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  1. Just in time, tho i suggested that at least 3 times like year ago
  2. I like when people who arent playing bg for years, think that their input is essential to be heard
  3. We went say way with goh so why not? Right now we have class who can deal up to 60k dmg (with decent HP gears)with single skill on gr with bg reductions Which is literally untankable for most classes, it also ingores every reduction except ghostring, so unless your class have access to safety wall, you're basically fucked. It has fairly low CD (20 sec) and can be used twice during that window. Should i continue? One more example of that koreans have no clue what balance is.
  4. i dont think any team used that last tourney
  5. Problem is not multiclienting, problem is there is no content worth grooping in party for. So people just multiclient/run instances with numerous alts.
  6. pm offers Midnight#1556
  7. The only updates worth mentioning imho, are those who affect woe community drastically. Since it takes time to adapt to those, remake roster, gear up people and etc
  8. Glorius weapons gonna be tier 1 no matter what, with some exceptions (but it doesnt matter as much as u want that to be). In fact only KK cards do matter, coz i still havent seen a single GX outside of RS doing anything.
  9. honestly im just tired of Shally trying to protect his holy grail and people eating his "valid assumptions" No playing with bunch of veterans vs mvp cards is ok, playing with randoms arent fair at all and again bullshit, yes draft can be coordinated to some extent, but will never be as coordinated as playing with your own guild, in reality most of the time its literally clown fiesta People wont ever learn anything by playing vs dmg boosting mvp cards on draft, except that random guy can literally oneshot them. The only valid point i see here is that banning glor weapons is not that bad idea aswell.
  10. bullshit, draft is an environment, where you are going to mostly team up with random people and no matter how good your leading skills are, "countering" mvp card is not only team coordination, its also sets of equips to swap to, people to prioritize mvp cards holders and etc its literally impossible to adapt to that in less then 1 hour, u're also not going to learn anything out of it, except that people on draft arent as good as u wanted them to be
  11. From captain point of view, even if you played this server for eternity, u might not know who borrowed mvp from whom and most people will only show deffensive gears open. And i still think that there should be at least 1 woe with mvp card restrictions (it doesnt even work right now on woe2) and draft is literally the bast candidate for that. U guys pretend to be dumb or what, u know whats the difference between FBH crimson rock and usual wl? or between inca/thana ranger and usual ranger? or even how annoying can tgk rk be compared to usual rk? Captain's pick would still matter a lot, but with mvp card restrictions its much harder to totally fuck up whole draft for everyone else.
  12. Yeah getting oneshotted ty fbh/inca/tao, coz classes you listed (which should counter them) arent able to do anything, since you know its draft and most people just fuck around should be the best experience for new/casual players. Banning glor weapons is not that bad idea imo, coz abusive doesnt give much without glor weaps, bio 5 hats arent that great either.
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