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  1. Hector

    Patch Notes

    I updated the patch notes to include the missing part of the CI changes. The range of CI is 7 in BG, WoE, PvP, and PvE and still has the built-in snap plus it's 0.7 cooldown but, the damage inside of BG and WoE was made to retain the damage formula prior to this patch.
  2. Hector

    Cawful Patch Notes

    Monster Hunting Items: New food items from Halloween Event can now be used in Monster Hunting. New warlock spellbooks can now be used in Monster Hunting with the exception of Drain Life. Kafra Cards can no longer be used inside Monster Hunting maps. Skills: Saved warlock spells from Reading Spellbook are now dispelled when entering Monster Hunting maps. Vanguard now gives 20% aftercast delay reduction. Monsters: Certain monsters now show condensed information from @mi rather than fully blocked. Changed the way damage was dealt from Nyia's Siren Song Mechanic. Halloween Event A new shipment has arrived at Loki's Coin Exchange. Selim now sends you to watch movies you have not watched when you fetch Spiritual Seasoning. Added auto-feed option to all new pets from Halloween Event. For the rest of the Halloween Event, GM events will end on a few rounds of Human Darts. Each winner will receive a Trick or Treat Basket (no duplicate winners within the same session). King's Stone Exchange: King's Stones can be exchanged at Hector for the following rewards: 1 King's Stone for 2 Jack-o-lantern Bag 6 King's Stones for the Trickster King Pet The Cawful Trickster King is here! Speak to Seruel in Prontera to begin the Instance. Details can be found on the Wiki: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Cawful_Trickster_King Defeating him will earn you the following two rewards: Title: [ Crow Lord ] Crow Wings Features Support for Mac and Linux is now available with NovaExt! Details in this thread: Premium Storage II can now be purchased from the Nova Shop for 5,000 NP. Community Suggestion Eden NPC in the Main Office now allows you to select your own EXP rates. Increased Black Jitterbug Tooth drops in Dreams in Shadows. Additional drops are now available as a party drop from Jitterbugs and Awakened Ferre. Illusion Resetter now reward players with more Illusion Stones. The following MVPs will now have a Green Aura along with their new skills (new drops not included): Amon Ra Vesper Atroce Bacsojin Boitata Doppelganger Dracula Drake Inactive characters below level 99 have been pruned. This prune will happen every maintenance from now on. Implemented the Friday instance. Friday Instance Friday instance is only available on Fridays. It is split in two versions. Easy Mode is for level 99 and above. Hard Mode is for level 160 and above. Crafted Stones are dropped by the mobs in the instance. The mobs do respawn. After 30 minutes, you will be able to spawn the Lich Lord King by speaking with the Sculpture at the bottom right corner of the map at the cost of 10 Crafted Stones. Royal Guard Ring Enchantment Speak with the Suspicious Man at gef_tower 36/177 while having the ring equipped. Enchanting: It costs 10 Crafted Stones and 100,000 zeny for 1 enchant (you can go up to 2 enchants). It has a 100% success chance. You can choose between 3 cagetories: Melee, Magic or Ranged. Reseting enchant: There is a 20% chance the ring will be destroyed when reseting the enchants. Reseting the enchants cost 10 Crafted Stones and 100k zeny. Other Accessories Enchantment Speak with the Novice Collector at gef_tower 57/167, you must have the ring equipped. A full list of the available accessories can be found below. Enchanting: It costs 10 Crafted Stones and 100k zeny for 1 enchant (you can only have 1 enchant). It has a 100% success chance. You cannot choose a category. Reseting enchant: There are 3 methods to reset the enchant: 20% success chance, for 10 Crafted Stones and 100,000 zeny. 50% success chance, for 50 Crafted Stones and 500,000 zeny. 100% success chance, for 200 Crafted Stones and 2,000,000 zeny. In case of failure, the ring is destroyed. List of Enchantable Accessories Accelerator [1] Expert Ring [1] Pinguicula Corsage [1] Swordman Figure Morpheus' Ring Magnetic Field Generator [1] Lesser Elemental Ring High Quality Cooler [1] Morpheus' Bracelet Safety Ring Suicidal Device [1] Armor Charm Camouflage Generator [1] Morrigane's Belt Sacrifice Ring Cursed Hand [1] Skull Ring Thief Figure Morrigane's Pendant Shape Shifter [1] Goddess of Fortune's Cursed Brooch Hovering Booster [1] Archer Figure Rogue's Treasure Medal of Honor Medal of Honor Medal of Honor Medal of Honor Medal of Honor Medal of Honor Sprint Ring Bow Thimble Bow Thimble [1] Glove Glove [1] Eye of Dullahan Waterdrop Brooch [1] Shinobi Sash Kafra Ring Golden Bell Glorious Ring Bison Horn [1] Celebrant's Mitten Cursed Star Glorious Popularized Ring Diabolus Ring [1] Glorious Mass-Production Ring Rosary Rosary [1] Gold Ring Lunatic Brooch [1] Belt [1] Iron Wrist Silver Christmas Ring Flower Ring Rune Spellstone [1] Acolyte Figure Critical Ring Linen Glove [1] Red Silk Seal Angelic Ring Clip [1] Cooling Device [1] Repair Kit [1] Bradium Ring [1] Alchemy Glove [1] Telekinetic Orb Cold Heart Ring Ring [1] Bradium Brooch [1] Christmas Musicbox Necklace Necklace [1] Bradium Earring [1] Orleans' Glove [1] Special Cooler [1] Novice Armlet [1] Mage Figure Brooch Brooch [1] Orlean's Necklace [1] Eye Stone Ring [1] Matyr's Leash Black Cat Silver Ring Green Apple Ring Diamond Ring Bowman Scarf Librarian Glove [1] Earring Earring [1] Bloodied Shackle Ball Merchant Figure Icarus Wings Friday Items Royal Guard Ring [1] MaxHP/MaxSP + 1% every 25 base level (up to level 175). Class: Accessory Weight: 1 Required Level: 99 Jobs: Every Job Crafted Stone A unique gemstone that can be processed and put inside accessories. Some very special effects can be obtained from this stone. It seems that most accessories can be enchanted, but not all of them. Weight: 0 Level 5 Varetyr Spear A scroll to use Level 5 Varetyr Spear. Powerful magic is felt from inside the scroll. Cannot be used in Siege areas. Required Level: 100 Weight: 1 Level 5 Diamond Dust A scroll to use Level 5 Diamond Dust. Cold magic emanates from inside the scroll. Cannot be used in Siege areas. Required Level: 100 Weight: 1 Level 5 Crimson Rock A scroll to use Level 5 Crimson Rock. Fiery magic radiates from inside the scroll. Cannot be used in Siege areas. Required Level: 100 Weight: 1 Level 5 Sienna Execrate A scroll to use Level 5 Sienna Execrate. Strong magic flows forth from inside the scroll. Cannot be used in Siege areas. Required Level: 100 Weight: 1 Item Community Suggestion Updated the list of currencies that can be put in the Currency Wallet. Community Suggestion Added more items that can be removed by the Item Crusher. Fixed an issue where Skillful Whisky and Witty Gin were giving the wrong stats. Added the - Abyssmal Ornate Scarf to the Nova Shop for 6,500 Nova Points. Skills Fixed an issue where Rolling Cutter was displaying its attack animation twice. Demonstration will now transfer card effects to the targets when they are being hit. Fixed an issue with the break armor bonus affecting other pieces of equipments in some situations. Swing Dance is no longer blocked by Golden Thief Bug Card. WoE and PvP Community Suggestion The Ranked PvP room now follows the BG and WoE changes. Siege Commissioners Barricades now take 20% damage instead of 10% damage in War of Emperium. New spell scrolls from Friday Instance are disabled in BG/WoE.
  3. Hey everyone! As a quick teaser, we're happy to announce that both the Warlock and Sura improvements from kRO are coming soon! In fact, they will be implemented on our next maintenance, which we plan on having either around September 26th or October 3rd. (Still up in the air!) Due to the nature of the changes, all Warlocks and Suras will have their skills and saved skill builds through the Build Manager will be completely reset and, in order for everyone to be ready for the changes, here is the full list of everything that the update will bring: Sura and Warlock Class Updates Sura Ride in Lightning Changed the number of hits depending on the skill level (up to 5). Changed damage formula. Changed bonus damage condition from equipping wind element weapon to knuckle weapon instead. Gentle Touch - Energy Gain Changed prerequisite skill to Gentle Touch - Cure level 1. Changed skill logic to self skill. Can be used with Gentle Touch - Cure and Gentle Touch - Revitalize. Increases Raging Thrust, Chain Crush Combo and Glacier Fist damage by 50% while under the skill buff. Changed the skill cooldown to 1 second for all skill levels. Gentle Touch - Cure Changed prerequisite skill to Gentle Touch - Silence level 1. Reduced sphere consumption from 2 to 1. Gentle Touch - Change Changed prerequisite skill to Gentle Touch - Energy Gain level 3. Changed skill logic to self skill. Reduced sphere consumption from 2 to 1. Increases attack by 8 per skill level. Increases percentage attack by 1% per skill level. Removed MaxHP and Mdef reduction debuffs. Increases Rampage Blast and Knuckle Arrow damage by 30% while under the skill buff. Cooldown is 1 second regardless skill level. Gentle Touch - Revitalize Changed prerequisite skill to Gentle Touch - Energy Gain level 3. Changed skill logic to self skill. Reduced sphere consumption from 2 to 1. Changed SoftDef bonus to HardDef instead. HardDef is 20 per skill level. Increases Tiger Cannon and Gate of Hell damage by 30% while under the skill buff. Changed the skill cooldown to 1 second for all skill levels. Earth Shaker Changed prerequisite skill to Dragon Combo level 3. Removed sphere consumption requirements. Removed stun effect. Monsters attacked by this skill will take more damage from Rampage Blast for 5 seconds. Changed damage formula. Changed damage factor from Int to Str. Rampage Blaster Reduced sphere consumption from all to 5. Changed damage formula. Can only be used while under Fury state. Reduced SP consumption from 150 to 100. Sky Net Blow Removed bonus damage when using after Dragon Combo. Removed knock-back effect. Increased SP consumption. Gate of Hell Changed prerequisite skill to Rampage Blaster level 1 and Tiger Cannon level 5. Cast range will be 7 regardless skill level, becoming long ranged damage type on every level. Reduced sphere consumption from 5 to 2. Changed SP consumption from percentage to 100. Tiger Cannon No longer consumes HP/SP as percentage but bonus damage from HP/SP still remains. Increased SP consumption. No longer drains SP from target. Knuckle Arrow Changed prerequisite skill to Lightning Walk level 1. Increased damage formula on boss monsters. Fallen Empire Changed prerequisite skill to Dragon Combo level 3. Crescent Elbow Changed prerequisite skill to Windmill level 1. Cursed Circle Changed prerequisite skill to Blade Stop level 2. Rising Dragon Changed prerequisite skill to Power Implantation level 1. Gentle Touch - Silence Removed Power Implantation as prerequisite skill. Flash Combo Changed prerequisite skill to Dragon Combo level 3, Fallen Empire level 3, Tiger Cannon level 5 and Sky Blow level 1. Warlock Reading Spellbook Changed skill logic to passive skill. Enables player to use the new Spellbooks. The old Spellbooks will become dummy items. The new Spellbooks are obtained from Lea just as before. They are now consumable items that will be used to memorize the skills. There are 10 spells available: Lord of Vermilion Meteor Storm Storm Gust Drain Life Jack Frost Earth Strain Crimson Rock Chain Lightning Comet Tetra Vortex Release Level 1: release the memorized skill. Level 2: release the elemental ball on the target. Changed damage formula for Release and the Summon Elemental Balls. Summon Fire Ball / Summon Water Ball / Summon Ball Lightning / Summon Stone Level 1: Summons 1 elemental ball, just like before. Level 2: Summons 5 elemental balls and replaces any previously summoned balls. Soul Expansion Changed damage formula. Earth Strain Changed damage formula. Reduced cooldown from 10 seconds to 7 seconds. Reduced after cast delay from 1 second to 0.5 second. Removed equipment divesting effect. Frost Misty Changed skill logic to ground target skill. Reduced the Area of Effect. Inflicts new status effect "Frost" on the target. A target under the Frost effect will take more damage from Jack Frost for 10 seconds. Changed damage formula. Jack Frost Changed skill logic to target skill. Reduced the Area of Effect. The skill will deal more damage on targets under the Frost status (instead of the Freezing status). Changed damage formula. Removed Frozen status effect. Added 4 seconds cooldown. Crimson Rock Reduced after cast delay from 2 seconds to 0.5 second. Changed damage formula. Removed Stun status effect. Hell Inferno Added an Area of Effect up to 5x5 at level 5. Changed damage formula. Added 3 seconds cooldown. Reduced after cast delay to 0.5 second. Incrased SP consumption. Removed Burning status effect. Comet Removed partner benefits. Removed Red Gemstone requirements. Reduced SP consumption. Changed the fixed cast time to 2 seconds for all skill levels. Reduced variable cast time from 14 seconds to 10 seconds at level 5. Reduced cooldown from 60 seconds to 20 seconds. Reduced after cast delay from 2 seconds to 1.5 second. Removed Burning status effect. Removed knock-back effect. Inflicts new status effect "Magical Intoxication" on the target for 20 seconds. A target under this effect will take 50% more damage from all properties. Reduced number of hits from 20 to 10. Reduced Area of Effect. Removed distance damage variation from the center of the skill. Changed damage formula. Mystical Amplification Increased damage amplification bonus. Increased SP consumption.
  4. Rejecting as we did not add all of the item's effects but for those who weren't made aware, the mant now gives a total of 10% reducts when equipped with any Temporal Boots.
  5. Going to reject this for now, while I agree the RNG is frustrating we will most likely be changing the skill further and we'll definitely keep the chance of activation in mind.
  6. This is actually something that we had planned for the next maintenance! The leveling experience of gathering was designed to only really be played once. Moving to pending as it is something that requires a maintenance.
  7. Yeah, I can safely say we will not be adding an option to get to 2F of rudus. Moving to rejected.
  8. Sorry but we will not be removing this skill from the monster. I'd also like to share that we are not currently taking suggestions regarding Monster Hunting mob changes.
  9. Sorry, but this is not something that we will be doing for a few reasons, at least for the time being.
  10. Not going to be happening. Moving to rejected.
  11. Now that we got a bit of time to shuffle through some of these old suggestions we couldn't go through before, I'm happy to announce that we will be implementing both a way to reset enchants on all HTF items and some additional changes we felt appropriate. Details will be explained in the patch notes of the next maintenance.
  12. This was already planned but there is no current ETA on it. Moving to pending. And when that time comes we'll discuss it with the commissioners to decide how the effects will be implemented in PvP/BG/WoE.
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