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  1. If anyone is feeling such levels of animosity or frustration towards an event fight like CTK, I strongly advise they do something else in the game (there's enough content besides CTK) or step back and calm down. The fight offers vanity items or baskets which can be collected elsewhere. It's a fun little fight which is challenging and offers good bragging rights but come on, it really isn't that important. Anyway, towards the points raised. Yes, this fight is a testing grounds for DDA. Yes, it was also like this last year. Why can't we do the testing in house ourselves or with our t
  2. This is a great idea and not one I had thought of initially. It sort of runs into the same issue whereby we don't know at the time the damage is registered (and not dealt) how much damage will be reduced at the time of calculation. However, I could see us doing something whereby when you hit the mob, and the total damage accrued has not reached a DDA threshold, the damage shown is "100", i.e. no reduction is done. Then if you continue doing damage to the mob and the total raises above a threshold, then all other damage would be shown as "80" for example, i.e. the total damage accrued has
  3. Your comparison of the Tank role with the Healer role is actually arguing for the design route we have taken, so I'm not sure what point you were trying to get across. It is absolutely true that any class can whack on some resist gear and go play Tank. The only tools really required to tank within MH content were given to tanks through the role skills (Sentinel and inherent aggro generation). Not every class can fulfil the Healer role without significant changes to their underlying repertoire of skills, which argues for limiting the role. I admit I also dislike having one role limited while th
  4. Yes we will update Summoner skill descriptions in some way to show these changes. The new item does not remove the MH status changes, only Sanus will do that. It will be craftable in some way. Other Genetic skills will be addressed in the Utility role patch. We focussed on their healing-related skills for this patch. Limiting the Healer role in this way allows us to better design content around some tank, a healer and DPS/utility. We know exactly what tools Healers have in their kit and can therefore make use of these without consideration of fringe cases (e.g. how could a
  5. Good point, will bring it up next meeting! Yes the Utility role patch will include us examining all classes that generally fit into the Utility role. There will also be other content, including some new shadow gear (which has still to be decided). They will continue to work as they do currently. Some skills have had their effects change, like Roar and Dragoon Jump which used to inflict stun. Those skills now inflict these new MH status effects which can be removed with the new Sanus skill instead of the old skills.
  6. These are the patch notes for what we currently have done for the Healer role patch. Everything here is liable to change. Numbers are very likely to change. This content is still undergoing active testing and so is not set in stone. Monster Hunting This patch is dedicated to fine-tuning and expanding the Healer role. A dev blog discussing these features can be read here. Summoner may now take the Healer role. To make balancing easier, and so that one healer may not be preferred over another, we have attempted to standardise skills between Arch Bishops
  7. Hi all and welcome again to yet another MH dev blog! The second in the series of role patches, this time we are concentrating on the Healer role. We are taking the time to describe our changes and rationale to you all before these changes are applied to the game; therefore, these changes are not yet in game. In our efforts to increase transparency we are taking the time to announce the patch notes before we apply these to the live server. We will be looking to include these changes in a maintenance in at least a week's time (big disclaimer: obviously maintenance days change and can do so at sh
  8. So firstly I wanted to say thanks for starting the thread and keeping it fairly civil for an MH thread! It's good to know people are still invested and interested in MH content as it really gives us further motivation to keep working on delivering cool cutting-edge content like this. I just wish the context was more positive! I'm not going to address the thread topic in this reply - someone else (or I) will make another post for that - but I wanted to explain the relative silence on the MH front in the last few weeks. It basically boils down to summer taking number one priority and
  9. Hi again everyone. In my last post which was in response to Tokei, I proposed an open staff forum on the points raised in the thread as a "resolution" to people's concerns. This meeting took place last night with a good majority of the staff members in attendance in at least some capacity. I'm going to fill you all in on what we discussed and what we're going to do in the future. I came up with four key points for discussion that would drive the meeting with any supplementary points raised by anyone present towards the end. My four points were: Can we improve on how we currently
  10. This was meant to be a to-and-fro between us and the players regarding the latest change in MH and how we make these decisions. We also planned to give insight into exactly how we made these choices by presenting graphs and data. As these decisions are constantly being made, due to MH being under constant development, there is was always going to be "words and no action" as there are no decisions to action. This whole thread was made so we could describe our decision making process and hear peoples opinions on this. Our take from this, as developers, was always going to be lessons learnt and h
  11. It's a shame to me that some people are still taking an almost vitriolic stand when I've come to present the team's position on our changes. I've admitted we're not perfect (shock horror) and are very willing to learn from this but a minority are still hell bent on crucifying us or certain members of the team. What that said, I will not be replying individually to posts because: 1) there are too many since my last post, so I will concatenate the most pertinent points to save time; 2) the tone of some posts makes it very clear it wouldn't matter what I said anyway. Investment into
  12. I just want to say one thing now in case other people ask too: This is exactly the same as how aggro is generated currently. We have not changed, in any way, the underlying mechanics of aggro generation. We have only tweaked the modifiers mentioned in the post. This is exactly why we are writing these posts and adding tutorial NPC dialogue. There is a lot of misconceptions on how certain mechanics work in MH and we want to provide clarity on how they work.
  13. So there has been a few arguments that have been reiterated by different people that I'll make blanket statements for rather than replying individually. "My monetary investment in the game is now useless." Firstly I wouldn't say it's now useless, you still have the items in question. But still, you bought those items with the intention of using them with a specific build. At the end of the day, those items can still be used for that build, it's now just less effective than it was. Ultimately, this is the hardest point for us to contest because it puts us as develop
  14. Firstly, thanks for the post which is levelled and well thought out. In response to your first point - we would love to be able to achieve fine-tuned changes like you've mentioned. We dream of working with an MMO such as Final Fantasy XIV which has a (by comparison) very narrow DPS ranges. Truth be told, for a team this size, we don't have the ability to "nerf DPS output of GX by 13%" (for example). We could nerf the % modifier by that amount but RO's damage formulae are just a mess and what you think might be a 13% reduction in damage ends up being wildly different. To
  15. Great point in the first paragraph - it's not really something we can capture with the data. We count the amount of deaths per person in the run but this doesn't really show us much. For example, you're going to be much more conservative in your DPS if it's possible for the mob to one-shot you. This is something we have to rely on player input for, as well as what we experience ourselves when we play the content. As for the second point - this is what we're actively striving to achieve. But it's difficult - very difficult - with how RO works. We're hoping the systems we have planne
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