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  1. Im posting this in behalf of Cadu (Explosive Spin) because he can't access forums for some reason Here it is: Maybe unpopular opinion but I disagree. RO already is an easy game. When you make such changes, people can just braindead spam buttons with no risk at all when current behavior requires you to have decent timing and targetting skills. I think it's healthy that this debuff has this downside/risk part on it. Good use of the skill will give a reward, bad use = negative outcome but also easily removed. This game is getting so easy I could train my dog to play it. @swap, enemy only gloomy etc are already stupid enough It's similar to asking for manhole/escape trap to only affect enemies. I can also say there is no benefit in doing those to a teammate but that helps give balance to the skill. It limits usage and makes the player learn/think of proper situation, timing and place to use them. It's not about "wanting" to debuff an ally. Of course you don't want that but it doesnt mean target mechanics should be changed. Otherwise why not ask for cluster bomb to affect enemy only? Why would you ever wanna kill a teammate? When you say "before i could echo song they get killed by something" (which should be a very quick echo song since you're the one who casted harmo) you know it's not as simple as "The opposing team can just ask for echo song from their minstrel anyway."
  2. +1 to this but be prepared to be focused by the most cancer bg builds if you step into bg with the gm tag lmao Fun idea which can diminish the gap between the gms and the players.
  3. Thank you for the amazing time guys
  4. join then you can see it doesnt take much to play on a woe1 guild and have fun
  5. I just wanna point that I think its unreasonable to even ask for any rewards on this mode idea besides valor badges since there's no amount of investment on it. Keep that in mind.
  6. Yeah, if the bugs on the skill get fixed already it will improve a lot! Happened more than once being stuck on the next bg round because you sat down from that song and can't get up even with @refresh, etc.
  7. Quem vê a humildade do post não nota que esse é o grupo br mais dahora do servidor, e com bastante experiencia. Vale muito a pena
  8. @Aimer you'd ban the majority of the woe scene if using a grf like that was a bannable offsense, imo. As Shall said, the unfair edits would be the ones that affect your spam efficiency or change something that any other player couldn't.
  9. Not cool tournament But cool guy
  10. Liked everything except removing vidblainn because i love vidblainn and its one of the reasons i like woe2
  11. Do you really think you need any program assistance besides turbo to be able to pot more than 2~3k pots per woe on a frontline tank class?
  12. vTours :D

    Open Beta - New Client

    Props to everything! Sweet homun autofeed!
  13. The standard BR team probably can't attend 14PM on Fridays but i'd say we're open to a day change to be fair (weekends)
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