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  1. Yuuri

    Just Chilling

    Thank you Yuuna gotta make everyone smokin hawt.... i mean cool looking hahahahaha XDDDDDD . The 1st pic wasnt my fault hahahahahaha i was joking around with everyone and then this topic came out from my mind XDDDDDD
  2. Yuuri

    Just Chilling

    Artblock hits me hard this month x-x. I tried to draw some quick sketeches. Hop u guys enjoy hahahahahahahaha Yeet
  3. Yuuri

    Just Chilling

    im really glad that you like it Yunna *gib you zillion kisses* Thank you Aimer Gonna update some more soon haha
  4. Yuuri

    Just Chilling

    thank you gonna upload some more soon
  5. Yuuri


    thank you for your amazing advise <3
  6. * * * * * * * * Name: Yuuri Lee, but known as the gold digger Gender: Female Race: Human Organization: Prontera Unholy Trinity - a group of dead inside people with concerning fetish Role: Prontera Gold Digger Physical Description: Yuuri is a 5'9" tall GX with athletic appearance. She has a long red plum hair color with a tie near at the bottom of her hair. Her eyes r dark gray, but most of the time she will wear a round fashionable sunglass with nude pink lense. She prefer to wear assassin cross outfit rather than the GX's Personality: Outgoing, sarcastic, extremely blunt, likes to joke around, and always overdosed due to edp and other drugs to reach her maximum speed when running any dungeons *GX is a drug abusive victim class guys lmao" Known Strengths: A dd crit GX so she is a skillful knife user *can do knife tricks*, good physical strength, and fast Known Weaknesses: Not overdosed lmao. She will be a sack of potato for the team mates and friends whenever she is not on drugs Known Property: drugs XDDDDD, a wedding ring necklace *her wife left her lmao*, 2 combat knives *cuz crimson dagger r so ugly >:(* Known Acquaintances: Yarrah, Vers, Kuroh,...etc * * * * * * * *
  7. Yuuri

    Just Chilling

    Its been years since the last time I did digital drawing . Im happy that you like it
  8. Yuuri

    Just Chilling

    Thank you XDDD. I wish I can have the confidence to color them too hahaahah. Im terrible with markers n water color Thank you XD. Im really glad that you enjoy my artwork . I will try to post more often from now XDDD Digital art this time XDDDD
  9. Yuuri

    Just Chilling

    Update some of my new artworks XD
  10. Yuuri


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