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  1. Based on the ever-changing meta and the declining, pro-bono guide producers, wikis are a relic of early renewal as discord is to the age of "post-renewal." I'm here to empathize and disclose that I've been overwhelmed as well, but you need to understand why guides have been left to grow cobwebs on them. Firstly, these defuncted guides made by players are works left uncompensated. It was a thankless job then and it's a thankless job now, the difference is that the goal-post keeps moving faster than what can be maintained and so we're left with subpar, but still helpful information. Secondly, I
  2. I'm on the side of letting equipment fall to obscurity as time passes. I understand feeling anxious about RNG, as you pointed out, but I don't think reworking upgrade systems, as you mentioned, OLD gears, help progression. By your logic, no one has advocated for an over upgrading system to obtain gears like +7 Saint's Robe. It was once a great armor, but now it's old! We need to let old things be old. Gear progression in Ragnarok is based on a linear release of episodes and I think returning players should keep up alongside other players. Overupgrading "legacy" equipment doesn't fix the fact t
  3. I obtain them in greater quantities through fruit baskets, so far that's the only place I've been able to consistently farm them.
  4. Well I enjoy the combination of skills MH2 bosses because it tests player adaptability. I think one mechanic I enjoy is when Nyso's notes and wave happen concurrently because it keeps me engaged and turns off my "farming" brain. I think if you created tricky "module" mechanics designed to overlap with each other, it would be successful. In terms of CTK, yeah its hard but I think you're missing out on information if you're not recording how people play and adapt to the instance mechanic. Has there been explicit test runs administered by GMs to prove CTK's concept and get live feedba
  5. Seconded, an aggro bug...our experienced tank hasn't been able to hold aggro after using two consecutive sentinels. On one occassion, he even had all of us out the screen just to ensure sufficient aggro was being generated to him, but as soon as any DPS came on screen it immediately switches to either DPSes (an immediate Blue -> Yellow aggro status.)
  6. charito

    Patch Notes #144

    I wanted to kno why +20, 5-minute foods are now disabled in MH.
  7. charito

    Healing Role Update #142

    Really appreciate how Snowball got integrated in BG, I personally enjoyed the Christmas event more than the Summer event in more ways than one. I felt like Snowball was a really engaging, player to player, equitable combat system that allowed everyone to have a dynamic experience. I had SO MUCH FUN. I would wait for the event to start every time, I didn't even care about the rewards. I'd recommend doing announcements or having GM's promo the whacky BG event for at least a month just to get everyone on the same page, I see a lot of promise with this addition. Unlike Snowball, I'm pe
  8. Well since this thread is dead as hell, I want to let everyone know that yes, Detecting Staff is indeed, a worthy investment that every competitive Warlock should at least try.It's a very good weapon. There is a significant difference between an SFB and this weapon and for anyone else wondering if they should invest, I would say get one. I have enchants that favor both Ein3 and MH, but mostly a Wind build as I frequent MH a lot now. Really fun to use with Wind Tetra as well. I've tried the + 11 Survivors Set and was also pleased on how well it worked for me farming as a CR Warlock
  9. charito

    Patch Notes #141

    This is phenomenal, the QoL improvements and event hats that I actually want.....WOW! Great jobs guys.
  10. @Millefey Really great, proactive statement here. I think developers need to channel you as a 'mouthpiece' more often as this should have been what people read as soon as pushback came amidst this fiasco.
  11. This feels so insane and your gear is so major....IMPRESSIVE!!
  12. I've recently been more and more interested in the idea of purchasing a high-end Detecting Staff for PVM needs as an all purpose 2H staff. I'd like to know whether or not people who own this staff still find it a worthy investment and if it was a viable replacement for, 'ol reliable, Sunflower Boy. I've been hard pressed to find any firsthand testimony for this staff anywhere online. I also think the discussion on the current Meta for Warlocks for our server is few and far in-between, so I'd like to open this up for any Warlock equipment you're using that's competitive with today's
  13. leave price please, thanks. got it
  14. charito

    Illustrate: GMT Winners

    I agree! This competition really exposed how talented players in this server really are...I was looking at the entries at a cafe and was visibly gasping at some of them because they looked so official, people must have thought I was hysterical lol.
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