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    Swordsman Class chars.
    Outside of RO: like politics, chess, writing poems, laws, PS3-PS4 (Battlefield player)

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  1. Guess im something like a Royal Knight...
    Combination of Lord Knight with Royal Guard.

  2. Always say hi to the friend.

  3. Pfff... at this point people will start to ask to add Yggdrasil Berrys & Seeds.... come on....
  4. If it´s at least close to the official skill it´s fine, i have no problem with it.
  5. Stark side. Cause he´s right, his side has the real "democracy style", while captain america acts like united states hahahaha.
  6. Maybe not 3, but 2. Think it could work.
  7. Star Wars soundtrack. Guess the force is with me.
  8. people in pvp are "rude". People in "Player vs Player mode" are rude because they fight you.... People in "Player vs Player (PVP) mode", should be nice and don´t kill you. "There is no respect".
  9. Well... hope the suggestion gets a reply from the staff... in my opinion things are too easy and that´s why market doesnt move too much.
  10. Ok. However i think that removing the old lady could benefit the market... people have collections of cards by now...
  11. Mmmm i get the idea of what you want, however if that´s the case it should happen the same with the cards, same logic on economics... so probably the suggestion would be: "remove the wise old lady" Is that the idea?
  12. 1- The titles should be for the first 10 in order of ranking. 2- The ranking should be reset every week. 3- Tittle Suggestion to consider: a) Terminator b) The Boss c) Undead Slayer d) Man Hunter e) I kill - you die f) Predator g) Noob Killer
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