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  1. People lack of vision, and you can´t fight agains that, for like in a Partycracy: "once you have control over opinions, it doesnt matter what´s best for the people".
  2. I do agree with the topic.H It´s also important that the Guildmaster gives oportunity to new players to join them.
  3. So... i get 1 vit and still have to wait 20 seconds for crystalize. So... i get 130 vit and still have to wait 20 seconds for crystalize? Or... the time of crystalize will be reduced proporcionaly for those 20 seconds?
  4. I like the idea, +1
  5. If you need extra help with your chars you can always ask to modify the rules right? Anyway maybe if you tell your friends they will listen. (Against the suggestion)
  6. BG follows WoE rules... if it´s possible in WOE it should be possible in BG... if not, then "no".
  7. There are possibilities: 1- People will be afraid of non-ranked and go pvp. 2- People will use both arenas, but the pvp non ranked will be a test player vs player. 3- Putting unranked as first option will not help develop the pvp system. Additional ideas: 1- The Ranked PvP is good at is it, however there could be an additional option: The server could allow a 1vs1 pvp special arena (King of the Hill rules). Explanation: The winner remains on the pvp map, and people wait for the match to end. (A regular chat) 2- Set the direct warp to the pvp-yoyo mode instead of naming as the primary pvp option. About the Titles: The idea is to motivate players to pvp, so... how about the Staff set a list of possible titles... If we players set it... there will always be somone in the staff not liking it. (Set a Poll)
  8. Suggestions for titles: 1- King of the Arena 2- Dragon Knight 3- The Mountain
  9. I just agree on 2 of your modifications.... The Costumes and the Tittles. About reduction & other modifications i think the staff did a right thing here.
  10. Ouilyan

    BG Stats

    I like the idea.
  11. Maybe, however if you want the market to be dinamic this npc is not helping. It could be around like a 3 Month "Event", i dont know... (ideas)
  12. In my opinion, the solution for this is to remove the Old Lady (card removal), but... anyway...
  13. Love the ELO idea, hope to hear soon of it.
  14. Ouilyan

    Patch Notes

    Thx. Still no news about the PVP system? CC. @AcidGirl
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