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  1. The lux rune gives a chance to proc SB with AA;
  2. Hello, Not to worry about 4th job release dates, but when it does come will it be with the new skills plus late rebalance from kro or should we expect the 1st release state and then those changes after? Is this something already decided or in discussion yet? Thks!
  3. Keep in mind that HS is a 4fun build and not near as good as other possible RK builds, but now that we have the EDDA hat it can deal some damage. With that said, i would go now for the edda weapon + headgear, automatic armor with Ranged Force/HS modules (reduces CD) and for accs would use Autmc Booster R with EA/ASPD/AllForce and KSSI with Strong/EA/Str or Dex Edit: If fighting dragon, demons or angels, go for the sinful/light accs (from thanatos tower) instead.
  4. reformed user

    Patch Notes #186

    Hello, any news to share about 4th jobs?
  5. Nice! Hope to see it soon!
  6. @Barry the description in the vic wings/deep sun needs to be updated for siege avaiable as well as the SF hits Small but quality patch, thks!
  7. reformed user

    Patch Note #181

    Does this DB/DBW future changes mean that the skill will no longer have the hard animation in PvM?
  8. reformed user

    Patch Notes #180

    Being able to crit while not needing crit rate, bypass def w/o the need of bypassing gears, having access to all elements, a gap closer, a berkana, moves in stealh and it wears a shield. Can also play the 75% medium res build with acute headgear. When barry posted the pvp diary i honestly didnt give much attention to this since i didnt know the job, but after receiving some kicks i think it will for sure wipe stacks in woe1/draft, specially in draft as it's a job that can do all of that with a gtb. I see no reason to play GX other than not wanting to gear up a new job for GC.
  9. reformed user

    Patch Notes #179

    Hello Barry and ty for the repply. So.. i was waiting for the woe1/draft to pass before giving my thoughts about it. For woe1 it is for sure in a terrible state, while the reload does allow you to be more flexible with your build, you will still be sacrificing resistances from the shadow gear slots and the damage you can get from gears doesnt even come close to compensate the siege reduction increase, even because it was already awful before the patch. While it's true that the RK now is the only job with +50% potion recovery, with the proximity being gone this becomes much less relevant, guilds will just ignore them until the rest are dead, you stay alive for nothing. In my guild if not for Lux there would'nt even be a RK in the rooster as it is. For Draft is for sure better then woe1(assuming you'll be using the rented TGK) since there's no tier cap, but only if you have GTB, good support players and propper gears. W/o GTB you can be very tanky but poses no real threat, the kills you'll get are just a consequence of your guild pushing. Hope you can have that in mind going foward, perhaps some of the changes that i mentioned in my previous post could be looked at in order to improve its performance. Cya Edit: Forgot to mention that for BG this build is in it worse state, due to what was mentioned in woe1 plus the BG peculiarities.
  10. reformed user

    Patch Notes #179

    I would very much like to hear more about that, please tell me what job were you playing that you had in mind that IB, of all things, is overtuned? The good sign of the BG was the fact that it got up to 20x20, proving that shifting the meta is healthy for the game.
  11. reformed user

    Patch Notes #179

    Nice patch, a lot of good shadow gears being introduced and a new instance, glad to see it all! Barry, to the pvp scene, I think all the changes are headed in the right direction and I see many good changes already being made, looking forward to the woe2. But I have to point out that DB RK looks like a forgotten build atm, it was bad before and now it’s worse. While yes it got tgk armor and reload sg no guild will waste a tier 1 on it in Woe1 and BG can’t even wear it. Also we got a nerf in aegis so even its function as a lux bot is not as good anymore. I would like to point out that the cogh headgear still being unavailable is a surprise, why? The damage is awful. I believe some points that could be looked at are the cogh headgear, Edda cards, 25% damage nerf to the skill, the ISS shield and the rune element to the skill being determined by the last rune used instead of being forced lux elements (neutral/shadow) Also, performers in BG are looking A LOT stronger with what was released and tank sorcs/FS genetics may become unkillabe, so some things to keep an eye out. Hope to hear your thoughts about it, thks!
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