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  1. Bulletin (Wildisohn) RP Experience: Light-ish General availability: UTC-4 (EST). I have work/study scheduled horribly, so I'm usually available at night or on the weekends (including Fridays). Preferred RP style: Lighthearted is my comfort zone, but I can do serious if my character is ready for it.
  2. Name: Wildisohn Gender: Male Race: Norman Organization: Prontera Exorcist Division (allegedly) Role: On-call Exorcist/Ghost-whisperer Physical Description: Wil’s appearance makes people think of an unassuming part-time clerk sweeping dead leaves away at a graveyard rather than the proven exorcist he claims to be. His black wavy hair is disheveled like a dishwashing scrubber, and his white and blue robes come up short to his limbs. For such a dismissive sight, his most charming feature are his soulful, droopy eyes - blue like two mirrors of the sky. However, he hides them behind bizarre glasses for a very good reason... Personality: Wil has had a string of failures marking a nail to his coffin from very early in his priesthood. He comes off as socially awkward trying to cue in when his field of expertise comes up. It may look like menial tripping over stuff, dropping flasks or going on an insistent and long-winded explanation on paranormal activity, but there’s something off about him... Known Strengths: Great at picking up details. Great listener. Great liar. Known Weaknesses: Agitated when not in control; when someone or something may ruin his plans, he will frantically force the hand and conversation elsewhere. Known Property: A religious Odin cross symbol, worn with grime and smears of dried goo... Known Acquaintances: Prontera Church Enclave
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