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  1. You can farm bomb sets easily with green operation coat + scalpel set. You are looking at ~200 bomb sets an hour if you farm with goc+scalpel set iirc. I don't think a buying NPC is necessary. Plus There are always people selling bomb sets on vend for very affordable prices if you really don't want to farm.
  2. I would definitely like a way to at least increase my movement speed on the ship. It sucks that the spawn is far away from everything useful (going to hunt, crafting shadow gears, anything) and you can't even give yourself increase agi to move around a little faster. I think we can even have the NPCs from summer festival that gives you increase movement speed for a short while, or have warp points that take you to important NPCs on the ship. The NPCs related to MH1 are so scattered that it takes quite a while just to walk to all of them (claim dailies, craft your shadow set, turn in your extra drops, storage the tickets) with the slow movement speed on the ship.
  3. I think you misunderstood me. You still have to do the 3 MH2-related quests. The remaining 3 you can choose between the 6 I suggested. So it looks like this: Required: (3/3) - Kill Nyia x 10 - Kill Garanth x 10 - Kill Nyia and Garanth once each Optional: (3/6) - do x instance x times - kill x mob x times - turn in x account-bound item x times - win bg x times (high enough amount to discourage afkers) - do woe 1 - do draft woe You need 3 required + 3 optional for weekly quest rewards (the 3 extra bsb). You can complete the other 3 optional quests for their weekly coin rewards.
  4. I really like this, but I don't know if it's easy to script from a technical standpoint. It could be 3 pvm-oriented quests and 3 pvp-oriented quests like: - do x instance x times - kill x mob x times - turn in x account-bound item x times - win bg x times (high enough amount to discourage afkers) - do woe 1 - do draft woe you need to complete 3 out of 6 to get your weekly quest reward, but you can complete all 6/6 for additional weekly coins?
  5. As much as I agree with the idea behind the suggestion, I feel like making it 5 wins will just encourage them to afk some more until they eventually luck out on the right team 5 times.
  6. Enya


    1. Ancient gold ornament, +9 evil marching hat, +7 fancy feather hat. Up to you how you want to farm bio5, whichever gets you in a party faster I guess 2. +7 gigantic is good enough. Crimson isn't going to do a whole lot more for you. Save up for a vm or an illusion hunter bow if you can deal with converters. 3. Get instant cast from stats. You shouldn't be sacrificing gear slots for vct because you already sacrifice a lot for acdr 4. EA gives you so much damage, you really should get it and get your aspd elsewhere. Aspd and acdr go hand in hand. You need bragi if you are going for high aspd, at that point you might as well build for swing dance. Swing dance gives you 193 aspd with ab buffs with ~70 base agi. I've made stupid niche builds for mh2 that can reach instant cast and 191 aspd without a dancer. But those are suboptimal for all other team comps. At the end of the day there are a lot of small details to consider and there is no one build that fits all. You have to tweak depending on who you play with and what is the content.
  7. personal opinion uwu Healing tier 1: coluceo heal, highness heal tier 2: offertorium (very important skill for self-support, but only max if you are going for heals), meditatio, epiclesis tier 3: sanctuary (some people don't like sanc because coluceo heal exists) max anyway: heal (because most of your other skills scale off heal level) Buff tier 1: clementia, canto candidas, sacrament, expiatio, renovatio, praefatio / KE tier 1.5: assumptio tier 2: impositio, aspersio, angelus, gloria, magnificat max anyway: blessing, agi up don't bother: suffragium Debuff tier 1: Lex aeterna, vituperatum, oratio tier 2: de agi don't bother: lex divina, silentium, signum crucis Other tier 1: recovery, lauda agnus, lauda ramus, safety wall, pneuma, convenio, clearance tier 2: cure, ruwach, ancilla, mana recharge (niche, but very nice for sp reduction builds) don't bother: slow poison, BSS
  8. What if I want to tax myself to stay within a certain level range, but would like the extra job levels for extra skills? Can it be toggled?
  9. Isn't it normal to fail a lot and lose a lot of consumables at the start of some new content? Don't use them if you can't afford to lose them. I haven't used a single pot/consumable since the start of the hunt because I didn't have time to do gathering much, and I had plenty of completed runs. I kind of like the idea of people actually learning how to gear properly and not just rely on pot spam. I don't think that's a bad thing. Heal is gutted but as the main AB of every run I've attended, I didn't find any significant problems with keeping people healed as long as they are using the proper gears and dodging the right mechanics. I'm not even talking about high end gears, just appropriate amount of resists for the mobs that we are killing. The HP of the 2 released mobs are very low imo. I think they *are* the "learning" mobs that you are suggesting here. We were able to kill them in a 3 man party with a single DPS (because the other 2 people disconnected). Having it be any lower would put the hunt back to MH1 tier and I would not like to see that. I think you should try more things and new team comps some more before asking for a difficulty adjustment. These runs we have right now are quite easy from my personal experience.
  10. I wouldn't suggest to have the items renamed because they are essentially the same item in their respective set of items (class-specific starter headgears vs class-specific costume bio5 headgears). Having them named differently adds confusion in every other scenario besides this specific hat quest. I'd rather GMs just add an item ID to the quest window so it's obvious which item is being asked for.
  11. Level up a bit more doing whatever you have been doing to get to level 99, until you are base level 106, with enough job levels to get round trip level 5 at least. Go to gonryun dungeon level 1 and farm enchanted peach tree for royal jellies, or go to yuno field 8 and farm grand pecos for mastela fruits; whichever way to get to 1.6m, and buy a mini mei from the gunslinger npc (use @wn 13197 in game). From there, you can start farming in mobby places with round trip for zeny while you level up. Try to level up round trip to level 10 as soon as you can. Buy or farm for hunter fly cards to put into your mini mei for better survival; get a rideword hat and an incubus pet when you can. Your zeny farm map progression should go something like juperos -> magma dun 02 -> gefenia. Pick whichever map that you can handle with your damage and level, autoloot everything and npc them. Make sure you check the value of every item on the market with @ws before you npc anything so you don't end up selling things to the npc when you can make more by selling them to players. That should be enough to bridge you into early game gears and zeny farming until you level up and can afford better gears such as tempest[1] and calf diamondback. Good luck.
  12. 1. You can still solo level inside any gramps maps if you want. They are usually good leveling spots because they tend to be quite mobby. Your main damage skills would dragon breath and dragon breath water, so look for mobs that are weak to fire or water. Another good tip is to go through the Eden board quests for your level range. The mobs they ask you to kill in the quests are often good mobs for your range as well. 2. For someone new, I think you can start in juperos, then move to magma dungeon level 2 when you can survive there. Those are some of the typical solo farming raw zeny places. Gefenia is also good, but given you are an RK and the mobs in gefenia are holy/shadow, you will probably have a hard time there. 3. Most people use rideword hat and incubus/succubus pet for hp/sp sustain. If you really need it, you can also use solar sword (ID 1136) for hp sustain. People generally buy grape juice from the tool dealer for sp. Every once in a while pom spider will be in gramps and you can farm mora mandarins from them for better sp recovery. From what I know though, rideword + pet is usually enough sustain if you mob enough.
  13. I just want to point out that autoloot has already been reworked in the way suggested by the op for all other monsters. For some reason MVPs were not included in the change. Here's the related post: In particular: The change was put in place to discourage people from leaving half dead monsters everywhere while sitting in a corner reaping the loots. I feel that this sentiment is very similar to the situation presented here and I don't see why MVPs should be excluded from this looting priority change.
  14. It's pretty time consuming to buy 30k coins worth of headgears one by one
  15. I thought that buff only applies to the SN? Does it also benefit party members?
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