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  1. How are you gonna separate DPS of different characters that hitting one dummy? There is only 2 dummies of each size (4, if we include Main Office). And Mid one is the most popular one, its easy to see how 4-5 players hitting it nowadays.
  2. Welp, you are the one who bring "official statements" here, so i have all rights to show you that sura is not the only class that has been "nerfed". You miss one thing. Old doram's damage is not their full damage. There was literally ONE day when we had official doram's damage and their Brute race. With only ONE player who played on it this day. And after this day combo "brute+official skills" never been enabled again. How been said, you bring this arguement here, so we discussing this. Thanks for list, because that was legit question. Been just fixed from just ASPD to stats. A lot of players still can use it as fast as before. For example, VinsmokeReiju (experienced it on my own body 2 days ago). Welcome to doram's situation. Completely reasonable and understandable nerf. And yet can be discussed again after new patch. Explained already, so. Thing is: EVEN after these nerfs sura still one of the best DPS classes on BG. You can't say "oh shiet now sura the second worst class on bg after sn" because its not true. This problem is relevant for every class except sura, because any of them can be caught by Snap+CC combo and easily killed by Asura right now. In current state asura killing Sorcerer with Ghostring+Deviling combo (means sorc tried to protect himself from asura). The only class that IN THEORY can protect himself from asura from CC is RK - thanks to Millenium Shield that can be used from CC. And this is the whole point of suggestion. Not to make Asura weaker than before, but make it tankable by players that gearing themselves to tank it.
  3. I thought i made it clear: Which nerfs? I hepled you and named one, where are other 3? I also made this clear: Official delay was added BECAUSE previous delay was stupid, not because its OFFICIAL. We also can discuss snap thing (why you didn't name it tho) and dorams behaviour if you want it. Or maybe Freedom existence?
  4. Which nerfs? Snap delay? That was a fix from official servers, because old timings were stupid and let low-ping and/or high ASPD (in fact that every sura has 193 aspd, LUL) spam 3 GoHs right after Snap w/o any delay or animation, and (from that) no punishment for easy kills, cause even custom GoH still strong and let you kill 95% players on low HP, and w/o delay you can snap back to safety before any skill from enemy. And... that's all? Nothing related to dmg wise. "Long succession of sura nerfs"? Right now Asura on BG stupidly strong. Watch them oneshot the RK with ghostring and 200k HP even without Lex. Or sorecerers with ghost+devi. Looks balanced (c) Gravity CO. Asura always was useful and being used on BG. To kill low HP targets that can't be killed by GoH/TC. But right now Asura killing targets that MUST tank it except situations w/ Lex. Reduce bonus from 100% to 50% and everything will be +- ok. Asura still will be buffed and be able to kill targets w/o ghost/devi, and players will be able to prtoect themselves from it.
  5. Make a different suggestion for it. No need to post it in 2 years old implemented suggestions.
  6. Нет. Гильдия на сервере больше не играет. Набора, разумеется, тоже нет. Если что-то изменится - напишу здесь.
  7. Right, thats why some players abused "BG kills" achiement in PvP room. Even if this achievment dont have any reward aside title and was not supposed to be farmed in any place except BG. You know what happened? These "some players" (for example, Zento) farmed this achievment in PvP room and got their titles there. And did it again after patch that was supposed to fix it. You know, how many kills you need for this achievment? TEN THOUSAND KILLS. THEY DID IT TWICE. WITH KNOWLEDGE THAT EVERYTHING WILL BE REVERTED. Can you repeat yourself and say that players won't abuse any achievment after this knowledge? I hope not. That won't stop players from helping each other with getting the title. And if any 1-day newbie can get this achievment because he have 2 friends, whats the point of this achiement? How it been suggested, best solution is leaderboard with weekly reset. Any PvP player will be able to get in there, and with weekly reset there will be no reasons to abuse it, so only those who play PvP arena will be in top.
  8. Daily resets at the start of new day have much more sence than resets at 4 am.
  9. Then why we need to listen to their non-existent opinion? Or, more importantly, why you STILL speak for them and trying to put them in "im up for it" list? w0w, that famous guild with over 90 members that was about to join Nova WoE like a year ago? Is Altaria or howwashernickname one of the members too? Also: Picky Peck never was, and never be a one-shot skill like CS or Asura, hello. Picky Peck is spammable skill without any ACD/cooldown with bragi. And you matching it with CR/Asura/CS that have fixed cooldown. Nice fucking job. I still remember how you said that you never played renewal PvP before Nova smh
  10. (only 4) (they did not) URGENT desicions are always the worst. Where were you all been, when WoE2 dying? That was not insta-death, WoE2 was on the edge for some months. Where were you? Why you appeared only when Nova disabled WoE2? Nova made it pretty clear: You looking for 2 guilds that will make a competetive WoE2 (even if its 1v1 scenario) with possibility to MOVE time, or you won't have WoE2 at all. And, if i remember correctly, you said there is "a lot of asian players" that are not ok with current WoE2 time. So whats your problem then? Take all these players and make 2 guilds. Now, can you, please, stop spreading lies just to make your point more solid? Thanks.
  11. Cool stuff, but... Y'know, this is pre-re. And NovaRO is renewal server. And after some searches in YT there's no "interserver" WoE's in renewal settings. Better bring back WoE TE than this. The difference between pre-re and renewal in terms of damage is HUGE. You cant expect fights on LP like that in renewal, because there is mechanics, there is rangers, theres genetics with crazy weed and some other skills that won't forgive your mistakes and standings in one place for 1 minute. I'll repeat: Staff ALREADY give you their answer. Bring here 50 (or more) players that will confirm that they gonna join this event, and you'll have your event. And only AFTER this they are gonna promote your event. That how it was with Draft WoE. NovaRO team already have bad experience with custom PvP events (hello AoAoAoAoAoAoA), so, i guess, they won't implement this just to satisfy literally 2 players. Btw, i remember one server with this type of WoE. With LIMITed gear and etc. And its dead. Just like our WoE2.
  12. No one will let you play DPS class on WoE like that. Surprisingly, but DPS classes is more about "natural" skill - positioning. You will stuck on support until you can prove that you will be on the same lvl/better than current players on these classes. That's all. Staff already gave you your answer. Show them 50+ active players that would join your event (or 2 guilds with 15 players in each for regular woe2) and they will implement this. But as far as i can see, only you and @Cyan (the guy who never played on nRO WoE and have no ideas what is going on there. Not just in terms of players, but also in terms of balance) is up to it. Looks like a total bullshit tbh. Would be nice to know names of these servers (in PMs of course), just to find any proof that they existed and there was "no less than 500 users" on WoE. The probability that none of these 2,000 people recorded the vid is 0, so that must be easy.
  13. Because you must ask questions. How we supposed to help you if we don't know what is your problem? I haven't seen any question in my PM's or discord yet. You have your "incentives" for WoE2. Go ahead and play it. Every person decide for himself what he NEED to do. You can't decide for others, or push them. So, basically, it's all about rewards. For Ouilyan - for free tokens/woetrack. You - for hats without any investments. And when you'll get these hats you are gonna leave. 9000%. Draft is already what you want to see: free defensive gear which enough for 60% classes, free consumables since you have free Valor Badges from Dailies, fair teams and TRUE woe experience. Draft is a great place for newbies. Ok, for 99% newbies, except you, @Dull and @Ouilyan. I saw, how newbies got their experience and become good players. Like @aste, which my previous guild catch after Draft WoE. Even i am was like that. NovaRO took my first time. This is a first server where i tried PvP in RO. And not on Draft, but on actual WoE with "+16 weapons, mini-bosses and MvP cards". Hell, there was no even rewards except castle! You know why i did it? Because i WANTED to play WoE. ------------------------------------------- How i said in previous thread, whole idea is bad. Something like that will work only in RWC situations, when enemies are one the same level. But if you wanna make a fight between newbies and veterans with the same gear... Can you imagine a melee fight with knives between 10 y.o child and Navi Seal unit? Winner is obvious, right? Same for suggested event. Not to mention that theres gonna be no players aside veterans, cause no rewards (since y'all see this as "practice WoE" for newbies, why theres should be any reward? If you want rewards - play normal WoE/Draft).
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