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  1. An update to the skill changes for performers and Sura was added today by kro: http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=3935883&curpage=1 for which they plan to test and add the skills in April along with their second quarter plans. Though the changes for the songs may act as possible choice changes in PvP. Simple examples of added changes are. Circle of Nature will no longer consume sp in exchange for healing. Reverbration has had its damage increased. Windmill will get an added movement speed boost and echo song def increase method is changed. Lovers Symphony is changed as well for its Mdef method while Swing Dance gets an addition of reduces fixed cast time buff added to it. Example of change in tactics would be things like: Melody Sink is changed to 20second cool down versus current 180second cool down, the same for Warcry from Beyond. Saturday Night Fever will only work on enemies and the flee/def% are changed to absolute values. The sura portion has remained the same for the most part: sphere cost reduction as well as skill pre-requiste being changed. They have added some damage formula changes for a number of the skills though. They includes a visual change that only deals with damage seen: they change the cap of 999,999 to be a count of thousands using K: 1624k, being their example in clip provided. They add a challenge mode to their OGH Edda of 10 difficulties to be picked from so for those who like the challenge. Two things for cute pet are added though: High Orc is capable of evolving into Orc Hero, and the cute pets evolution options of Nightmare Terror and Wanderer are capable of evolving into a form that is a long ways off - those added into Magma Dungeon and GH expansion maps. Of the other cute pets it will be some what well odd: Aliot, Alicel, and Aliza are added under pet evolution as well - if all three stem from evolving the pet Alice will be different.
  2. On 1/18/2019 kRO released what they plan to do for the first quarter of the year 2019: http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=3921697&curpage=1 The main points contained includes a change to guild skills; added skills and the current skills cool down, skill update that has been mentioned before about Maestro and Wanderers that had been pushed back, class after the performers being that for Sura, and they even included Super Novices to get a small 'update' of skills removed and added. Beyond that is extended classes having their max base and job levels increased to fit with kRO's current max levels. In addition to the third class skill update all of the advanced expanded classes; except Doram, will have their skills modified/updated. There are three additional things beyond those that would be considered quality of life improvements. Due to the mass amount of skill changes majority of information will be under spoiler to help reduce what is shown at once. These of course are changes that kRO plans not taking into consideration any changes that we may already have. Guild Skills: All expanded classes will have their base level expanded to match the other classes maximum of 185. Doram job level will be increased from 50 to 55, while the other classes will be from 60 to 65. First is the expanded classes and skills they are planned to have changed. Solar Emperor: Primarily skill level. Soul Reaper: It does state about a change in soul energy and movement to specific areas resetting it though not sure in what way. Kagerou and Oboro: Rebellion: Super Novice: Wanderer and Maestro will have their solo skills altered, as well as chorus skills being reduced into duet skills. (meaning no bonus based on number of performers in party) It is quite large simply due to the number of songs they have. Sura are planned to follow after the performers in skill updates, but as I am quite terrible with making certain of which skills they are talking about I haven't listed them here. The three quality of life(?) changes deal with what you'll see as you play, they are at the bottom of the kRO page. Third classes skill animations are being reworked with the examples given at the kRO official site; some are interesting like the Warlocks shown and some seem like they're flashy. They are aiming to change water field effect. The last quality of life change is that they seem to be planning on giving the option to remove vending stall name: reason being that there are people who love the look and but also people that find it difficult to move through with them present.
  3. Offical kRO developer's note: http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=3911512&curpage=1 Google translation: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fro.gnjoy.com%2Fnews%2Fdevnote%2FView.asp%3Fcategory%3D1%26seq%3D3911512%26curpage%3D1 Developer's note for December 2018 talks about an Edda Biolab instance that deals with the history of the research center. Earlier in the year kRO sponsored a manwha for the labs history as part of its promotion of Ragnarok Zero, the instance seems to go along with that story. As with previous installments of instances by kRO they are adding specific weapons gained from it, along side being able to be enchanted. It goes on to include equipment dropped from their recent Nogg Road floor 3 and Glast Heim Abyss, they will have 1 or 2 random enchants on them upon being dropped. Other important note is they're increasing the character item inventory limit through use of item similar to the Gym Pass item; each use increase item inventory by 10 and up to a max of 10 use/100 added inventory space. Creates a greater capacity for farmers of item over weight limit, and any needed supplies in general.
  4. Official content doesn't need be suggested, just waited for is all. Since they're official kRO cards there is a high chance we'll get them just have to wait like every thing else official.
  5. According to kRO announcements they seem have added the skill adjustment to their test server on their last maintenance so any one who plays it or watches those that do can get some of their answers/worries looked at rather soon in concerns to the skill changes. Though it is only the test server and not main so they can always make adjustments to come. Also it does state that blacksmith buffs skills along with others can be used while in mado gear so with luck they'll affect the mado as well then. http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/notice/View.asp?BBSMode=10001&seq=7033&curpage=1
  6. The eggs for the MvP pets were an event random reward, random in that the event had coin from it and you tried your luck with a npc. The npc was a crane game form and believe the most recent chance to get them was on kRO's anniversary event.
  7. Kro developer’s note released on 9/19/2019 gives more details about skills of each class that is going to be changed. For the majority the change are buffs while there are one or two ‘nerfs’ to balance out the changes. It also includes a max base level change along with an update on which third classes will receive skill improvements: past examples being geneticist, arch bishop, shadow chasers. http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=3901749&curpage=1 Swordsman Merchant Thief Mage Archer Acolyte They also plan to increase Super Novice base level maximum to match other classes, including the 185 max level limit that they increased third classes to. They are also changing the experience needed for levels 1-99 in October. The final note they have is that due to the skill changes they’ve made for all third classes as part of their anniversary celebration, the changes to they planed for Wanderer/Maestro are being postponed. As they are changing how dancer/bard skill buffs are being applied they are putting off the Wanderer/Maestro improvement until 2019. Following the performers will be that of Sura and Warlock. Sura will once again be targeted in combo skills. Each skill will have an improvement and when used in combo strengthen the next skill in the combo. For Warlock it will be focused around changes relating to Reading Spell Book.
  8. September 10th 2018 kRO maintenance had Edda Old Glast Heim instance go active on their main servers. The instance requires base level 130 to enter and has been set so that if you are below the level you won’t be able to see the npcs related to it. All of the gears have name King Schmdit in them, with armor combo composed of armor, a garment and six different possible version of a left slot only accessory. Of the six accessories each is aimed at a specific effect: atk%, matk%, long range damage, critical, attack speed, and hp%. The armor and garment seem to be aimed at supporting in the recently added 175+ leveling maps, specifically Magma Dungeon level 3. The armor can be used in general while the garment certainly is specific use. The accessories though while not as strong as some accessories they still have uses. The armor and garment can not be enchanted, while only the accessory can be; the third enchantment has a 30% chance of breaking currently and which in Ragnarok Online fashion is viewed as most important enchant. The third enchant combos with the third enchant of Stat Temporal Boots, this makes people invest or stick with the game more for a perfect combo yes but also can cause certain annoyance. Alongside the Edda OGH they have added 3 boss cards and 5 normal cards related to the Morroc Instances. kRO maintenance page http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/notice/View.asp?BBSMode=10001&seq=7015&curpage=1 kRO web magazine http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=207016&site=ro Divine Pride links of King Schmdit equips. Enchants
  9. As normal they mention somethings linked to previous and some new things. In this case the new things they mention are something that would affect super novices more then 3rd class or extension classes. http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=3898433&curpage=1 The first part is talking about the next part of OGH dealing with the king Schmidt, White Knight and Khalitzburg Knightage. New equips following the instance trend of being a set and capable of receiving enchants. The second part deals with them further upgrading skills, after having done so for the third class they're refocusing that attention to first class and second class skills; which why it could affect super novices so much. The skills they list for first class are primarily Blessing and increase Agility. Perhaps one of the most known for being a pain Bowling Bash is included. Backstab, Sightless Mind, Grand Cross, Blitz Beat, Sonic Blow are the others currently listed. In the clip it shows that Backstab will be made more user friendly in that it will instantly move you to the enemy's back instead. In addition to those are skills that got a rather harmful change in Renewal and those that are still viable; Sharp Shooting, Arrow Vulcan, Meteor Assault, Spiral Pierce. Note that about Spiral Pierce as we just got Bio 5 and Seyren mobs have always been death and it is one of his skills it is something much later in the future at least. The third part simply is about the next dungeon to receive an illusion version: Labyrinth. Based on the picture it is the Hidden Forest/ Labyrinth Forest. Based on how other Illusion dungeons have shown to be, there isn't much equipment linked to the Labyrinth other then Crescent Scythe currently so they may decide to borrow from else where like they have done for Comodo Cave's and Gobine armor. Which will at least make it harder to guess the gear upgrade.
  10. No. The Thanatos that resides in the tower is there as one of the seals on Satan Morroc - he is originally a magic swordsman who fought against Morroc then became a seal. The Thanatos of Ghost Palace is just the named of a cursed sword that seeks blood of the strong and so was sealed by those connected to the Prontera royal families.
  11. Sera are capable of getting the new max skill levels right away, did so on mine. Bayeri and Eira are able to get them at 159 based on personal own homunculus and having looked at their current available skill points. As I don't have a dieter I can't say about him, though it is likely a similar level range. The fastest method of leveling will of course be going through places like Endless Tower or Endless Cellar for the mvp experience, but even with out that as mentioned before they'll be bale to get exp from quests soon enough. kRO changed it so need to be actively working with the homunculus, going to places like Verus maps, nightmare version maps, or if wanting to mob and CC for mobs to get the exp ones like bifrost tower.
  12. Althenra

    Patch Notes

    Azzy AI is no longer being worked on by its creator so it'll remain at level 5 as choices. Previously has been stated also in different posts by GMs that they won't be changing the Azzy AI, that if some one else desires to that they are free to go ahead and do so. kRO changes makes it so all current custom AI don't work as they used to, and so does the current Beta client - which once finished fully will be the new normal. Can only suggest to get used to manually using hot key'ed level 10 skills if you really want level 10 skill used.
  13. Previously when using the skill it prevented other skills from being used. After last night's maintenance my homunculus S can use its skills even after mental change is active. As to state it happens/condition; currently using beta client with base lif, homunculus S Eleanor. Mental change is used and it is still capable of using all of Eleanor's skills.
  14. Summer tickets can be exchanged for 100 coins each by the cat closest to the hub portal on the boat, while golden pearls are exchanged to 15 rainbow gems each by the npc for the hat recoloring.
  15. Question in regards to the recolor poring scarf into Deviling and Ghostring scarf, are the two recolored scarves meant to unlock the golden achievement title - which also makes them account bound? At one point they weren't account bound but as they are now, wondering if it is on purpose.
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