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  1. It's a fact, not an opinion. If snap worked like officials in BG, asura strike would be far less oppressive. And why do you want to remove all mobility if snap in bg is a simple bug while other mobility skills/consumables aren't...? That doesn't make any sense. And yes of course sura players are going to agree that asura strike+snap is fine. Meanwhile, the other people who play BG and don't play sura think it's not. So if there are 2 equal sides it should be a no brainer to actually go for the official solution. Yeah... thats the point? Before, you could gear around it normally, now it's just brainlessly one shotting everything. You literally haven't given a single argument, but instead proved my point, thank you It's either nerf asura or snap and since snap is bugged, not asura, that one should be the more logical solution but an asura nerf would be fine too. Too bad those special snowflake sura players get angry like fucking kids if someone touches their bugged ass class. Meanwhile, other classes got nerfed to oblivion over and over again kicking specific builds out of the meta. But if you attack sura players bugged class, may god help you
  2. This suggestion refers to bg and in bg snap shouldnt be working but thanks for stating your opinion on how it works on kRO while showing a WoE vid @Many
  3. Ariasmen

    FSK & statuses

    Cause sropho only works with melee attacks and fsk is 1. A skill 2. Ranged So it's working as intended* in novaRO
  4. To be fair, snap is one of the reasons asura strike is such a problem (snap cursed circle asura) so actually makes sense to bring it up
  5. Alright, then I want free BG zeny for rapid throw
  6. Good, that way OP consumables like those are limited.
  7. -1 they are cancer and if every genetic just had access to them bg would be terrible.
  8. Fancy feather hat and nidhoggurs shadow garb have a set for arrow storm. Its best in slot for arrow storm, though you might wanna consider going for sharp shoot builds these days. They deal more DPS
  9. Ariasmen

    FSK & statuses

    My bad, didn't test if status cards worked or not and thought the bug report was tested by OP
  10. Ariasmen

    FSK & statuses

    FSK should indeed transfer weapon and arrow statuses. Proof for weapon statuses: https://gyazo.com/0a4e138dce26e35c9628f0a877fc0d9d Proof for arrow Statuses: https://gyazo.com/8d6ae125d2ca3032cb5128914dad232d However, arrows should only be equippable if the chaser has a bow equipped: https://gyazo.com/de1ee04a818457f62595f225b0c1adf8 This counts for any class: https://gyazo.com/ed3b2dbaec2c581dc410a3dd8316161f Some error message shows up in the chatbox when trying to equip an arrow while not wearing a bow The last bit should definitely be fixed before fixing the arrow statuses for FSK otherwise it'd give dagger SCs an indirect buff due to a bug
  11. Yeah, when Soul linked the level requirement is ignored:
  12. @Caaduzin Unfortunately, that's not a bug ?_? https://gyazo.com/9f8337204fe45cfb14efe2680ca459cb Idk why it works that way
  13. Several things are wrong with this card atm, first I'll mention the properties of the card on how it works in novaRO and then how it works on kRO: - in novaRO the card has a low chance (of probably 3% cause that's the rAthena script), in kRO the card chance seems to be 50% - in novaRO the duration is 5 seconds+ in kRO the duration is 3 seconds FIX - in novaRO the duration and/or the chance can be reduced by stacking Int/luk to gain immunity against the card, in kRO the duration is fixed at 3 seconds and the chance is fixed at probably 50% per card (values cannot be reduced, similar to sropho card) 1 Miming card: https://gyazo.com/d38cb08f24557dafc5aaa180d435782d 2 Miming cards: https://gyazo.com/9dce6c7cbd5965fa64e34e1991d5a0ca I did more tests like how stats affect the card duration/chance (they don't) but since that's a pain in the ass to record and it's going to be tested again anyway I'll leave that to the staff. Not gonna lie that's pretty cancer and I'm not sure if many ppl want that behavior. Edit: Also would like to mention that hitting a deep sleeping target(while wearing miming cards) can/will just recast/refresh deep sleep on it again so you can hit a target every 2.99 seconds and it will be in deep sleep indefinitely
  14. You might wanna give it some more thoughts then. You are stating that it only takes one ranger to set up the traps in the free time in the beginning, correct. It also only takes one gene/sc/sura to actually clear the entrance. Again, 0 point in limiting trap usage because you can counter them fairly easily just like most skills and if you apply the same logic you are using to other skills they would have to be nerfed as well, yet nobody is complaining about them, so why traps? You haven't even given a proper argument and all you are saying is "only takes 1 ranger to do X". The only real input was given by Shalltear who suggested removing all ground effects around the spawning area which is something that can be worked with If the number of traps gets limited I might as well open topics about Cursed Circle, Mandragora, Doram Root, Poem of the Netherworld, diamond dust, steel body, neutral barrier etcetc. simply because they require specific classes and have even fewer ways to counter them than traps do.
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