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  1. Ludrath

    Patch Notes #186

    Great changes! Now I wish there was an option like this for outdated gear, like Excellion (the first one that usually comes to my mind). But there must be more, like Mora, Morse's cave, etc.
  2. None in this thread. A properly done survey, poll or database statistics would speak louder for, and also, costumer overall satisfaction, at least above 65%. Don't need to. Already addressed my points in a post before that. Talking about "addressing" arguments. Aha.
  3. Ah yes, the old good fallacy of "here's a sample of 1, take is as relevant".
  4. I don't play anymore, but I do share this sentiment, and have shared, over decades when it comes to MMORPGs. Firstly, you do need more sympathy and empathy Nova. I agree with many of the feelings you might have towards your game, your server, your staff and your community. But at the same time it would be amazing to run massive polls to your player base, at the end of the day, they're the core for this to function accordingly. For many people, NovaRO is more than a game, it's home, a community, a group of friends. It's time they spend here, than anywhere else, and when the trust is broken, hopes vanished, then it becomes x10 times harder to get them back. My perspective is that you run perfect scenarios in your head, but this is a reminder: There's not simply stones to farm for. There is: • Equipment acquisition • Zeny farming • Cards acquisition • Dailies/weeklies to do • Item grind for specifics (enchants, rerolls, stones) • Group farming/runs • Instances/dungeons • Cosmetics acquisition • Alts (why not, some people enjoy them) I agree, and I'm being honest, that making the game to look like a chore or a job makes it much harder for us to not have a blurry vision of what the reality looks like, but at the same time, we do not have the time to spare over A YEAR OR TWO, to finally complete all our gear. There's countless of people battling out there bad and shitty RNG over re-rolls, over enchants, people wasting months for not being able to refine, people being frustrated over such a bad RNG mechanic (just how the game is, not blaming it), on top of that they have to keep up with everything else. You can't simply tell this people to not commit into something they truly desire or want, the end goal of finally being able to do all the content in the game. This... this takes a mental toll, a step back. Adding more content on top of it, with the same mentality after being burnt out from everything else, doesn't make it better, no matter how good it looks on paper, doesn't matter how look it goes. 1 stone out of 1000 mobs might seem like little, but what about those running over 2000 with no stones? 3000? What about those who has to smash teleport and hit over 10,000? 20,000 mobs? to complete their full set stone. Do people need to wait 2-3 months of "normal playtime" to being able to afford it? At the cost of what? There's still mental exhaustion, there's still boredom when teleporting and clicking away to kill those mobs. What about the instances, the dungeons, the item farming, the map exploring, the achievements? Is there time for all of that? Do I need to commit extra 1-3 hours of my day? Doesn't need to be a job, right? If you really expect people to start from 0 and wait a year or two, to get to endgame, then sure. But server will bleed harshly. I personally got lucky from dropping an MVP card to acquire 4b+ and being able to compete late game, but guess what, still wasn't full gear after 6 months of playing. I used to solo run dungeons with multiple alts, join a lot of runs, and still got exhausted. There were people doing triple than me, but that's their grind mindset. I might speak for many, but the gauss' bell lies on people that would like to spend 3-4 hours a day, 4-5 days a week, and see "progress" over a week or two, not huge steps, but tiny steps, to being able to be done with a character in about 5-6 months, and even sometimes, because of RNG, you get delayed up to 12 months. I invite Nova or the staff team, to start a character from 0, in an anonymous state, and see how long they take to get to a desirable point in the endgame, and then slap it on our faces proving it "how easy", how "doesn't need to be a job", to reach to that level. Until then, please, I beg you, rundown more polls, more surveys, more feedback community. I GET THAT YOU MIGHT GET TROLLS OR PEOPLE WITH UNREASONABLE REQUESTS. But focus on the good ones, on the positives, filter out.
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