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  1. no I mean don't you need be on the screen to get the killcount? Don't they need to autofollow then?
  2. How exactly do they get reward from "sitting still in Gramps"? If they 12 client to do quests like the Banquet, then they deserve the reward because technically they're still clicking on the NPCs and do the quests 12 times. Opening 12 clients and alt-tabbing between all of them counts as effort, personally for me.
  3. RadenWA

    Patch Notes

    If Expiatio stacks now, does it mean it can stack with Analyze to get 67% def/mdef pierce? Then you just need 33% pierce from gears...
  4. RadenWA

    Monster Hunting Teaser

    Say good bye to all those negative RMS reviews, Nova. All of them.
  5. RadenWA

    Happy Halloween Art Contest Winners

    whoah, we sure are getting really awesome artists in the community
  6. RadenWA

    The 3 Stages of NovaRo

    Stage 4 is trying to make Super Novice or Warlock works
  7. RadenWA

    Petition to get Mechanic Accessory stats swapped

    While I agree that these stats seem swapped, that is simply how the accessories officially is in every server and there is nothing Nova can do to change it. Solo mado mechs that uses mainly AC do benefit more from using 2 DEX Supple instead of gun barrel for the cast/CD reduction, while axe boom mechs only needs one DEX Supple for the set bonus with one slot free for the Gun Barrel or PERs. Knuckle Boost Mados uses 2 gun barrels and definitely benefits from the HIT and Atk% while axe tornado mechs just don't care about any of these. These accessories aren't necessarily made to fully benefit their intended build, you are meant to mix and match them to take the best part of each.
  8. RadenWA


    Insert Goblin Slayer reference here
  9. RadenWA

    I drew things

    I think the skill is Arullo, but you see how many people use that OwO
  10. RadenWA

    Book NERDS

    Tmw the 2 best dps classes that uses BOOKS uses them for PUNCH AND KICK PURPOSES like bruh do you even read?? ›› additional memes available in the forum post ‹‹
  11. RadenWA

    I drew things

    What's the deal with Ragnarok and Books Plot twist I haven't actually played any of these new contents, being busy is sad Here are also render out of the SE for idk meme purposes
  12. RadenWA

    Refining with Mecha

    You have a cart, so it's ideal to just put stuff you don't wanna refine in there.
  13. RadenWA

    Homunculus Bank re-name.

    I mean if you use Eleanor, Eira or Sera that's quite accurate
  14. RadenWA

    KRO Mass Skill Balance

    Well, we do get song buff icon, so surprise surprise, a pserver approaches a problem better than official does.
  15. RadenWA

    KRO Mass Skill Balance

    Now that SR is out, yes you do get link. Having to swap songs and swap to do dps is what I'd call active, challenging play. Not pressing one button. In fact that makes alt-tabbing and dual clienting a lot easier now. You just alt-tab and press the button, and then have them autofollow you everywhere since they're not stuck doing their AoE. If they want performers to be more active they can give them more things to do while in a song, stuff like Reverb, Poem and Metallic. And buff them. If you have actually played an active performer then you'd know that there is actually plenty you can do even with the current system. For example, they buffed Musical Strike/Sling Arrow, which was made as the only way to do physical damage while in a song. But now that they removed the song system altogether, why in the crap would you then ever want to use those skills instead of just attacking or use Arrow Vulcan or idk, Severe Rainstorm? They're not buffing them, they made it obsolete. This change fixes nothing and improves nothing. Wanderers are still useless. Good job Gravy.