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  1. Do the 16.1/2 and 17.1 quest and get Illusion armor a type/Illusion boosters and maybe even the leg a type with the firing shooter enchant all of it is fairly cheap
  2. CW CW since blasti is two handed so you wont have a WK/kk set happening what u use on headgear/accessory really depends on your playstyle and how much you mind consumables I personally am using +20 int food (which is around 300k for an hour) and the +6 foods from sarah instance to reach instant variable cast. On accessory Im using the buffalo set (blasti has very high weapon atk so str + % ATK does a lot) inside hg im using EoE dex, I'm always playing with AB buffs. So yeah it really depends on where u wanna use ur mech
  3. You do not need ACD on KB mechanic, if you want sustain use a +7 illusion hot blooded headband with SP/HP drain depending on your needs, if you want dmg use a fancy feather hat Try to upgrade to a blasti, a +9 is already significantly better than a +15 VM Mace Idk at lower refines, but probably on +7 as well Later on you'll also want FAWs and if you only have access to a +7 abusive robe the new illusion armor is probably better
  4. Go for high + JDR for late game crit build. If you have acute on your bio 5 hat, will be JDR significantly better for crit builds while also being in a whole other league for rolling cutter/CRS (than the ghoul acute katar)
  5. They are already in game, finding them is Part of the grind but once you found them you get rewarded by being able to display them!
  6. where? (dont bring Altaria Sun) people cry about SEs and warlocks atm, not suras. only the ungeared newbies (which are very few these days) still cry about sura (this might change after the update but currently they aren't an issue)
  7. Have you considered that the issue lies with you playing crit RK/adoramus ab rather than suras? Sura at this moment (besides asura strike) is fine for SE a nerf is already coming as discussed in commissioner chat
  8. @Danborika did you write a bug report?
  9. Seeing it's possible with whatever gears available in novaro should be enough and should make it possible for you to think for yourself. btw holystick>>>>>>>>judgement set :^)
  10. Not even gonna bother with such a retarded statement/comparison Exactly, there are way too many unnecessary clicks required that could be optimized and make enchanting 5 times faster without losing anything
  11. Wasn't that the point of the quest change we got last time? So pvm people prefer going to bio over afking in BG? And what do you mean by bg being a big graveyard? For pinoy primetime its 60ppl + playing I think it's fine the way it is so -1
  12. You are right it's no way near ranger, WL is a lot higher.
  13. if you are rolling for a high rank enchant (e.g. heal 5) you have to enchant that shit for like 500 times and having to wait the 1 or 2 seconds everytime you enchant really stacks up. There is no real purpose to it besides making people spend extra minutes/hours when rolling for the enchant. So I suggest to please remove it
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