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  1. Well since this thread is dead as hell, I want to let everyone know that yes, Detecting Staff is indeed, a worthy investment that every competitive Warlock should at least try.It's a very good weapon. There is a significant difference between an SFB and this weapon and for anyone else wondering if they should invest, I would say get one. I have enchants that favor both Ein3 and MH, but mostly a Wind build as I frequent MH a lot now. Really fun to use with Wind Tetra as well. I've tried the + 11 Survivors Set and was also pleased on how well it worked for me farming as a CR Warlock in Rudus. I have tried the a +9 Illusion Bazerald for a CR build lately and I'm finding the boost in ASPD amazing, not as powerful as I'd like it to be but I'm waiting to find a +15 version to test its full potential. I ventured in Rudus to use it and it was okay, I feel if I did more damage it would be a fun piece of equipment to use.
  2. domo

    Patch Notes

    This is phenomenal, the QoL improvements and event hats that I actually want.....WOW! Great jobs guys.
  3. @Millefey Really great, proactive statement here. I think developers need to channel you as a 'mouthpiece' more often as this should have been what people read as soon as pushback came amidst this fiasco.
  4. This feels so insane and your gear is so major....IMPRESSIVE!!
  5. I've recently been more and more interested in the idea of purchasing a high-end Detecting Staff for PVM needs as an all purpose 2H staff. I'd like to know whether or not people who own this staff still find it a worthy investment and if it was a viable replacement for, 'ol reliable, Sunflower Boy. I've been hard pressed to find any firsthand testimony for this staff anywhere online. I also think the discussion on the current Meta for Warlocks for our server is few and far in-between, so I'd like to open this up for any Warlock equipment you're using that's competitive with today's PvM content. This could also be an open discourse to any staves or daggers you're using that's criminally underrated or overlooked. Searching for some direction on what to invest here, I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Thanks!
  6. This was so fun to watch
  7. leave price please, thanks. got it
  8. domo

    Illustrate: GMT Winners

    I agree! This competition really exposed how talented players in this server really are...I was looking at the entries at a cafe and was visibly gasping at some of them because they looked so official, people must have thought I was hysterical lol.
  9. domo

    Illustrate: GMT Winners

    WOW, shout out to the artist who conceived the Ju card because it looks SO GOOD!! Congratulations to everyone!
  10. Hi Siobhan, thank you for posting your gear! I'm actually building my own Mech right now and am finding your posts a wealth of knowledge. Truly glad I found your posts because of how much you are sharing as a person making an Arms Cannon build. Saw you have a +9 Rideword and now I'm wondering if I should upgrade mine to the same degree, is it really good?
  11. domo

    Patch Notes

    This server is on top of it. Glad I chose Nova.
  12. Hi I'm a virgin to these streets but I've been around the block.... But I'm trying something new. Just got out of a four year relationship with another server. I like to keep things slow and steady, so I'm gonna try it out to see if it fits. Let me see what you're packin, NovaRO. <3 Oh, and I'm from California...I'm 26 Graduated college with an architecture degree I like yoga, beaches (this sounds very basic, but true...) I also like avocados. Casual, fun guild would down to join... i'm a positive person who just wants to have fun you know <3
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