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  1. Segregating the playerbase might be counterproductive to what the quests were originally designed for, but with how people have been reacting to this change, I agree with this suggestion. Players come and go in BG and it’s almost always a transition from PvM to PvP, anyway. I don’t think there will be a shortage of players in BG soon. It was already relatively active even before MH2 dropped, if BG population was the idea the server was going for. The added coins and rewards for completing all 6 quests also provide that incentive factor that has been suggested by a number of posts in the thread.
  2. olly what did u do why is joddy still there
  3. oh hey it's back! yaey
  4. May I see that solid evidence? Because it seems like you're just basing it on your experience of PvP in Nova, which wasn't up to par with your expectations. Don't try spoiling it for everyone else who would want to try it out. Just because your experience was awful, it doesn't mean that it would be the case for everyone else who's starting out, and/or been there since the server first implemented BG. Going with the derailment of the topic, people can be naturally toxic in online games. This is common knowledge, so why don't you just ignore them? I don't think you can be that naive and/or sensitive whenever someone disagrees with you, regardless if there is flaming added to that disagreement. You've already heard explanations as to why a lot of people in BG disagree with you in your suggestions. Moreover, some even gave you advice as to how you can eventually get to a point where people would eventually hear you out. The rest is ultimately up to you. And watch your step if you ever attempt to get down from that horse, it seems too high.
  5. Yes, and you were missing Shuhari’s point. He’s just giving you advice on how to make more people agree with your suggestions in the future. Mingle with the BG players here in NovaRO a bit more so you could discuss topics such as these with them, see what they think about it, and know where they are coming from so that forum threads wouldn’t end up in flames again. It’s not an attack, but an invitation for you to be familiar with how the BG scene here in NovaRO works, and how people feel about current game modes. This is so you can avoid having a lot of people troll you again in the future for making outlandish suggestions that they would never agree with. Hope to see you in Battlegrounds! o7
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