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  1. How does that make it ok to insult someone? I don't like people abusing a mechanic to make the game mode hard for everyone. Not just the enemy, but he also traps all over his own team making it impossible to get to the third cades from spawn: This is done with the sole purpose of griefing his teammates because the enemies can't even get to that part of the map. You don't see me personally insulting him for that.
  2. For the record I brought this issue up to Nova in private at first and he's the one who requested that I make a suggestion on the forums to see how everyone else feels about it. Everyone is free to disagree with the suggestion but there's no need for personal attacks. I think shalltear's suggestion is a good middleground for the problem presented.
  3. This sums it up pretty much. I'm fine with trap as a skill and don't want to see it disabled. But this particular use is unhealthy when the opposite team is not equipped to deal with it.
  4. I think the skill has a use for sure, but I don't think the skill in its current form is a healthy use. Every other trap skill has a penalty associated, in the form of limited number or some kind of cooldown. Ranger trap has a similar disable but with almost no drawback aside from "oh he's not doing damage while he's putting down traps", but that's the same for every trap being put down. The time it took the ranger to put down the traps is definitely worth the time he could stall the attack team. This becomes more of a problem in conquest when the main stack already pushed to emp and the rest of the team cannot group because they are stuck at spawn by 1 ranger. Does it have a use? Yes. Is it the point of conquest mode? Probably not. Again I'm asking the skill to be reduced, not removed. I don't want to remove its niche role, but I want it to be not so one-sided, and to be used more intelligently.
  5. Some sc has dd instead of cw, and you forgot rg in your list with trample. Even with the case of cw, one cw is not enough to clear something like what I screenshotted. Traps also last 4x as long in gvg so it's not really realistic to wait for the traps to pop on their own. Vacuum is lp (sorc), cw (gene, sc), earth drive (rg) Trap is cw (gene, sc), trample (rg), remove trap (ranger), snap (sura) So I'd say vacuum is still slightly harder to deal with. Traps are already fairly irrelevant when we reach 10v10+ bg where there is almost always a sura on your team who can sweep all the traps by himself. In the case of 5v5 or even 7v7 you can't always count on that to happen. What I'm asking for is to have the skill reduced to the point that it is still playable in small-scale bg where you don't necessarily have the key classes to remove traps, instead of disabling the skill altogether.
  6. Either a reduce in time or a reduce in number might work. Nobody wants to deal with this kind of conquest:
  7. Not sure if I agree with artificially adjusting the market for the sake of adjusting the market. Go farm something else if demon god is no longer profitable? Plenty of instances are rarely run because they are not profitable (read: bios and morse), I don't see why demon god deserves special attention.
  8. Honestly the only part I would agree with removing is the RNG report gathering because that was pretty unnecessary. The rest of the quest chain is really straight forward and doesn't take that long to complete. I would suggest for the NPC to just accept a single report (any of the 4) to pass that stage and keep the rest the same.
  9. Tell me how does a hat and a title *improve PVP experience*? Does it make you deal more damage? Does it reduce damage you receive? Does it give you better reaction to certain situations? Does it give you better counter to certain skills? It doesn't improve PVP experience. It just improves the amount of rewards you can get by being in the PVP room. That's why it's not about *improving PVP experience*, it's about getting rewards for doing nothing extra. Again I have nothing against the leaderboard idea. I think it's a good incentive and one that doesn't fear abuse. -1 to any rewards.
  10. -1. This isn't about improving pvp experience, this is about getting free rewards for doing nothing. Not every incentive needs a hat and a title attached to it. A leader board is more than enough, and I have nothing against the point system for the leader board. But there's no need to add titles and hats to a game mode that is already so low effort. PVP room is essentially @duel in a room. Why don't you ask for titles and hats for @duel then? Hats and titles don't motivate people to play; they just motivate people to abuse the system like they pretend to woe for woe track rewards. People who genuinely want to go to pvp room would already be doing that without any hats and titles.
  11. in novaRO cluster bomb triggers cicada but still deals damage, in kRO this is not the case nova: https://gyazo.com/0e30a2cf79a40a47177d3a285533a76d kro: https://i.gyazo.com/3610f756fb9007e56fc9bc2edf3945d1.mp4
  12. Could we also nuke the signature on these: The name already says "BG", and with the battleground's signature, you can't unbox them outside.
  13. Your English is fine. Your excuses are not. Every veteran started off as a newbie, learning the ropes and getting geared in the process. I'm not even an veteran myself; I only started woeing because I wanted the hats and I still label myself as a pvmer. Even so, I can already tell how little you put into the whole pvp scene because nothing you said was accurate. There are SO MANY new players in bg and woe nowadays; I play with a number of them on a daily basis. Just unlike you, they don't spend all their time whining about how unfair it is and instead ask for tips on how to improve everyday. Those are the kind of newbies the veterans would like to attract to the pvp scene, and look, they are already successfully playing the pvp part of the game and having fun at it. These people show me that there's no need to add more incentives because the right people are already motivated by what the server has to offer.
  14. Let's be honest. You aren't here to try to pvp. You are here to try to milk out as many rewards as you can while putting in as little effort as you can. Everyone who actually gave pvp an honest attempt can recognize the excuses you are pulling. People like you sit at castle spawn for an hour dying over and over again so they can be considered "participants" of woe and get rewarded. You don't contribute anything to woe besides stat pad and you never intend to. Even if GMs give you exactly what you are asking for here, I'm 100% convinced that you will find some other excuse to say why you can't pvp after losing the "gears" excuse because gears don't actually explain your incompetence at all. And I use "you" here in a general sense to represent people who share the same mentality as you. So no, I don't think there's a need for such a "woe" to attract "newbies". Newbies can try draft woe and go from there.
  15. 600k unlimit sharp shoot damage is pretty average especially if there is elemental bonus. remember unlimit has a long cd so over the span of 5 minutes, their average dps is more like 300k, which doesn't sound all that imba to me
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