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  1. Features NovaRO Anniversary Pack As a thank you for 6 long years of fun, all players who receive their daily rewards on or after the 24th of October will also receive the following pack of goods: 7-Day Nova Phone Pepper Aura (can be previewed at the Hat effect Genie on the third floor of the main office.) [EVT] All-In-One Booster [EVT] Combat Rations Taini Egg Pack (Cosmetic), choose one of the following: Taini Egg Orange Taini Egg Gre
  2. Halloween The Cawful Trickster King has made its return! Developer's Note: As mentioned in the latest MH Dev blog, CTK will include the new Dynamic Damage Adjustment (DDA) system, which we have already talked about here The final role development blog. DDA comes with a major consideration that we have thought a lot about which is: how do we best display damage numbers? There are limitations with the way DDA works that means we cannot easily show the altered damage numbers because the adjustment is made party-wide. Furthermore, the damage adjustment is done at one secon
  3. Replying from to some of all of your point (oldest to newest): While we understand why people would ask for a smaller group requirement for 1star hunts it's unfortunately not something we will currently be exploring because of a number of logistical issues which the instance would run into. There's a suggestion about it which will replied to soon. As far as DDA interactions with @spam it's not something we have thought about but we will definitely keep an eye out for regarding any aberrant behaviour. We're aware that there's a variety of MH consumables which can definitely ge
  4. We mentioned this in the past, Extended classes shadow gear was purposefully not included within the initial release of shadow gear for the existing 2 star monsters. At the time of making that decision, Star Emperor and Doram were actually the "Meta" classes and we did not want them to get an even further advantage with releasing the full set on day 1. That only supported our decision to try to mimic as much as possible, kRO's release time line for Shadow Gear with as few exceptions as possible. The decision was made over a year ago before even Garanth and Nyia were released. From our latest d
  5. As mentioned with-in the post "Therefore, we are likely and will be happy to revert many custom balance changes that affected classes negatively come MH3." With that being said we will be announcing what the specifics of those changes will be when it is ready but we will be again revisiting all of those changes individually and tuning for that new environment.
  6. Hello everyone and welcome to another MH Dev Blog! In this blog we'll be going over some of our future plans for the current state of Monster Hunter. Keep in mind these can still be changed a lot prior to the actual release, but they serve to illustrate where our mindset is going forward. The Final 2-star Role Patch This patch will be the last big patch regarding role changes in MH which will affect 2 star hunts. You can expect a similar level of changes and improvements to our previous Healer Patch, but we will be looking over all the rest of the roles: Utility, D
  7. Summer Festival Added another potential set of songs to the Summer Concert. Dying on the Summer Island will now respawn the player at the entrance of the island. Fixed an issue with movement speed after leaving the Grotto. Added two new recipes to Felyne Chef, "Spring Meowrolls" and "Sopa de Macaconya". Features We've added a new instance: Poring Village. This instance is designed for new players and it is now part of our tutorial! Most important town utility NPCs now have an unwalkable area around them to make them more visible.
  8. Firstly, as we mentioned previously, we have started work on MH3 (which is the designation of the next update, 3 star hunts, including the Great Monsters Sybaris and Hrungnir). While working on this update, we found there were changes that we wanted to push out sooner rather than later, as MH3 is still going to take us some time to complete. Therefore, we decided to create a short series of patches based around updating each of the roles to a standard whereby we can concentrate on MH3 development. This generally will involve building upon the knowledge from the MH2 release, as well as suggesti
  9. Hector

    Patch Notes #136

    As was stated long ago when the change was made, the EDP nerf was not apply solely because of SBK, it was accounting for the ability and the class as a whole. The data that we have is looking at all jobs not just GX's but we ask for some patience in-order to potentially make a change that is appropriate.
  10. Hector

    Patch Notes #136

    It's something that we're keeping a close eye on and is on the table but we are first analyzing the data that we've amassed to make a concrete decision.
  11. Hector

    Patch Notes #136

    It may be prudent to go back to our reply and re-read what was said in the suggestion to enable the healer role for genetics. This change is simply a bug fix to potion pitcher's previously intended 60 second cooldown which was explained here: As we said before, we are actively working to expand the healing role, but that will be done by making sure that classes have an arrangement of different types of abilities such as heals over time, shields, and various other supportive-type abilities as a complete tool-kit, not just one on demand healing ability which was not working as
  12. Hector

    Patch Notes #130

    Same, hopefully one day we can get there.
  13. For people who are concerned at the way that critical attacks are working inside of 2 star hunts currently, in my opinion I also agree that the way crit currently is being handled is not the best method, but the deadline was today so something had to be done to it. I already know for the most part how to improve it, but simply didn't have enough time to make it happen. It was either this or delay again, which was not an option. Don't expect it work the same way it works outside of the quests though, it definitely won't go back to that.
  14. This is some great work. Love it.
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