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  1. Features NovaRO Anniversary Pack As a thank you for 6 long years of fun, all players who receive their daily rewards on or after the 24th of October will also receive the following pack of goods: 7-Day Nova Phone Pepper Aura (can be previewed at the Hat effect Genie on the third floor of the main office.) [EVT] All-In-One Booster [EVT] Combat Rations Taini Egg Pack (Cosmetic), choose one of the following: Taini Egg Orange Taini Egg Green Taini Egg Blue Taini Egg [EVT] Pet Costume Voucher Pick A Voucher Pack, choose one of the following: [EVT] Alternate Outfit Voucher [EVT] Storage Voucher [EVT] HomuncuBank Ticket 2 [EVT] Trick or Treat Baskets 6th Anniversary Title Thank you for making these 6 years a blast, here's to the future friends! (Please note you may only get this pack once per account and all contents are account bound) The Felyne Chef has appeared at @go 53. Fixed an issue with EDDA Bioresearch Laboratory spawning more mobs than intended. Inactive parties will now be destroyed after 30 days of inactivity to free up party names. Halloween Changed current DDA thresholds for CTK. New thresholds (post green aura effect): 4M = 15% reduction 5.5M = 40% reduction 6.5M = 90% reduction Reduced CTK's HP by around 17%. Developer's Note: We've altered the DDA thresholds in order for the low end of DPS to not reach the lower DDA thresholds as easily, but tightening it down on the high end. This will also affect immediate burst, such as Climatic Fury and Megaton more than before. As the fight with this change alone would become harder, we're also decreasing CTK's HP by around 17% in order to balance its difficulty. Thanks to these changes, we've added another reward of 5 Trick or Treat Baskets for defeating the CTK after this maintenance. This is a one-time bonus. Community Suggestion Changed the way DDA numbers are displayed. Developer's Note: When attacking CTK, your attack numbers will show a number between 0 and 100. These indicate what threshold you and your party are currently sitting at. This calculation is done using the amount of damage done to the boss within the one-second time between DDA calculations. Some examples are below: If a party has done 3M damage to CTK, all attack numbers will show 100s, indicating they have not reached a DDA threshold (100% damage is done). If that same party then do another 2.5M damage - within the second between DDA adjustments, totaling 5.5M damage - then all attacks numbers will change to show as 85s, showing that the 15% reduction threshold has been reached (85% damage is done). If another party manages to do 8M damage within the second time, their attack numbers will show 100s, then 85s after 4M damage, then 60s after the 5.5M threshold has been reached and finally 10s when the final threshold of 6.5M has been reached. Fixed an issue where item cap limits were not properly resetting in CTK. Enabled the use of Shining Defense Scrolls in CTK. Fixed an issue with the Selim Dish Delivery daily quest. Disabled consumables inside the Tower of Trickery. Implemented a new Halloween exclusive quest: Fluttering Fallen Wings (Nobru, at louyang,210,122) (Please note these wing will only work on the 2020 client.) Changed Twisted Templar's Scar of Tarou ability to NPC Blooddrain. Increased the amount of chances to obtain Halloween Coins from the Twisted Realm. More than doubled the chance to get King's Essence for clearing a Twisted Realm room. Monster Hunting Community Suggestion Replaced Seruel at the front of the Airship with Halloween Seruel. Reworked how per-run and per-life item restrictions work inside MH. Developer's Note: Players should not notice a real difference in functionality, but if you do, please open up a Bug Report. All Utility role bomb stacks will now be removed when changing maps. The requirement of low-rank Shadow gear to unlock high-rank hunts has been reduced from 4 pieces to 2. Community Suggestion Players should now be able to use Swap Gear on the Wyvern. Items Fixed an issue with Sky Deleter dropping the wrong card. War of Emperium and Battlegrounds Changed 1pm Battlegrounds Happy Hours back to noon. Wednesday King of Emperium has been removed due to lack of activity. Fixed an issue with some consumables not getting properly dispelled at the start of WoE. Community Suggestion Added @vs as a shortcut for @voteskip.
  2. Halloween The Cawful Trickster King has made its return! Developer's Note: As mentioned in the latest MH Dev blog, CTK will include the new Dynamic Damage Adjustment (DDA) system, which we have already talked about here The final role development blog. DDA comes with a major consideration that we have thought a lot about which is: how do we best display damage numbers? There are limitations with the way DDA works that means we cannot easily show the altered damage numbers because the adjustment is made party-wide. Furthermore, the damage adjustment is done at one second intervals, meaning that some damage is not dealt until a second in the future. Altogether, these reasons (and more) make it difficult for us to show the post-adjustment numbers. We have a solution in mind for Monster Hunting (3 star hunts, MH3) which involves some exciting new mechanics and systems that we've been conceptualizing and coding, but these are very early in development and we're not quite ready to talk about them just yet (yet alone implement them for CTK!). Broadly, these systems would give the party an idea of the DPS the party is doing while also providing buffs and benefits! We will no doubt talk about these in a future dev blog but for now we're still preparing it. So what are we trying to do for CTK? Well, we're actually going to try two different iterations of how to display damage numbers that we would like to hear your opinions on. All damage numbers dealt to the CTK will simply show "1". This will probably be everyone's least favorite option for CTK but for MH3 with the other systems we're planning, this is where we're leaning towards. Using WoE-like removal of all number displays. We are going to test one of these iterations one week and swap over for the next (broadly a week's length of testing, depending on maintenance times). We know these changes aren't ideal - we all like to see our big numbers - but if we were to show the unaltered numbers there are, in certain cases, times where these numbers will drastically differ from the damage actually dealt to the mob. We have, however, enabled the monster HP bars so you can gauge how far through the fight you are and thus get some estimate on how much damage you are dealing in real time. We'd like to hear what you have to see about these changes and whether or not you can think of a potentially good idea on how better to proceed, we're more than welcome to also test other, new ideas with CTK. We will take forward with us any lessons from this first implementation of DDA and use it to improve the initial release of MH3. The Cawful Trickster King and all of his Revenants now have a Green Aura-like effect (90% damage reduction) and their HPs have been slightly reduced in order to accommodate for the difference in power since last year. The Burning Revenant's unique resistance has been changed from previously being simply more HP than the others, to reducing damage taken from Magical attacks by 90%. The Ice Revenant's unique resistance has been changed from having Defender to reducing damage taken from Long Ranged attacks by 90%. The Unholy Revenant's unique resistance has been changed from having a high amount of MDEF to reducing damage taken from Critical attacks by 90%. The Stone Revenant's unique resistance has been changed from having a high amount of DEF to reducing damage taken from Melee Ranged attacks by 90%. All Revenants have been made Boss Protocol in order to allow Boss Damage modifiers and enchants to work on them, as well as the King. Scoutflies has been re-enabled for this fight. For updated information related to the Cawful Trickster King refer to the wiki page. As a final note, this fight behaves the same as 2-star hunts. Monster Hunting role abilities are activated, only Monster Hunting items work, alterations are all the same. This also means that the effect of Great Monster Magical or Physical Defense Pierce also work and other racial or elemental bonuses all work the same. For more information head over to the MH Alterations wiki page. Community Suggestion Spirit Shards from the Twisted Realm will now be randomly shared with your party. King's Essence now drops from monsters inside Twisted Realm at a low chance. A random member in the party will receive it. - [EVT] Devi Squad [L]/[M] can now be recolored at Selim. Selim will now complete her cooking daily quest immediately after you deliver the food to a Sin. Fixed a bug with minimap markers not showing up during Spiritual Seasonings cutscenes. Features The Tom Yung Goong quest in Ayothaya is now repeatable. E Converter Compendiums and Buff Scroll Compendiums now have a repeatable option to open multiple in quick succession. Alternate Weeklies now feature Weapon Refine. Added @whobuy2 command to display buyer list in chatlog. Community Suggestion @hidedamage is now available at the Login Settings NPC. Community Suggestion Harive has made an appearance in the main office to sell Throat Lozenge and Regrettable Tears. Community Suggestion Wolfchev's Laboratory cooldown will now reset at midnight (it still retains its 3-day cooldown). Community Suggestion The following hats can now have their positions swapped at Miles: Elven Ears [M] Smiling Eyes [M] Superstar Contacts [M] Starstruck [M] Tipsy [L] Developer's Note: Please not more middle and lower gears will be add over time in waves. Fixed the position of Master of Darkness on Dorams. Expanded the functionality of the Knight's Shield Bearer's Enchant Conversion Developer's Note: This feature has been implemented since the last patch. Unlock Unlimited Conversions has been added as a secondary option to the Enchant Conversion function After a one time purchase, a shield may be imbued with an Enchant Transmogrifier. While the Enchant Transmogrifier is on a Purified Knight's Shield, any enchant conversions done to that specific shield are now permanently free of charge. The process costs either 150 Endeavor Tokens or 375,000,000 Zeny. After applying an Enchant Transmogrifier, if you have converted the enchants of a shield prior to the September 28th maintenance, the total amount of conversions you purchased will be refunded in Endeavor Tokens or Zeny. This is a one time refund and does not apply to any conversion after the September 28th maintenance. This system has absolutely NOTHING to do with converting a Knight's Shield to a Purified Knight's Shield. Monster Hunting Community Suggestion The Archaeologist has been seen wandering around in The Wyvern (235,207). Community Suggestion Some Shadow Gear will now provide Great Monster defense and magic defense pierce. Taekwon Shadow Shield will now have the following additional effects: For each two levels of Peaceful Break, pierces Great monster's physical defense by 3%. For each two levels of Happy Break, pierces Great monster's magical defense by 3%. For each two refine levels, pierces Great monster's physical and magical defense by 3%. Ninja Shadow Shield will now have the following additional effects: For each refine level, Pierces Great Monster's physical and magical defense by 2%. Refine Level +7, Pierces Great Monster's physical and magical defense by 5%. Refine Level +9, Pierces Great Monster's physical and magical defense by 5%. Gunslinger Shadow Armguard will now have the following additional effects: For each two levels of Snake Eyes, Pierces physical defense of Great Monsters by 3%. For each two refine levels, Pierces Great Monster's physical defense by 3%. Super Novice Shadow Gauntlet will now have the following additional effects: For each two levels of One-Handed Sword Mastery, Pierces Great Monster's physical defense by 3%. For each two levels of Increase SP Recovery, pierces Great Monster's magical defense by 3%. For each two refine levels, pierces Great Monster's physical and magical defense by 3%. Developer's Note: This is the full list of Extended Shadow Gear which will currently get this treatment for Great Monster DEF/MDEF Pierce. Unfortunately, the Doram Normal Monster Pierce is not applied like the rest of the Extended pieces, as it comes from the full set. Great Monster Pierce will be added to Doram's Shadow Gear Full Set Bonus once the rest of the set is released with Hrungnir. War of Emperium and Battlegrounds BG Wacky modes are disabled until further notice. Siege Commissioners Conquest Barricades HP has been increased by 50%. Siege Commissioners Invulnerable Siegfried and Acoustic Rhythm no longer requires both performers to be on the same party. Only the caster will be affected by fatigue.
  3. Replying from to some of all of your point (oldest to newest): While we understand why people would ask for a smaller group requirement for 1star hunts it's unfortunately not something we will currently be exploring because of a number of logistical issues which the instance would run into. There's a suggestion about it which will replied to soon. As far as DDA interactions with @spam it's not something we have thought about but we will definitely keep an eye out for regarding any aberrant behaviour. We're aware that there's a variety of MH consumables which can definitely get frustrating to use over and over again especially considering they dispell on death. For the sake of trying to release Hrungnir as soon as possible I won't make any guarantees for any new item combinations in MH as of yet. But over time we will be expanding recipes, especially to include quality of life ideas changes. As mentioned within the post, Hrungnir is not a 3 star monster, it is a two star monster which is one of our top priorities. We've mentioned that 4th classes will not be coming to our server any time soon so we don't think there's much discuss about them when in relation to current gear or content implementation. While nobody can deny that we are not religiously following kRO's schedule, it's kind of the baseline from where we try to start. Obviously as we've been around for a few years, this also means that we have to compare that baseline with what currently exists, and also what players feel like we need. A perfect example of this is the Reload set where the relatively new change to Bragi at the time, made a lot of classes feel incomplete without it. Now we're in a situation where class reworks and new gear made some classes spike in effective power level, leaving the Extended classes feel like they're falling behind. Which then makes it perfectly understandable that they should now have access to that gear and we'll be working to make that possible as soon as we can.
  4. We mentioned this in the past, Extended classes shadow gear was purposefully not included within the initial release of shadow gear for the existing 2 star monsters. At the time of making that decision, Star Emperor and Doram were actually the "Meta" classes and we did not want them to get an even further advantage with releasing the full set on day 1. That only supported our decision to try to mimic as much as possible, kRO's release time line for Shadow Gear with as few exceptions as possible. The decision was made over a year ago before even Garanth and Nyia were released. From our latest data, as surprising as it may seem, SE and Doram, in this past month, still rank somewhere around 3rd~5th place on average for the highest DPS in a successful Garronath or Nysori run. But you're right, it has been about a year and things have obviously changed drastically with the release of RK / GX rework, Crit changes, Level 200, and Edda Bio, extended classes started falling greatly behind in comparison especially outside of the MH environment. Unfortunately within that year, each of those individual patches required their own time to fully develop and release, which only further elongated the timeline. I think it's important to note that the finalized list of Shadow Gear set for the next release has been continuously updated taking all of the changes which have happened throughout this time and are not simply sticking to an outdated schedule that was developed over a year ago. By this point we had hoped that all of the existing Shadow gear in kRO was released by now and for not having that be the current reality, I apologize. As seen from LGH and MH, we strive to release as much gear as possible through our own original content to not be a server which throws gear out through the cash shop or a generic currency shop such as the Endeavor / GC shops, but that takes time, and sometimes longer than we anticipated. With that in mind we are also against the idea of expanding the gear available for monsters / instances which have grown old by now. It's the same reason Temporal Manteaus weren't just added as an additional reward to OGH. This is something that has been coming up a lot recently while working on LGH, now that our MH has been released, while we will continue to expand on it, we are also eager to create more content that isn't necessarily tied to MH with the purpose of releasing more gear from KRO which is originally cash shop-exclusive.
  5. As mentioned with-in the post "Therefore, we are likely and will be happy to revert many custom balance changes that affected classes negatively come MH3." With that being said we will be announcing what the specifics of those changes will be when it is ready but we will be again revisiting all of those changes individually and tuning for that new environment.
  6. Hello everyone and welcome to another MH Dev Blog! In this blog we'll be going over some of our future plans for the current state of Monster Hunter. Keep in mind these can still be changed a lot prior to the actual release, but they serve to illustrate where our mindset is going forward. The Final 2-star Role Patch This patch will be the last big patch regarding role changes in MH which will affect 2 star hunts. You can expect a similar level of changes and improvements to our previous Healer Patch, but we will be looking over all the rest of the roles: Utility, DPS, and even slight adjustments to Tank. We may do follow up patches to tweak changes and fix some bugs but by all accounts this will be our last big patch related to Role balancing and MH 2 star content. As per our commitments to transparency, we will be releasing another Dev Blog closer to the patch explaining our rationale for the changes we've made, accompanied by the full patch notes, in order to get feedback and allow people to prepare ahead of time for the changes coming. So what is this patch going to contain? Well, we will be adding new content and improving on what is already implemented. Aside from additions and improvements, we'll also be focusing on fixing major bugs that have gone unfixed. For example, we will be fixing a major bug that affected Bombring's damage calculation negatively, when your stats increased. Another aspect of this patch will be to prepare for MH 3-star (or MH3 for short). This involves reviewing some of the alterations to skills, gear and other balancing we've made for MH. We want to remove or adjust some changes that are outdated or no longer necessary. We also want to bring back some nuances from some skills that were disabled or reduced in power such that each class will feel unique, useful and worthwhile. We are still discussing these changes internally, but we'd like to give you an example of some of these ideas. Here are some of the ongoing discussions, along with some of our favorite ideas, that are in development (so details may change): The 5-man party limit from Monster Hunter makes it difficult to accommodate two performers. This means Ensemble skills cannot be used at all, as most parties will have one performer. Therefore, we will allow usage of Ensemble skills without the need of a second performer -- however, at a lesser potency. If you're willing to bring dual performers, you will still gain the full bonus for those skills. For example, Invulnerable Siegfried when cast by dual performers increases Fire, Water, Wind and Earth resistances by 15%; when cast alone, the effect will be to increase 5% of each resistance instead. We're aware some Ensemble abilities won't work out as well but we will share more information in the next blog and we encourage everyone to join in our discussion and help steer development. Rogue's Raid is another example of a skill that is tricky to deal with. It is a powerful global damage increase and is something that Shadow Chasers rely on to be competitive damage wise. Unfortunately, the current change led to Shadow Chaser being an unpopular pick and hence reduces class diversity. Something we have strived to improve with this patch is promoting better class diversity. Simply increasing the numbers could lead to a scenario where many team compositions may feel compelled to take a Shadow Chaser due to the strength of the bonus. Instead, we are planning that Raid will increase damage done by all Shadow Chasers by 30% while retaining its current 10% global damage increase for any other class. Hopefully, this buff to Shadow Chaser damage, as well as the party-wide buff (at a lower potency) will make them a more attractive pick for party compositions. (We'll also be looking at expanding this behavior to similar abilities, for example, Comet's Magical Intoxication and Sorcerer's Insignias). Genetic's Red and Blue Herb Activators are simple damage increases that are available to everyone but felt out of place as a consumable inside the Savage Coast. Even before these items were implemented, our original MH item, Demon Extract, already served the same purpose as the "damage increase potion". We have received suggestions from players regarding this - namely to enable the Activators only if there's a Genetic present in the party which is definitely something worth considering. Another suggested that we reintroduced the skill Item Sling and enable Genetics to make throwable versions of Activators. We liked this suggestion as this also allows us to expand Item Sling functionality in the future to also include MH consumables, such as Hunter's Potion, Demon extract or even the newly released Herbal remedy. This addition to the Genetic's kit may even open the door to future discussions regarding the place of Genetics as a potential Healer role class, now with a much larger supportive kit at their disposal. All the above concepts are still open and we're really like to hear what you have to say about what we have planned so far. We greatly encourage everyone to head over to MH Suggestion Forums to share your ideas or constructive criticisms! We made the conscious decision to put a pause on most of our replies for suggestions - especially the ones which were not relevant for the Healer patch - but now that we've finished the Healer patch and follow-up patches, we'd love to hear what you all have to say for this last Role patch. With this thread, we hope that everyone can understand what kind of changes we're considering so that you can formulate your own suggestions and ideas around that basis. Solution to Long-term Invalidation of Content We have spoken previously about the need to come up with a long-term solution to the issue of growing power and the invalidation of difficult content along with it. Other MMOs have taken their own steps to ensure content is kept at a difficulty level that is not easily completed, even under the pressure of the increase in player power that comes with new patches and gear. For example, Final Fantasy XIV has level and gear sync that means your stats are pegged to that of the level range of the content. World of Warcraft has a similar system within Timewalking dungeons. We looked at these, and other, systems for inspiration so that we can build our own system for RO. The problem arises due to RO being both an old game and a not-very-well balanced game. Something like FFXIV's or WoW's system would be extremely time-consuming for us to implement, not to mention difficult to conceptualize, because there is no real way for us to know how powerful a player can be at any given level. We thought long and hard about the best system for RO - best for both us as developers and as players to actually play. After a lot of discussions and meetings we came up with a system we're fairly happy with: Dynamic Damage Adjustment (DDA). DDA works by reducing party-wide damage based on damage per second. As you deal damage to a mob with DDA active, the damage is not actively done to the mob and is instead stored until the calculation phase. The calculation phase happens every second (1 second) and adjusts the damage based on the thresholds we have set (more on that below) and then deals that damage to the mob. Therefore, the mob's health does not get reduced as you hit it but in one second intervals. Damage is reduced based on thresholds and reduction percentages. I think the best way to describe this is with the example of the DDA thresholds we will be using for the Cawful Trickster King this Halloween: Thresholds = 30m, 40m, 70m Reductions = 0%, 20%, 50%, 90% This means that all damage (party Damage Per Second) between 0 and 30m will not be reduced. Damage between 30m and 40m will be reduced by 20%. Damage between 40m and 70m will be reduced by 50% and finally any damage over 70m will be reduced by 90%. Here are some examples: Party DPS = 20m => post DDA damage = 20m Party DPS = 36m => post DDA damage = 30m + 4.8m = 34.8m Party DPS = 60m => post DDA damage = 30m + 8m + 10m = 48m ...and so on. We have made sure that it is always beneficial to increase your power level and deal more damage. At no point are you penalized for doing more damage - you will simply receive less benefit from more damage at certain thresholds. We are adding this system to the Cawful Trickster King for Halloween this year as a test run. We are expecting to implement DDA with MH3 but the CTK makes for an interesting testing grounds before we seek to roll out this system more widely. We are very keen to hear your opinions on this system, particularly how you feel about it and how it appears in game. Please let us know, either on the forums or on Discord, your thoughts and any suggestions for improvements. P.S. More on thresholds and how balance these numbers. These thresholds and reduction percentages were balanced based on the latest MH data from the months of August and September. We had nearly 3GB of data to analyze from over 30,000 MH runs. We had a lot of data to analyze, and we are certain that these thresholds will not affect the majority of players. In fact, we expect roughly 90% of people to never meet the first 30m DPS threshold themselves. However, DDA works off party-wide DPS and changes the context slightly; even so, we still expect the vast majority of parties to be unaffected by DDA. We will be keeping an eye on the data we collect to check if our assumptions are correct and will be using this data to inform our decisions on how DDA is balanced for future content. Pending public opinion and any changes made thereby, we're fairly comfortable with DDA's ability to limit power levels moving forward in a hands-off manner. Therefore, we are likely and will be happy to revert many custom balance changes that affected classes negatively come MH3. Last, but not least... That is all for this development blog, we're eager to hear your feedback and new ideas on the coming weeks before the Role Update goes live. Thanks for reading!
  7. Hector

    Healing Role Update

    Summer Festival Added another potential set of songs to the Summer Concert. Dying on the Summer Island will now respawn the player at the entrance of the island. Fixed an issue with movement speed after leaving the Grotto. Added two new recipes to Felyne Chef, "Spring Meowrolls" and "Sopa de Macaconya". Features We've added a new instance: Poring Village. This instance is designed for new players and it is now part of our tutorial! Most important town utility NPCs now have an unwalkable area around them to make them more visible. Developer's Note: With this change, some paths may have become unwalkable. Please report any that you may find! Added a new save point, Old Summer Island. (@go 53) Added 4 new Doram heads. Added a subscription option to the 30 Day Pack, so that the pack auto-renews itself. Fixed the skill reset after changing classes and relogging for the first time. We've made some improvements to the Knight's Shield Bearer NPC. Reduced the Zeny cost of Silver Angel Idol from 1,000,000z to 100,000z. Increased the chance to get a Purified Knight's Shield from Silver Angel Idols enchanting 0.2% to 0.3%. Added an option to recycle Silver or Gold Angel Idols back to their Endeavor Token and Zeny cost. Changed the requirement for cleaning a Bloody Knight's Shield: 2 Silver Angel Idols (Down from 10) 10 Armor Fragments of Valkyrie Ingrid (Unchanged) 10 Armor Fragments of Valkyrie Reginleif (Unchanged) 200 Energy Fragments (New) 350 Cursed Fragments (New) 6,666,666 Zeny (Unchanged) Added an option to save a single enchant and reroll two for Purified Knight's Shield. You can choose between two payment options: 1 Gold Angel Idol, 150 Gold Coins, 15.000.000z. 2 Gold Angel Idols, 50 Gold Coins, 1.000.000z. You can now swap between DEF/Physical pierce and MDEF/Magical pierce equivalent enchants. You can choose between two payment options: 10 Endeavor Tokens. 25.000.000z. Community Suggestion Added a "Turn in All" option to the Item Packager. Community Suggestion Added a Sword as a reward when changing jobs to Swordsman. Community Suggestion Added an announcement for Chaotic Baphomet's death on Illusion of Labyrinth. Community Suggestion Nydhoggur's Nest can now be accessed by a single person. Community Suggestion You can now choose which alootid profile is loaded on login. Monster Hunting This patch is largely dedicated to fine-tuning and expanding the Healer role. A dev blog discussing these features can be read here but after listening to feedback and more internal testing we continued to tweak things further so some of that information may be outdated. The healing penalty for the Healer role has been reduced from 75% to 40%. Developer's Note: The main purpose for this change is to incorporate Acolyte's base Heal ability to be a staple in the rotation of healers in MH in order to give different options in a battle. With this change Heal will now be the bread and butter to the healer role, as opposed to the current Highness Heal. Now a players' Heal ability will be healing for a slightly weaker amount than what they've been used too using Highness Heal. Highness Heal now has a 3-second cooldown as well as a .7 second irreducible cast time on top of it's existing cast time. Developer's Note: With the healing penalty now being greatly reduced, Highness Heal's potency increased significantly. This with Heal now fulfilling the role of a fast, spammable healing ability, we wanted to repurpose Highness Heal to incorporate a sort of "High risk, High reward" ability to the role. Due to the fast-paced nature of RO, even those .7 seconds will be a huge drawback, not only will it put the caster in a vulnerable position but the target also has a short delay before they receive their much needed heals. Ultimately we wanted to introduce a few "micro-decisions" while playing the healing role, getting players to question: "should I continue to use Heal... or risk one Highness Heal here" during the midst of combat, as this is something that we feel adds a lot of much needed depth to the role. The Healer role now has an inherent -20% after-cast delay granted by the Divinity skill. Developer's Note: We feel like this should help a lot of healers starting out in MH and to bridge the gap between newbies and highly geared players, whilst still being useful to the latter. Coluceo Heal's cooldown has been reverted to official behavior but has increased in heal potency. The healing penalty within Monster Hunting maps now only applies to "healing classes", i.e. Priests and Summoners. This means, for example, the healing amount from the Heal skill used by Monks or Crusaders will no longer be penalized. Developer's Note: Unfortunately we discovered that this change didn't quite make it in as intended. In the near future we will revise this to allow non healing classes to have potentially significant heals to support their party with. Summoner may now take the Healer role. Developer's Note: In order to make balancing easier, and trying to avoid one healer being preferred over another, we attempted to standardize skills between Arch Bishops and Summoners. Therefore, a number of Summoner skills now have expanded functionalities to work similarly to the updated Arch Bishop abilities. Note that these skill effects only apply for the Summoner has taken the Healer role. Skill effects remain unchanged from their previous effects if the Summoner is not in the Healer role. Furthermore, all of the Healing abilities Dorams have now use the same calculations as Acolyte's Heal ability, meaning INT and Healing Effectiveness are the determining factors to their potency. Fresh Shrimp Now also does an initial heal. This calculation mirrors that of Heal (within MH). The Healing over Time (HoT) effect now heals for half the initial heal. Spirit of Sea effect: Heal effect for the initial heal and the HoT effect is doubled. Tasty Shrimp Party The application of Fresh Shrimp via this ability has been replaced with an Area of Effect heal which affects all party members in range. This calculation mirrors that of Coluceo Heal (within MH). Blessing of Shrimp now recovers 1.25% of a target's Max HP every 5 seconds Spirit of Sea effect: Initial Heal effect is doubled. Tuna Belly No longer does a percentage heal. Instead, it will mirror Highness Heal (within MH). Spirit of Sea effect: Heal effect is doubled. Tuna Party No longer only grants a percentage HP shield. Instead it heals the target with the same calculation as Tuna Belly. Additionally, the target is protected with a shield with equal health to the amount healed. Spirit of Sea effect: Heal effect is doubled, additionally the final effective shield health is doubled. Arclouse Dash Now also applies Assumptio. Grooming Now also applies Kyrie Eleison to the caster, 2 times the skill level casted. Purring Takes Grooming's new effects, meaning all party members with-in range are applied with Kyrie Eleison, 2 times the skill level casted. Hide No longer grants Hide. It will instead mirror the effect of level 5 Offertorium, including the alterations made in MH, for duration and cooldown. Also reduces Aggro generated by 50% for the duration. The following items have been disabled in Monster Hunter Fresh Tuna Talisman. Cute Grass Necklace. Lesser Tuna Talisman combo effect. Intermediate Tuna Talisman combo effect. Superior Tuna Talisman combo effect. New skills for the Healer role have been added. Sanus: Cures Great Monster-related debilitating status effects, namely: Disorientate, Incapacitate, Dizzy and Snooze. Example of how these statuses are now being applied to players is explained down below. Celeritas: Grants Increase AGI and Blessing in a 15x15 AoE. For Acolyte-based classes, this will mirror your known skill levels of either Inc. AGI, Blessing, Canto Candidus or Clementia. (for full effectiveness you must have these skills maxed out) For Dorams, a the calculation is based on Inc. AGI and Blessing at skill level 10. Other skill changes: King's Grace now has a flat 100-second cooldown regardless of level used. The heal part of Shield Spell now has an irreducible 60-second cooldown. If you cast level 3 Shield Spell and the random effect is the heal, it will instead cast the other effect at level 3. Gentle Touch Cure now removes a stack of Fester, similar to Cure and Detoxify. It now also has a 30-second cooldown similar to these skills. Golem Soul cooldown reduced to 55 seconds (from 100) and duration increased to 60 seconds (from 40). Kaupe now has a 15-second cooldown. Sera's Pain Killer has been enabled within Monster Hunter content, but can only target Genetic classes (either yourself or another Genetic class). Potion Pitcher and Slim Potion Pitcher have had their formula simplified and randomness reduced. See the Dev Blog for more details. Developer's Note: These skills should now be useful and can be used as fairly decent off-heal skills. Overall, these should now feel like the Genetic's answer to a Priest's Heal and Coluceo Heal, albeit weaker. A number of skills and status changes which did previously not generate Aggro, now do so. This includes, but is not limited to, skills like Divinity's Heal over time, Potion Pitcher and Refresh. The Role Manager has been updated to include a short spiel about the Healer role, its skills and how Aggro interacts with healing. Added a new item, "Herbal Remedy", a special Monster Hunter only item that replaces Panacea, Green Potions, Cure All, etc which is combined using a Mega Hunter's Potion and Smelly Fish via the Combination Kit. Developer's Note: We have added this to cut down on the amount of items that were required to be carried in MH. The other items will be disabled within MH and the new item will have a short cast time but will remove all common status effects the items it replaces removes. Racial resists have been capped at 90% reduction. Community Suggestion Size resists are also capped at 90% reduction. Developer's Note: Previously racial resists could easily reach 100%, trivializing certain fights and mechanics. We will review this change later and decide if further changes needs to be made, à la elemental resists. We have also added Size resists, capped at 90%, for future-proofing. We have changed around a number of status changes that Great Monsters inflict on players. Flash Bomb now inflicts 'Disorientated'. Shock Trap now inflicts 'Incapacitate'. Garronath's Dragoon Jump now inflicts 'Incapacitate'. Roar now inflicts 'Dizzy' (same as from Dizzyring). Nysori's Sleepring now inflicts 'Snooze'. Developer's Note: There were originally a number of disparate status changes used for these skills which caused problems. For example, Roar used RO Stun which, although we force started, would still be modified by stats in certain cases. These status changes are now unified for players and mobs and gives us greater control of balance. Climactic Fury now has a blue damage bubble (à la Taekwon skills) when used with maximum Fury stacks. Developer's Note: "Feel the impact!" Fixed an issue whereby multiple skill adjustments would not take hold. Developer's Note: Within MH, we make use of adjusted skill cooldowns, cast times and durations. If a skill had more than one of these then it was likely that the others would not take. A skill, for example, that is affected by this fix is Land Protector. Originally this skill was meant to have a reduced duration and an increased cooldown. Formerly, only the cooldown was implemented, whereas now both are. Fixed a large oversight which meant Aggro generated by Healers was much lower than intended. Developer's Note: We have only recently started to track healing numbers within MH, so we don't have a large amount of data to better balance Aggro generation for Healers at the moment. We'll keep a close eye on how this works in practice after the patch in case there are large imbalances. Fixed Garronath no longer using Dragoon Jump to leave the zone he is in. Fixed Great Monsters being able to be blinded. Items Fixed Ingrid Card's bonus. Fixed Soda in Mouth equip position from Upper to Lower. Angelic Mask can now be worn by Novices. Fixed Rune Knight Shadow Gauntlet and Rune Knight Shadow Shield Sonic Wave SP consumption combo bonus. Fixed Heart Whip and Trentini's Memory neutral magic damage combo bonus. Added Kiel Pet as an evolution from Aliot Pet. Pet Bonus: When intimacy is Awkward or Shy, increases attack speed (reduce delay after attack by 4%), Hit + 9. When intimacy is Neutral, increases attack speed (reduce delay after attack by 5%), Hit + 12, increases melee physical damage by 1%. When intimacy is Cordial, increases attack speed (reduce delay after attack by 6%), Hit + 15, increases melee physical damage by 3%. When intimacy is Loyal, increases attack speed (reduce delay after attack by 7%), Hit + 18, increases melee physical damage by 5%. Recipe: 1 Kiel Essence. 10 Alicel Card. 10 Aliza Card. 10 Aliot Card. Added Kiel Essence as a possible reward from Evolution Event Egg. Added Kiel Essence as a drop from Kiel-D-01 MVP. War of Emperium and Battlegrounds Siege Commissioners Dragon Plate, Hoods and Boots are now enabled in WoE/Battlegrounds. The fixed cast time reduction from the items combo effect is disabled. The "Reduce damage from Demi-Human enemies" enchant will not work on players. The functionality was unchanged outside Siege gamemodes. Siege Commissioners MVP Card tier changes: The following cards were moved from Tier 0 (banned) to Tier 1 (limited to 3 in WoE, disabled elsewhere): Deep Sea Kraken The following cards were moved from Tier 1 (limited to 3 in WoE, disabled elsewhere) to Tier 2 (limited to 5 in WoE, disabled elsewhere): Bijou The following cards were moved from Tier 2 (limited to 5 in WoE, disabled elsewhere) to Tier 3 (no limitations): Atroce Baphomet Ifrit Dark Lord Phreeoni Evil Snake Lord Infinite Orc Hero Berzebub Heart Hunter Evil Cutie Dark Coelacanth Weird Coelacanth Giant Octopus General Daehyon We've added new whacky Battlegrounds modes. These modes will apply custom rulesets to the regular Battleground matches. These "party modes" will be running on the following schedule: Friday 12:00 - 23:59 Monday 00:00 - 11:59 Current Rulesets: Jumbo Shrimp -- Player size is randomized. Juggernaut -- Recovery items are disabled. Damage taken is reduced. Gotta Go Fast -- Maximum walk speed, maximum attack speed, no cast time, no skill delay. Snowball Fight -- All skills are disabled. Defeat your enemies using your Snowball. Golden Gun -- Movement Skills disabled, auto-attacks OHKO and have 4 cell range. Developer's Note: If players like these, we'll continue to make more modes and consider expanding when they happen.
  8. Firstly, as we mentioned previously, we have started work on MH3 (which is the designation of the next update, 3 star hunts, including the Great Monsters Sybaris and Hrungnir). While working on this update, we found there were changes that we wanted to push out sooner rather than later, as MH3 is still going to take us some time to complete. Therefore, we decided to create a short series of patches based around updating each of the roles to a standard whereby we can concentrate on MH3 development. This generally will involve building upon the knowledge from the MH2 release, as well as suggestions and input from players, so that we can create a solid base for the future. As you may have already guessed, this is the first patch that will be centered around the Tank role and all that it entails. As it is, MH3 is planned to be about the same size and scope of MH2. This means new monsters, new mechanics, and, of course, new gear. However, whilst we have been happy with the release of MH2, there are certainly lessons to be learnt from that and we are now looking to apply these to MH3. To that end, there are still a number of loose ends in MH2 that we wish to fix up so that MH3 development is much smoother than MH2's early development. We have identified, with your help, certain weaknesses in MH2 content that require our attention. We hope the following series of patches, which we hope to release fairly swiftly, can address these issues. Tank role With that said, our first patch centers around Tanks, tanking and related mechanics! In this section, we'll work through the patch notes and explain some of our changes with you. First, changes made directly to the Tank role skills. Previously, Defiant Stand was a skill which, when used, created a barrier that exploded for damage based upon how much damage the shield absorbed... Except this effect never made it in game, and the shield explosion always did a flat 50k damage! This skill sadly fell by the wayside during development and remained in an incomplete state until today. Rather than fix this, we decided to get away from using a shield. We believed it was a good idea in concept, but because of the client limitations (not being able to properly show a shield amount) in practice, there wasn't much depth to it. Instead, we decided to create a "big cooldown" ability for tanks to use when the party gets in trouble. This should hopefully be much more useful than the original inception of the skill would ever have been. Defiant Stand Defiant Stand will now grant full immunity to all damage for its duration. In return, aggro cannot be build while this effect is active and you will become Emotionally Drained when it ends (meaning you cannot build up Fury stacks). Use this skill wisely when you're in a bind and try to keep yourself alive to protect the rest of your hunters! Next is Climactic Fury while interesting in design and effect, is problematic. It's always done either too much damage, or too little. The changes to the formula are hard to explain, but bear with us. Originally, the base damage from the skill was calculated using max HP, attack and hard defense, weighed in that order. Because of the large influence which HP had on the formula, we ran into a situation where one could stack purely HP, and do an extreme amount of damage. The final damage was also modified by how much HP you had currently (the lower health you have the more damage you deal), before being modified by the Fury stacks reduction formula. Climactic Fury In the new formula, we have reduced the effects of max and current HP, attack and defense for the base formula. Furthermore, the Fury stacks modifier is no longer applied at the end of the formula, but directly on the base damage. As with the old formula, the biggest driver in increasing your damage with this skill is higher Fury stacks; as an arbitrary example, considering an average tanking build, the damage increase from 1 -> 2 Fury stacks is ~8m but from 5 -> 6 Fury stacks is ~20m. Due to the damage loss, Climactic Fury now generates 50% more aggro. One final change that affects this skill is that Emotionally Drained now blocks Climactic Fury skill usage, ontop of blocking Fury stack generation. We made certain when balancing the new formula that the skill should still fill a role that players had found for it, for example, with killing Nysori's clones. Aggro Generation Next up, we've changed some of the fundamentals around tanking: specifically, Aggro generation. No one would contest that MH2 was released blindly. We did as much play-testing as we could in-house but we didn't have much data to work on and base our decisions on. Thankfully, this has changed, and we have a plethora of MH-related data at our hands to help us balance mechanics and content as well as our group of testers which we are grateful have volunteered. One such mechanic is aggro generation which, we will admit, was guessed. In this patch, the aggro generation of most roles has changed. Tank Previous generation: 200% New generation: 300% Healer Previous generation: 100% New generation: 250% Utility Previous generation: 100% New generation: 250% Note: these modifiers are inherent to the role and to clarify, 100% is base generation. The underlying mechanics of how aggro is generated remains unchanged. We made these changes to fine tune tanking, with the general idea from many people that tanking felt bad. We heard many times that tanking was both too easy and too hard! Which leads me to our next point... Role-based tutorials and skill description updates Each patch will now bring with it an update to the Role Manager on the airship that will gives some tips on how to play that role. We found that some players did not fully understand some of the mechanics at play in MH, namely how aggro worked. To this end, we provide a more clear description through the NPC until we can find a better, more involved way of helping players understand these custom mechanics. For example, the tanking NPC may tell you: "Aggro itself is generated by how much damage your attacks do - therefore, the more damage you do, the more Aggro you generate!". The NPC will also provide insight into how certain skills work. We found a lot of people struggled with the effect of Sentinel, so we included a tidbit for the NPC to talk about: "If you lose Aggro, fear not, that's what your Sentinel skill is for! This temporarily makes you the target of the Great Monster for the duration, regardless of everyone's Aggro." Skill descriptions have also been re-written to include more detailed information on how the skill works in order to increase transparency and increase understanding of skills' mechanics. Closing remarks A lot of these changes have been data-driven, particularly involving Climactic Fury and the aggro generation mechanics, so we're hoping that we can skip the large teething stage that came with much of the earlier MH-related content. We want to thank everyone for your input and your patience. We are all continuing to listen to everything that everyone is saying. We apologize for the delay in our responses until now but we hope that we can move forward to together provide the best experience possible. Our next blog will be outlining our plans for the changes related to the healer role, namely Doram's integration into it!
  9. Hector

    Patch Notes

    As was stated long ago when the change was made, the EDP nerf was not apply solely because of SBK, it was accounting for the ability and the class as a whole. The data that we have is looking at all jobs not just GX's but we ask for some patience in-order to potentially make a change that is appropriate.
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    Patch Notes

    It's something that we're keeping a close eye on and is on the table but we are first analyzing the data that we've amassed to make a concrete decision.
  11. Hector

    Patch Notes

    It may be prudent to go back to our reply and re-read what was said in the suggestion to enable the healer role for genetics. This change is simply a bug fix to potion pitcher's previously intended 60 second cooldown which was explained here: As we said before, we are actively working to expand the healing role, but that will be done by making sure that classes have an arrangement of different types of abilities such as heals over time, shields, and various other supportive-type abilities as a complete tool-kit, not just one on demand healing ability which was not working as intended. As I mentioned and can be easily seen by the fact that Potion Pitcher already had a 60 second cooldown, this skill not having a cooldown was an oversight. For now, we've also reduced the cooldown we would have given to the skill (60 seconds to 20 seconds), but note that we will indeed still work on improving the Healer role as a whole (as mentioned in the suggestion below), but for the time being, this is a minor bug fix for the sake of consistency. Here's a link to the post that was made about the healing role expansion: As far as the Cross Impact change goes, as we said before we are also working towards reverting skill changes that we have placed over time whenever appropriate and we decided it was the time to revert CI to it's official behavior
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    Patch Notes

    Same, hopefully one day we can get there.
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    Level 200 Patch Notes

    I read :]
  14. For people who are concerned at the way that critical attacks are working inside of 2 star hunts currently, in my opinion I also agree that the way crit currently is being handled is not the best method, but the deadline was today so something had to be done to it. I already know for the most part how to improve it, but simply didn't have enough time to make it happen. It was either this or delay again, which was not an option. Don't expect it work the same way it works outside of the quests though, it definitely won't go back to that.
  15. This is some great work. Love it.
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