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  1. Good luck. This is not an easy issue to fix. I have no suggestions ATM, just glad to see you are working on possible solutions.
  2. I think these changes are good, especially the reduced cost for MVP rentals. Without draft it is not easy to get enough valor badges for Golden Syrup plus even 1 T2 rental. BG consumables is great too, but I do tend to agree with others. I do not think limiting WoE tracks is a good idea. Right now, we can barely get together enough people for WoE1. It is hard enough as it is to get WoE tracks. Last weekend I got 1 woe track. I really think that at least 2 guaranteed woe tracks should be given for each WoE1 no matter what. I dont think now is the time to be worried about people abusing the system. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If things get abusive, then deal with it as it comes.
  3. Loomus

    Teaser: Monster Hunting

    I kinda like the idea of creating harder versions of old MH monsters and instances. Essentially this is a way of preserving content for well established players. New players can do the original content and well-geared players can do the harder versions. I mean there is so much existing content and the only reason why people don't do it is because the rewards are bad and/or the content is too easy. I know that there is a limit to the amount of rewards that can be given out, but even things like consumables, BSBs, costumes, whatever could be given as reward. And many high level players just want a challenge. I may be alone here, but sometimes I do not need really big rewards to do something. The challenge alone is rewarding enough. As long as I get something small to cover consumables or whatever I might be happy. Maybe another reward is based on achievements within the instance. Im not sure, just spitballing here. Maybe some weekly quests (separate form the current ones) that can be completed to get a BSB or some valour points from completing a harder version of an old instance. To summarize: 1. I think it is fine to reuse old content by scaling the difficulty level because it preserves the content and makes is viable for well-established players. Not to say that new content isn't welcome, but it is not always needed, especially if the time taken to create it is too high. 2. I do not think we always need incredible rewards as long as the content itself is challenging. I mean shit, I tried soloing Faceworm Nest Hard the other day just for fun. I don't always want to think about "the most efficient way to make money". Sometimes I just want to fuck around with friends and challenge ourselves. Or maybe try to challenge myself in a solo setting. Maybe people will disagree with me, but sometimes quantity is better than quality.
  4. Loomus

    Patch Notes #184

    First I should say that I started leeching MH weekly myself recently. I won't lie, I really liked leeching MH. I enjoyed helping/meeting people, I enjoyed the zeny, and I enjoyed the challenge (figuring out how to do it, gear setup, etc). That being said, I really don't mind it being removed if it makes the server better. I already have a decent amount of zeny/gear and the means to get more. With all that being said, here are some of my thoughts: 1. I really think that MH is an interesting and cool idea unique to this server. It seems to me as though the dev team has not been too happy about MH leeching because they feel it ruins the intentions of the content. I don't know if this is correct, but it is understandable. However, I think the solution thus far has been to make it harder to leech, as opposed to making it more inviting for new players. I am not bold enough to claim to know how to make MH more accessible, but some possible loose ideas rolling around my head are: a. Create a training/testing mode where people can learn the mechanics of each boss and the oddities within MH itself. Perhaps this training mode would feature identical versions of MH monsters but with very reduced damage, and no/little reward. b. Increasing the number of players allowed in a party. I don't know what the magic number is, but it seems like MH is both too easy and too hard at the same time. I mean many people are so intimated by it that they don't even try. Others like myself can solo it with a few consumables. I think allowing more players in a party might make things more welcoming and also easier for new players. Will it make SG cheaper? Maybe. But I don't think so. Especially if it is off the weekly. It will just provide another way for midge people to make money with some effort. Also, MH gear is not the greatest thing in the world anymore anyways. Reload and tempest are nice. Race/elemental boots/armor are also nice but mostly require juvenile ingredients anyways I think? c. Mindset. Understand that Garro and Nyso might be old news to many players, but they are brand new to many others. So the content is still very valid. d. Making SG tradable and reducing the number of required players in a party were nice steps in the right direction, but perhaps not enough. 2. In terms of weeklies, they really feel like a chore rather than good content. I know this is tough to balance. It is hard to make everything fun, but perhaps giving players a choice may be prudent. Like, here are 10 possible weekly quests, complete any 7 and get 8 BSB. Something like that. And each individual quest gives endeavor tokens or something. Because, for example, when I first started I only had a GX and so it was very very hard to do Bio 4 item hunt. Eventually I got a Gene and it became much easier. Allowing people to choose tasks based on their class and play style may be more motivating than the current system. Well, that is all I can think of ATM. I know that balancing things is not easy. Keeping things fun while rewarding those who work hard is a constant struggle. But maybe in addition to having this forum post for discussion, you could try to get feedback from new/mid players and find out what the biggest barriers are for them to do MH. For me it was just intimidating and I didn't know anyone on the server. There is some information about MH, but it was a lot to take in and it is not as inviting as other content. But maybe others have differing opinions. This is why I think feedback like a poll or simple questionnaire (with reward) could be very useful for the devs. Keep at it my dudes/dudettes. P.S. G1 is the second best PVP sura
  5. Loomus

    Illusion Patch Notes #182

    No its fine. It is working correctly. I was just under the impression that the original enchanting items for the first two slots would adopt the new enchanting table. Its all good. Thank you.
  6. Loomus

    Illusion Patch Notes #182

    Are the first two enchant slots for illusion weapons ever going to be updated to match hazy forest? BTW thanks for costume swapping.
  7. Loomus

    Patch Notes #176.5

    I really think the stones should be tradable. This would help out the support mains as well as improve the economy. The way to have a strong economy is to increase the flow of goods between people. Allowing people to farm/sell these stones would accomplish such a thing. Also it would de-saturate the few farming areas that are currently be visited. Hope my thoughts are useful in some way. Thank you
  8. Nova, in response to my previous post you indicated that you actually prefer high probability, high ask tasks as opposed to low probability, low ask tasks. If this is the case, I have a suggestion of how you could accomplish this. It is possible I may have missed something, but here is what I am thinking: 1. Make 3 new "raw" stones (blue,green,amber) that can be traded for honed stones. 2. Create an additional conversion rate from raw to honed that could be something high like 300 raw for 1 honed. 3. Create an additional list of mobs that drop these raw stones at increased rates (100 times the current rates). So between 13-25%. 4. Keep the existing stone drops. 5. Create a new option from the NPC to allow for converting existing blue/green/amber stones to raw versions at a rate of 1 to 300. So players that currently have 2 amber stones can exchange them for 600 raw stones. I imagine a change like this would not be too difficult because you are only making changes to loot tables, but this is just my assumption. Also this has 2 great benefits. 1. it allows players to explore more of the unused maps. and 2. it makes maps even less congested. Both of these are complaints I have had about RO since the beginning. Spread players out. Alternatively, I know you said you do not want people to be able to get all of their stones immediately. I understand and agree with this. Players can work on getting their sets slowly over time. It gives them something to do and there is a feeling of accomplishment. At the same time, implementing something like I mentioned previously (high percentage, high ask) is much more rewarding mentally. You can see the numbers going up gradually. As opposed to praying to the RNG gods. This is especially important for people who can only farm an hour a day. Getting 90 raw stones in an hour as opposed to 100 is much more rewarding mentally than getting 0 stones in an hour instead of 1. Lastly, I think most players do not want things to be too easy, but even just a 50% boost in drop rate would be helpful, and still require farming for the sense of accomplishment. There are many other interesting suggestions form other players. Hopefully mine are helpful. Cheers.
  9. I just want to echo the sentiment of a few other players. I like the stones and the system for getting them. I do have a problem with the drop rate, however. The issue is low drop rates in general. It is much more enjoyable to farm for 100 items with a drop rate of 1% than it is to hunt for 1 item at a drop rate of 0.01%. The reason is because the latter requires such a large sample size to become consistent. So, my proposal is this: rather than require 3 raw stones at drop rate 0.15% to get one Honed stone, I think it would be better to require 300 raw stones at drop rate 15% to get one Honed stone. The odds would seem to be the same, but the latter is much more consistent, meaning the chance of being destroyed by bad RNG is lessened. You still get the same "feel" of farming mindlessly, but with more assurance. For example, running a test on a binomial calculator with 0.1% (1/1000) success and 2000 trials there is a 13% chance of no successes. Now you may say it will even out eventually, but the number of sample runs to achieve this "evening out" is quite high. Anyways, food for thought. Love the stones, like the new system, but perhaps shifting to higher odds and higher input requirements will be less stressful for all. Cheers.
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