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  1. A recent update gave 0.5s after-cast delay to Solar Burst. So go after ACD reduction gears or Bragi.
  2. /fpsunlock. Invest in Agi and Dex.
  3. That's the concept of Miracle. It's totally fine. It's not something you've to necessarily rely on. People are still buying % ASPD Physical Enhancer Rings, not relying on Stellar Protection. You can activate it at mobs before the boss, in instances.
  4. Stellar Protection is powerful. All these skills become usable at any day once Miracle effect is activated (at about 0.10% chance--which is hitting something for a minute in average with Heat and 193 ASPD), so I see no need.
  5. BG isn't worthy of that Aura. And if it were placed there, the white one would lose most of its uniqueness, since the color is a small part. The suggestion sounds fine.
  6. @Captain Cookie Because 25% of the time it'll double your damage.
  7. Mad Bunny is still good for the 10% Reflect (at +0, btw).
  8. Snake Head is a +25% DMG boost. Fox Ear Ribbon is useless on Katar Crit GX (and not recommended for DD Crit). AGO sucks--rather, use a RWH, instead. Evil Marching Hat is only good at high refines (meaning it's very expensive) and, even then, would provide a lower DMG boost than Snake Head. Go for a 14 AGI GSS, if not a +9 HBP. (Ideal would probably be a +12 GSS 14+ AGI.) And if you invest in HIT (as a Katar Crit GX should have, anyway, since they also RC) and can afford it, a +9 Oni Horns would be better. Then a Sidewinder for the weapon, as usual.
  9. @LahoYou were close. It's uncapped FPS.
  10. ...depending on the player. (to emphasize)
  11. It's consistent with this game; there was always RNG... The point is to make it exciting due to uncertainty. Eggs (as they've many pieces) contain only cosmetics. There was a time when a headgear that gains bonuses from refine was inside one of those boxes, but it was an oversight. It was the Heart Wing Headband. I took a look at the items in the shop and found them fair. Yes Blood Sucker is inside a (small) box, but it was intended as a cosmetic. It does provide a desirable effect, but isn't refinable. It being desirable makes--again--fair for it to be more difficult to acquire. (And it is min-max gear, that's even only useful in PvM--meaning that it's very optional.)
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