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  1. Ariasmen

    Additional Marriage Content

  2. Ariasmen

    Hat and Costume Suggestions

    https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19541/costume-white-romantic-flower Just a recolor of the normal romantic flower @[email protected] pls gib
  3. Pretty much title, if there are question please let me know, tested on kRO sakray https://gyazo.com/822a242cf3f67a6492e32f61356d15c8
  4. Pretty much title, tested on kRO sakray https://gyazo.com/822a242cf3f67a6492e32f61356d15c8
  5. https://gyazo.com/6820ac15e44bf69037c5de860e59481b removing the skill (through dispell and other means) does indeed force the sit right away, so its not a bug I also tested whether skills are usable or not during the buff/debuff and they indeed are Furthermore, chat should be usable. I'll make some bug reports regarding the latter 2 in a bit with proof of course because otherwise, the highly intelligent part of the community will ask for it as I would greatly benefit from the skills being changed that way in a personal way*
  6. Ariasmen

    Grimtooth (Dodge rate +10%)bug

    Yeah, says +10 flat everywhere https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/1237/grimtooth http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=grimtooth&page=re_item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search kafra.kr/#!/en/KRO/itemdetail/1237
  7. Ariasmen

    Movement Skills in BG/WoE

    That argument would make more sense if people were actually as coordinated in BG but they, unfortunately, are not. While coordinated WoE guilds can make good calls, have a proper roster and are able to react to different threats, in BG it's a totally different situation as there are so many people which are simply new to PvP in general, not knowing their skills and not even knowing the consumables they can use. A Sura in WoE has way less impact than one in BG. The different levels of players require a different set of mechanics and rules to play with as the lack of communication and basic knowledge of the game often, if not always, makes BG a totally different PvP environment compared to WoE.
  8. Ariasmen

    Asura Formular

    Scales more with SP than attack now from my tests
  9. Ariasmen

    Revert WoE1 Castle back to the old rotation

    Tbh, the example entrances you've shown in mardol are terrible. C always having an advantage over the others after the stones are down because it's simply closer to the emp. B, on the other hand, would always get sandwiched from 2 sides before the stones are down while grouping at their entrance.
  10. Ariasmen

    BG Telma Suggestion (foods)

    Just buy everything in mass once and use restock bruh
  11. Ariasmen

    Movement Skills in BG/WoE

    is Lope supposed to be usable in bg? Edit: I think they were banned altogether there or something And yeah I don't see much sense in having individual skills customized leading to broken behavior in the first place (snap in bg) while other skills of weaker classes are not considered to be changed. So either 1. enable all (which would lead to a cluster fuck which nobody wants, imagine backsliding chasers without restriction in bg) 2. disable all (the other extreme, suras can still do their job, they do not need snap to have some impact and kill people, of course, it's gonna be a nerf but they shouldn't be in their current position in the first place) 3. As Hiromaru mentioned: enable all(or most of them) but give them some kind of customized individual cooldown (for example 2 seconds on a snap, I pulled the number out of my ass so don't hate on it) so stuff like snap cursed circle is still possible but dumb almost non-catchable snapping and killing in 0,3 seconds with barely any punishment is not (some people even have higher ping than that so there's literally no way for these people to even react to that. Give other skills some similar delay and in/decrease the cooldown individually. Having it stay as it currently is does not seem to be a solution, many people are dissatisfied with it (some more, some less) and there should be some changes.
  12. Ariasmen

    Constant Lag and DC

    where are you from
  13. Ariasmen

    kRO Skill Rebalance

    With the bragi gone it's less punishing to not Stack ranged reduction (Arms cannon bragi reliant, db bragi reliant) you can easily Stack enough elemental resistance against the one shot abilities (except unlimit ranger but a good unlimit ranger wasnt tank able either way) Please dont make me explain every logical step, it's not that hard
  14. Ranger, going from novice > Archer > hunter > high novice> high Archer >sniper >ranger Standard ranger pretty much only uses 2 offensive skills in the end game (arrow Storm And aimed bolt) while rest of the skills are pretty much self buffs. You only need 1 kind of weapon (bow) and that's pretty much it. Alternatively rebel but they need different kinds of weapons and do not follow the Standard class path (no rebirth etc) so Id say ranger is better to start with
  15. Ariasmen

    kRO Skill Rebalance

    yeah, because apple of Idun gives more HP than bragi gives damage, the worst argument I've read so far