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  1. Hi Kolkash. There are some pretty good video about MVP sura (both TC and GoH build). You can check itu here https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Longchamp's_PVE_Sura_Class_Guide But note that DPS Sura, especially for MVPing / instance-ing needs a lot of zeny (for ransum and gears). I, personally, prefer to build a tank Sura and gain money from that build so you can build "pure" DPS class like Ranger or Rebel or even Cat. With sura as a tank, you can go OGH Hard / BMD / etc. You can do this even with half geared Sura. All you need is cast steel body and position yourself to the corner (wall) while tanking MVPs. CMIIw
  2. offer pls reply here or PM Saintio v2 or Namaku Bento.. Ty ive just bought it yesterday :))
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