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  1. Group b chorus songs should only be usable when there is another performer from your team on screen. Right now in BG it only requires another person on screen to be used, it does not check for: - is this person a performer class - is this person on your team
  2. I summarized every point that's been brought up in this thread and from my own testing after reading all the posts here. 1. The skill is currently very buggy: - in KvM (haven't tested other modes), group B chorus skills do not check for performer requirements, only on-screen requirements. - skills and chat should not be disabled under frenzy status, only consumables are blocked. - sitting persisting through rounds should be fixed - clearing with freedom starts the forced sitting, but in a standing position, needs to sit twice to stand back up - skill duration is apparently still longer than 20 seconds? 2. Other changes: - skill should not affect safe areas - consider disabling the skill altogether because in its intended working form it's still too annoying of a status to deal with that is unhealthy for your average BG environment Considering how extremely bugged the skill is, I think it should be temporarily disabled until it is fully fixed. If skills are indeed usable under frenzy, I think it will be a much more reasonable status to deal with, so we should re-evaluate once it is fixed. tl;dr: disable it for the time being until it's fixed, then re-evaluate.
  3. I don't see how attacking me personally and being condescending on a suggestion thread like this makes your statements any more credible. AB is mostly required for buffs, lauda and pneuma. Out of these, pneuma has the shortest cast range of 9 cells. If a minstrel is diving your stack to cast a 15x15 AoE and you are a good support AB, you will be within range or your pneuma is not reaching your front line. You also played AB quite frequently and I don't need to tell you how unnecessary and untruthful your thinly veiled insults are. Minstrel needs to be in the stack to give songs to your stack. A minstrel standing behind the stack isn't doing anything for your team at all. Are you really expecting them to be hanging all the way outside of screen just so they can wait for that one saturday night fever to connect so they can cancel it with circle of nature? In BG nonetheless too? Sorcerer has front line roles and will most likely be in range of the skill especially if the minstrel is diving the stack, as they have been when they wanted to use saturday night fever. So tell me under which realistic scenario do you expect your listed support classes to be in a position where they will be outside of the skill range to effectively cancel the skill on your stack? Masq can be resisted and it's a single target skill. Howl can be resisted and has an AoE recovery. Stasis can be cured by each and every person on their own using iara carded accessory. They are not on par with Saturday Night Fever and you know it.
  4. First you said it's not a strong skill, now you say it is. I don't know what's your stance. If it's a strong skill, does that mean you agree there is merit to ask for it to be disabled? - Vacuum was disabled because the proper counter play was too demanding for the environment of BG, and I could say the same about this skill. Your support class must be off-screen to clear you, and if they are off-screen, how do they even properly support you in every other situation? Again it might have application in coordinated play in WoE, but in BG, that's a bit unreasonable. - Although it's similar to crystalize, crystalize can be cleared with AoE skills while this status cannot. Expecting individual clear of everyone in a wider area when there is no party list to use in BG is another layer of challenge that you do not have to deal with in WoE. - Even after you dispell/clear them, they are still forced to sit for 3 seconds. - I said it's waste of freedom because freedom is the only reliable way for you to get rid of this status right now, and even with freedom, you are still forced to sit for 3 seconds. It being buggy right now makes it an extra annoying skill to deal with. But even in its intended state, I'm not too optimistic about the way it functions. I said I would try only because I don't have any grounds to say anything until I've properly tried it. For the record I already reported the bug in bug tracker, but I have no idea how long it will take for it to be fixed because I don't know how easy/hard it is to fix this bug, and I think BG is too much cancer with this skill being active in its current buggy state.
  5. Sure it might be much more reasonable to deal with if it's fixed, but right now it's too buggy to play against and I think it's best to disable it until it's fully fixed at least.
  6. This skill as is right now makes BG very unfun to play: 1. Freedom/dispell still applies the 3-second forced sit after it's cleared. 2. Having the skill persist through rounds will lead to you getting stuck in sitting which cannot be cancelled other than relogging (not feasible in bg) and dying (not feasible in KvM) 3. You cannot type while in this status so you cannot even let your teammates know that you are in frenzy. There's suspicion that it's supposed to block only consumables and not skills, but I don't have a concrete source for that. The next counter play which is the concept of having another chord skill cancelling it (similar to harmonize/echo song) requires the other performer in party to be just within screen range for saturday night fever to be cast, but just outside of the aoe of the skill to not be stuck in the same status. That's simply too demanding for BG environment so in most cases, there is no way to get yourself out of it other than using freedom or just expect death. This skill might have application in coordinated play in WoE, but in BG it's just too chaotic for an uncoordinated team to deal with such an annoying status effectively.
  7. Might become irrelevant depending on the outcome of the bg movement discussion thread. But for the time being it's pretty common for the defending team to lose both stones before half the team could properly prep.
  8. If you end a round of BG with saturday night fever debuff active, you will be forced to sit after warping and this sitting cannot be cancelled by anything other than death and relog. Using insert key or /sit does not cancel the sitting effect. It's very annoying to deal with when you quickly queue for the next round of BG only to be stuck in sitting for the entire round.
  9. can you guys at least agree on what you are complaining about first? I honestly think those who find RO stale are people who require constant stimulation to feel excited. I've been playing RO for years and never really felt that it was a stale game, even on servers that had no content update. When I see people complaining about there being nothing to do, sometimes I wonder if we are playing the same game. A game is what you make of it. It's up to you to set different goals everyday that will make the gameplay fun for yourself. I have plenty of friends who get excited at every new game released on steam/etc, and most of them get bored within 2-3 weeks of every single game that they ever tried. It means this "bored" problem not a problem specific to RO or any games in general, but a problem specific to the players themselves.
  10. Enya

    Help with Reno's Exorcist AB Guide

    reno's damage is from the old multiplier of 1500% before the change. the current multiplier is 1030% at level 10, so factor that into your calculations if you still want to reach the same level of damage as what's show in the old replay, then you will have to invest in a high refine holy stick with amistr beret combo.
  11. Enya

    Patch Notes

    idk where you got that from since this is literally a player suggestion.
  12. NovaRO: https://gyazo.com/fd5db67944105e41567befd6bb4db110 kRO: https://gyazo.com/e162b341d2c655a8b01ae49aabb78372
  13. Enya

    100% neutral resist vs steelbody

    They did before. I had 100% neutral resist and I no longer do after the last maintenance. It's actually visible in the gif in my first post. But it doesn't matter any more.
  14. Enya

    100% neutral resist vs steelbody

    Since GMT rings don't have neutral resist any more, 100% neutral is no longer possible. This can be closed I guess.
  15. Kind of disagree because for all the other NPCs that got moved to dali, they were moved not to bypass a pre-req but to bypass the need to waste an instance cd solely to buy something from the NPCs. I don't even know if the rings are useful for beginners because I see the rock ridge badges to be more useful and cheaper than hero rings, and not bound at that. I would suggest unbinding hero rings over making the NPCs accessible. Otherwise I don't really see people going for these even if you move the NPCs. New players don't usually have the resources to invest in rng-gated bound equipment.