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  1. astroty

    Patch Notes #186

    This is a change in the right direction for weeklies
  2. astroty

    Patch Notes #184

    After a day of doing the quests, some additional ideas came to mind: The daily instance thing is not bad, but you kinda have to do those pretty much alone since most people will not bother making parties and they're random for everyone. Maybe add **more** weeklies so that people have different things they can do to reach the rewards. Give them more options so they can do whatever they feel like doing and pick&choose what they want/can do. This might make it harder to get parties for some weeklies, but the variety is there to mitigate the need to be there at the right time on the wrong day to get your weeklies done. If you can't do your 4 daily login, you could do for example "one hidden garden" or "Weapon refine" or even, as another idea, "Participate in gm events x times". And instead of one huge payout at the end of the week, why not make multiple, smaller payouts based on the amount of weeklies you finished? Like, finish 4 weeklies you get x bsb, finish two more, you get extra 2 bsbs, two more, extra rewards etc... That way, you make it way less punishing for everyone involved if they aren't able to finish their weeklies. Oh, also, Shadow Gear will be hell to get now so I wanna point that out. Maybe making all mats tradeable would be a solution. Other than that, I don't really know what else to suggest since monster hunter is so prohibitive unless you're in a very specific class and buy entire specific equipment for that game modality. Which tend to make you not do it at all since you got better things to farm for. PVM/PVP gear.
  3. astroty

    Patch Notes #184

    This is baiting me into saying "This is why we don't get new players for long" lol But well, in how many days people hit 175? 2 days? 3 days? Do they stop being new by then? Do they suddenly become veterans and are able to do dailies at 175 right then and there? Of course not. Weeklies are obviously required by everyone, especially new players. You wanting New Players to not do weeklies is ridiculous, as it's the only way they have to catch up to the game. That's why people sold leech consistently every week for years now. And why people will continue to do so. Because weeklies are not made for new players, but.
  4. astroty

    Patch Notes #184

    It is a good enough upgrade in that people can actually clear it without having to pay lol The second point works only if we consider from the idea that people slowly progress on their weeklies over the week. As it stands people don't progress on their weeklies, they either finished them or they didn't. Usually other games have a point system where you slowly fill up a bar until the end of the week and you get rewards along the way. That way, you can complete your weeklies as you're able to while not being required to complete everything, and having more flexibility on what you can complete. It's also good to note that in almost every game that implements that, weeklies are an expected routine and you're expected to finish them by the end of the week if you're at the very least engaged in the content. Weeklies in NovaRO are daunting to new players (Now that MH is gone, there's also Item hunt and Bio5). They feel useless because they don't have the gear to be able to contribute and everyone that *can* contribute is so many billions over their heads that they feel insurmountable. Most classes require you to at least have a +9 equipment to function properly, with a non-insignificant number requiring +11 in some of them. The refine % chance and the amount of BSBs required per attempt is extremely discouraging to anyone that isn't fully dedicated. This is why spreading out rewards along the weeklies instead of one huge payout at the end is so important, so that the players feel that they even have a chance at competing (Against 20% odds on a +9 with 4 BSB and 1 Enriched Ore cost, which is an extreme amount of money that could've gone into saving for a piece of gear) Yes, I understand that people creating multiple accounts to farm BSBs is a problem, but understand that by focusing on that problem, we're with a big problem right now in exchange, one that degrades user experience and makes it so new players are less prone to sticking around.
  5. astroty

    Patch Notes #184

    This is a really nice step in the right direction regarding weeklies! In my opinion weeklies should be something accessible so that new and veteran players alike are motivated to engage in the content they present and keeping new players motivated and helping them catch up to the harder content. Monster Hunter weeklies were notoriously difficult to mostly everyone but a few very high level leechers that could solo the content and made it accessible to weaker players (for a fee). I feel that removing this content from weeklies make them way more accessible to be done, since this roadblock will not be there anymore. Although it's a positive change, I do have mixed feelings regarding the newly introduced weekly quests, and to a lesser degree Treasure Hunt as it share the same issues I have right now. These mostly come down to: 1. Adding a second monster subjugation weekly isn't really all that engaging. People do monster subjugation without a problem, sure. But they usually would rather not be doing it as it's not something that is quick to do, and usually increasing party size can only speed it up to a point. So adding a second one isn't what I would call engaging content that I'm eager to do. Although, my main point should be the following. 2. Time gating weekly quests to only be doable on a fixed daily interval is detrimental to the user and makes it so those with less flexible schedules aren't able to complete them, either due to forgetting said quests exist until it's too late, or because they had to work a few nights too many and now they're not able to complete their quests despite having a full day/weekend available. Again, I wanna point out that time is the most precious resource available to someone, so time gating these quests will just turn off people outright since the game won't be playable in their time. Which leads me to point 3. 3. Compressing all of the BSBs into the weekly rewards is really, really bad. It just makes any slip up in schedule have massive a massive penalty to the player. They might as well not even try to finish their weeklies by that point if they know there is no point. BSBs are essential for new and old players. New players need them to be able to get stronger and engage in more content while old players need a constant influx of BSBs so they can craft their high end gears for their end game instance farms. Limiting BSBs to the weekly reward punishes new players that aren't able to complete everything. This is a huge turn off to anyone that wants to invest the (monumental) time and effort this game requires to catch up and do instances like NTF, TTH, etc. These are the main points that make me feel that this otherwise great update is a mixed bad. I'd happily talk more about my points of view on things and such whenever asked.
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