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    GoldDiggers, DefundTheScience2020, Poor n Ugly Digger
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    drug trafficking boss GX
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    dogs, dank memes, arts, astrology, astronomy, nerdy stuffs with concerning contents,...etc

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  1. hottie hot hot ladies
  2. Hope you can find yourself soon during your life journey. Wish you the best Shanks
  3. Yuuri Lee

    Seyren Windsor

    he looks super cool saddy look at that armor n that glowing effect dangggg . Amazing artwork as always saddy
  4. hi hi kefiiiii . Nice to meet u . I am also a big fan of coffee . My favorite coffee is hot mildly sweet black coffee X") . The bitterness and the pure coffee smell makes the beverage so enjoyable
  5. Yuuri Lee


    sooooo beautiful mr sadddyyyyyy
  6. IGN: GoldDiggers Submission Tittle: Back Street Prontarians GM Challenges: -[GM] Nova: Include a pet -[GM] Tokei: Write "that's impossible" -[GM] Scout: Have Baphomet in the picture -[GM] Eclipse: Draw a frog -[GM] Mavka: Incorporate a blanket -[GM] Svarog: Include anything that relates to fire -[GM] Millefey: Have someone wear a seductive pair of bunny ears -[GM] Skorian: Include something pirate related -[GM] Panic: Draw a Royal Guard -[GM] Aimer: Include at least 10 references to different 'universes'. Gaming, movies, comics, anime, anything goes I love everyone, but my hands cant draw anymore TT____TT
  7. the fabric n the feather texture r really amazing <3
  8. will get the Leib Olmai for vinter Snowier I love my babies chubby
  9. Hi eduardo XD im that pink GX from the other day. Hopefully u still remember me XDDDDD. GX will need to be well-geared in order to get into a pt. I recommend u to make a ranger or any farming classes to get the zennies 1st. AB can also make ez money by joining bio5 parties. The bio5 loots r pretty good to sell. You can check the item prices by https://www.novaragnarok.com/?module=vending Currently GX is dealing the highest dmg compare to other dps classes . The common builds are Cross Impact and Soul Destroyer. Glad to see u here eduardo. Im always homelessing at prontera stop by and having some chit chat with everyone . Welcome to NovaRO my friend
  10. omg gkjhkjthkjrtkhjtljhlt so cuteeeee >///<
  11. IGN: GoldDiggers Pet: Atroce
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