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  1. late game items here can also cost up to a billion (mvp cards more) the most common way for beginners to farm zeny is geffenia (roughly 20-30m an hour depending on how used you are to it) here's a video by one of our players https://youtu.be/IBu4RADt23Y Later if you are better (or well) geared you can farm up to 50-60m an hour through rudus (its from 17.1, iRO doesn't have that yet but theres a guide for it on our wiki just google 17.1 illusion novaRO) We do not have safe certificates nor refine events, enriched oridecons are mainly from the cash shop (or from other players), for the more expensive items it's recommended to use blacksmith blessing which are only obtainable through weekly quests. Generally, if you are new most people would suggest you to play support classes (cheaper to gear) so you are able to join parties for late game content more quickly and get blacksmith blessing from weekly quests for example which are a safe 130m for 2h of partying
  2. so post rework rk is as strong as pre rework gx, nice!
  3. we dont know, its not even kROs test servers yet
  4. Just dont make it crit in pvp at all?
  5. -1 for custom cards for official mobs you saying you think gravity does not have a plan to add cards for those monsters (even if its very likely that you are right) isn't a good enough reason to add custom cards for these imo. It will overcomplicate things and cause major issues in case those cards ACTUALLY show up one day And the benefits of having custom cards like that simply aren't worth the risk
  6. @Mandie stop wasting time on idiots that claim they personally saw +20 weapons on kRO and afterwards simply deny they ever said that (while there are screens of it) Those delusional people that have never played kRO, have never been on kRO can only convince their alt(aria sun) so stop arguing or you'll lose brain cells and we both know you are lacking them already and yeah there are enough videos of suras and other classes simply oneshotting in their woe scene. Just don't bother with these people, they seek the attention they do not get elsewhere by pretending to know things others don't and hope to feel important for once. fu wind cringe claw is the perfect example. So stop giving him attention he'll realize soon enough nobody except his alt(s) care about the stuff he makes up.
  7. The people in this server here know as much as you or only pretend to know more about these builds, if I was you I'd wait for the update to come to actually test shit + we dont know if ci will crit in pvp at all maybe itll get customized
  8. Ariasmen

    SE blind

    type @blind in game lol
  9. the CI is still broken as shit if they let it crit in pvp so it hopefully will get customized Edit: though it oneshots anyway already
  10. it has 0.7 CD now but you can spam that, yes
  11. keep in mind you cannot backslide/tp with your RC stacks anymore
  12. it also lasts 15minutes now though and... kRO implemented an npc selling gold, idk if we're gonna get that though
  13. Do the 16.1/2 and 17.1 quest and get Illusion armor a type/Illusion boosters and maybe even the leg a type with the firing shooter enchant all of it is fairly cheap
  14. CW CW since blasti is two handed so you wont have a WK/kk set happening what u use on headgear/accessory really depends on your playstyle and how much you mind consumables I personally am using +20 int food (which is around 300k for an hour) and the +6 foods from sarah instance to reach instant variable cast. On accessory Im using the buffalo set (blasti has very high weapon atk so str + % ATK does a lot) inside hg im using EoE dex, I'm always playing with AB buffs. So yeah it really depends on where u wanna use ur mech
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