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  1. Cross slash by oboro/kagerou gives the enemy a debuff that will let the next cross slash deal additional damage. The issue is the cooldown of the skill is 3s while the debuff lasts for 3.1 seconds. People with high ping can't use the debuff because of the small 0.1 second window, therefore I suggest to make it last 3.2 seconds for the sake of people with high ping. There's no other benefit to it as the skill has 3 seconds cooldown anyway.
  2. EDP itself for damage works fine just the poison ticks that deal % maximum hp dmg are disabled
  3. Doing 2-3hours of PvM to level a character won't kill you and disregarding one half of the game because you personally do not like it is quite selfish. People are forced to WoE to get certain costumes and gears as well even though they do not enjoy it. So PvPers shouldn't be an exception. While it's correct that introducing a PvP leveling system might bring more people into BG, it will also bring more underleveled/undergeared ones which nobody really enjoys playing with when they are on your own team. See judgement set adoramus spamming ABs which are already active these days. A leveling system like that would most likely introduce more clowns like that.
  4. Oboro has a skill which gives 300+ MATK (Distorted Crescent) Kagerou doesn't have access to that so for magic oboro is superior
  5. Sure, but raise the minimum level to participate in BG to 180 (previously was 170) and make it significantly slower than "normal" leveling.
  6. Disabling snap is not the only route to go for: As suggested in other threads there are several ways to balance things out Idk if it's possible but making snap have 2 stacks which are recharging independently and let those stacks have 2-3 seconds cooldown This way 1. Suras won't snap around like retards 24/7 2. Suras can still go in for a cursed circle and get out Sura would get nerfed but can still do what they have been doing and aren't just acolytes.
  7. +1 (for the same reason as OP mentioned: you literally cant do anything against it, literally.)
  8. -1 people dont always wanna go public with their Drops and there is no real benefit to it.
  9. Can't you just overpay for someone to sell them to you directly? they aren't acc bound
  10. make kihop not work with alt clients
  11. Idk if you are aware of that but every second tournament is without MVP cards, so what's your point?
  12. @Nova Can we make it so self buffs do not get dispelled upon entering? talking specifically about energy coat here (idk which other skills are affected rn)
  13. Got rejected before maybe things changed though...
  14. Please only respond if you play on the server, thank you.
  15. I was thinking about that just make another suggestion for that I guess
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