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  1. Ouilyan

    Patch Notes #144

    Is there a problem with the Imperial Guard Outfit?
  2. Ouilyan

    Healing Role Update #142

    """"We've added new whacky Battlegrounds modes. These modes will apply custom rulesets to the regular Battleground matches. These "party modes" will be running on the following schedule: Friday 12:00 - 23:59 Monday 00:00 - 11:59""""" Have to say that I don´t like the SNOWBALL FIGHT as part of BG... i feel it loses the idea of Battlegrounds; in my opinion Snowball fight takes too much time to end, the % of getting snowball should be LOWER. Of course IF the idea is to make "weeklys easier" it´s possible to add a different event just like the snowball event, and give it as an
  3. Don´t know how to feel about 4° classes... I believe that as long as the ATK-DEF is not well balanced (RO) we´re gonna have lots of misunderstanding on skills. Somehow i feel like: "don´t kill the dead". (Add more ATK to Dragon Knights? are we gonna break the damage limit? or is it already broken) Now on my preference... PVP - BG does not look good, seems that it will be a game of "who hits first" and i don´t like that.
  4. 11k. Is still too high. I agree with this...
  5. Ouilyan

    Summer Patch Notes #138

    BTW the monster Hunter 1 kills were supposed to be reduced, but they´re not, or did the decision change?
  6. Ouilyan

    Summer Patch Notes #138

    Reflected damage will now be reduced by the map specific reductions (PVP/WoE/BG). WTH is that!? now not even reflect damage will be usefull for the RG? is there any explanation on this?
  7. Maybe, just MAYBE... if the Gms would consider the roles of each Job, and set the ROLE of MH as a forced default, everybody could have a chance to play other jobs, that would add more diversity instead of the same party build (3 Rks, 1 Healer and 1 minstrel as tank), but anyway... that´s a topic that many are not prepared to discuss. Example: Role Healer: ArchBishop - Genetic - Role Damage: Rune Knights - Guillotine Cross - Mechanics - Rangers - Oboros - Warlocks - Rebellion Role Utility: Minstrel - Wanderer - Soul Reaper - Sorcerers - Shadow Chassers Role Tank: Sura - Super Novice -
  8. Nothing special that an AB can´t do... And talking about RG damage, well... (no matter the gear you get) even with 350 atk + 1200 is very low compared with other classes. I think... and hope not, that they killed RG in MH.
  9. After the CF nerf, believe me... RG is the in the low tier at the point that nobody will want them in party.
  10. Ouilyan

    Patch Notes #137

    I can say... not sure if it´s alright to add even more damage to BG/WoE... seems like the Crab way to me... but wth...
  11. Go and blame that single RG (in all server) for it, not me...
  12. No more RGs in Tanking Roles.... sad cause is a GIGANTIC nerf, not even a big one... now people will always prefer Minstrell ...
  13. Seems that dislexia is around... i thought i gave an answer to someone else...
  14. So the meme posters where right? So this was not a "conspiration" to affect Mvpiers & trolls? I´m glad too, however on my class i don't like how the skills will work (have to wait... i know... but it doesnt look good tp pvp oriented players). Royal Guard - Reflect Damage change skill name to Reflect Damage Reduction, reduce received reflection damage. Comment: Who reflects melee damage in pvp naturaly? Crusaders, Paladin, Royal Guards... so, you will reduce damage of reflection vs other Rgs... Personal opinion: the skill now becomes only PVM. - Shield Spell chang
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