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  1. 1. yes 2. no 3. both dont work in pvp so for pvm since there arent that many demi human mvps besides bio(?) normal enemies would be better both of these stack additively meaning you can mix normal enemies def pierce with demi human def pierce 4. too variable
  2. Ariasmen

    Spellfist nerfed

    its not customized, just the old version like all the other 3750 point hats
  3. Hey, as many people probably know I've been active in this server for several years now, probably more so than anyone else. When I started the server has been without many customizations, only where it was really necessary; to reduce insane amount of grinds or to give players a better experience through actual QOL changes. Me, having grown up with RO and having played on official servers back in the day, am used to the amount of grind RO demands from players but I understand that thats not for everyone so I do get some changes here and there to lower the re
  4. no way (thankfully) thats gonna happen
  5. Werent there talks about releasing some shadow Sets even before the mh3 Mobs due to the delay of the Mobs? That was talked about 3 months ago or something yet the "fix for the delay" seems to get delayed Im asking this again because with 4th classes on their way expanded classes will be Set back even further so there's not much time to make them viable "for a long time" Edit: also trying to Mimic kros shadow gear Progression seems like a bad joke when everything else content wise doesnt follow any Real System. Our patches are all over the place with certain rebalances
  6. Which DPS classes are actually affected by the flee Doram+rebel+SE? Other classes dont have crit but ignore the flee check, SE can get link to potentially bypass it.(?) Tbh this thread seems more of a "im gonna make a thread, talk about random shit and then bring up the point I actually care about" which in this case is that Conan cannot use his doram to kill the archers. If there are 10 classes viable for it and 1-3 arent the content is more fine and more balanced than anything else novaRO or Ragnarok overall has to offer: Gx (CI, Sbk) RK (IB
  7. @Leinarth You need a lady tanee card
  8. Amistr>lif or vanilmirth
  9. Honestly, not worth it. Cant do anything other classes cant do better. Maybe will be more relevant once the ninja shadow sets hit
  10. Theres a difference between completely killing peoples investments by custom buffing and then nerfing stuff and shifting the focus of weeklies, but if you dont understand that you can't be helped. (Ofcourse, Im not surprised you cant make that distinction)
  11. Tbh I think the apology wasnt even needed, you crying bitches just continuesly brought up the same problems over and over again when you were told several times solutions are on their way. And now even though Miles or anyone from the staff really went out of their way to give you an apology which wasnt needed you still are unhappy about it? I think its time so stfu and move on or just leave the server If you think the server is that bad go find another one that does better. Annoying little shit, honestly. This goes for everyone who is still complaining and crying about the decisions made.
  12. Please dont respond if you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about *shrug*
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