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  1. Millefey

    Happy Halloween Art Contest Winners

    Happy Halloween Art Contest Winners And the results are in! This is always simultaneously a very exciting and positively nerve-wrecking moment for (I suspect) not only us staff but especially much so for everyone who (in fact) participated..! There were 38 entries this time, and as few of you noticed, we implemented as many as we could as loading screens a few days ago. I do humbly apologize that it took us a moment longer to drag out get the final votes from last of our 16 judges. Now that we have the vote averages tallied and everything, without further ado, let's congratulate our top trio! 1st place Winner: Sphyrnax 2nd place Winner: Bowiie 3rd place Winner: Snowshade Honorable mentions: Belhard & Hon3y3a3y Congratulations again to our winners and thank you to our participants, many of who are probably unaware of how amazingly talented they are! Keep up the drawing and painting, lovely folks, while you enjoy the late Autumn, dark evenings (and maybe some hot cocoa with sprinkles). Also, as a good number of you have been curious about where the rewards have been at, well, I'm happy to say both the participation bonus and the main prizes have now been distributed. (Thank you, Tokei!) This means you should hurry and check your RODexes. We hope you get something nice from the Loki's Boxes, and to see you again soon! GO GO GO! P.S. Remember that you will need to redeem the rewards on the character whose in-game name you provided when you submitted your entry in the original post.
  2. Millefey


    Hello, Pori Pori! What a bouncy forum name you have chosen. ^^ I hope you will have fun here with us and meet lovely fellow NovaROvians!
  3. Millefey

    Hello. Good day to you all.

    A warm hello to you, Sil3ntMike from Poland! Thank you for the friendly introduction and welcome back to RO and Renewal. I hope you will enjoy spending time with the community at large. Perhaps you could even share some of your music with us sometime. See you in game! ^^
  4. Millefey

    Hiya! New pla-wait what?

    Hello, Dismas, and welcome from me as well! It warms my heart that you decided stay on NovaRO for a little longer than a couple of days. I hope you'll continue to have fun with us here.
  5. Millefey

    Arch Bishop Skill Update

    I'm glad you like the new St. Capitolina Abbey save point! As for save point suggestions, please keep it to one suggestion per thread.
  6. Millefey

    Well, I've been here a while...

    Hello, Lumia/JellyBeans! Thank you for writing this little introduction and also for your kindness and effort with the lovely giveaways. ^^
  7. Millefey

    *Ahem* OWO WAT IS DIS

    Hello, Alexander Dragonfang! My goodness but what a beautiful and entertaining read, thank you so much for sharing a bit of your story here! At least I personally continue to find it fascinating to learn all the ways of how people are first introduced to RO and manage to fall in love with this game and somehow, through all kinds of random coincidences and choices arrive here. I think it is amazing that you have found NovaRO after so many years of hiatus. I hope you enjoy your stay with us and may your experience of the server turn out to be a a happy one. Since you mentioned being a passionate debater too, and a teacher no less,, let's hope our forum venue here will tempt you to make more posts. I would also like to wish you happy err, waifu and husbando hunting, chatting, playing and plentiful resurrections with "pls". P.S. I'll pass on your little comment here to the dev team, I'm sure they'll be happy to see it. They are one stubborn bunch and thus may not want to admit it, but they can always use a bit of praise..!
  8. Millefey

    Hello there

    Welcome back to NovaRO, Tetho! I hope you enjoyed your vacation and that you'll enjoy playing here twice as much as before~
  9. Millefey

    New player - LF a guild!

    Hello, direth1105, and welcome to NovaRO! I hope you have since found a nice guild to belong to and/or some lovely people to play with. Let me also say that it's great to have more players from Northern Europe as well! Please make yourself feel at home, and don't hesitate making use of our #support channels too whenever you have something you would like to ask.
  10. Millefey

    Hey, guys.

    Hello, Papa John! I'm glad to hear you're been enjoying your stay with us so far! Thank you for deciding to write a little introduction, too. I hope to see you around in game and perhaps also here on the forum~
  11. Millefey

    Happy Halloween Art Contest

    By making a post in this thread.
  12. Hello, I V o, I hope you have lots of fun here with us! I'm sure there are people who could and are willing to help you, although they may or may not stumble upon this thread. For that reason I would say that finding a guild with a WoE/PvP focus would be a great start. There are also guild recruitment boards in game that you are encouraged to give a little browse to as well. And of course, don't be too shy to ask questions about the environment or anything else for that matter that might pop in mind. ^^ Oh, and if you can make it, I warmly recommend checking out our monthly 5v5 PvP Tournament, which starts at 11 AM server time this Sunday. I think you will find it interesting.
  13. Millefey

    Back to RO

    Hello, AliO510, welcome to NovaRO and now to the forums as well! I believe we talked a little yesterday! ^^ Don't worry, you won't get lost no matter what, there is always help to be had. Sadly I'm not able to give much advice on gears but you should find a good bit of information on them while browsing this forum and have the majority of your questions answered in #support. Additionally, we have all the class-specific channels on our Discord, if you are interested. Also, this was the guild subsection I was referring to. Perhaps you would like to take a look at some of the guilds on our server? Enjoy your stay~
  14. Millefey

    Happy Halloween Art Contest

    Time to get spoopy! This is a call for all creative individuals -- join us for the season of pumpkins and the hallow time! Dust the spiderwebs off your brushes, rinse clean your water pans, find a nice crackly wall and get ready to do some frightful art. How about drawing your guild members or yourself in terrific disguises? Or portraying your chilling adventures during our seasonal event? Or perhaps a walk around the dark Prontera will light your scenic spark? Stir your cauldron of creativity and add a touch of the bizarre and the supernatural to the world of RO. As always, both traditional as well as digital creations are welcome. Anyone who enters will receive a small reward for participating. The theme: Halloween This is an Art Contest, so entries will be judged on the following: clear presence of the theme, creativity and originality. Players are more than welcome to write up their own witty descriptions or captions for their images, but please note that any such text will NOT be judged to determine our winners. Each brass pin is approximately 3 cm (1.2") wide and 3 cm (1.2") tall. Rules: All forms of visual art are allowed. While humor is allowed, we want pieces with effort put into them so please refrain from submitting low quality entries. Any forms of troll entries and entries including memes will be disqualified. There is no size restriction, but we ask that contestants try to keep sizing within reason.* If your image is significantly large in size, please put it in spoiler tags. Artistic nudity is allowed, pornography is not. If your piece contains nudity please add a NSFW tag to your post and put your piece in spoiler tags. We ask all artists to either sign or place a water mark on their art. No plagiarism is allowed, if we find someone submitting plagiarized artwork they will be disqualified. Please include your in-game character name with your submission post. Contest will run from Wednesday, October 17th until Wednesday, November 7th. Players have 3 weeks to submit their entries. You can change your entry at anytime within the contest time limit. Entries submitted after November 7th will not be counted. Players who are afraid to submit their artwork publicly may send it to me privately and we will display it as anonymous. All entries can be used as promotional material by NovaRO (with appropriate credit given). (Optional) If you wish to include your deviant art, or online portfolio links with your submission we will include the links when we share the entries on our social media mediums. Rewards: 1st Place: Costume: Beret Of Artist 350 Gold Coins 10,000 Cash Points 7 King's Treasures Quve & Lude Pin Set 2nd Place: 250 Gold Coins 5,000 Cash Points 5 King's Treasures Quve OR Lude Pin 3rd Place: 150 Gold Coins 2,500 Cash Points 3 King's Treasures The remaining pin Participation Reward (Reward for everyone who enters including winners): 50 Gold Coins 5 Loki's Boxes Anyone who is disqualified from the contest for any reason forfeits their right to participation rewards and CANNOT re-enter. *There is no size limitation, but if you want a chance to have your artwork immortalized as a "Loading Screen" here on NovaRO, your image must be 1280 x 960 - 2k (or able to be scaled to that size and not ruin image quality). Remember the image dimensions have to follow that same order (width x height).
  15. Millefey

    back at it again...

    Welcome to NovaRO, Zookie! That is so very RO indeed, isn't it? Always pulling you in when you least expect it..! ^^ It should absolutely be possible for you to find friends here, both for parties as well as general hangouts. Have you been in any parties yet? Gramps in Eden is popular once you reach 85+ but outside of that I will say you often have to rely on the #lfg channel if you are without a guild. The good news is, there are plenty to choose between. Perhaps you can find one that has the particular set of attributes that you enjoy in RO? I hope to see you in game! Please make yourself feel at home.