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  1. The curse ability of the spirit enchanted box card were not working. the -1225hp works fine but the curse doesn't. Tried it with soul reaper and warlock multiple times, but it never activate the curse. The card says high chance to curse and i tried at least 30 times on different spells, never activated. Also pls check the other cards of the horror toy factory. My goal is to increase the curse chance of soul reaper skill [cursed of the wicker soul] from 80% to 100% using the card. Also, using ordinary skills like estin/estun to proc the curse, saving soul energy by not using the [cursed of the wicker soul] skill and directly use curse explosion. Clarify if the card is for magical or range attack.
  2. playing shadow chaser is hard because of the lack of skill for leveling, so we tend to rely on the copy skills. The problems was how to acquire the skills i need, specially when still a low level. So my request is an NPC that can grant skills on Shadow chasers. The skill list on the irowiki should do it. Pls divided the skill by the following category: 1.)Intimidate - List of skills only copyable by intimate skill. 2.)Reproduce - List of skills that can be copy by the skill reproduce. 3.)Reproduce 3rd Job - Skills that can be copy on 3rd jobs. I hope that you'll grant this request because i think that this is beneficial.
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