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  1. Karuna-tan

    New Year's Teaser

    Preparing my heart to break for the umpteenth time due to Bio. Oh god.
  2. I saw spoopy on patches. SPOOPY TIME WHEN!? 

  3. Karuna-tan

    Patch Notes

    Thanks for the mermaid wig, it was what I wanted ♥ w♥
  4. Karuna-tan

    Monster Hunting Blog #5

    Nice to hear that shadow equips can be gotten without necessarily having to deal with difficult monsters. I don't mind doing a ton of stuff as long as it can be done with a duo. ♥
  5. Karuna-tan

    Level 185 Patch Notes

    kRO never fails to disappoint me when it comes to dagger SC builds. 8D; However, great update, thank you GMs!
  6. Pretty nice to hear the branches are unbound - no longer stuck summoning on my shoddy non-tanky chars because of the binding. 8D
  7. Karuna-tan

    Patch Notes

    Oooh nice update, and you guys put it in almost right after the first Illusion update! Kudos! PS: HATS.
  8. Karuna-tan

    Patch Notes

    Thanks for the new update! I already tested my exorcist AB with the previous update, so Imma get ready to test this one as well! ♥ PS: Thanks for the hat quest, I love this hat. ♥
  9. Karuna-tan

    Patch Notes

    You have no idea how long I've waited to be able to get Mischievous Fairy ears here. Thank you so very much. ♥
  10. Thanks for finally making the regular auras available to all.
  11. Soooo... who here has a chocolate advent calendar besides me? 

  12. Roomie went to a game expo and brought me back this. I love it.
  13. Where's my route of making SC as first character and eventually making even more SCs because of different lolzy builds?
  14. Good to see people want to lock yet another aura behind PvP lock. /s

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