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  1. Hi, sorry but I don't think I won't be able to update for a while, been very busy with RL grind. I really hope to come back soon. Finally! Excellion set! Hooray! Will probably add that to the original post, thank you so much for the info! I did add the Snake Hat in the first post, wasn't probably that emphasized though, will probably change that in a bit. PER can be enchanted now huh. Would still probably pick bakos(bc atk spd) or Luk gloves(for more crit goodness) still though, but that's an outdated opinion. P.S: I really appreciate you guys helping out other peeps with their inquiries!!! I really hope I can play again soon!!! NOTE: This thread is semi-dead (as in the creator of the thread [me] is inactive at the moment) but please feel free to drop your ideas and/or item/stat builds that you think are viable (or FUN!!!). Thank you!!!

    1. Andie


      A rare shiny mudkip has appeared.


  3. Weekend grind for Little Devil Wings Gozarian MaskInstance Runs = All-night research paper works

    Well played, me, well played. Geddit? Because I played... the entire weekend... no one, just me? Guess I'll show myself out. :th_swt3:

  4. Hi fxfreitas! Oh, this looks fun! I'll probly give it a try, haven't really tested anything out on my RK recently(only played cat + GX since I've started playing again) but I'll still probably give it a go! Thanks for the info!
  5. Now that I did more tests, a different combo would leave Peuz's Set inferior (but not that bad). The combo is... *drumrolls* Wind Cutter -> Ignition Break -> Hundred Spears -> Sonic Wave Yes, I know, its kind of a hassle. But you can actually cancel 2 animations in the combo, and that would leave you with only two casts (Yay!). The data I have gathered: +9 HBP (Wakwak), +6 Str Temporal Boots (OCC), Physical Enhancer Ring x2 (Gold Scaraba), Peuz Plate: Ignition Break : 42.5k ~ 43.5k Wind Cutter : 9.9k ~ 10.2k Hundred Spears : 62k ~ 65k Sonic Wave : 24.5k ~ 26k Total Combo : 138.9k ~144.7k +4 Peuz Manteau, +4 Peuz Shoes (No Card), Peuz Seal (Owl Baron lul), Physical Enhancer Ring (Gold Scaraba), Peuz Plate: Ignition Break : 34.5k ~ 36k Wind Cutter : 16.5k ~ 17k Hundred Spears : 47.5k ~ 48.5k Sonic Wave : 36.8k ~ 37.5k Total Combo Damage : 135.3 ~ 139k Yes it's not like it's a big deal, 6k difference, pfft. But do consider: -Peuz's Boots is uncarded, meaning the difference might become lower if it is to be carded with Outrageous Cookie Card, AND refined to +8. -If you chose Peuz's Set, you'll be losing the chance to proc the final enchant of Temporal Boots (Potentials are Bear's Might, Hawk Eye, Lucky Day, Speed of Light) -Owl Baron Card on accessory... it should be carded with Gold Scaraba Card. -If you card your HBP with Menblatt Card, imagine the addt'l damage you get for Sonic Wave + Hundred Spears. -Considering the price-effectiveness ratio, Peuz's Set isn't that bad AT ALL. It's actually doing pretty well holding up against semi-end game gears. So yeah, if you're looking for max DPS HBP + Temp Boots is the path to take. Peuz's Set wins in viability though and not that far behind on the DPS department. Do note that this DPS comparison is with the given combo only (WC -> IB -> HS -> SW), my earlier statement saying Peuz's Set beats HBP + Temp combo is in terms of the combo(WS -> IB -> SW) is still valid.
  6. I believe the GSS + Str Temp Boots combo is a much better choice since it doesn't just focus on certain type of skills, which is good for RKs since most of their skills have their own cooldowns. Damage Wise : They are pretty much on par, though against +9 HBP, Peuz's Set isn't that good. But since we're talking about GSS, they're pretty ok, about 1k~2k Sonic Wave damage difference, but Ignition Break makes up for the damage loss. Peuz's Set wins by a large margin. Will provide data below. Cost Wise : This is a pretty obvious answer, Peuz Set. Viability : I'd say HBP/GSS + Temporal Boots combo wins, the garment alone can give like +60 attack (using Wakwak Card for card slot, which Peuz's Manteau doesn't have); +15% Max HP and +5% SP with GSS is a really great feat! And ofc, the all-time favorite Heroic Backpack, you don't even need to refine it to +9 to make it great! Even at +7 it can beat the Peuz's Set in terms both Damage and Viability (Much stats, very wow). Peuz's Set is OP. My Verdict: I'd pick GSS/HBP + Temporal Boots combo any day... is what I would normally say, though I ran a couple of test just now and wow, I have to admit, Peuz's Set is pretty OP. Data are provided below. Peuz Set (No Cards) Damage: Ignition Break: 26.5~28.5k Sonic Wave: 33~34k Wind Cutter: 14.5~15.5k Total Combo Damage: 74k ~ 78k Hero Plate (No Card) + +11 GSS(17Str) [No Card] + +4 Str Temporal Boots (No Card) + Physical Enhancer Ring (Gold Scaraba) Damage: Ignition Break: 33.5~35.5k Sonic Wave: 17.5~18.5k Wind Cutter: 7.7~8.2k Total Combo Damage: 58.7k ~ 62.2k Hero Plate (No Card) + +9HBP(Wakwak Card) + +4 Str Temporal Boots + Physical Enhancer Ring (Gold Scaraba) Damage: Ignition Break: 36.5~38.2k Sonic Wave: 20.5~22.6k Wind Cutter: 8.3~8.5k Total Combo Damage: 65.3k ~ 69.3k Clearly, the winner is obvious : Peuz's Set Considerations to Note: -Test was used with a +15 Crimson Spear (WK + AK Card) -Peuz's Set won without Gold Scaraba Card -Peuz's Set won without Wakwak Card -Both GSS/HBP combos beat Peuz's Set in terms of Ignition Break Damage -Gears weren't completely optimized for the test, though it's still improbable that the results will change (if it does, only by a small margin) The only downsides I see with the build are: This build (IB + SW + WC Combo) will be less effective against MVPs/Enemies with Increase Agility skill (but can be remedied by equipping Punk Card and/or Ring of Resonance, for the purpose of auto-casting Quagmire [which removes Increase Agility]). You will lose the final enchants of Temporal Boots (Possible candidates are: Speed of Light, Bear's Might, Lucky Day, Hawk Eye) which has the potential to beat the Peuz's Set(though I'm still unsure) You will be missing out on great stat gains (+15% Max HP and +5% Max SP from GSS + Temporal Boots Combo, Stats from Temporal Boots and GSS individually and/or Heroic Backpacks OP stats) And if you can live with those, then you found yourself a pretty decent DPS build! *when a reply becomes a low-key guide* Goodluck!
  7. Yes, it is possible. I think you're missing one other pot, the one called "Enriched Celermine Juice", it stacks up pretty nicely with other ASPD potions too. As for your gears, I would suggest taking out atleast 1 EoE Luk 3 and replace it with EoE Agi 3. And you'll be needing 2 Bakonawa Tattoos, unfortunately. If you can't afford them yet, you can use Dancing Marionette Cards as a substitute (I don't really recommend this though, since you'll be losing a potential 45% damage boost). With a +6 or above Lindy Hop, you can reach 193 aspd with the following set-up: Snake Head (Essence of Agi 3) Sigrun Wings [Filler Armor] (Essence of Agi 3) +9 Heroic Backpack (Cenere Card) +? [Filler Boots] (Essence of Luk 3 / I'd still use Agi 3 though) 2 Bakonawa Tattoos Consumables: Enriched Celermine Juice Guarana Candy Berserk Potion Asir Rune Skill: Two-Handed Quicken If you don't happen to own Bakonawa Tattoos, I'd suggest: Snake Head (Essence of Agi 3) Sigrun Wings [Filler Armor] (Essence of Agi 3) +9 Heroic Backpack (Cenere Card) +? [Filler Boots] (Essence of Agi 3) 2 Luk Gloves (Essence of Agi 3) Consumables: Enriched Celermine Juice Guarana Candy Berserk Potion Asir Rune +10 Agi Food Increase Agi (buff or scroll) Skill: Two-Handed Quicken (The gears I have provided above are guaranteed, as I have tested them before) (If you don't have a +6~above Lindy Hop, you would still be able to reach 192, which isn't really much of a deal in that scenario) (The loss of critical rate due to replacing of the Essence of Evil Luk 3 may be remedied by the following consumables: Abrasive (+30 crit), Buche de Noel (+7 Crit), I-don't-remember-the-name Sandwich (+7 crit)[This doesn't stack with Buche De Noel], and Luk Foods) Goodluck!
  8. Failed 1/3 of my runs earlier... I think NovaRO is punishing me for being inactive for the last 2 weeks. /sob

  9. Hi @krehan! Normally, I'd say +15 Crimson Two-handed Sword (Holy) because I'm more of a "soloist" kind of player, which means I don't rely on PT members for buffs (specifically Aspersio), so naturally I'd pick the one with built-in elements (ESPECIALLY HOLY). But Lindy Hop is a pretty neat weapon because: Its indestructible (Very effective if you're planning on doing Crit/hybrid build, since you'd want an indestructible weapon for tursius and against mobs that destroys weapon) Higher refines gives huge ATK% + ASPD% bonus (I actually compared +15 Crimson Holy Katar vs. +8 Juliette before, +15 crimson katar beats +8 juliette for like 500 damage, but juliette gave me around 2 aspd, which is nice. I don't know if its the same with +15 Crimson Two-handed Sword vs. +8 Lindy Hop though) Its a level 4 weapon (which means the ATK bonus from refine will be much higher compared to level 3 weapons at the same level) Both weapons have their pros and cons, Crimson Swords having their elemental advantages but are destroy-able(unless you want to give-up a card slot and put in a Golem Card or create an FCP slave) and Lindy Hop being indestructible but forced neutral(which can be remedied by endows, scrolls, etc.). My verdict is: In terms of damage : +9~above Lindy Hop In terms of viability : +15 Crimson Two-handed Sword (Holy) What I would choose : +9~above Lindy Hop (Why? Because we're talking about end-game situation here, I assume you'd be in a party and/or have the sufficient supply to remedy the elemental deficiency of this weapon. )
  10. Hi! Although I'm not entirely sure... I believe it's a POSSIBILITY. Again, haven't really tried this out but you can try this set up: Equipments: -Fox Ear Ribbon (EOE AGI 3) -Sigrun's Wings -CD in Mouth -Hero Plate (EOE AGI 3/Marc), or elemental armors (EOE AGI 3/Marc) -+15 Crimson Mace (2 WK or WK + Warrior Lola Card) , +10~15 Robot Mechanical Arm (2 WK) FUN NOTE: You can probably try using Dancing Marionette Cards if you still can't reach 193 aspd -Mad Bunny (KK Card), Strong Shield (KK Card) [USE ONLY AGAINST MVPs WITH KNOCKBACKS, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED] -+9 HBP (Cenere Card) -Luk Temporal Boots (Crit 4/SoL or LD, your preference, but I highly suggest to go with SOL) -2 Bakonawas Stats: Str 90 Agi 100 Vit 90 Int 90 Dex 11 Luk 120 Consumables: Abrasive [+30 Crit] (optional) Berserk Potion [ASPD] (must have) Guarana Candy [ASPD + Increase Agi] (must have) Enriched Celermine Juice [ASPD] (must have) Turisus Rune [250% More damage, has a chance of double damage] (must have) Asir Rune [ASPD] (must have) Pet: Hodremlin Egg NOTE: I can't guarantee a 193 aspd, but I believe it's the closest you can get to the highest aspd (without the help of external buffs) Goodluck! I love your signature, btw. xd Add'tl Note: Yes, Ignition Break does work with One-handed weapons (Only works with Spears and Swords though, not sure about the other ones, sorry)
  11. Name: She-who-must-not-be-named (A.K.A. Shiny Mudkip) Gender: Female Race: Norman Organization: Pokemon In Real Life, One of the potential suspects for the extinction of the Great Duneyrr(#DuneyrrLivesMatter) Role: Academy Scholar, Avid Pokemon Fan, CEO (of her own company... she's also the secretary... and an employee... okay it's not a company, it's a small group... okay, a VERY small club... ALRIGHT IT'S JUST A GUILD STORAGE, JEEZ) Physical Description: 1.60m (5' 3") in height Somewhat slender Doesn't tell anyone but she's probably around her early 20's Has long sky-blue hair(tries to mimic her favorite fictional monster) Bob-cut hair, dyed in light purple(still trying to mimic her favorite fictional monster) Always looks tired/sleepy. Personality: Somewhat a perfectionist, though sometimes she can be a bit klutz herself. Curious but meticulous. Often has difficulty in expressing herself. Loves quiet places to read books. She also tends to be quite reticent most of the time. Melancholic but pretends otherwise. Known Strengths: Procrastinating, Can take a nap LITERALLY anywhere she wants, can take in high amount of caffeine(for all-nighters[adventure and/or academic purposes]), extremely good at math, strong against fire-types, rock-types, and ground-types Known Weaknesses: Research, Fluffeh Cats, MVP Earthquakes, and Reflect Shield Known Property: A wardrobe full of costumes, and tons of adventuring supplies Known Acquaintances: Monster Hunting people, a lewd person, a good guy named Lucifer(irony), a bully minstrel, loads of friendly merchants, poison bottle dealers, experienced minstrels, competent guillotine crosses, an endless list of great people, and a cute Doram named Lulucar
  12. Not Zoo Me

    Poison Bottles

    Buying in bulk. Send DMs for price, or message me at discord : Not Nut Knot Nat #0228
  13. Willing to Sell: Immortal Wind Ghost Card (+10% MATK, 1% chance of casting Lv. 5 Killing Cloud when magically attacking) [Weapon Slot] SOLD +7 Flattery Robe [Dex +7, Int +7] +7 Mad Bunny SOLD Send a DM for offers, you can also contact me @discord : Not Nut Knot Nat, #0228
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