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  1. IGN: Everlasting Dream
  2. Type: PvE / Casual / Social Region: North America / Europe Active Hours: 15:00 – 23:00 Server Time (PST) Guild Master: u b e Guild Slaves Officers: xKauei, bowshooter, Whisper of the Heart Guild Town: Nameless Island (@go 46) Language: English Welcome! ヾ(^∇^) We are a small group of outcasts anime lovers [Insert fangirl scream] who are new to this server, looking for people who want to learn and grow together as a guild! We strive to maintain a fun and casual environment for everyone to converse with friends and/or family! What to expect: Instances, instances, instances! Random guild events (DB/BB party, holiday events, and more!) Requirements: We are newbie friendly! Any level and any classes are welcome! English only in the guild chat: we respect the fact that members may speak other languages but we seek to foster an inclusive environment where no one will feel left out! Be polite and courteous to others, not only guild members: please be mindful that if you decide to join, you do represent our guild in everything you do. Active characters: we prefer that you join with a character that you use quite often (i.e. farming characters are welcome – it does not have to be your main. If you are just looking for a group to socialize with as you farm, you are most welcome!) Thank you for dropping by! If you are interested in joining, please feel free to pm the leader/officers or just drop by @go 30! As long as you tell someone, they will let a recruiter know and you will be contacted soon! We look forward to seeing you in game ( ̄ー ̄) b
  3. AMG Evolving pets that's so cool *A* And Eggring pet, my dream come true <333
  4. Wiki is free to edit for all, you just need to make an account! So you can add new sections like costumes, etc. and add to the list! In the future I hope to add a section to that page, new column maybe (haven't really thought too in depth) to add a picture of how the headgear actually looks on a character but that would be when I collect them all... :"D
  5. Aww the snow theme for the forums is so cute
  6. With our old server, you know how the gossip spreads in such a small community, so it wasn't really a secret @Luxuri Glad to see you're doing well Lux! looking forward to reading all the spam new features and stuff you're gonna poop out With what you've had to deal with, I'm glad you were able to find a new home~ Keep up the great work Cheers, Your #1 Fan
  7. Thanks! I am somewhat new to Renewal and this is my first time playing third class so I'm learning as I go x] And yeah, I joined Casuals
  8. Thanks @Nova, so far so good, everyone's really friendly =] And I like seeing that the GMs are very active here, keep up the good work!
  9. Thanks for your kind welcomes, look forward to meeting everyone in game!
  10. Just made my character a few minutes ago. New to this server, but not new to RO. Currently looking for a kind guild to guide me. My ultimate destination most likely being WoE, would there be any guild willing to take in a nub? I plan on playing gypsy as my main class IGN: Whisper of the Heart
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