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  1. Hi everyone, Barry here. As everyone already knows, the Siege scene has unfortunately greatly suffered over the last few months. Player counts have lowered and many guilds have disbanded. We recognize that part of that has been caused by our inactivity with regards to Siege changes, and for that we apologize. Nonetheless, we were pleased to see that the community still has an interest in this type of content, especially with the player-led initiative to revive WoE 1. Initiatives like these have happened in the past with great success – for example, some newcomers might not know Draft WoE was created during another inactive WoE period in 2017. With this PVP Diary and the upcoming changes, we hope to do what we can to support a revival of all types of Siege content. So, without further ado, let’s get into it. As usual, a disclaimer: any planned changes may be postponed, modified, or scrapped entirely depending on a host of factors, including some outside our control. 1. WoE Changes Effective this week, WoE 1 and WoE 2 will both have an 18-player per guild cap. In addition, Battlegrounds consumables will now be enabled in WoE 1, just like WoE 2 and Draft WoE. This means that there should no longer be any distinction between Battlegrounds and Siege consumables, greatly reducing the cost of participating in PVP content. With this lower population in mind, we will keep a close eye on certain game mechanics to consider whether they need to be altered (for example, whether autobuild is still a necessity). Cyr has been removed from the WoE 1 rotation, as it is far too large to support lower cap WoEs, and WoE 1 will now take place in Andlangr and Mardol. In addition, as a consequence of this change, WoE rewards will be altered. There will be no reward differences between WoE 1 and WoE 2. WoE track values and requirements will be adjusted to accommodate lower populations, and both longest hold and last hold will now grant 10 million zeny each. While these rewards are slightly lowered compared to before, when factoring in the massively reduced cost of attending WoE, we consider them a significant net increase. Lastly, new WoE tracks will be added over the coming weeks. 2. Rental MVPs Effective this week, rental MVP prices will be significantly lowered, from 3500 to 2000 Valor Badges (Tier 1) / 1750 to 1000 Valor Badges (Tier 2). In addition, rental MVP gear will now have their effects enabled outside castles so that they do not hamper players from casting buffs or entering the castle with full HP. Over the next few weeks, we will add additional rental MVP cards, including Kiel, Lich Lord, and additional Fenrir options. 3. Classic PVP Tournament In order to invite players back into the PVP Scene, we are preparing to run a special edition of the Classic PVP Tournament, in the classic deathmatch format. This PVP Tournament will have a player limit of 4 per team, and MVP cards disabled. We will announce the date and time for this tournament as soon as we can. That’s all for today! Make sure to read the patch notes for a full rundown of all changes.
  2. Barry

    Patch Notes #179

    Hi dell. We spent a long time debating whether this set should be made available via Valor Badges or Siege Tokens, and, in the end, we came down with two options: either make it a Valor Badge item and keep it bound (as all Glorious Badge gears are), or make it a Siege Token item and keep it unbound (as all Warlord's items are). We opted for Siege Tokens because of how the community reacts to bound gears, and a general consensus in old PVP discussions that resistance gear should generally be tradable (see the backlash to PKS and Adamantine hats). In the meantime, I hope the Recruit's Shadow Set will help people who are still grinding Siege Token/zeny for that set - you may remember that, when Defense Cat Ear Beret/Red Pom Band were first added, BSBs did not exist, and, just like today, an extra 2% DH reduction was locked behind a Siege Token refine wall. Hi reformed user. Regarding RK, there were two big changes which we felt may have a big impact on RKs in this patch. First, with Reload Set being enabled, RK will have a much easier time gearing without Kiel Card, especially in terms of wearing resists without sacrificing all their damage. Second, with the Algiz change, RK is now the only job in the game that has access to the +50% potion recovery bonus from Isia, meaning that it will be able to soak much more damage than any other job in the frontline. While I agree that they are not in a good state, we decided it was prudent to watch how the meta reacts to these changes before implementing further changes (especially so we can judge how big those further changes should be). Hi Aki. First, I do not understand your question about disabled gears - we've said from the start, on the very first line of the PVP section of this very patch, that all new PVM gears are disabled. If you find any that is incorrectly working please make a bug report. Unfortunately it will not be possible to let PvP player test changes before implementing them. This would create massive delays in the patch process and potentially compromise the whole maintenance schedules, not to mention it would take us much longer to be able to react to any meta changes. That said, we have now made an attempt at enabling WoE permanently on Nova Labs to give players a more reliable testing ground, and, for future patches, I will post a detailed breakdown of expected patch notes on the Siege Discussion subforum at least a few days before any maintenance with major PvP changes. Note that many changes are actually implemented on the day of the maintenance, so these "pre-patch notes" will not always be 100% reliable, and, if we find that players are confused or displeased by any mix-ups resulting from this, we may have to go back to the current process of simply announcing the changes on patch notes. As for ways to reach me, I have read every PVP related post on this forum on the very day they were posted, and many of them influenced our changes this maint. So the easiest way to reach me is via a Suggestion or a discussion post in the Siege Discussion subforum. I don't think Discord is great for this type of conversation, mainly because conversations there easily get lost and are almost never backread by people who weren't there at the time, and because people tend to rely on PMs and I would like to have our PVP-related talks in public as much as possible. So if you or anyone else has any comments for me, even just general feelings such as "the meta felt bad this WoE", I encourage you to make a post and get the conversation going on the Siege Discussion subforum.
  3. Barry

    Patch Notes #179

    Hi Hildeblue, To address your point about Warlock, our main goal here is to shift the meta towards the elemental skills and make it less Comet centric. Note that these numbers are just starting positions, and we are very open to nerfing these skills on the live server, without a maintenance, should that be required. This is what I meant when I said to expect some short term turmoil in the meta, but please be assured that I will monitor every WoE and respond rapidly. As for expanded jobs, I hope to share some exciting news for some of them next patch. Unfortunately there is only so much we can pack onto a single patch, but I have definitely not forgotten them. Lastly, about Crush Strike, the change is purely for standardization. You will notice that, with this maintenance, most skill differences between BG and WoE have been eliminated. In our opinion, this consistency is a key part of uncomplicating the Siege scene. However, note that this nerf is not as big as it seems, because CS is unaffected by the Siege increase. I believe it will still be able to secure one-shots, as it has already been doing in BG.
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