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  1. Ouilyan

    Skill Rebalance Patch

    I love it... Bradium Shields should be more expensive by now! Crusader Spirit + Bradium Shield = OP hit! Can´t wait for the Shield Chain rebalance!!!
  2. Warlord´s Treasure Costume: After some time you start getting a Costume Headgear that you already have, so why not have the option to change the hat for Siege Coins or another of the Costume Hats? At this moment you can´t do much with the duplicated hat, not even sell it: Cannot Drop, Canot Place in Cart, Cannot Mail, Cannot Place in Guild Storage, CannotSell to NPC
  3. Ouilyan

    Overbrand Damage delay with low aspd

    I do believe that the Bug is in Cavalier Mastery, hope that the staff agrees...
  4. Ouilyan

    Overbrand Damage delay with low aspd

    I did this report long ago... If you don´t have Cavalier Mastery lv. 5 you will get a DAMAGE delay (I understand that this is NOT right) Usually when you land a HIT the damage is instantaneous, however the BUG here is not on the Overbrand Skill. You can cause the same problem with Moon Slasher skill in which you will sit the enemy after 2-3 seconds after landing the hit. (to some players this could be like "lag" however it is not) My advice is that you check the Cavalier Mastery (Passive), the problem is there... Cavalier Mastery is not to affect the DAMAGE, only the ASPD . Good luck with this.
  5. Ouilyan

    Defender on Devotion

    Just checked on PVP. When you devote a character the skill "Defender" must apply to the target character. However in PVP the skill only gives benefits to the Crusader/Paladin/Royal Guard, so "Defender" does not pass to the Target (devotee).
  6. +1 Nices suggestion.
  7. Ouilyan

    Dragon Breath - Various Status effects

    I think the post is not complete... i recall writing about it, but it was refered to Dragon Breath passing other status (different than the breaking) Staff can close the topic.
  8. Ouilyan

    Three Word Story

    A big bear
  9. Ouilyan

    Three Word Story

    the dragons butt
  10. Ouilyan

    Three Word Story

    Another Asura with
  11. Ouilyan

    Cyr 09 23 18

    No devo = no die.
  12. Ouilyan

    Ingame Screen turns black

    Just bought a new laptop and have the same problem...
  13. Ouilyan

    Three Word Story

    a poring as
  14. Ouilyan

    BG Foods removed when entering Main Office

    ¿Invalido porque esa es la intención? Lo pregunto de esta manera porque recién use +10 BG foods (las cuales no se remueven en mapa de Ciudades) y fueron removidas en la oficina central al momento de sacar las dailies. Si esa es la idea, pues... ok, caso contrario pues me gustaría una revisión.
  15. Ouilyan

    Three Word Story

    However a monkey