lukewarm start with us. We are much too busy to chase non-interested members, and we also want everyone on the staff to enjoy what they do, so we approach work with "if you want to be involved, get involved" principle. I hope that this brought a little bit of clarity. If you want me to elaborate on anything, do let me know.
  3. Apply for NovaRO Staff It is that time of the year when we're ready to receive some sweet, fresh blood transfusions! Over the last few months, studies, work and other forms of real life has taken a toll on the size of our GM family and we want to build it back up a little. As it stands, our team has always been small but sturdy. On most occasions we prefer to underhire than overhire in favor of having more resources to devote to integrating our newcomers. This is not very encouraging news of course, seeing how it means a higher probability of rejected applications but sometimes sheer persistence gets you in (when we see you applying time after time after being rejected). This revelation is not intended as a caution but more of an insight: just like we believe in what we do, we want you to believe in yourself and what you do, too. Our ultimate goal as staff is to provide the players of NovaRO the best game experience possible with the means, skills and time available to us. Some of us do so by interacting with players in-game, some keep an eye on the forums or on Discord. Others work more behind the screen on the features and content that we implement, and there's also a group of people who add artistic flair. Several of us opt to play a bit of a game of Twister and don many different hats! In other words, you have a lot of freedom in what you want to focus on. If you want to be a part of this team, all you essentially need to do is to fulfill the age requirement. We never ask for prior GM experience but ideally you already possess robust knowledge of the game and the server -- or at least enthusiasm for learning as much as possible about it if you have not been with us that long. It is your inner drive that matters the most. Available Positions: Game Master Writer Spriter Artist Helper Tester* BG Commissioner** *If you want to apply as a Player Tester and not officially join the staff, please follow the application procedure described over here. **If you want to apply as a BG Commissioner, please follow this application procedure instead. Last time we focused rather explicitly on hiring support GMs, and while we still much welcome such applications (because there can hardly ever be enough kind souls willing to answer questions around the clock), this time the process is more general and largely up to you as an applicant. Listing all available positions would take much too much space, hence examples above are just that, examples. If you have skills or talents that you feel can benefit the server, or if you don't want to be a GM but still want to contribute in other ways -- we'd be very happy if you let us know. Kindly note that being staff is classified as volunteer work. Please do not expect monetary reimbursement from being on the team. Before you proceed with the application, read the rest of this post thoroughly, and post any questions you have in this thread before you begin filling in your answers. We are unlikely to begin processing any applications until at least a week in, so take your time with making sure you didn't miss anything. RULES & REQUIREMENTS Age: 19+. You have to be at least 19 years old in order for your application to be considered. Applications must be filled out in English. While most staff members are multilingual, the server's primary language remains English. Your command of this language does not have to be perfect but we consider that your application reflects your fluency. Game Masters represent the server so it is important that you are able to express yourself clearly and well. All applications must be filled out in their entirety. Please do not leave any fields empty. While we understand that some questions may seem difficult or tedious to answer, we ask that you fill each field to the best of your ability. Please aspire to use full sentences, proper punctuation and capitalization and also avoid abbreviations. Any applications filled out improperly will not be considered. As we process a large number of applications, we will not be contacting any individual applicants regarding potential errors or omissions. It would also not be fair for those applicants who invested time into making sure theirs were properly filled. So please double-check your application before you send it to us. Please do not send multiple applications or ask about the application status. You will be notified of our final decision once we are ready to do so. Recruitment is a lenghty process and we will reply to everyone in due time. Do not post applications in this thread. They will be deleted, and you will be immediately disqualified. The only thing this would do, would be providing a clear indication that you have not paid attention to this section. HOW TO APPLY Copy and paste the application found in the spoiler tag of this post into a message via THIS LINK. You can remove the comments in small font without any worry. They're only there to clarify the questions so that they're easier for you to answer. As for the length of your answers, it is completely up to your discretion; your replies may be elaborate, consice, or something in-between. Whichever you feel most comfortable with. Please BOLD your answers. This will make the application easier for us to read. You can do this easily by highlighting your answer, then pressing Ctrl + B. Keep the rest of your message default. This is basically us asking you to spare our eyes from rainbow colors. Creative formatting will get you attention but not the kind you want if you want to be seriously considered. Creativity is truly wonderful, just please not here, as it will also show that you are not able to follow the most basic of instructions. We don't want your formatting to detract our attention away from what you're saying, and ask you to respect this wish. Use the appropriate title for your message. The format should be [Position you are applying for] Application - [Player Name]. You would not yet have a GM name, so please use any of your in-game names. If you copy one of the samples, please don't forget to change the name. Examples: GM Application - Nova Scripting Application - Tokei We wish you all the best of luck and are looking forward to reading all of your applications!
  4. Now that I've gone over everything said in this thread, let me address a few key points. The reason the weeklies have remained unchanged is because we're working on overhauling the weekly system as a whole, of which the summer weeklies are merely a small part. However, while it is on the forefront of our list of priorities, it will take some time before this project is completed, and we do not have the resources to devote to meticulous tweaking of summer weeklies in parallel. Taking into account the fact that the existing system will soon be replaced, using any more development time on it would even be imprudent -- not to talk about unreleased content, which is likely to benefit the server more than further summer weekly adjustments might. There is however one single change that we will make, and that is reducing the weekly Summer Festival Coin requirement from 11k to 9k. We did consider this to be the task with the heaviest requirement, and factoring in the burn-out from summer events as well, we're comfortable with lowering the coin count to this. As for the rest of the summer weeklies, we are asking you to accept them as they currently are until we are at a point where they can be rotated. To also answer to some of the suggestions presented here, we will not be removing the summer festival earlier than planned. Doing so would be rather unfair and uncharacteristic after the set yearly expectation that this event is indeed our longest. I know not everyone sees summer the same way now -- partly because of the focus that BSBs and weeklies have been receiving -- but the island is more than that. To give you just one example, a number of players are still collecting Daily Tickets and for them every additional day of the event counts. As for why reverting to the pre-summer weeklies won't be done, it is not only because we want to highlight other content. The weekly system as it previously existed, was, by and large, extremely outdated. Much more than it should have, or was intended to be. Not only was it our original vision to continue updating the weeklies, but due to powercreep in RO, the old system gradually became a target for abuse. BSBs are extremely powerful items, and what concerns their distribution, it is our duty as developers to streer on the side of caution. Having the weekly ask as too low may well make you happy short-term, but in the long-term such a decision has the potential to break the game. Adjusting the difficulty curve and balancing the quests is a process, and in terms of summer, we've in essence had two options: one being the disabling of the weekly system altogether until further notice, and the second keeping the current weeklies for a while longer. Between these options we find the latter as the more reasonable one, especially with the coin amount now lowered further. Now, let's talk a bit about the future weeklies that many of you may be anxious about. Frankly, summer has been exceptional in more ways than one, which makes it unsuitable for generalization to other events. To cement an answer to the question of whether seasonal events will stay in the weeklies, it is a yes. The seasonal ask, where relevent, will stay. A degree of participation (when they are active) will continue to be necessary in order to fully complete the weeklies. Weeklies, as per their name, were never designed to be completed in a day, however, we know and acknowledge that the summer ones could've been much better balanced. I emphasize that it is not in our intentions to repeat a disproportionately high or time-consuming ask from seasonal weekly quests. The involvement that will be required for completing the seasonal portion is already projected to be a fraction of what it has been during summer. In other words, you should find yourself using far less time finishing the seasonal quests in the future. Here at the end I'll mention that we've had several productive talks around the weekly system and at least I feel like we're in a much better place. A lot is still up in the air but I believe I can disclose that we've had a lot of ideas we're very excited about and we have a couple of concepts regarding different default Ragnarok Online activities being used as weekly quests.
  5. So happy to hear you had a good experience thus far, Above9! It warms my heart. Welcome to the server and I hope you'll continue enjoying your stay with us.
  6. While we know that emotions run high right now, we feel saddened to see players take any amount of frustration out on others. It is not in our intentions to let this continue, thus while we do not enjoy locking threads and wish to keep them open, we do find it best to close this one. It is not easy but please try to be kind to one another. Again, we warmly invite you all to continue to submit suggestions for summer festival, but of course not only. We'll do our best to continue to make the server the best we can.
  7. Thank you for receiving my previous post with kindness, I deeply appreciate it. As there have been many responses since last, I would like to say a few more words in an attempt to repair some of the disconnect. I know that at this point it's a little too late to say but your concerns have always been and always will be a part of the internal agenda -- the reality is we wouldn't have a server without you, and the entire purpose of what we do is to make a good game. I do understand why it wouldn't appear so, or why it would be difficult to believe, as we really-really haven't been the best at communicating that, but it is the truth. We read, listen, consider, and discuss all of the inputs as a team. After big changes the flow we go with tends to be one where we tweak a bit by bit and discuss a lot. Then we stop to look at the results, and go back to the discussion table to talk about what we implemented successfully and what we could do better. This process continues until we have something we are happy with, but it does take time. From here on out it is clear that we have to get much better at communicating with you. On that account, I'll do my best to uphold at least this level of communication between you and the staff. That's something I've shied away from doing and I'm sorry for that.
  8. Reading through the (many) threads about the summer weeklies has made abundantly clear how frustrating many of you find the new system. As much as the summer weeklies were a conscious choice, please believe that we haven't done this change to make your lives harder. We have never had any hidden agendas behind the weeklies. There is no gambling on a mass exodus in order to drive up market prices or anything else of the sort. I don't think this sort of thought occurred to any of us at any point. If it was income we were after, we would have implemented the BSBs in a way that would have directly benefited us -- for example locked them behind the cash shop. It still would be easier to do away with the whole system that has caused so much grief not only for you but also for us. It is however true that we felt we had no other options except for choosing between a rock and a hard place. For us this has meant modifying the existing system. Yet, the summer change was never intended to be a punishment. Rather, we honestly thought this sort of a tie-in could be beneficial in not only that more casual players would be able to obtain BSBs, but also that you wouldn't need to choose between MH and the festival. That said, we miscalculated the ways in which the playerbase is split at the core and for that we are sorry. As somebody noted, because the majority of the development decisions have had a positive impact in the server's past, we continue to trust the dev team to pave the way. This is why we are as hesitant as we are to implement player suggestions in a 1:1 manner. I know some of you guys have felt a lot of frustration in regards to suggestions being rejected, but I want you to know that we are not just shutting those suggestions down and moving on, we're looking at the core issue being presented. So when we reject a suggestion, it is usually because we feel it creates other larger issues. What we do then, is to try to think of the best version that we can implement, which ideally does not cause other issues. This of course doesn't mean there are never flaws in a final implementation, but the ideas you present us with are never lost. To summarize, we are deeply sorry for how much upset the weekly change has caused, not least because there have been many bugs present due to map adjustments and other last-moment changes. This upcoming maintenance we'll implement instancing to the singleplayer games as well as additional copies of multiplayer games to reduce queue waiting times. We hope this change will at least help with the long waiting times. The attendance has been unprecedented and the number of participants has frankly caught us off guard. Of course, we are also keenly aware of the effects of time-gating of the content due to how the system is set up. All I can say is that we are continuing to explore what we else can do to improve the experience right away. It is not an easy process, so I must ask you to be patient with us.
  9. In preparation for the upcoming Summer Festival 2020, like in the years before, there are a few changes we will make to the items obtained from it. Below you can see a detailed list as to what these changes are and what will happen to the various items you may have obtained last year. All Summer Festival Coins will be transformed into 2019 Summer Festival Coins. All Rainbow Gemstones will be transformed into Dull Gemstones. All 2019 Summer Tickets will be transformed into Ripped Ticket. All 2019 Summer Festival Coins can be exchanged into Summer Festival Coins at a 3:1 ratio when you speak with the Ferryman. The same applies to Dull Gemstones, that will be exchangeable into Rainbow Gemstones at the same 3:1 ratio. If you want to use Rainbow Gemstones at their present value, you can do so at the Festival Painter (who can be found at Main Office 3rd floor). This will remain the case until the maintenance that will bring the new festival. Ripped Tickets can be exchanged into Summer Festival Coins at a 1:100 ratio. One ticket will become 100 Summer Festival Coins. Golden Pearls will remain unchanged. If you hold any of these, you'll be able to use these right away as normal. The items listed below will be removed and have to be obtained anew: Deepwater Pearls Pouring Keys Wetsuit Iron Shovel Steel Shovel Obsidian Shovel Steel Shards Obsidian Shards Wooden Rod Iron Rod Steel Rod Golden Rod Shiny Clamshell Sturdy Turtle Shell Cool Conch Cheap Lure Worm Lure Standard Lure Rainbow Lure These changes are going into effect because of the fact that new rewards are being attached to the different activities around the island. We feel compelled to reset player's progress in order to get everyone to share the same starting line. We've also made some minor changes to digging and fishing to prevent upgrade material stacking. We write this message so that players who may still have Rainbow Gemstones in their inventory get an opportunity to use them at their original value. Please note that the above is scheduled to take place prior to every future Summer Festival as well and not only this one. We are looking forward to taking you to to the Summer Festival grounds that will open doors on July the 1st. Hope to see you then!
  10. To all first responders among us, This is a short letter to you. It is not an exaggeration to say that the past couple of months have been trying. We have faced such a tremendous amount of adversity from all directions and you all have inspired us with the courage and resilience that you have shown during these trying times. We cannot but admire the tenacity and grace that we know will continue to shine light into the uncertainties that lie ahead. These truths cannot be said out loud often enough. This is to you, for being out there performing the kind of work that is rough physically and not the least bit easier mentally; work that risks your own health and well-being but that you still selflessly and tirelessly tackle. You take on assisting those who need assistance and helping those who are weaker and more vulnerable; protecting those who need protection. But above all else, this kind of work that you, as a first responder, do, is often thankless. It shouldn't be this way. Your efforts should not be taken for granted. So for the daring you, for going that extra mile for everyone else, we want to offer you our sincerest thanks. It is you who is actively making the world a little better place. For your contributions to society and for being a hero of today, we hope you will accept the following as a little gift from us. Lifting a toast to your fighting spirit, - The NovaRO Staff Free Nova Points & Bonus Nova Points As a first responder, you will obtain 25k Nova Points and a bonus +25% on any Nova Point purchases for a full week. A player of NovaRO who is also a first responder is required to provide identification to Nova via Discord. This should be an official ID from your respective organization. We understand this is private information you would be sharing with us, hence it is perfectly alright if you want to censor certain fields that would be shown. However, we ask for your full name to be visible and legible. Who is eligible? If you're not sure if you fit the bill, PM Nova on Discord regardless and chat it out with him! First Responder's Badge For joining us during these times, we're also distributing a small exclusive memento item under the name of "First Responder's Badge". This is a simple costume equipment created for the purpose of commemorating your efforts. Nova will send out this headgear to you together with the Nova Points once you have been confirmed as a first responder. Please note that the combination of these items may only be redeemed once per person on one account. The week's bonus starts at your confirmation as a first responder.
  11. Being honest, not least to yourself, is a very difficult and a very brave thing to do. I can't begin to imagine everything you must've been through. Sending warm wishes for your future and recovery. I hope you'll treat yourself with kindness and do more of the things that make you happy.
  12. A little update! The Event Tickets have now been sent both to winners and participants.
  13. Nice to meet you, pppbbbolly! I really enjoyed reading that download story of yours also! It was funny and relatable. I'll keep this short and sweet as I have a tendency to get long-winded but I'm glad to have you here with us -- I hope you'll join plenty of events and have lots of fun! Don't forget to join our Discord too if you haven't yet.
  14. Millefey

    Gala Ending Patch Notes

    Dear NovaRO Community, It has been some time since we began our Community Gala project and it is slowly drawing to a close. Don't worry however, as we're still working on implementing even more events, and in fact this maintenance will introduce a very popular one into the scene! Additionally, even more things are still slated to happen: Upcoming 40% Nova Point Bonus As we informed you in our last patch-notes, throughout the 4th of May you will receive 40% more Nova Points on every purchase. You will be able to check whether the offer is still valid on the website if your time-zone differs from that of the server. Friends & Family Art Contest Winners In the beginning of the gala we announced this contest and now it's time to announce the winners! We received plenty of entries and players honoring their guild mates, friends and family. We'll display as many of these beautiful works as loading screens as we can and plan to feature them in the forum gallery also. All of the prizes, including participation, are due to be sent out soon. MvP Events We're happy to announce that this much requested old time favorite event has become a reality! If you're unfamiliar the concept, this is a town invasion style event where several MvPs are spawned on a map. We've spent some good time on it and placed some restrictions to make sure players across different time zones get to participate in the event and that it's as much fun as possible. We hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are! Care Package II From now until the end of May 4th, you can claim another care package from Valerie O'Daley. The items within (listed below) are given together with your daily rewards of the day and are obtainable once per account. Please make sure you have enough room in your inventory. There is a weight check in place also and if you can't carry all of the items, you cannot redeem them that day. In such a case, try again the next day. 10x Pieces of Cake 3x Kafra Cards 20x Yggdrasil Seeds (bound) 10x Yggdrasil Berries (bound) 3x Tokens of Siegfried (bound) 5x Guyak Puddings (bound) 1x Rental Giant Fly Wing (bound) 5x Gin Sacred Draught 10x Endeavor Tokens 1x All in One Booster (bound) Again, the team thanks you for your support during the course of this project! The rest of the patch notes are detailed below. Features Community Suggestion Reduced the amount of White Teddy Bears on Monster Subjugation from 300 to 200. Community Suggestion Hogar from Terra Gloria now enchants the left side slot instead of right side slot. Community Suggestion @battlestats will now show Skill Modifiers. Community Suggestion You can now buy a guild rename on the Siege Director NPC, at @go woe. Community Suggestion Utan Shaman, from the Ore Degrading quest can now transform multiple stones at a time. Disabled Warp Portal inside instances. Fixed some issues with resistance effects. Fixed @autoloottype to work with type names instead of IDs only. Fixed crafting recipe for Golden X. Fixed a warp in the Bunker Map from Verus. A tiny adjustment was made to status points. Players will gain one more stat point at level 200. Adjusted HP/SP for Star Emperors. HP increased by +14% and SP by +7% at level 200. Developer's Note: We'll still be working on gathering data for the remaining classes, however we gathered information on the Super Novice HP and SP values, and their values actually drastically went down. For this reason, we will not be applying their HP/SP changes at this time, as we do not feel it is necessary to reduce their HP and SP so drastically. Added the Reginleif and the Ingrid MVPs to Odin Past's dungeon. These MVPs will currently only drop their cards. Monster Hunting Fixed an issue where boss corpses would not spawn from time to time. MH-only items can no longer be used on the Airship. Items Many Stars can now be swapped between [M] and [L] versions at Miles the Milliner NPC. The following headgears can likewise be recolored at Miles the Milliner NPC: - Red Under Rim Glasses - Megaman X Helmet - Zero Helmet - Pocketwatch Hair Ornament - Frilly Collar - Occult Magic [L] - Occult Magic [M] - Two-Tone Beret Fixed Archer Shadow Ring to now give 10 ATK/HIT per refine instead of 1 on proc. Fixed an issue with Kimi Card using a higher level than intended for Critical Wound. Gin Sacred Draught Potion no longer gets removed on death. Skills Removed fixed cast time for Xeno Slasher. Windmill Rush now properly increases movement speed. War of Emperium and Battlegrounds Siege Commissioners Crazy Weed damage is reverted to pre-rework in BG and WoE. Siege Commissioners Cart Cannon base level modifier no longer applies in BG and WoE. Commissioner's Note: Keep in mind that the new formula is now applying, just without the level mod. That is still an overall buff compared to pre-patch. Hunter's skill Detect will now remove Shadow Form at 100% success rate inside Battlegrounds. Fixed an issue where King of Emperium was not giving card and enchant effects. Siege Commissioners All Homunculus S are now demi-human race. Commissioner's Note: This is a decision that was made in the same direction when we turned Doram into Demi-Human. Asking players to wear race reductions for races that are not demi-human in BG/WoE is pretty unhealthy, especially when it's only a handful of players running them.
  15. Friends & Family Art Contest Winners This friends and family-themed contest was so much fun! It was made even more interesting by the stories behind your illustrations that so many of you shared with us by submitting them together with your entries. Without further ado, we shall now present you the winners that were selected by altogether 17 members of our staff. Like always, it wasn't easy to vote on such heartwarming pictures from 23 talented artists! This particular contest may end here, but we'll continue working to implement as many of these works as loading screens in the near future. All credit goes to the amazing original art creators whose player names are provided below! 1st Place .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;border-width:1px;border-style:solid;border-color:black;} .tg td{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;padding:10px 5px;border-style:solid;border-width:0px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;} .tg th{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;font-weight:normal;padding:10px 5px;border-style:solid;border-width:0px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;} .tg .tg-rg0h{font-size:12px;text-align:center;vertical-align:top} Fabelwisp 2nd Place .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;border-width:1px;border-style:solid;border-color:black;} .tg td{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;padding:10px 5px;border-style:solid;border-width:0px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;} .tg th{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;font-weight:normal;padding:10px 5px;border-style:solid;border-width:0px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;} .tg .tg-rg0h{font-size:12px;text-align:center;vertical-align:top} Hamachi 3rd Place .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;border-width:1px;border-style:solid;border-color:black;} .tg td{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;padding:10px 5px;border-style:solid;border-width:0px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;} .tg th{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;font-weight:normal;padding:10px 5px;border-style:solid;border-width:0px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;} .tg .tg-rg0h{font-size:12px;text-align:center;vertical-align:top} Tatsum1 And here a quick reminder for all participants (and not only the winners)! Your participation rewards (Event Tickets) will be tallied together with the GM Challenges you did and sent to you over the next couple of days. Please pick them up from your ROdex mails before they expire! It would be sad if they did, and we wouldn't want that to happen. You'll have at least one week to claim them by logging onto your characters and checking your incoming mails. For the winners' illustrations that would mean logging onto the character listed above, and for the rest of the participants, the character name you gave us in the contest topic. Thank you again, everyone and see you in the next contest! The staff team wishes you a wonderful day!
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