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  1. Apparently nowadays bio5 ab is another name for redemptio bot. Sad days indeed. Your build: -12%hp, -6%sp, 10% heal My build: +25%hp, +15%sp, 17% heal Net difference: 37% hp, 21%sp, 7% heal Safety wall durability scales with your max sp btw. I don't want to bother explaining about illusion leg since your intention isn't to learn the real reason, but to pick faults at everything that disagrees with your specific opinion.
  2. I don't care if you want my opinion or not, nor do I care if you will ever learn from it. I'm providing my opinion here not for you, but for the other people who will be reading your guide so they don't make the same mistakes you made in this guide when they try to build their AB. You may continue to pat yourself on the back for an entire thread of ad hominem attacks. [edit] I didn't want to show you up on your own guide, but since you insist that people here don't know how to build budget ABs, here's a quick one I put together based on yours: Your build: +7 spell circuit (evt) + nightmare: 1m puente robe + marc: 7m bible of promise + medusa: 10m vm rod (20% vct) + eoe dex3: 10m dex boots (spell5) + coyote: 17m airship mant + raydric: 2.5m light of cure + illusion booster (spell + sp recovery x2) = 8m Total cost: 55.5m (assuming EVT headgears = free) Net bonus: -70% vct, -0.5s fct, - 12% hp, - 6% sp, 30% neutral resist, sleep + stone immunity, 10% heal bonus, 20% sp recovery Stat build: idk but apparently you struggle with weight and have no agi Total gear weight: 237 Extra consumable weight: 5 x however many cure frees you carry ---- My modified build: mitra[1]: free orlean gown + marc: 8m thana staff + sanare: 4m cursed knight shield (evt) + medusa: 3m GSS + raydric: 3.5m Dex Temp (spell 5) + green ferus/matyr/gold acidus: 15m Light of cure + illusion booster (spell + dex3 x2): 8m swap: +7 spell circuit (evt) cotton shirt: anything to swap off the orlean gown. cotton shirt is the cheapest/lightest vm rod (20% acd): 1.5m airship mant: 50k bible of promise: 7m (odin only) Total cost: 57m Net bonus: -0.5s fct, +25% hp, +15% sp, 27% neutral resist, 7% all other resist, sleep + stone immunity, 17% heal bonus, 22% self-heal On swap: -70% vct, -0.5s fct Stat build: 120 dex/int, 100-110 vit, 7x agi, rest str Total gear weight: 465 Total weight capacity: ~4.4k without gympass This leaves you ~2.4k weight for consumables/drops before going to 70% overweight. That's 800 blue gems / holy waters, or 750 blue gems / holy waters and 5 ygg berries. Bio5 drops all have 0 weight except the cards, so you shouldn't have any issues with weight management. You can swap out dex3 enchants for sp recovery enchants if you struggle with sp. I wouldn't recommend it, dex is important for cast time and you have better heal in this build, so you should struggle less with sp. You can also opt to go for asgard blessing, which gives 5% all resist and +2 all stats, for 22m more.
  3. Your set will never match an AB with ME3 because the -0.3s FCT is not reducible by any VCT% reduction. You will always be 0.3s slower than an AB with ME3 when all other gears are identical, or 0.15s slower if you factor in Sacrament. Sometimes the 0.15s may not matter, but comparing the 2 makes no sense. As for writing my own guide, there are many guides out there with budget gear suggestions, each with their own flavour, just like yours. There is no need to be passive aggressive and guilt-tripping the people who are just trying to help you improve your ideas and/or your understanding of RO. I have not really criticized your guide, merely pointing out some mistakes that are pretty major to the integrity of your build. A cheap build shouldn't be the synonym to a low-quality build. You can still keep improving it within your budget.
  4. I think you are missing the point yourself. Any gear that doesn't benefit you is a waste of money no matter how cheap it is, and right now your gear set conflicts with your stat build. Even if it only costs 50k zeny, it's 50k zeny wasted. Suggesting both VCT gears and EOE dex means you wasted money in one of those, regardless of which. Dex temporal boots with spell 5 enchant costs ~15m with a bad 4th enchant. Illusion leg B with fixed casting enchant costs 6m at +0, and 23m at +7 if you don't overpay. And it frees up your stats. ME gives you FCT reduction and has nothing to do with VCT reduction.
  5. Stacking both VCT% and stat VCT is a waste, they are not additive to each other. You want to stack in either route, not both. Running dex boots means you need at least 120 dex, and you naturally need high int for heals, so you should already be very close to stat instant cast (dex*2 + int = 530). VCT% only reduces the remaining part of your VCT, meaning your entire gear set probably gives you negligible amount of cast time reduction. If you want to run VCT gears on ab, run illusion leg-b with FCT enchant instead. That way you are not locked in by 120 dex and VCT% actually benefits you. If you want to have vct% for the sole purpose of casting redemptio, have it on gear swap and don't default it. Your current build has almost no damage reduction which means anything that looks your way in bio5 will kill you, and a dead priest is a useless priest (same applies to any other instances really). Default resist gears and swap to vct gears only to cast redemptio, and you will have a much better time supporting your party. As for some of the card choices: You should easily have enough agi (100 total agi) for sleep and bleed immunity. Even if you don't, you can cure bleed on yourself with offertorium.
  6. You can buy Muffler[0] from NPC and slot them at the socket enchant NPC.
  7. Wasn't the bio5 requirement originally twice as high and people cried it was too much?
  8. Toy syringe works with unranked slims too. You can get plenty of those from temple of demon god runs. If you check @wb instead of @ws, you will realize that people buy at only half of that price. And if you want to rank, maybe you should farm starsand? Bathories are very easy to kill and very accessible to everyone. If you think it's too much effort to get 120k starsands, maybe ranking isn't for you, considering getting ranked is the easy part; the hard part is staying ranked with 10% decay every month.
  9. I think it's that way so people can't bring afk chars to leech runs at the camp :thinking:
  10. Butterfly wing is a consumable item that let's you cast teleport level 2. So yes it is a skill and should be affected by howl. -1 for your suggestion. Just carry EDP bottles if you are desperate to get back to spawn instantly. Bwing has the advantage of preserving your buffs and should come at a cost.
  11. You can counterplay 2 RG running platnium shield to reflect you. You can't counterplay 24 people running mad bunny reflect against you. That sounds like cancer. We might as well delete magic classes from woe. The rest of your argument makes no sense. Reflected damage isn't reduced from your damage taken. If it killed you before it will still kill you now, and your 10% reflected damage isn't going to kill the gx/se unless you go full shadow form mode and increase your damage taken. Even then, a 1:1 trade is anything but a win. By the way, reflect in renewal is capped by the target's max HP. Most of the classes who can't use valk mant for reflect are the classes with lower HP pools. I fail to see how they can ever reflect their opponent to death with their inferior max hp. -1
  12. I mean the spawn point right outside Andlangr (not sure if this is the case for other castles). We can't pot outside of the castle right now, which is inconvenient because after you get hp buffs outside, you have to either enter the castle with half of your max hp to pot inside, or bwing back to town to use healer then come back.
  13. You can farm bomb sets easily with green operation coat + scalpel set. You are looking at ~200 bomb sets an hour if you farm with goc+scalpel set iirc. I don't think a buying NPC is necessary. Plus There are always people selling bomb sets on vend for very affordable prices if you really don't want to farm.
  14. I would definitely like a way to at least increase my movement speed on the ship. It sucks that the spawn is far away from everything useful (going to hunt, crafting shadow gears, anything) and you can't even give yourself increase agi to move around a little faster. I think we can even have the NPCs from summer festival that gives you increase movement speed for a short while, or have warp points that take you to important NPCs on the ship. The NPCs related to MH1 are so scattered that it takes quite a while just to walk to all of them (claim dailies, craft your shadow set, turn in your extra drops, storage the tickets) with the slow movement speed on the ship.
  15. I think you misunderstood me. You still have to do the 3 MH2-related quests. The remaining 3 you can choose between the 6 I suggested. So it looks like this: Required: (3/3) - Kill Nyia x 10 - Kill Garanth x 10 - Kill Nyia and Garanth once each Optional: (3/6) - do x instance x times - kill x mob x times - turn in x account-bound item x times - win bg x times (high enough amount to discourage afkers) - do woe 1 - do draft woe You need 3 required + 3 optional for weekly quest rewards (the 3 extra bsb). You can complete the other 3 optional quests for their weekly coin rewards.
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