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  1. When will new players stop use mvp cards as an excuse for their lack of trying? Getting oneshotted by 500k damage with mvp cards and getting oneshotted by 250k damage without mvp cards changes absolutely nothing for you. The problem with new players in bg is they don't have enough interest to learn how pvp works or get geared enough to actually put up a fight. There are plenty of dps players in bg with billions worth of gears who can tell you how impossible it is to kill a properly geared support class that has no mvp cards.
  2. I also don't agree with a card being particularly useless in order to be enabled in bg. Some people play classes that don't benefit from certain cards in woe and would like to use them in bg where they have the freedom to choose which class they would like to play. Limitation in woe is already restrictive enough, but at least for a good reason. Let people use what they bought to use at least somewhere. MVP cards in bg isn't even the biggest issue right now when you have 10 mvpless RKs running at you every happy hour with great success.
  3. general rule of thumb is anything not listed under attack: ### is equip atk refine*refine bonus from vm is equip atk if you have the weapon you can also equip it and type @battlestats or @bs in game. it breaks down each type of attack for you.
  4. first of all, you shouldn't be killing mutant dolors at all. they have terrible drop rates and take too long to kill vm weapons are not worth using unless +15 or higher. +8 vm does no damage, even a +7 gigantic bow will be better. get a +9 illusion hunter bow for a bit less than the price of a +15 vm bow and do pretty similar damage, but with much better aspd and crit rate armor is fine for your budget, cast/cast/aa wing does nothing for you at all, you want crit/crit/fast <- would get this upgrade asap next upgrade would be fatal enchant on your other accessory compare difference between 120 dex/120 luk and 130 dex/100 luk for your stat build. ancient wootan shooter benefits from dex and you should have enough crit once you fix your garment and accessory enchants, so you don't need that much luk. alternatively try 120 dex/120 luk with petal card and see which one does more, there's a chance that petal does more for your specific gears try to do some weekly quests and use weekly coins to buy a fancy feather hat [evt] since that's more or less free. get it to +7 if you can and that will be your budget hat for now get a shoe card after everything else. outrage cookie should be a good budget card with that setup you should be 3-4 shotting the mobs worth killing (greater sanare/bellare), remember to endow holy for sanares. ignore everything else on map, they are a waste of your time.
  5. There was actually a huge poll about it in draft discord and almost everyone (not just commissioners, every player was invited to vote or give feedback) upvoted the decision (minus a few gc suras I think?), and that's AFTER everyone has tried it in 2-3 draft woes to see how it actually feels.
  6. Enya

    Should i quit my AB?

    BG foods/consumables are very cheap. You get way more badges than you need even if you lose every single round. So don't hesitate to use them. Your primary goal is to not get hit at all, so try to position yourself in a way that is out of any kind of damage zone. You should almost never be in range of immediate threat from more than 1 enemy unless you are the last person alive. Have box of sunlight up and hide when you see gx coming your way. They will have to reveal you first and that puts them at risk of your teammates' damage. Some of them don't bother to do that In situations where a gx seeks you out actively, you can for example stand in pneuma and cast KE on yourself. CI will do damage but only after KE reduction, which is very decent once your hp is higher. It will be very close to oneshot depending on the gx's gears, but from experience I survive most CI as long as my KE is up. Make it hard for the gx to pursue you by running into AoE from your teammates, so they will die in the process if they try to chase you. Your vit is quite low, get at least 115 base. As for dex/int, I think it's a preference thing. I see most ABs running high int/dex but I don't. You can play around with it and get a feel of the kind of cast time that you are comfortable with. Here's a breakdown of what each stat does in the context of pvp and you can decide what is important to you on ab str: weight capacity, which translates to masq resist agi: masq resist vit: hp int: sw durability (minor), sp, cast time dex: cast time luk: howl resist, curse immunity keep in mind that your most used skills (pneuma/sw/lauda) have very short cast time. KE is the only one with a long-ish cast time. The skills with long cast time are your aoe buffs, but those you don't spam constantly and a very large part of that is FCT anyway. No, it stays for the full duration of the skill unless your shield is stripped/swapped. It's dispelled between bg rounds so you have to recast it at the beginning of each round.
  7. Enya

    Should i quit my AB?

    First of all, it is a pretty one-shot meta in bg currently. But even with that in mind, you should be able to tank a good portion of the incoming damage either with your skill rotations or with your gears. Some immediate tips based on your description: - get max level so you can get max stats - 32k hp is way too low. Are you using bg foods? +30 vit gives you a good boost. There is also HP increase potion in bg now I think. Use everything. You should be able to reach 40k+ hp. stick some eoe vit3s in your illusion long mace if you need that extra vit - Your idea on gear improvement is pretty good. Don't forget +9 cranial shadow set from MH2, which gives you 3% more demi resist. If you can't afford +9, start with +7. When you get your bog/gpipe, upgrade headgear to black feather beret. Eventually you want to upgrade to +9 cat ear beret / red pom band for maximum demi resist. refine your illusion long mace because your range resist scales with mace refine. - you should always carry armor/garment swaps against different types of damage. you should even have multiple shields (valk shield / cks) so you can stack the right resist against whatever is killing you. use def/mdef increase pots and elemental resist post too. - have an airship manteau with randel card on swap, and always have autoguard on. it can save your life sometimes. airship manteau is the best garment for this because it has 0 weight, and free weight is very important to masq resist. salvage cape + cicada is also nice, but the duration is shorter than the skill cd, and it drains your sp. so make sure you only use it when you are expecting an incoming hit - learn to use your skill rotations effectively. between pneuma, safety wall and kyrie eleison / praefatio, you should be able to ignore a lot of incoming damage. learn which skills are blocked by pneuma, which skills are blocked by sw, which skills are blocked by neither, then plan on your gear resist and your skill rotations so that you can block the high damage hits with your skills and tank the rest with your gears - hide is your best friend. always have a smokie swap. i'm not saying you should hide 24/7, but a timely hide can also make important skills miss (eg: nova explosion, hard cast magic skills with a long cast time like tetra/comet, self destruction, splash arrow storm)
  8. Apparently nowadays bio5 ab is another name for redemptio bot. Sad days indeed. Your build: -12%hp, -6%sp, 10% heal My build: +25%hp, +15%sp, 17% heal Net difference: 37% hp, 21%sp, 7% heal Safety wall durability scales with your max sp btw. I don't want to bother explaining about illusion leg since your intention isn't to learn the real reason, but to pick faults at everything that disagrees with your specific opinion.
  9. I don't care if you want my opinion or not, nor do I care if you will ever learn from it. I'm providing my opinion here not for you, but for the other people who will be reading your guide so they don't make the same mistakes you made in this guide when they try to build their AB. You may continue to pat yourself on the back for an entire thread of ad hominem attacks. [edit] I didn't want to show you up on your own guide, but since you insist that people here don't know how to build budget ABs, here's a quick one I put together based on yours: Your build: +7 spell circuit (evt) + nightmare: 1m puente robe + marc: 7m bible of promise + medusa: 10m vm rod (20% vct) + eoe dex3: 10m dex boots (spell5) + coyote: 17m airship mant + raydric: 2.5m light of cure + illusion booster (spell + sp recovery x2) = 8m Total cost: 55.5m (assuming EVT headgears = free) Net bonus: -70% vct, -0.5s fct, - 12% hp, - 6% sp, 30% neutral resist, sleep + stone immunity, 10% heal bonus, 20% sp recovery Stat build: idk but apparently you struggle with weight and have no agi Total gear weight: 237 Extra consumable weight: 5 x however many cure frees you carry ---- My modified build: mitra[1]: free orlean gown + marc: 8m thana staff + sanare: 4m cursed knight shield (evt) + medusa: 3m GSS + raydric: 3.5m Dex Temp (spell 5) + green ferus/matyr/gold acidus: 15m Light of cure + illusion booster (spell + dex3 x2): 8m swap: +7 spell circuit (evt) cotton shirt: anything to swap off the orlean gown. cotton shirt is the cheapest/lightest vm rod (20% acd): 1.5m airship mant: 50k bible of promise: 7m (odin only) Total cost: 57m Net bonus: -0.5s fct, +25% hp, +15% sp, 27% neutral resist, 7% all other resist, sleep + stone immunity, 17% heal bonus, 22% self-heal On swap: -70% vct, -0.5s fct Stat build: 120 dex/int, 100-110 vit, 7x agi, rest str Total gear weight: 465 Total weight capacity: ~4.4k without gympass This leaves you ~2.4k weight for consumables/drops before going to 70% overweight. That's 800 blue gems / holy waters, or 750 blue gems / holy waters and 5 ygg berries. Bio5 drops all have 0 weight except the cards, so you shouldn't have any issues with weight management. You can swap out dex3 enchants for sp recovery enchants if you struggle with sp. I wouldn't recommend it, dex is important for cast time and you have better heal in this build, so you should struggle less with sp. You can also opt to go for asgard blessing, which gives 5% all resist and +2 all stats, for 22m more.
  10. Your set will never match an AB with ME3 because the -0.3s FCT is not reducible by any VCT% reduction. You will always be 0.3s slower than an AB with ME3 when all other gears are identical, or 0.15s slower if you factor in Sacrament. Sometimes the 0.15s may not matter, but comparing the 2 makes no sense. As for writing my own guide, there are many guides out there with budget gear suggestions, each with their own flavour, just like yours. There is no need to be passive aggressive and guilt-tripping the people who are just trying to help you improve your ideas and/or your understanding of RO. I have not really criticized your guide, merely pointing out some mistakes that are pretty major to the integrity of your build. A cheap build shouldn't be the synonym to a low-quality build. You can still keep improving it within your budget.
  11. I think you are missing the point yourself. Any gear that doesn't benefit you is a waste of money no matter how cheap it is, and right now your gear set conflicts with your stat build. Even if it only costs 50k zeny, it's 50k zeny wasted. Suggesting both VCT gears and EOE dex means you wasted money in one of those, regardless of which. Dex temporal boots with spell 5 enchant costs ~15m with a bad 4th enchant. Illusion leg B with fixed casting enchant costs 6m at +0, and 23m at +7 if you don't overpay. And it frees up your stats. ME gives you FCT reduction and has nothing to do with VCT reduction.
  12. Stacking both VCT% and stat VCT is a waste, they are not additive to each other. You want to stack in either route, not both. Running dex boots means you need at least 120 dex, and you naturally need high int for heals, so you should already be very close to stat instant cast (dex*2 + int = 530). VCT% only reduces the remaining part of your VCT, meaning your entire gear set probably gives you negligible amount of cast time reduction. If you want to run VCT gears on ab, run illusion leg-b with FCT enchant instead. That way you are not locked in by 120 dex and VCT% actually benefits you. If you want to have vct% for the sole purpose of casting redemptio, have it on gear swap and don't default it. Your current build has almost no damage reduction which means anything that looks your way in bio5 will kill you, and a dead priest is a useless priest (same applies to any other instances really). Default resist gears and swap to vct gears only to cast redemptio, and you will have a much better time supporting your party. As for some of the card choices: You should easily have enough agi (100 total agi) for sleep and bleed immunity. Even if you don't, you can cure bleed on yourself with offertorium.
  13. You can buy Muffler[0] from NPC and slot them at the socket enchant NPC.
  14. Wasn't the bio5 requirement originally twice as high and people cried it was too much?
  15. Toy syringe works with unranked slims too. You can get plenty of those from temple of demon god runs. If you check @wb instead of @ws, you will realize that people buy at only half of that price. And if you want to rank, maybe you should farm starsand? Bathories are very easy to kill and very accessible to everyone. If you think it's too much effort to get 120k starsands, maybe ranking isn't for you, considering getting ranked is the easy part; the hard part is staying ranked with 10% decay every month.
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