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  1. Ariasmen

    Asura Strike Gear

    @Leinarth You need a lady tanee card
  2. Ariasmen

    Ninja current meta?

    Honestly, not worth it. Cant do anything other classes cant do better. Maybe will be more relevant once the ninja shadow sets hit
  3. Theres a difference between completely killing peoples investments by custom buffing and then nerfing stuff and shifting the focus of weeklies, but if you dont understand that you can't be helped. (Ofcourse, Im not surprised you cant make that distinction)
  4. Tbh I think the apology wasnt even needed, you crying bitches just continuesly brought up the same problems over and over again when you were told several times solutions are on their way. And now even though Miles or anyone from the staff really went out of their way to give you an apology which wasnt needed you still are unhappy about it? I think its time so stfu and move on or just leave the server If you think the server is that bad go find another one that does better. Annoying little shit, honestly. This goes for everyone who is still complaining and crying about the decisions made. Imo those changes nor the post by Millefey were never necessary. "BUT WE HAVE WORK HURRDURR" if you have work and cant play the game thats your personal problem and not the servers. No one in any professional life will wait for you because YOU are busy with something else. Get over it or gtfo
  5. Please dont respond if you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about *shrug*
  6. Ariasmen

    Summer Patch Notes

    Enjoy your day friend! And thanks staff for removing main part of the weeklies from MH2, summer way better :)))))))))))))
  7. Ariasmen

    Summer Patch Notes

    That would lead to people giving others gears to refine them and a shitton of scam cases, + bsbs alrdy been on the market for half a year its a shitty idea but I think you werent serious with this suggestion so not gonna go more into that ? and then people just make alt accounts and store them there? the hell is the point of that What about people who go in there for loots for shadow sets which is way more desirable than the shitty bsbs? All of your suggestion are TERRIBLE Thats what happened when MH was introduced BSB with price ranges of 60m per piece AND necessary shadow gears locked behind the same content. Now they are finally moving away from having everything behind MH. You just got too used to running the same content everyday like a bot, exploiting newbies/alt accounting to earn your money. The change is great. The only thing that has to be tweaked are the summer coin numbers imo. Not to mention that all these people posting here never were active I wonder how many of you are alt accounts
  8. Ariasmen

    Summer Patch Notes

    In which world are you forced to play the event if you want to progress, other zeny spots which get similar earnings in the same amount of time as old weeklies exist and you can just live off that. Stop being a clown you guys are just crying that you cant offer leeching services anymore(to the same degree), the change was a very welcome one for anyone who did not enjoy mh2. And I as a player can tell people whatever I want, people who talk big on forums "I wOnT dOnAtE aNyMoRe" simply arent welcome and definitely do not earn my respect, the server is a better place without them. Those are mostly temporary players anyway. Thinking they are some kind of god because they spent a few bucks, fucking cringe lol. You guys just got spoiled by the market situation ever since BSBs were introduced because everything got so cheap. This isn't a high rate btw, if you want easy access to everything look for another server
  9. Ariasmen

    Summer Patch Notes

    Some people prefer mh2 for bsb generation others (including myself) prefer summer event or similar mini games. You guys had enough time to milk newbies with leeches to get their bsbs. No problem with changing how they are generated for a while. For people who say "but muh work", no one forces you to play this content, it's just bsbs and costumes, not high end stuff like shadow gears so get over it. And people saying they wont donate or play because of this change (even after the coin count was lowered): good, you wont be missed by other community members.
  10. Do you even play your own content? Are you aware that there are builds which are exclusively viable for MH2 and if they get nerfed there every piece of alternative gear - that is even cheaper - will be better than the nerfed one? Why would GXes use VM aura Gx and VM aura were a prime example of that, the price of the item dropped by 30% within 2 days after your change so you DID steal people off their money with that. Even if it only drops by 1% if it is due to your custom changes it's your fault. MH2 did that at least 3 times, and that's what affects me as well. I have someone interested in one of my MVP cards, he says he'll have to sell items first to buy it and will PM me the next day for the deal. In that same night the nerf happened, GX is now less popular, the buyer doesn't need the card anymore due to your change and the deal is off thanks to you. How about 1. dont implement dumb custom changes which lead to such problems in the first place - new formula, crit, no cooldown CI, I still dont understand why this was made a thing in the first place 2. Review gears before they are implemented and see how they could potentially affect the meta. Any veteran PvM player knows with the release of patch X, gear piece Y will make build Z viable or even stronger than current active meta builds, that's why people are waiting for these gears. An example would be: Oh look 17.2 gets released -> low cooldown Ignitation break will become extremely strong. Now, if we did things your way you would let it be implemented unrestricted, people would invest into automatic gears for ignitation break spam and then RK becomes oppressive. You wait 2-4 weeks until enough players bought the items and THEN nerf it. -> Major upset Here I am telling you half a year in advance which build will be strong/viable with the next patch because as an active player I'm aware of these items and so are many other veteran players. If I can do it, you should be able to too you have a full team of experienced staff members to discuss these things, no? Even Nova said sometime ago it's always 10 times easier to enable things rather than restricting them after they are out. How come you don't share that mindset? Long ago I made a suggestion to actually disable new gears for MH2 similarly to how they are disabled in WoE when first released. There's literally nothing that speaks against that, so why not do that and prevent these major server upsets? It feels to me the problem lies with the person behind those bad mh decisions having the full power over them. We need MH commissioners or something like that or staff members intervening.
  11. 1. The reason people are upset over the nerf is mostly because you over and over again take away their time investments and even real money they put into the gears. The last change was even worse because "the MH balance team" implemented a custom (the non CD CI for absolutely no reason) and THEN took it away AFTER people invested into it. It's simply terrible testing, foresight and planning from the MH development teams side because you don't take the time to test gears/rebalances that are implemented until after they're released And again, people potentially donated to get them. 2. This change was made after Hector made an announcement in one of the first upset posts when GX was nerfed for SBK(again, after people invested several billions of zeny into the builds) that he will try to avoid doing such drastic changes - the infamous "living content meme post", a month or two later this is done. Everyone knew if SBK edda daggers came they will buff the class insanely for MH Everyone knew giving CI 0 CD after their new formula + ability to crit would be a plain dumb idea balance wise. This post might seem like a hate post but it's more of an actual warning of that people quit over these actions, wake up and get people to help you if you can't do it by yourselves. You recruited a testing team several months ago and many of them told me they didn't really do anything so far. Many people dont even play RO servers that long, what was the point of recruiting them if you don't use them. Finally I'd like to say I dropped playing MH2 approximately 1 month after it's initial release because of how much of a mess it has proven to be so none of my own gears were made useless, now imagine how people who actually spent several weeks or paid money getting those gears feel. I still want to request to have a team of actual players to participate in balancing discussions and veto balancing decisions if needed.
  12. Im fairly certain your math is wrong and that it only affects the additional crit dmg. E.g. if you have 40% extra crit dmg by default it will only add 20% extra dmg now to skills Otherwise thatd mean you deal less damage with crits than with non crits unless you stack crit mod. Very unlikely. So instead the damage goes from 1750*1,4 = 2450 to 2150*1,2 = 2580 If you have 60% extra crit dmg (lets say acute 6) Itll go from 1750*2= 3500% to 2150*1,5=3225%
  13. You know that means that essentially the burst of CI especially is getting hard buffed PvP wise? The base mod goes from 1750->2150 and spammability goes from every 0.7seconds to every 0.35 seconds which is a 22% buff mod wise while spamming twice as often. You are either a bigger memer than I thought or you simply do not understand these numbers.
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