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  1. Wew? They actually put in a new visual effects?? Does this mean they will also change the other skills that just reuses sprites?
  2. RadenWA

    Pending: HD Refining +10 Equipment

    Well finally there's a use for all those stupid regular brad/carnium
  3. RadenWA

    Episode 16.2 - Terra Gloria

  4. Some sort of event where the main objective is not to kill but to survive or protect something might be nice. We don't have anything like that in the context of PvE.
  5. RadenWA

    Illustrate: Rock Ridge Cards

    Boy people really aren't keen on doing animals. Lemme dib on the only two cards that matters then. Shotgun Buffalo Bandit Card | Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card wallpaper size wallpaper size IGN : Vaults (the great thing about this is that if someone made a better one you can just recolor the buffalo and brand it as the elite version)
  6. It's easy to highlight an obscure skill when you design a boss/event specifically to demand that skill. The Twisted Trickster King event last year, for example, highlights the use of Earth Drive, Hovering or Ganbantein simply because the main boss uses Gravity Field. I hope in the future Nova can design more of these events that pushes players to be creative in using skills outside the most overused ones. However, ideally it should be a party event, because when it's a solo thing and only a certain class can do it, people who plays other classes will complain that they're left out.
  7. RadenWA

    Arms Cannon and Cart Cannon Element Nerf

    While I don't mind either, mainly because Holy is already such a powerful element that is useful in 80% of current instances, I would prefer to question if Rangers and Rebels are supposed to be endowable. Is it official that Oridecon/Elven Arrow can be endowed? Because if the direction is that ammunition should not be endowable, I'd prefer to have it consistent all across the board. What's the point of all the elemental arrows then?
  8. RadenWA

    Geffen Magic Tournament - Spellfist Sorc

    Survivability seems to be the biggest issue for most contents. GMT seems to be the best content tailored for Sorcs because it's mostly 1v1 and they got counter for all the biggest hazards in the instance. With things like Sky Fortress I don't think you can even get up the stairs without spending like 10 yggberries and not to mention all the mobs that will show up during the EQ phase. 1v1 against Stephan is no problem no doubt. But when you have to move around to avoid the EQ it becomes an issue as your main protective move is static. Other easier content like Jitterbug and Charleston is definitely possible solo, though. OGH I'm not so sure due to Dark monsters, but you do have access to Psychic Wave that's neutral.
  9. RadenWA

    Geffen Magic Tournament - Spellfist Sorc

    It's Deluge + The Insignias + Aqua lv 3 bonus MATK Although wait a sec, how did you not die from Demonstration? I usually just use LP anyways so I don't have to pot at all.
  10. RadenWA

    Geffen Magic Tournament - Spellfist Sorc

    That gear looks complete enough tho lol
  11. Yeah, I saw the SR job change map. The Nebula thingy, resized can make a great visual effect for Supernova, but we can just hope. Also the SR Soul Reaping effect thingy, shouldn't the effect come from the monster towards the SR like wizard's Soul Drain? Considering they are reaping the monster's soul instead of having it come from within themselves. Really weird design choices there.
  12. I really hope they'll improve the visual effect of Esfu. It looks so black and cluttered. Gravity really needs to hire new effects artists.
  13. RadenWA

    Prepping for the inevitable

    What is the chance that SE/SR eventually will get gears designed for them, because that seems to be the pattern for Ro these days. Something like a book that "reduces x cooldown" or "triples the damage of x" and stuff Or SE equips that adds extra 3rd job effect to their 2nd job Soul Links
  14. RadenWA

    Prepping for the inevitable

    How do I stock up on Crimson Bibs when it keeps getting sold out wew
  15. RadenWA

    Visual indicator for SF "Earthquake"

    Just in time for the Mun stream good job