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  1. -1 for it... I rly don't think this is necessary dude...
  2. Well i read the post and i don't see you doing this for yourself like cards and so on, for the first time in a while i agreed with Arias, i'm sorry dude but this is your point of view about a issue you can tecnically surpass... Respect others too, i've see you repel everything everyone said for you, don't be close mind about that cuz you have more then 1 person telling you are wrong...
  3. This suggestion is a cry, you already have the scrolls for repair your itens and cards or fcps to prevent yourself, this issue is almost 17 years old since acid is Alchemist class... I'm sorry but this is rly not a suggestion...
  4. Complementing, stack atk and long ranged in all means, like use Temporal Boots of STR with EA and Heroic Back Pack with Menblatt, the armor you gonna use most is Lava Leather Armor at least +7 for get that defense bonus.
  5. How far it goes? I'll have to reserve tickets for it...
  6. All the members with MVP card (me included) gonna say this is unfair and you have to overcome MVP cards, is true but lets hold the veterains for a second. We have right now a rework on classes, skills, levels and so on, that mean new players are coming to bg scenario with normal equipaments, we have to adapt ourselfs for this. If we continue with that IRO vision of ( Is the new players to have equip themselfs better for going agaainst us ), we don't go ver far for that woe sorryfull scenario. So that being said, is a fair spot to appont. +1 vote.
  7. And this is why i've split my comentary and agreed and disagred. Its fair to ranger have the skills he wants to since he is a full atk class (most of rangers) and die almost by everything. But in my opinion a shake up i'll be more welcome for this issue and the asura one, we know bg format for ragnarok is not that great and is not gonna be nerf if we see skills going up and down like MOBA games. The fact is, we have to get a good experience for everyone, but tbh i've see the ranger doing this ONE time.
  8. Nah man, essa guilda morreu a quase 3 meses atrás, nós estamos em caminhos completamente diferentes agora.
  9. I'm not proving your point Aria you are the part of 80% ho complain when you cleary don't do nothing to cover your face. The thing is, everyone knows Battlegrounds are made of WOE rules, if i show a video with snap during a woe, is not me tht have to prove in KRO snap is removed ONLY in bg. This is waste of time, complainers gonna do this forever and not improve himselfs...
  10. If you remove snap from BG you think you will solve the problem with CC + Asura sura? And i'm the one wrong here? I wanna see a KRO video of BG when a Sura have not a Snap, because its seems to me IRO behavior only since none of the servers have this on basic mind... Oh Aria you think i prove your pointless point? Give me a break dude play as sura before blame the skill since you can't even protect yourself from... I rly don't like the idea of complaim something that fine, but if you gonna change thinks for me is simple, make the asura only do the extra dmg during combo, you gonna make suras pissed off and others users complain about something else. Thats why my sugestion, like the trap topic, is to create a custom balanced system similar to MOBA for make everyone experience better. Just for note, here are some skills and itens that can block a sura just for the record: WL- White Prision, Safaty Wall Sorcerer- Wall of Fog, Safaty Wall, Dispell, Soul Burn, Elemental Shield Minstrel- Spamming Hide, Note on foot, Siren Voice, Harmonice (low the dmg) Wanderer - Spamming Hide, Note on foot, Siren Voice Royal Guard - It selfs AB - Safety Wall, Spamming Hide even a S.A - Steel Body, Safety Wall Sura - Remove Sphere, Power Absorve Doram - Trap, Stoop Bio - Bloody Sucker, Fire Expansion on Foot, Homunculos Auto atk Any class item: Randel on garment, Clock on Armor (for chance), Burning stats from skills or cards RK - Millenium Shield + Stone Skin, Lux Anima (for everyone) Mechanic - Magma Eruption on foot, High def quality I think are more but in my perspective is a lot of things to counter, now during one BG i've see what happen, 20% was far right ppl with tank builds don't tank because they are alone or the cc got before can do a thing, 80% of the kills are on full atk ppl. Man, rly please...
  11. Nah, this is just a opinion, to be fair and honest, everyone hate the asura ability mutch like AWP on CS:GO, but monk have this skill since 2002, we have a lot of things that counters that nowdays and in old times and gold times servers, they actually don't care about bc they know how to counter. Seems a bunch of ppl ho don't know how to deal with the cc and asura by himselfs and forgot to the others, asura was there since NovaRO open, some ppl used and no one seems to bother, them the skill got buffed and now everyones complain bc this or that... I agreed with Tachi, don't see a problema with the sura and how he works, i see problems with ppl thinking gonna do tank for all builds and ppl ho rly hate get one shoted and not know how to deal with that, dude EVEN SIRENS VOICE counters asura sometimes. "Remove snap on bg for sura" Ok, them remove all mobility, speed pot and guyak for everyone and we gonna see how to deal with one shot mages and long ranges, them we gonna have new problems to complain... Man, please...
  12. You are welcome man, i rly think if we gonna discuss something, them is better look at all scenario. And seems you aria are the one ho is off topic, this in't abou snap, this topic is about asura, you can now try to prove your pointless point here but... I wonder if you can survive at any asura with player skill... somehow i doubt that...
  13. Hnm... Well, allow me to drop this: I think Snap is normal on a server "based" o KRO, in my opinion if we have to do changes for make the experience for everyone better, we just don't have to complain about just one skill...
  14. Nova, For sling itens you think you can make the normal ones at the cost of emblems? You can make expansive for like a option to choose and make genetic think better about it... And about that, you think in some way that black mess from irowiki don't see the light here in anytime soon? Maybe the scenario can change a little...
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