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  1. Mandie

    Revert WoE1 Castle back to the old rotation

    Since WoE2 is dead, and almost everyone tired from Cyr, why not make 2 castles for WoE1? One for big guilds which is playing WoE for WoE, and one for Entrance Warriors guilds (aka Alley Cats), whos playing just for rewards. With that we will be able to rotate Cyr to another castles (except some REALLY small castles like Horn), and entrances will be more clear. Obviously, winners from "newbie" castle won't get daily rewards and Abyss with MvP, to prevent big guilds participating in it just for free rewards. Oh, and registration is also a good idea. This will prevent situations when big guild come in "newbie" castle, and also won't let guildless players join castles just to SD guilds they don't like, just like Panama did in nearest past. Of course, this is hard work and decision. But when WoE was easy?
  2. Mandie

    Bounty Board Quests

    Then why they would care about this thing? Pretty much bad example, which supports not your position, but mine. Killing 150 mobs in 20 minutes to get 37.5k zeny, or kill 10 orcs in one minute and sell Orcish Vouchers for more than 37.5k zeny (around 80k, i guess)? Or even more - Bee Stings, which you can obtain from Hornets (11 lvl, 100% drop chance) and sell each one for 3.5k to players? As I said, here's no one in this thread who totally support your suggestion. Even potential newbies from Discrod haven't come to support you. This fact makes your "help everyone" arguement invalid. Help on leveling on x10 server? Where you have 50k zeny from the start, have boxes with potions and other consumables? Where Eden is a thing? Where you have access to warper, which allow you to be in almost every town/dungeon in RO without any zeny? With Caution Village (which you can do on lvl1) quest, where you need to spend LESS THAN 5K ZENY, to become 80+? And i'm done with it.
  3. Mandie

    Bounty Board Quests

    I guess, this whole suggestion is irrelevant The way 1 > 120 is like 10-12 hours for newbies, which pretty much can be done with regular aka started gear and then eden gear. This is not x1 server, you won't stay on 40+ lvl for some weeks. Jeez, even on badges from orcs you can make like 100+k in 20 minutes or something!. And they are 40 lvl! Also, first eden weapon comes on 26 lvl which is literally 10 minutes for newbies, and they are already better than any weapon that NPC can sell to you. This suggestion is pretty much your personal wish. No one supported you here. You even posted link on this suggestion in discord, just to find someone whos gonna support you. Obviously, zeny is not primary reward. But even almost every other thing you can get from it (except BBG/Manuals and Halter Lead, maybe) are kinda meh. Idk, i kinda dont care about something like this, cause its completely useless for 99.9% players. Just another one of those "ok, i guess?" suggestions.
  4. Mandie

    woe 2 duration

    i dont think so We are already saw WoE2 in different time slots (aka in 4 hours after woe1, in 8-9 hours after woe1), and that was always been like now. Only 2 guilds fighting each other on entrance, cause one of them ALWAYS dominating another. And these players are still here, so timeslot change wont affect anything.
  5. Right now you can only cancel SRT with trample, dispell or hitting an enemy with heavens drive, but in kRO casting heavens drive on friendly targets also removes it
  6. Mandie

    Customize SE Nova Explosion

    Imagine being banned from nRO and still comin to discords/forum just to trashtalk
  7. Mandie

    La'cryma Stick + Pororoca Shoes Combo

    Is that person who said what genetics are dead? Oh right, that was him. This is jRO item. Most likely this won`t ever be implemented, like every OP equipment from jRO. Warlocks are bad on Nova cause lack of MDEF pierce, not because missed jRO equipment. Monsters with high MDEF (aka 90% of actual monsters in renewal) are general problem. And, if you`ll check last news, we will have shadow gear with MDEF pierce in Q2 2019. And with this warlocks gonna be one of the strongest DPS. TL;DR, against.
  8. Mandie

    New Gold coin headgear missing effect

    First they want easier way to get bio5 enchants and dont mind about customizing it and then they complain about customized hg ???????? Aside fact what you`ll never get one +10 or more, cause GC shop and refine rates.
  9. Mandie

    Stat Food Unification

    Why not? Our foods already have 1 weight, so something like this wont break anything. And click on one item instead of 12 is just QOL change. Like... Each +10 food (2 pcs), mega +20 food (or 12 pieces of regular +20) = +30 food with 1 hour duration. With higher exchange price (than we have for +20 food now).
  10. Mandie

    RNG Equalization on bio5 final enchant

    Should i say what this is how every MMO works? How players still farming mounts with 1% droprate in WoW, when you can kill boss ONCE per week? Or how refine system works in other MMOs? Where you also can spend A LOT of time AND supplies to get nothing? You know why? Because this is what RNG was created for. To keep players in game. Lets go back to RO: since there is no high-end content in Ragnarok (aside WoE, but not all players have interest in PvP), players spend their time to get better equipment. Look: you got +14 bio5 hat, +13 Abusive/Flattery, +14 temporal boots, +18 weapon... And what? I can say for sure, because this is the most common psychology, which was comfirmed and proven a lot of times (and not only in MMO). Player will leave, cause he have nothing to do in game. No goal - no wishes to play. This is how things work, no matter how you look on this. Attention, this is NOT MY POINT, im just explain you why RNG exist in the first place. A lot of players compain about enchants because they have bad experience with it. And yeah, of course they are dissapointed. And of course they would share their experience in threads like it. On the other side, players, who already got their enchants just happy with them and wont even think about forum and sharing their experience. Also judging how much effort someone did is definitely a bad idea. We have person that played 24/7 on first week after release and got his hat and enchant. And on opposite side we have player, who spending like 30 minutes each day. Can we say what player2 did the same effort as player1? Of course not. But you can`t say, which person is player1, and which is player2. You cant even trust these players, cause speculating with numbers is a real thing even in this thread. I don`t know what else i can add. I already called thy only possible and an adequate way (from my personal view) to this situation. Everyone will have possibility to have their lv5 enchant without RNG, but they must spend a lot of time for it.
  11. Mandie

    RNG Equalization on bio5 final enchant

    Since this thread was promoted by your own bad luck too and you put it as your arguement in almost every post? cmon bruh Cause bio5 hats with proper enchants is BiS, they SHOULD NOT be easy to get. Since we have RNG on sentimental stage (not including refine), lets just make safe enchants (till lvl5) with hellalot of fragments, like 30k for each lvl. So, 120k fragments for full hat. This is just example, 20k good enough too. Obviously, some players wouldnt like this idea: "i need to spend time to get my gear what the hell why i cant get it in 5 minutes". But imho, this or nothing.
  12. Mandie

    Madogear can use more skills

    This change also include lvl5 for Arm Cannon, isnt it? I mean, Gravity allow mechs use WS skills just to compensate ACD on new Arm Cannon. This "quick" change also gonna affect WoE, where mechs are already overpowered. Even if this boost mechs in PvM (where they are also in good spot), i dont think we must implement this change before any balance changes (from gravity (LOL) or from Nova side) with mechs.
  13. Mandie

    Vellum Flail

    Since its in custom behaviour, i dont think what GMs gonna change it in near future. Maybe when we get official Siege Potions (which heal % of HP and unaffected by Critical Wounds and V.Flail), but who knows.
  14. HJ work inside First Edition castles (like on video above) with warps in it, but doesnt work in Second Edition (which we have in our rotation) castles. HJ/Leap works same on all official servers (except jRO maybe, cause i know nothing about it): You can use it in PvM on regular maps, where is fly wings works and FE WoE. And its doesnt work in every other content (instances, BG, PVP (only animation, but no effect), SE WoE (since you can reach emperium room faster than any class in the game, and even doubled cast time on ecall won`t be problem for you).
  15. Mandie

    Allow TK 3rd jobs in PVP/GVG Room

    I`m against both PvP and Guild rooms. But we NEED to test their skills before they`ll be able to join any of PvP activities. Some of SE skills (for example - Nova Explosion) can be used only on WoE maps. For these reasons would be nice to have special room in training chamber with BG/WoE rules and reductions. Someting like that would help with tests, and won`t ruin fun for those players, whos spending time in PvP/GvG rooms.