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  1. animals who cant afford themselves gr fixed
  2. if people get away wit shit like that, can i state Anyone who think that suras are op at the moment is either: retard, or friend of retard
  3. In what pvm, all content we have right now, except mb mh2 is soloable and boring asf. Even fucking bio 5 after 185 patch is boring ass place where people press 1 button at most.
  4. Kinda funny how every decent post in this topic got deleted
  5. you tend to forget that not everyone can allow to run woe set what about dps classes, what about your precious rks (who are probably in worst position right now)? they are way less scarier, even tho i wont deny that Bahamut does decent dmg
  6. ok bud, for like what, 3 woes out of 6 we had after break? we did try to run wls, but it doesnt feel as impactfull as before without mvp cards you keep defending your precious shit, but truth is your wls would be useless without fbh and all those problems with balance appear cos we have 0 mvp cards restriction how thats gonna look in 2-3 years? everyone running 10 fbhs + amdas + thanas + incas? as for now, all i think is that we need some way to stack more elemental resist if that doesnt suit you bring reflect in if that doesnt work aswell give eveyone ability to oneshot everyone via bio 5 echants im fine with any
  7. Those screenshots are from 175 patch, as i already wrote in commisioners chat i already proposed to implement official stuff, like 2nd prismatic card and upgraded cursed knight shield, but even tho its just 9 all resist difference, you guys are against that
  8. you wouldnt say same if you were on other side, believe me problem is you can "compensate" thana/inca with overupped glor weapon + abusive (and its pretty easy to achieve nowadays) , but you cant do same with magic dps, since their glor weapons suck balls what im leaning to if customization doesnt work for everyone involved, i would rather had stuff as close to offcials as possible, aka enable this shield, bio 5 enchants and else
  9. Which is actually not that bad, if everything already oneshots bio 5 enchants wont make a big difference
  10. Deleting warlocks is exactly opposite from what i want, since it that case everyone will just wear 2 alligators + nox + gazetti and ranged dmg will become worthless i want wls to calcutlate how much reflect they can tank and not go brainless full dps + elemental armor
  11. playing versus magic users is horrible, its just a fucking elemental resistance check, nothing else there is no reliable counterplay to it, like pneuma/barrier/fog for ranged dmg nowadays whole magic reflect thing is fully standatized, there are no platinum shield bugs or anything, you just wear elemental armor with almost zero risk of dying to reflect also i would like to finally understand which way we're going, official like way or customisation for woe/bg cos its official piece of equipment, which does help to deal with wls and also pretty good vs melee aoe dmg dealers and if we go custom, why the fuck obv broken shit like SE is allowed for so long
  12. whatever happens happens for good, isnt it? Wanna have non toxic environment, build your own guild with blackjack and hookers (tho in your case its gonna be poker and ponies)
  13. thats exactly how it works on officials if smth but you tend to forget that this small group spends shitton of effort/time/zeny to achieve something
  14. First time i actually agree with dog, how the fuck 24 more bsb per week will affect market? Honestly cost of single bsb wont even cover the price of consumables needed for single person. Wanna get that extra bsb, prove you're worthy and join one of big guilds.
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