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  1. So the 3rd and 2nd slot enchants on gray wolf equipment are going to be only random? Let's say I want 2 Warrior orbs in my armor, this makes virtually impossible to achieve desired enchants, especially if the odds in NovaRO are like these: With these odds, there's hardly any improvement over the 17.2 equipment that we get to choose the enchantment, really disappointing. I hope the staff rethink this, either giving an option to reroll 2nd slot enhchant or choose the desired enchant for a higher price.
  2. Any update on this? I know it's supposed to be heavily nerfed, but in its current state it just does nothing at all.
  3. I also have this question.
  4. Will there be an increase on the amount of BSBs we get per weeklies? The new refinement system will bring a huge increase on its demand, with the current availability, refining a single lv.5 weapon / lv. 2 armor will be extremely expensive.
  5. You got it all wrong with the economy, those changes will just make the situation worse for new players. Rich vendors will not want to reduce their profit selling new expensive items, so the cost will just be redirected to buyers who need to spend more time farming now that their loot is worth less. Same with the vending tax, sellers will increase their sell price to cover the taxes, there will be less zeny but players will need to spend more than before. Remember when Gold Coin to NP ratio was reduced because you believed this would make Nova Points more affordable? GC price spiked from 60k to 200k+, it seems that nothing was learned from it.
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