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    drug trafficking boss GX
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    dogs, dank memes, arts, astrology, astronomy, nerdy stuffs with concerning contents,...etc

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  1. hottie hot hot ladies
  2. Yuuri Lee

    Seyren Windsor

    he looks super cool saddy look at that armor n that glowing effect dangggg . Amazing artwork as always saddy
  3. Yuuri Lee


    sooooo beautiful mr sadddyyyyyy
  4. IGN: GoldDiggers Submission Tittle: Back Street Prontarians GM Challenges: -[GM] Nova: Include a pet -[GM] Tokei: Write "that's impossible" -[GM] Scout: Have Baphomet in the picture -[GM] Eclipse: Draw a frog -[GM] Mavka: Incorporate a blanket -[GM] Svarog: Include anything that relates to fire -[GM] Millefey: Have someone wear a seductive pair of bunny ears -[GM] Skorian: Include something pirate related -[GM] Panic: Draw a Royal Guard -[GM] Aimer: Include at least 10 references to different 'universes'. Gaming, movies, comics, anime, anything goes I love everyone, but my hands cant draw anymore TT____TT
  5. the fabric n the feather texture r really amazing <3
  6. will get the Leib Olmai for vinter Snowier I love my babies chubby
  7. omg gkjhkjthkjrtkhjtljhlt so cuteeeee >///<
  8. IGN: GoldDiggers Pet: Atroce
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