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    NovaRO Anniversary

    Hello everyone! So today is NovaRO's 2nd Anniversary, and in order to celebrate there will be increased experience rates (35x) for a full week! Not only that but every hour, a random (non-vending) online player will be chosen to receive a "I Love Nova" Cash Shop hat - completely free of charge! Be sure to celebrate the anniversary in style with this awesome, free hat that shows just how much Nova means to you, and how much you mean to us! And now if you're wondering who the heck I am, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Luxuri and I'm super happy to announce that I am now apart of the NovaRO development team! For those interested, my job mainly involves developing new content, new client features and new maps, with the odd sprinkling of bug fixes here and there when I feel like hating myself ;> I've actually been here for two months now, just behind the scenes doing bits and bobs here and there, getting to know the team and the general feel of the server; I certainly already feel that this is my new home. I've been a part of the RO scene for... a very long time now, having started playing another private server back in 2006~2007. I stopped playing my legit around 2009 when I begun my GM career. I started at the very bottom rung then, at the lowest of lowest GMs but eventually self-taught myself pretty much everything I now know of RO, which landed me an administrator position. Now though, I find myself here at Nova, a server I feel I very much want to be and actually feel apart of (not just because of its cutting-edge content, but also for its very attentive staff: you guise). As for me, I'm from Northern Ireland and live in England so you Europeans will be seeing the most of me. However, I'll always be on Discord if you ever want to chat or have something to tell me that is oh-so-important. (Just please don't expect a reply straight away!) Anyway, looking forward to continue working with the Nova team and seeing you all about in game!
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