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  1. RadenWA

    Mage Doram build for PVM?

    Full CN Meteor, Tuna Belly 4 and Arclouse Dash 1. The rest you can put in either Chattering/CN Powdering/Stem Spear/Root, to make sure you get the 20 skill point bonus.
  2. RadenWA

    Rangers VS bio5

    Definitely find a bragi and do Aimed Bolt
  3. RadenWA

    PIntados Festival

    It's on now, whew good job lol
  4. RadenWA

    Skill: Sword Training buff

    Literally every single "weapon mastery" skill in the game right now sucks and has no other purpose than as pre-req. If you wanna buff one you'd gonna have to buff the rest too.
  5. RadenWA

    Patch Notes

    Mora is so good now OwO and AB rings will drop from Gefenia? RIP the LoC market
  6. RadenWA

    QoL: Add Vending Save/Load Item+Price Feature

    YES PLEASE THANK YOU Anything that is like @savealoot or @restock list would be really really helpful. I can't be bothered to run half of my vending accounts anymore because the stuff in there is just not worth the effort of refreshing anymore, which is a shame if someone happen to need the thing....
  7. Hmm yeah if we can also modify the quest so that it doesn't matter which coelacanth you fight, would be great. Since this instance is clearly designed to be entered as much as possible by people with VIP :|
  8. Looking forward to the damajjs XD
  9. 10 GC per run seems like a fair price. Hope people will start LFM-ing this instance now.
  10. RadenWA


    Would love to see gear
  11. RadenWA


    Checkmate, Tokei
  12. RadenWA

    Open Beta - New Client

  13. RadenWA

    Mage Doram build for PVM?

    A full Elegant Set would be nice, since it gives you cast protection for CN Meteor and a lot of HP/Stats. Get as high refine as you can as it also reduces your cast time. +8 aren't that expensive nowadays. Use the usual magic cards in each : Agav, Antique Book, N. Verit/Dio Anemos/Green Ferus etc. For Headgear, Zaha Doll Hat does make your Spear instacast, but not sure if you'll need it for PvM. Still, you get lots of MATK when it procs. Weakened Fenrir is a good card for those. For Weapon, definitely Yellow Magic Foxtail, +10 and above and malangdo enchants. Mad Bunny and the 50% MDEF pierce cards. Accessories are Charm Grass and Leaf Talisman with Scaraba Cards.
  14. RadenWA

    Mage Doram build for PVM?

    Magic Doram is actually bad for PvP now unless you can reliably proc Zaha, which gives you instacast Stem Spears. I still use Magic Doram for PvM tbh, mainly because you can hybrid it with support, unlike PP Doram that just has to go full dps build. Magic Doram is really good for farming and clearing instance mobs by basically mobbing the entire map with Tuna Party > Stoop > Catnip Meteor. Bosses are a lot slower with CN Meteor though, but it is doable. Probably not high end instances, but mid-end stuffs like Charleston, Jitterbug and OGH Normal can be soloed easily.
  15. RadenWA

    Biolab Enchant System

    For those whose only argument is that "Ewww BxB makes Ranger too op", take note that we just recently got the really powerful Calf Weapons for Rebels, and Malangdo enchants for Dorams. These two classes now beats Ranger's ranged dps to the pulp with their recent progression. I don't think adding a little bit more progression to the class now will break the game balance.