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  1. Live Discord AMA Hello everyone! I'm here today to inform you of a new little real-time event coming up: our very own AMA! What this is essence: a get-together of admins, developers, GMs and players, where players can ask the Nova team the questions on your mind. We plan to hold our first AMA session over the server's Discord #main channel on the 7th of July 2019 at around 11 AM PST! What we want to do is to give you an opportunity to take a little closer look at the team if you haven't interacted with us on one-on-one basis yet, and hear a little of who we -- a strange and mysterious bunch of people -- are behind the scenes! For us staff, we also hope this to be a good way to learn more about you players as a community and about the things that are important to you. As we cannot use Reddit as a platform for something like this -- and as our other options come with severe limitations -- we've decided to try a different approach and applying it over Discord. For this to succeed, we now turn to you for help! You see, we have got a Google Form set up over here, ready to be filled with your questions. It's okay if they are short, long, simple, complex or something in-between! They do not have to be about Ragnarok Online in general or our server in particular either, so feel free to jot down anything you'd like to ask or know more about. Form Options We'd appreciate it if you could keep it to one question per submitted form, as this would make it a lot easier for us to work with. There is absolutely no limit as to how many questions you can ask however so if you have several questions, please simply re-submit the form as many times as you want. In the form, there are two optional fields. The first one enables you to pose your question to a member of participating staff of your choosing (below). If left unselected, we'll interpret the question as addressed to the team as a whole (which is the default). The second field one asks for a nickname to call you by so we can make it more conversational and give you a teensy bit of credit. Again, this is in no way mandatory so you can keep your questions 100 % anonymous if you prefer. Participating Staff Nova Panic Tokei Hector Jack Scout Millefey Carmin Dust Eclipse Aimer Svarog Mochi Juno Phaicm What happens after This form will remain open until 5th of July. After closing it we'll start going through what we have and remove all duplicate questions and questions we are not able to answer due to being too personal (if these emerge). Here we'll also see if a particular theme keeps popping up, in which case it'll probably become the overarching theme of the AMA. Of course, we'll also attempt to figure out who of staff can be present for the meet once the date has been set, as some of us cannot attend due to time-zone differences and other duties. One thing for sure -- as many of us will be there as are able! Some GMs may for personal reasons choose not to speak over voice though, in which case we'll roll with text replies over Discord or, in a pinch, the forum -- or save them for later, which brings me to the next point. Unanswered Questions Try not to be discouraged if your question isn't answered in this first AMA, as right now it is difficult for us to tell how much ground we can cover in the time we'll have. So in case we're unable to reply to everyone (which in all honesty is very likely), remember it's not personal and that we may be able to revisit some of these unanswered questions at a later point in time. Please also keep in mind that some topics we cannot talk about at length (e.g. the whens of future content) but perhaps we'll be able to share some small spoilers about a bit of this and a bit of that. What to expect? Due to primarily using preset questions, this meet will be semi-structured in nature. The bulk of the content/theme is predetermined by what we have at hand but you'll be able to ask additional questions during the talk -- for example, if you want to ask for clarification or more details on a particular subject. And, yeah..! I believe that about covers it! We're all very excited about this and warmly looking forward to seeing you! We realize that July is quite a while to wait for a meet but for the time being we must make Monster Hunter 2 a priority (sorry!). We are also fairly low on questions for the time being so don't be shy -- remember to check out that QUESTION SUBMISSION FORM, so we'll have plenty to talk about~ Is an initiative like this of interest to you at all? Please feel free to share your thoughts!
  2. I can sense that determination! Love it; it's magnificent. *-* I see Geitzz's Gryphon has posted a wonderful mini guide for starters (thank you!). If you would like to read more about the basics of RO (longer than are able to fit into posts like these), I refer you to our wiki. Have fun exploring the world of RO, Le Petit Joie, and once again welcome to our little (big) family!
  3. I'm sorry to see you leave but do take care, kuryente, and thank you for your stay with us! May better luck with RNG accompany you wherever you may go. ^^
  4. Oh my, welcome to NovaRO, Yelo! Your name reminds me of both Yellow and Jello... ^^ First of all, I of course cannot help myself from referring you to our wiki, as it helped me a ton back in the day when I started out (and if I'm honest, still does). This is the particular guide we tend to highlight for our newly arrived Raglings! There is also a decent guide on Renewal, although I suspect this is not your first experience with the system. As for in-game family, let's see! Right here on the forum we have guild recruitment subsection, where you can look through some of the guilds we have on the server, especially if you're looking for something specific (WoE, social, PvE, particular linguistic group or timezone and so on). You're also invited to write a post like some other players have done so that a guild may adopt you. Oftentimes easier to find a guild this way, as from my observation not many guild leaders recruit on welcome threads. Oh, and if you'd rather look around in-game instead, check out the Guild Recruitment board e.g. in the Main Office -- or, if you're feeling adventurous, try a shout-out in either of the #lfg channels. It's true that these are primarily used for party searches but there's nothing wrong with looking for a guild as well~ All the best of luck from me, I do hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. Millefey

    Patch Notes

    The contaminated warriors in Glast Heim Abyss.
  6. Yup, what Aimer said! Welcome back to Ragnarok Online, fellow European citizen! Don't hesitate to ask us and the community for support (we don't bite very hard) and please don't forget to check our wonderful wiki right over here~ But really, I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying our server so far too, Joshua. Hope to see you in game one of these days! Have a good time making friends!
  7. No worries! I would say though, Gramps is pretty focused on party play, so if you asked me, I'd recommend teaming up with other folks to make it more fun. If that's not your thing at all and you enjoy leveling solo, perhaps the regular board quests or maybe instances could be an option to go for. ^^ Welcome to NovaRO from me as well, Zelcorad! I hope you'll enjoy your stay with us!
  8. Spring Art Contest Winners Dandelions are starting to bloom while Lunatics continue to delightfully hop and quite possibly (we suspect) still hide delicious chocolate eggs. Most importantly however, the time has finally come that a good few of you have been waiting for -- to unveil the lucky winner bunch of our Spring Art Contest! Our 15 staff judges have cast their votes on the grand total 43 entries that this art contest had generated and they were rather unanimous on this very light and joyeous trio! 1st place Winner: Eliee 2nd place Winner: Menardy 3rd place Winner: Anonymous While our staff team of course offers our warmest congratulations to our winners, we haven't forgotten about our many talented participants! We hope you all get something nice with the 50 Event Tickets that will be dropping into your RODEX mails over the next couple of days and to see you again in more forum events! May our paths cross in game as well! Keep your creative spirits up and most importantly enjoy yourselves with sketching, doodling and all manner of creating! P.S. Please remember that you will need to redeem the rewards on the character whose in-game name you provided when you submitted your entry in the original post or private message.
  9. Millefey

    Spring Art Contest

    And the contest has drawn to a close~ Thank you everyone for your interest and lovely work! We'll now move on to judging the submitted entries with the full team and get back to you as soon as we can. Participation prizes will be distributed around the same time as the announcement post. See you soon! ^^
  10. Millefey

    Spring Art Contest

    Hello, lovely artists~ This contest is closing today (at 23:59 server time) so if you're still working on your drawing, please don't forget to post it into this thread or to me privately before the time is up. Best of luck to all! ^^
  11. Millefey

    Spring Art Contest

    I'm here to announce that we have decided to extend the contest run time by a week, so you have time until the 11th to submit and tweak your pieces if you wish. Also -- absolutely adoring the entries so far! Super cute, spring-y and all-around wonderful. ^^
  12. Millefey

    Spring Art Contest

    On the 4th of April, at midnight (23:59) server time.
  13. Millefey

    Spring Art Contest

    The spring has arrived to NovaRO! This is the perfect time of the year to celebrate the season of sprouting greenery! Question is, what will you or your guildmates do? Is your guild preparing for an annual easter egg hunt? Or is spring cleaning your shared storage perhaps on the schedule? Maybe you want to draw your character(s), monsters or pets frolicking and catching the first rays of sun on the outskirts of Izlude or admiring the cherry blooms of Amatsu? Or how about petting chunky chonker lunatics, lured to the fields by the abundant patches of fresh Rainbow Carrots? As always, both traditional as well as digital creations are welcome so take out your favourite supplies of choice and indulge yourself in a creative moment or two! All artists will receive a small participation reward for sharing their art with the community. The theme: Spring This is an Art Contest, so entries will be judged on the following: clear presence of the theme, creativity and originality. Players are more than welcome to write up their own witty descriptions or captions for their images, but please note that any such text will NOT be judged to determine our winners. Rules: All forms of visual art are allowed. Only one entry per participant. You can change your entry at anytime within the contest time limit. Please include your in-game character name with your submission post. This is used for reward distrbution. While humor is allowed, we want pieces with effort put into them so please refrain from submitting low quality entries. Any forms of troll entries and entries including memes will be disqualified. There is no size restriction, but we ask that contestants try to keep sizing within reason.* If your image is significantly large in size, please put it in spoiler tags. Artistic nudity is allowed, pornography is not. If your piece contains nudity please add a NSFW tag to your post and put your piece in spoiler tags. We encourage all artists to either sign or place a water mark on their art. No plagiarism is allowed, if we find someone submitting plagiarized artwork they will be disqualified. Contest will run from Thursday, March 14th until Thursday, April 4th 11th. Players have 3 4 weeks to submit their entries. Entries submitted after April 4th 11th will not be counted. Players who are afraid to submit their artwork publicly may send it to me privately and we will display it as anonymous. All entries can be used as promotional material by NovaRO (with appropriate credit given). (Optional) If you wish to include your deviant art, or online portfolio links with your submission we will include the links when we share the entries on our social media mediums. Rewards: 1st Place: Costume: Beret Of Artist OR Costume: Paintbrush Of Artist** 10,000 Cash Points 3 Spring Hat Box II 350 Event Tickets 2nd Place: 5,000 Cash Points 2 Spring Hat Box II 250 Event Tickets 3rd Place: 2,500 Cash Points 1 Spring Hat Box II 150 Event Tickets Participation Reward: (Reward for everyone who enters, including winners.) 50 Event Tickets All the best of luck, everyone! We are looking forward to your submissions! P.S. Please note that anyone who is disqualified from the contest for any reason forfeits their right to participation rewards and CANNOT re-enter so be so kind as to read the rules with care. *There is no size limitation, but if you want a chance to have your artwork immortalized as a "Loading Screen" here on NovaRO, your image must be 1280 x 960 - 2k (or able to be scaled to that size and not ruin image quality). Remember the image dimensions have to follow that same order (width x height). ** Both of these items are bound.
  14. The prominence of Floor is Lava and Dodgebomb can be explained by the combination of both of them being fast, simple to host and highly rewarding for all participating players. With this new ticket system in place we do expect to see a more varied rotation of events in general (specifically with the introduction of participation rewards where this was possible). As for Hide and Seek, it will not be replaced or removed as an event. However, I can assure you that if not at this point in time, in the future it will be hosted in such a manner where players with modified files are not at any advantage over players with the default .grf. The maps will not be broadcast directly, and disguises too will become considerably more difficult to spot so all in all, please don't worry!
  15. We'll have someone work on this in the near future.
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