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  1. I tried to have a Kishu Inu(M) and a Fluffy cat (L) at the same time but one pet overlaps the other... It's possible to change the location for the pets so we can choose at wich side of the character the pet will be? Maybe an option in the costume npc to make it left or right... i don't know if it's possible
  2. If any listed item can't have it effect i would like to have them only costume at least Randgris Helm [1] [5373] A helm laced with the power of Valkyrie Randgris. It helps its wearer to concentrate better. Dex + 3, Mdef + 1 Class : Headgear Defense : 2 Location : Upper-Mid Weight : 30 Jobs : All Bijofnil Wings [5480] A hat made to honor Bijofnil, the legendary bird that lives above the Yggdrasil tree. Account Bound Class: Headgear Position: Upper Defense: 6 Weight: 100 Requires Level: 30 Usable By: All Jobs All Stats + 2 Adds a chance of casting Level 3 Impositio Manus on the user when performing a physical attack. Blood Butterfly Ears [1] [18915] Scary but beautiful. Blood is still dripping from the wings, don't ask how it was acquired. Class: Headgear Position: Middle Defense: 5 Weight: 10 Requires Level: 1 Usable By: All Jobs Max HP + 200 Flee + 1 [衣装] 血塗られた光と闇の鎮魂冠 [20408] (C Bloody Light and Darkness Crown) 「天使も悪魔も 私が従えてみせよう…」 光と闇の鎮魂冠を 装備した者の心が 汚れてしまい 聖の象徴である 白く気高き羽が 悪の象徴である 黒く深淵なる羽に なってしまった鎮魂冠。 中央にある クリスタルジュエルと 黄金の鉄の塊である 冠(ティアラ)が輝きを失い 漆黒なる翼が邪悪な紅き血に 染まってしまっている。 …といわれている衣装装備。 なお「鎮魂冠」は “レクイエムティアラ”と 読む。 ――――――――――――― 系列 : 衣装 防御 : 0 位置 : 上段 重量 : 0 要求レベル : 1 装備 : 全ての職業 Illusion Hot-blooded Headband [1] [19344] Str + 2. Atk + 10 per 2 refine rate. If refine rate is 7 or higher, increases physical damage against water, wind, earth and neutral property monsters by 10%. If refine rate is 9 or higher, increases physical damage against small and large size monsters by 15%. _ Class: Headgear Defense: 3 Location: Upper Weight: 10 Required Level: 120 Jobs: All except Novice Shadowmancer's Helm 18810 A Shadowmancer's cloth hat that increases tolerance to Mdef +12 Increases tolerance to Demon and Undead monsters by 5%. Increases Atk and Matk to all monster sizes by 10%. Has a random chance of healing or taking away HP and restoring or taking away SP while attacking and being attacked. Upgrade effects: 4-5 HP/SP heal further increases by +5% and HP/SP drain decreases by 5 5-6 HP/SP heal further increases by +5% and HP/SP drain decreases by 5 7+ HP/SP heal further increases by +10% and HP/SP drain decreases by 10 Type : Headgear Defense : 12 Location : Upper Weight : 50 Required Level : 1 Jobs : All Costume Piamette's Curls 31544 A luxurious costume wig modeled after Piamette's hair style. Its soft and perfect curls frame your face perfectly! Class: Costume Position: Lower Weight: 0 Requires Level: 1 Usable By: All Jobs Black Veil 18994 AGI + 3, STR + 2 Decrease 5% damage dealt by Medium-sized monster Increase 5% damage dealt to Medium-sized monster ATK + 1 per refine, when refine level is over 10 Class : Headgear Defense : 10 Location : Upper Weight : 30 Required LVL : 1 Job : All Loki Assassin Mask 5948 A mask for Assassins Increases attack speed by 10% Decreases ATK/MATK by 10% Def: 1 Weight : 1 Equippable by Assassins Only https://www.divine-pride.net
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