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  1. -1. And since there is already enough valid arguments, just gonna post this: Player: oh, they are using gear breaking skills and items. Nah, won't use anything to protect it Gear: breaks Player:
  2. Can you please pay attention to a whole message next time, please? >.>
  3. pls Healing MvP surely considering as griefing. Thats been confirmed long time ago in discord. Type "heal mvp" in search, if you don't trust me. Do not encourage people to break the rules, please >.> Then include like 20 sec "free time" after leaving the MvP "area", so you'll be able to come back after teleport. Problem solved. This suggestion is something that would be nice to see, because leaving mvp under 50% is really regular thing nowadays.
  4. BSB in MH2 (that will come in July) has been announced like, 1 year ago? This is a rather lame way to influence the opinions of readers tbh.
  5. Why not just disable all movement skills that disabled on BG? PvP arena already follows it in terms on reduction, so changing the movements skills sounds reasonable and logical. kek You was not supposed to use HJ in the first place. Idea to let the class, that already can easy oneshot SC/every other class, possibility to just jump away after weakness/dispell/another disable sounds cancerous (and it is) and stupid. At least, when we talk about RANKED PvP room.
  6. Not probably. For sure. It's just a matter of time. Should i tell how long we waited for Bio5? Right now staff busy with MH2, and i doubt that we will see any "big" update before that. How been said, EVERY official content will come to Nova RO. Honestly i don't know what do you expect to hear: staff never gave the exact dates (only that part that i said in first message) for content in suggestions, and i don't think this suggestion will be any different.
  7. No need to suggest official content because it will come to NRO anyway. You already can be more focused on DPS in both PvM and PvP.
  8. Some thoughts from a PvP doram main: Doram - is one of the jobs, that most affected by the changes. Strenght of the doram's comes from their bragi: 100% ACD and 193 aspd (actually a bit less, but whatever) are necessary to deal an actual damage. Old bragi allowed doram's to wear abusive robe + buffalo + GMG/FFB + HBP: full dps equip, in other words. And even with that their damage was on average level - you had to spam Picky Peck for some seconds to kill even RK. Currently we need to sacrifice half of that equip to reach +- 70 ACD with Bragi. Thing is, you suffer from ASPD side. The only way to have enough ASPD is Swing Dance, which is rare on BG and one-on-guild on WoE for now. And that's not the only thing that changed from demi-human change. We got card in armor, that provides 20% range reduction. 9 cells range also doesn't help doram's to do damage in current meta, when everyone have similar/higher range and more options to defend themselves (dorams cant wear any type of WoE armor, and only options for them are Thara and FBeret). Swap Gear with 2s cooldown also work's against dorams: even weak targets like WLs/Rangers can switch on full resist build and you won't even notice that. Sadly, even Reload Set won't help them. There is no way to do decent damage/impact right now (or in the near future). So yes, if we want to bring dorams to BG/WoE again, we NEED to revert their custom changes back. I suggest do it firstly on BG just to see, how'll it goes.
  9. That's how market works. New items dropping in price if they are useless/easy to farm, old items dropping in price because sellers trying to undercut each other and more than half of the players have them already... And the only thing you can do about it is wipe the server.
  10. How would it help? Players just gonna buy some extra armors (like it's on officials, but much easier here) and then market will be "dead" again. How excatly this cancerous system from 2000 gonna help? Not to mention that your solution have nothing to do with original issue. Also, yes, there is no problem with zeny inflation on Nova for now. Quite the contrary: prices are falling, means purchasing power of Zeny is increasing. It's calling "deflation".
  11. Mandie

    PVE Sura Build

    Understandable part. But, how been said, thats a bugs, not "nerfs". https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=nerfed I also quite don't understand why you really cares about TC since almost every instance have mobs with the same element (the only exception i can remember now is Bios Island), so you'll deal same amount of damage to all of them. Especially now, with almost free Holy Converters (if you'll take OGH as example). jRO item that been customized. Not a kRO item at all (even if that was added there in Cash Shop later), so nothing to complain about. Staff's position about jRO items that can be obtained on kRO only from cash-shop pretty clear. It's just unfair to remove those that already in our shop. "Planning". So currently not on server and not even mentioned how that will be changed. If thats gonna be custom behavior - will touch only PvP. "Probably". Not even funny. 2/5. And these 2 are just not fixed bugs, not a legit nerfs that comes in patches. ?????
  12. Mandie

    PVE Sura Build

    PvP nerfs (when was the last one?) never touch the PvM side of class. Otherwise it's not a nerfs, but a bug fixes. Or just glorious Gravity balance patches.
  13. It's not about how much Vit or HP you have, it's about your eqipment. If you are wearing full fire resist, obviously you'll die to, for example, Water Tetra/Jack Frost. Your enemy won't even need FBH for that. It's not that easy for Warlock to switch elements, so it's much easier for you to remember, which elements is the most usable on BG and just stack resistance against it. It's pretty easy after new patch. And welp, there is only one GX on the server that can really kill enemy in full resist equip w/o Dark Claw, and you can't really do anything about it from gear side. You can't just wear empty woe set and expect that you gonna tank every type of damage after that.
  14. Hey, just take some armors with different elements if fbh wls bother you Every class have access to it (: Off-topic: I call these wave a "Nova Wars" franchise. Right now we are on "Nova Wars: YYD strikes back"
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