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  1. Not that bad idea imo but i would rather have it in castle treasure drops (with rare chance ofc), so it would actually become worth to hold castle and invest into castle economy also might force some people to push for castle, at least in last 10 minutes, since right now holding castle is worthless
  2. Just dont enable that on woe, otherwise whole bio 5 enchant restriction was pointless.
  3. к твоей мамаше переехала, ищем людей с огромным желанием ебашить, уровень игры значения не имеет
  4. just no, 24 is already not enough for any sort of diversity
  5. go to hell ty even on fucking officials you're forced to play woe, even if you dont give a fuck about pvp, since you wanna have access to godlike items for faster leveling you know whats actually painfull - gearing up woe character, bg characters and pvm characters at the same time
  6. the core problem here is that pvm dudes come bg only to complete quest and no matter how you try to fix it (wins or smth else), thats not gonna change, they still gonna afk, fuck around wearing rideword hat and etc but on other hand, if you just remove bg from quests overall you probably gonna have even lower population then before mh2 update, due to 10+ glorius weapons being matter of zeny, not bg grind, like it used to be, thx to bsb
  7. ever heard about energy coat?
  8. Always up for disabling mvp cards anywhere.
  9. Yeah bg and woe are different, but if it become too different i wont have place to train newbies for woe at. So im against that, even tho im not huge fan of bg myself. I would rather have asura customised, then snap disabled or backslide enabled (which will do really good chasers godlike).
  10. wrong guild Whole thread looks like Xaide is trying to get slot in alliance at this point
  11. the thing i agree here is that for 1.5k online, we have low as fuck woe attendance but increasing cap wont solve it, as Shally already mentioned 30 cap always went to 24 in no time and telling people "sry we dont have slots anymore" sucks whole woe needs sorta rework if we ever wanna see new faces, starting from rewards, easier access point to items (and no @Xaidesiege set alone is not even close to items you do actuaaly need), partial mvp cards restriction (smth like 2-3 cards on guild max) and etc and etc, but thats whole different topic i already rised numerous times with 0 success
  12. No matter how you gonna extend guild cap, that wont bring new people into woe, for several reasons 1) and main reason, pvm nyaa boys and girls give no single fuck about woe 2)the entrance equipment point is way too high, sure you can get away with "average" items, but good luck fighting guild with several dmg boosting mvp cards 3)rewards for holding castle are still worthless, sure the siege token system is great, but treasure drops are as bad as it used to be, so woe is mostly zeny sink on Nova
  13. Just in time, tho i suggested that at least 3 times like year ago
  14. I like when people who arent playing bg for years, think that their input is essential to be heard
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