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  1. Asterios

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Thank the angels i am. Add me on disc i made a new one! :D invite me to cringy /lv also, summer patch notes!!
  2. Asterios

    My Art Attempts

    These are all amazing!!!!! /lv
  3. Asterios

    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Wow! You are so good!
  4. Asterios

    Rebellion & Mechanic Updates

    OH a rebel update
  5. Hello sunshine!

    1. Annelin


      HELLOOOOO~ o/ !

    2. Asterios


      Smooches <3


  6. @Miko^Hon3y3a3y got mentioned I am happy. Congrats to the winners! And to my wonderful guildmates who also did a great job, I hope you never get tired making something so lovely!!
  7. Premium dye 1,2. and 3 work well for me. Sometimes it has a placebo that the colors are nice even if you really want something from the -1,323 dyes.
  8. Asterios

    Patch Notes

    Is it possible that you can also give overlay priority for top headgears over mask type headgears in beta client?
  9. The true end game is chatnarok and hatnarok. Oh. And AFKnarok.
  10. it's 6k shop on np so shouldn't it be same price with +7 mad bunny?
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