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  1. Avalon

    Patch Notes #190

    I see, I feel your pain bro. But rather than complaining, you should be happy that, from now on, everything will be easier. If you're so good at making money, why are you begging GMs for free money? Such thing as a refund never happened before in the dozens of times a system was reworked, as far as I recall. It's a very unusual petition, not everyday you see players asking GMs for free money.
  2. Avalon

    Patch Notes #190

    Someone has a different opinion with you. Makes a good point you're unable to counter argument. "no brain' Okay, bro.
  3. Avalon

    Patch Notes #190

    It's not the first time that a content is reworked within less than a month after it's implementation. And they were never refunded. It would be unfair if they did it this time. Again, it's on the ones who rush the content. They're aware that soon or late it will be easier to obtain. Deal with it.
  4. Avalon

    Patch Notes #190

    Everyone knows that rushing a content is on the conscience and responsibility of the ones who do it. Cause soon or late it will he easier to obtain. It has always been like that. Otherwise, let's retroactively refund every single player for every content that was made easier to get. It would be unfair otherwise.
  5. Hello, I did a question regarding mechanics in the previous patch notes.
  6. Avalon

    4th Job Patch Notes #188

    @Aimer I don't understand how this works. Is this a direct porcentual decreasement? I mean, with 20 STA you reach 53 RES. 20 + (20/3 x 5) = 53.3333 This means that it already hits the 50% cap?? Is this official content? Where can I get info of the monsters in those maps?
  7. Avalon

    Patch Notes #184

    The current weekly should be the one for begginers, since is already the main source of money and progression for Low and Mid Tier players. A Weekly for Endgame players must have only really Endgame content: Let's say Nightmare instances, MH Angnar, or CGH from level 3 and above.
  8. Avalon

    Patch Notes #184

    Couldn't agree more on this. Most of veterans I know choose to buy BSB rather than finishing Weeklies, and i think is one of the main causes of BSB inflation (more demand, less supply). Veteran's main source of Zeny is: - Focus on farming only Endgame istances (the Nightmare ones). - Selling Leech. - Selling Nova Points. - The Market of MVP cards. Because all of those give a lot more Zeny than weeklies. While Weeklies "are not meant to be done by New players", but most of people that finish them are just New Players or Mid Tier players, cause Weeklies are the best way to progress when you are new in the game. So, maybe @Nova might wanna reconsider his expectation about people who should play weeklies, to match the real population who actually plays weeklies? Just an idea.
  9. Avalon

    Summer Event Approaching!

    " It is worth to note that this big maintenance will also include... a bit more than just the Festival, hence the delay from the usual June 21st start." The best part of the patch notes. I'm getting old waiting for Ignition Shadow set, 4th jobs and all the official content we miss as Constellar Tower.
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