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  1. sorry i accidentally clicked quote this, please delete this one. thank you.
  2. Hi Nova greetings I'm certainly one of your old players and a fan of your server and I have no ill will with this feedback. I understand that you want the game to be played like getting the satisfaction from grinding the stones but the problem is we aren't the players we were used to be when we were younger where we have a lot of time to play. A lot of your players right now are adults with a lot of responsibilities and can only manage a small amount of time to play the game. There's a huge difference from grinding items where you can get a certain value some examples are geffenia, thanatos, and magma dungeons and grinding for a chance like a MVP card both are understandable but to grind for a stone with a required amount that drops to able to make the enchantment that drops like a card and untradeable is somehow hard for our state. It felt like making temporal crystals in OGH account bound but drops like a card and has no guarantee. Gamers today weren't they used to be unless you attract the newer generation like the Gen Zs and the newer gen from them to play ragnarok. This is why modern MMOs shifted from grind to quest reward types in a lot of games and the grind comes from doing instances. This is why a lot of players also played on private servers especially NOVA because most of the players who haven't have the time wanted the easy way to get item drops and more content with a satisfying rate of grinding (but not like 10 hours straight like the old times. It also defeats the drop rate of 10x I hope you would reconsider making it tradeable at least so that the players who aren't able to play full time can buy it through their zennies. If you worry about the economy, it is the way it is, people creates the economy but if you're firm with this decision about the enchantments and you believe that this is how it supposed to be then follow it. I, as a player understand the hardwork you did for your server and especially to your players/customers like us, that's why this server thrives and a lot of us stayed and return from hiatus. I felt the love you did to make the ragnarok game so polished in your server. Again, thank you for giving us a lot of good memories and experiences in this server. P.S. Can we also have the biolab 5 enchantments and headgears follow the KRO server's required enchants also? Thank you.
  3. Hi Verdana, this is whale and I can see your art is inspired by the nineties. Hopefully your art will be well knowned.
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