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  1. Hello Greystache! That's a good question. It would be great if there was a possibility for us to do this initiative in-game also, but it's quite a bit less simple than what I think it might look like at a glance. I won't be going into too much detail but as tempting the proposal is, after discussing it, we found it poses a few too many dilemmas for us. On one hand we don't feel we can give moderators the same commands that a regular GMs wields, and on the other, stripping these commands means chipping away the authority that a GM position holds. When weighing the benefits of this sort of ne
  2. Become A Discord Moderator While the staff team is widely international, there are still only so many languages we are able to cover among us at any given time. Providing adequate, real-time moderation across our Discord's many language channels has proven challenging, if not unrealistic. Recently it has also not been uncommon that player reports and screenshots submitted to us contain crucial information in languages we cannot fluently communicate in or properly decipher on a short notice, and this tends to slow down our ability to act as fast as we'd like. As, we realize, this is les
  3. Heya BuRiGotchi and welcome to NovaRO! I hope you will meet someone you knew from back then. After all, you never know! In the meantime, wishing you good times here with us. Make yourself feel at home.
  4. Live Discord AMA Hello everyone! Time goes much too fast, and it has been a year and a half since our last AMA. If you are curious about that one from 2019 and want to read more about it, you are welcome to peek over here. In short, what you can expect is a collective get-together consisting of us and players, where you can ask the Nova team some questions and come and chill with us. We plan to hold our second AMA session over the server's Discord #main channel on the 20th of December 2020 at around 12 PM PST (noon server time)! Like last time, there will be many of us att
  5. Hello, vldrk! We do have our hands full with projects (and not least with applications right now), so the chances of us taking on any more anytime soon are quite slim. You are of course still very welcome to pitch yours -- I'd be interested in hearing about it. Send me a message with conscise details of your inquiry, and I'll forward it wherever it needs to go if I'm not able to give you an answer.
  6. Hello, Greystache! Glad to hear you're excited about the prospect. The positions listed are there to just get potential applicants brainstorming really, as every single one is what you make of it. For example, you might start as one role and in time, become another. This is probably made easier by the fact that we don't have routines in the conventional sense. That is not to say GMs don't have routines at all, but rather that it depends on each individual, on their focus, and the amount of time they have. By itself, the list of tasks that someone in a GM position might do is very long and i
  7. Apply for NovaRO Staff It is that time of the year when we're ready to receive some sweet, fresh blood transfusions! Over the last few months, studies, work and other forms of real life has taken a toll on the size of our GM family and we want to build it back up a little. As it stands, our team has always been small but sturdy. On most occasions we prefer to underhire than overhire in favor of having more resources to devote to integrating our newcomers. This is not very encouraging news of course, seeing how it means a higher probability of rejected applications but sometimes sheer p
  8. Now that I've gone over everything said in this thread, let me address a few key points. The reason the weeklies have remained unchanged is because we're working on overhauling the weekly system as a whole, of which the summer weeklies are merely a small part. However, while it is on the forefront of our list of priorities, it will take some time before this project is completed, and we do not have the resources to devote to meticulous tweaking of summer weeklies in parallel. Taking into account the fact that the existing system will soon be replaced, using any more development time on it woul
  9. So happy to hear you had a good experience thus far, Above9! It warms my heart. Welcome to the server and I hope you'll continue enjoying your stay with us.
  10. While we know that emotions run high right now, we feel saddened to see players take any amount of frustration out on others. It is not in our intentions to let this continue, thus while we do not enjoy locking threads and wish to keep them open, we do find it best to close this one. It is not easy but please try to be kind to one another. Again, we warmly invite you all to continue to submit suggestions for summer festival, but of course not only. We'll do our best to continue to make the server the best we can.
  11. Thank you for receiving my previous post with kindness, I deeply appreciate it. As there have been many responses since last, I would like to say a few more words in an attempt to repair some of the disconnect. I know that at this point it's a little too late to say but your concerns have always been and always will be a part of the internal agenda -- the reality is we wouldn't have a server without you, and the entire purpose of what we do is to make a good game. I do understand why it wouldn't appear so, or why it would be difficult to believe, as we really-really haven't been the best at
  12. Reading through the (many) threads about the summer weeklies has made abundantly clear how frustrating many of you find the new system. As much as the summer weeklies were a conscious choice, please believe that we haven't done this change to make your lives harder. We have never had any hidden agendas behind the weeklies. There is no gambling on a mass exodus in order to drive up market prices or anything else of the sort. I don't think this sort of thought occurred to any of us at any point. If it was income we were after, we would have implemented the BSBs in a way that would have directly
  13. In preparation for the upcoming Summer Festival 2020, like in the years before, there are a few changes we will make to the items obtained from it. Below you can see a detailed list as to what these changes are and what will happen to the various items you may have obtained last year. All Summer Festival Coins will be transformed into 2019 Summer Festival Coins. All Rainbow Gemstones will be transformed into Dull Gemstones. All 2019 Summer Tickets will be transformed into Ripped Ticket. All 2019 Summer Festival Coins can be exchanged into Summer Festiva
  14. To all first responders among us, This is a short letter to you. It is not an exaggeration to say that the past couple of months have been trying. We have faced such a tremendous amount of adversity from all directions and you all have inspired us with the courage and resilience that you have shown during these trying times. We cannot but admire the tenacity and grace that we know will continue to shine light into the uncertainties that lie ahead. These truths cannot be said out loud often enough. This is to you, for being out there performing the kind of work that is rough
  15. Being honest, not least to yourself, is a very difficult and a very brave thing to do. I can't begin to imagine everything you must've been through. Sending warm wishes for your future and recovery. I hope you'll treat yourself with kindness and do more of the things that make you happy.
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